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  1. WLS's tribute to Joel Daly, who died this week: And here's Daly anchoring during the freeze of '79:
  2. A 1973 WPVI radio promo asking people on the street if they know the MCTYW theme:
  3. Most of a KPNX newscast from 1984; this must have been shortly after Phil Allen moved from KTVK to KPNX:
  4. WNYW's Good Day NY (second hour) from 1993:
  5. Lots of Oklahoma City material from 1984:
  6. Most of Today from 1973, including WSM's local cut-ins with Pat Sajak:
  7. WLS, Chicago, 11:30am, 1993: It's 1968 and Public Broadcast Laboratory takes a close-up look at the network news:
  8. Apropos of this week's events, here's a look at the last time the POTUS was hospitalized for several days... It's 1981, and CNN interrupts a report about China with some dramatic news out of Washington:
  9. The news on HRT in Croatia has a new look:
  10. And speaking of France 2, here's a brand-new compilation of news opens from France:
  11. KPHO, Phoenix; news, weather, and sports promos, 1983: KPHO, Phoenix; election update, 1984:
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