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  1. A 1992 edition of The World Today, CNN's flagship early evening newscast:
  2. A 2001 newscast from Pax station WVPX in Akron; this is how Wikipedia explains the station's news arrangement at the time (note that either the date in the clip title or the Wikipedia timeline is a bit off):
  3. A bit off-thread but on-topic: I give you the current President of Slovenia (the female anchor of this 1998 POP TV newscast): **** From 1996, a sports-heavy postgame edition of WFLD's weekend news:
  4. Speaking of tabloid eras, here's a entire 10 p.m. WBBM newscast from 1992:
  5. Hurricane Andrew tops this WGN midday newscast from 1992:
  6. A 9 p.m. WGN newscast from Day 8 the Great Chicago Flood of 1992:
  7. And speaking of Turner, here's a 1996 promo for the just-launched CNNfn, intended to compete with CNBC. The channel shut down in 2004. And from the same year, a promo for the flagship CNN channel:
  8. This may be the only news open from Ted Turner's WRET in Charlotte that's available online. The station only began producing news in 1978, when the former independent became an NBC affiliate. The following year, Turner sold WRET to Group W, a transaction that financed the 1980 launch of CNN, and WRET changed its call letters to WPCQ.
  9. And this is how Springer responded in his first--and next to last--commentary on WMAQ:
  10. ABC's World News Tonight reports on Carol Marin's sudden resignation from WMAQ in the wake of the Jerry Springer fiasco, 1997:
  11. Here's a 1979 KPNX sign-off:
  12. A 1983 topical promo for KTVK's Eyewitness News and the opening minutes of ABC's World News This Morning with coverage of the '83 Coalinga earthquake:
  13. A 9 p.m. WGN newscast during the 1991 Gulf War:
  14. WMAQ, Chicago; 10 p.m. weekend news, 1999:
  15. It intrigues me that as late as 1985, WMAQ was still using news opens from the late NewsCenter 5 era (which ended in 1982), with "Channel 5 News" awkwardly overlaid on top of the original "NewsCenter 5" title:
  16. Applegate destroyed much of WBBM's hard-won journalistic reputation. After a short uptick because of the curiosity factor, viewers deserted the station in droves because its blood-and-guts, in-your-face style was simply not suited to the market--and WBBM never really recovered image-wise, its reputation as a serious news outlet in tatters. It's even more poignant that this was once the station of Jacobson and Kurtis, whose relatively sober, hard news approach was admired around the country. (Walter Jacobson ultimately condemned Applegate's approach and bolted to WFLD.) Applegate is one of the people who ensured that WBBM no longer has anything close to the reputation that WGN or WLS have.
  17. An entire weekend Eyewitness News Tonight newscast from WLS in Chicago, 1983 (the Seven on Your Side era):
  18. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the theme used by POP TV in Slovenia as the background music for news updates in the 1990s (headphones may help): Is it a rarely used cut of Eyewitness News, which POP TV used for closes? Is it a part of Gari's (unnamed) custom theme for POP TV? Or was it taken from some other package? Thanks in advance!
  19. Here's an Arizona Republic article from 1981 about Cecil Tuck and his decision to pair Allen and Scoutten, while demoting Dave Nichols and getting rid Ray Thompson: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/55737168/changes-at-channel-3/
  20. In this 1987 clip, CBS Sunday Morning media critic Ron Powers takes a look at the state of television news at the time and sees some disturbing trends:
  21. Here's a rarity---a 1983 newscast from KTVK in Phoenix during the Phil Allen/Jim Scoutten period of the Eyewitness News era. Apparently, the station was on the verge of becoming competitive at the time, but personnel changes would later once again doom it to runner-up status. It took a management overhaul and the adoption of the NewsChannel 3 brand for the station to reverse its fortunes for good in the late 1980s:
  22. A just-uploaded rarity--a 1977 edition of WLS's 6 p.m. news:
  23. Two new Phoenix finds... A 1987 KPHO newscast: And a 1992 KTVK weekend newscast:
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