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  1. A 1982 CBS News report on the national news explosion of the early '80s:
  2. On the subject of small TV stations, here's a look at a station described as "America's smallest and lowest-rated" -- including its three-person news department -- from about 40 years ago:
  3. I don't know if this was the only reason, but at the time, the news divisions of NBC's five O&Os were under direct control of NBC News and their news directors were also NBC's bureau chiefs. (Reuven Frank talks about this in his biography.)
  4. And speaking of towns barely able to support news operations, here's a special Cub Scout open from the now-defunct KNAZ in Flagstaff, Arizona: If the set looks vaguely familiar, it was a hand-me-down from sister station KPNX in Phoenix:
  5. Gari's Great News Package as heard on DDQ-10-4-5a in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia:
  6. WMAQ, Chicago; 10 p.m., 1967 (We've seen brief clips of this newscast before, but I don't remember ever seeing the whole thing):
  7. From FR3 (now France 3), an early French attempt at a WTHR/CityTV-style walk-and-talk format, 1987:
  8. Here's Chile's Canal 11 / Universidad de Chile TelevisiĆ³n using Tuesday Productions' Take a Look in 1986:
  9. Here's Dignity by Network Music... ...and here is it being used by ORF in Austria:
  10. With Phoenix once again shattering daily temperature records, I thought I'd repost this -- and by the way, the meteorologist in the clip, Royal Norman, is still at KTVK:
  11. From 1993, here's Nightline on TV3 New Zealand using the World News Tonight cut from Score's ABC News package:
  12. KNXT's The Big News from 1972:
  13. Here's Jiangsu TV in China using the theme (at the 0:28 mark):
  14. A year later, both Coleen Williams and the newsroom set were gone:
  15. WLS news teases, promos, open, bumpers, etc. from 1994:
  16. This just-uploaded clip contains a complete KNBC open from the Newservice era (at the 2:28 mark):
  17. From Tucson, here's KGUN's 50th anniversary special, 2006:
  18. Bob Wallace, a longtime WBBM personality, has died. For years, he was best known for his light-hearted feature reports, but here's a clip of him sitting in for Bill Kurtis in 1974: Here's WBBM's obit: https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2021/05/04/cbs2-bob-wallace-obit/
  19. A couple of newly uploaded clips featuring my absolutely favorite era of CNN (in terms of music, graphics, set, and just overall look & feel):
  20. Mark Giangreco's interview from earlier today:
  21. KCBS, Los Angeles; 11 p.m., 1985:
  22. For those who missed this one, the URL has changed:
  23. WGN, Chicago; 9 p.m. (delayed), 1983. This was the last full year of the John Drury era at WGN. In 1984, Drury would rejoin WLS, where he would remain the 10 p.m. anchor until his retirement in 2002:
  24. Another freshy uploaded WMAQ clip, this time the 10 p.m. news from 1982. The station was still using the NewsCenter 5 branding in the open -- but, as you can see here, it was already being phased out, with even the lower-thirds referring to Channel 5 News:

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