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  1. This 1980 KTVK open has been reuploaded to YouTube:
  2. Here is the Sky News (UK) version of the promo above:
  3. Well, your theory may explain Fox News (given the 65-68 median age of its viewers), but some of the best and most memorable anchors and reporters in television history have been Smith's age and older.
  4. Narrator: Shepard Smith is 57 years old.
  5. From Chicago, a 2000 promo for WGN's 9 p.m. news:
  6. And here's the 10 p.m. news, where Bill Close had already been replaced by Dave Patterson:
  7. And here's the launch of their new, in-house newscast: Here's a part of the YouTube description from Emarsee, who uploaded the clip:
  8. KTSP (now KSAZ), Phoenix; 6 p.m., 1988 -- the tail end of the Bill Close era:

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