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  1. From 1982, presumably the launch edition of the "new 10pm Report" on WCCO in the Twin Cities:
  2. In 1997, KNXV used "Live, Local, Late-Breaking," as its slogan, while its competitor KPHO opted for a completely different approach -- "Local, Live, Late-Breaking." Who says that consultant-driven local news is beholden to formulas?
  3. WBBM, Chicago; 6 p.m., 1985 (the Arlington Racetrack fire is the top story):
  4. WNAC, Boston, 11 p.m. (rebroadcast), 1980:
  5. Plenty of interesting news footage in this six-minute look back at the history of WOTV (known earlier and later as WOOD) in Grand Rapids from 1984:
  6. On a related note, a 1987 commentary by media critic Ron Powers on the ethics of showing a person's death on television:
  7. During the 1994-5 affiliation switch in Phoenix, all of the four networks changed stations -- except NBC, which stayed on KPNX. Promos on KPNX emphasized the station's long-term connection to the network: The switch left KTVK without a network, KTVK became an independent and began to heavily promote its newly-forged relationship with CNN: Returning to KPNX, this promo features Willard Scott with Sean McLaughlin, then a meteorologist at KPNX, now an anchor at KPHO/KTVK:
  8. Speaking of KPIX and Signature, I've always thought that this particular preshow tease was simply perfect -- great music, great writing, and great anchoring (but horrible picture quality):
  9. Here's a tribute to Bohrman (sorry for my earlier misspelling of his name) aired on KPIX in 2018:
  10. WFLD, Chicago; 9 p.m., 1991 -- with a newly heard theme or just a different cut from the Tatgenhorst package?
  11. WTCN, Twin Cities, 10 p.m., 1979: The anchor, Stan Borman, is perhaps best known for playing a newscaster in The China Syndrome. I suppose this casting decision is one reason why the movie's portrayal of local TV news feels so real:

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