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  1. Dave Walker and Lois Hart were another husband-and-wife team at CNN back in the 1980s. In fact, they anchored the channel's premiere broadcast on June 1, 1980. Here's a short profile of the duo:
  2. And speaking of Chris Curle, here she is co-anchoring Take Two on CNN with her husband Don Farmer back in 1982. The topic is local TV news consultants and Al Primo, the father of Eyewitness News, is the guest:
  3. And another treat from Bryan Beasley; an edition of Good Evening Arizona from 1995, when KTVK was a freshly minted independent:
  4. And the clip above means we now have this as well: https://youtu.be/aO22akMfbjw?t=1724
  5. Here's a treat -- the 5pm hour of KTVK's Good Evening Arizona from 1996 with the director's track:
  6. WMAQ, Chicago; 4:30pm, 1986, when Warner Saunders was the sports anchor:
  7. The launch of MSNBC with Jodi Applegate, fresh from KTVK's Good Morning Arizona:
  8. The 1996 launch of Fox News Channel:
  9. This looks (and sounds) like an SNL parody of a small-market station's newscast.
  10. Interesting! So do you think that they adopted this cut as a transitional theme ahead of the Newschannel 5 rebrand?
  11. WMAQ, Chicago; 6 p.m., 1997 -- w/ an unusual theme (an obscure cut of Newswire?) just days before the station adopted the Cheatwood-era Newschannel 5 branding:
  12. WTVJ's 50th anniversary special from 1999:
  13. The first edition of Headline News after the big 2001 revamp:
  14. WGN, Chicago; 7 a.m., 1997 w/ a KTLA-inspired open (even featuring Sam Rubin!):
  15. WBBM, Chicago; 10 p.m., 1986: And a rare (partial) clip of WBBM's First Edition from the same year:
  16. A 1976 news promo for Chicago's WLS:
  17. A weekend edition of KTVK's Good Evening Arizona w/ the director's track from 2007:
  18. As seen in another thread, here's a 2003 clip of Slovenia's POP TV with the unidentified Gari theme used, with some modifications, since December 1995:

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