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  1. Some KTVK news teases from the station's Eyewitness News era, 1984:
  2. With Christi Paul leaving CNN, here are couple of clips from her days at KTVK:
  3. A 1989 KTVK newscast from one of the station's Arizona, U.S.A. road trips (similar to KTSP's Celebrate Arizona specials):
  4. Staying in Chicago, a WMAQ weekend newscast from 1979:
  5. Here's another report about a high-profile Twin-Cities-to-Chicago move, this time meteorologist Paul Douglas' high-profile switch from KARE to WBBM. Unlike Magers, Douglas did not settle in Chicago. He joined WCCO three years later.
  6. ^^^^ This is a treat. We've never seen this style KTVK open before (although the theme lived on into the first iteration of the Eyewitness News era).
  7. A 1981 newscast from the American Forces Network in Berlin:
  8. From Nine in Australia, a special Election Day edition of Weekend Today:
  9. WBBM, Chicago; 5:30pm weekend news, 1986:
  10. From 1977, WSB's coverage of the crash of Southern Airways Flight 242:
  11. Any material from KTVK's Eyewitness News era is rare, so ewjxn's latest upload made my day:
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