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  1. Some interesting CGI graphics in this local news open from Antenna 3, Lombardy, Italy, 1993:
  2. La 1ère, French Polynesia (in French), 2020:
  3. Various stations' and networks' coverage of the crash of American Airlines Flight 191 in Chicago, 1979:
  4. Here's the local news from French-language CFGS, Gatineau-Ottawa, Canada, with some pretty "European"-looking graphics:
  5. A compilation of current news opens from the Netherlands:
  6. CNN launched on today's date 40 years ago. Here is a behind-the-scenes tour from the news channel's second hour on the air:
  7. It's 1992 and Hurricane Andrew is approaching southern Florida. Here's CNN's PrimeNews:
  8. On today's date in 1976, a special U.S.-themed edition of the evening news on the French Antenne 2 network was broadcast from the CBS newsroom in New York:
  9. A collection of current news opens from European microstates:
  10. A compilation of current news opens from Ireland (both the Republic and Northern Ireland):
  11. Al Arabiya has a new look -- and a **huge** new set:
  12. A compilation of current news opens from Sweden:
  13. And here's the same station using Newswire as the headline bed:
  14. A brand-new compilation of national, regional, and local news opens from Austria:
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