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  1. A just-uploaded rarity--a 1977 edition of WLS's 6 p.m. news:
  2. Two new Phoenix finds... A 1987 KPHO newscast: And a 1992 KTVK weekend newscast:
  3. Those graphics were also used in South Africa... ...and Australia:
  4. An inter-market rarity: from 2004, the 9 p.m. news on KMSB in Tucson produced by KTVK in Phoenix:
  5. Nova TV in Croatia has a new look, complete with a revolving set:
  6. In Italy, RAI News 24 has a new set designed by the famed architect Renzo Piano:
  7. CNN's Newsnight on the day United Airlines Flight 232, a DC-10 en route from Denver to Chicago, crashed in Sioux City, Iowa:
  8. After more than two decades, RTL Aktuell has a non-virtual set; the Power News-based musical signature remains:
  9. Several CNN promos from 1983, when the news was still the star:
  10. From WBBM, here's a weekend 10 p.m. newscast from 1977:
  11. A complete 10 p.m. WBBM newscast from 1983: By the way, was that USA Today commercial produced by Collier Concepts?
  12. A rare 1996 clip of a WMAQ "Olympic Newsbreak" aired during the Atlanta Olympics:
  13. WBBM, Chicago; 10 p.m., 1981 (complete):
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