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  1. We've seen WMAQ's coverage of Chicago's Blizzard of 1979 (above). Now, thanks to WBBM's own YouTube account, here's that station's coverage: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:
  2. Note Joseph Benti's comments beginning at around the 29:45 mark. His embarrassment hints at his growing doubts about local TV news, a dissatisfaction that caused him to leave the industry a few years later.
  3. Here's a complete 1982 WGN newscast with John Drury from 1982 with INN. This was Drury's last stint at WGN before he rejoined WLS in 1984. He started out as an anchor at WBBM in the 1960s, moved to WGN, then WLS, then WGN again, and then spent the final 18 years of his career back at WLS.
  4. On the subject of INN, here's a 1982 clip featuring the last moments of WPIX's local news half-hour and a complete INN newscast (anchored by the same team at the time):
  5. And speaking of WMAQ, here are two bumper promos from Max Robinson's brief stint at the station:
  6. This was uploaded a year ago, but we don't think we posted it here at the time -- WMAQ's Sunday morning news from 1997. The first report is by WMAQ's longtime political reporter Dick Kay, who died back in May:
  7. Turning the dial from the Twin Cities' independent station KMSP (above) to WTCN (now KARE), when it was a Metromedia-owned independent back in 1976:
  8. Some interesting Southern California (and national) news clips from 1972, including a complete KABC close at the 12:00 mark:
  9. A 10 p.m. WBBM open from November 1994, the tail end of the station's red-white-and-black tabloid era:
  10. And from the following day (Christmas Day):
  11. Another newly uploaded clip of a complete newscast from WLS in Chicago, this time the 10 p.m. news from 2000:
  12. I just noticed that they created the temporary set by combining the main news desk with the backdrop used by 4:30:
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