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  1. Fantastic! Speaking of Phoenix stations covering California earthquakes, tonight might me a good time to repost this -- KTVK's coverage of the 1989 Bay Area Earthquake with the director's track:
  2. A new compilation of WMAQ news intros from the 1940s (!) to the present:
  3. KTTV, Los Angeles; 10 p.m.; 1990:
  4. The video below is from Australia, but it's a remake of a classic American promo. Unfortunately, I can't remember which stations used it -- I think it was featured in Newsactive3's promo compilations, among other places. Can anyone help me out?
  5. Another cut of Score's World News Tonight theme from Australia's Nine, 1982:
  6. WLS, Chicago; news promo, 1984:
  7. Ron Magers anchoring on KSTP, 1975:
  8. And a similar compilation covering WBBM between 1990 and 2000 -- a period that saw the station undergoing constant changes, going from traditional, to WSVN-lite, to more traditional again (but with several different looks and approaches), and then ending the decade with Carol Marin's sophisticated 10 p.m. experiment:
  9. From Chicago, various WMAQ goodies (mostly promos, newsbreaks, and teases) from the late '80s to the late '90s:
  10. ZNS, Bahamas; morning news, 2019:
  11. WLS, Chicago; 6 p.m. news promo, 1993:
  12. In memory of Tom Ellis, here is the first-ever newscast on WNEV (preceded by two promos):
  13. Another 6 p.m. WLS newscast in its entirety, this time from 1998. We've seen the open before in this thread, but not the rest of the newscast (at least I don't think we have):
  14. WFLD, Chicago, 9 p.m., 2001 -- with the special "Tonight's only news at nine" tag used when WGN was showing a game:
  15. By the way, do we know anything about the editorial theme heard at 58:01? Was it used by all ABC O&Os at the time?
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