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  1. A Covid-19-themed news promo for Australia's Seven News -- here's the Brisbane version:
  2. An edition of CNN's WorldView from 1998 -- the day before the news channel's long-running lower-thirds and yellow bug were retired:
  3. Barbara Matusow describes that transitional format in her book The Evening Stars: The Making of the Network News Anchor (1983): "[Arledge's] most immediate problem was what to do the incompatible team of Barbara Walters and Harry Reasoner. Arledge's initial move was to buy time by making format changes designed to minimize their impact on the Evening News while he was working on a replacement formula. "Two-shots" were eliminated, meaning that Walters and Reasoner were not shown together on the screen, and something called a "whip-around" was introduced -- correspondents handing off their reports directly to each other instead of going back to the anchor for introductions. Subanchors began to appear: Frank Reynolds was featured prominently in Washington, as was Peter Jennings from various European capitals." (In this case, Barbara Walters was off and Sam Donaldson served as the Washington subanchor. When WNT premiered, of course, it was permanently anchored by Reynolds in Washington, Max Robinson in Chicago, and Jennings in London. It's also interesting to note that the distinctive red corner stripe was introduced before WNT was launched.)
  4. And here's the midday news from their sister station in Denver, KWGN, 1982:
  5. WLS, Chicago; news update, 1981:
  6. And in France, France 2 and Franceinfo TV aired a joint morning program from Franceinfo's studios:
  7. The BBC has combined its London and its South East regional updates in the mornings because of Covid-19:
  8. TVA, Canada (French); morning news, 2020:
  9. A nice long close at the end of this 1990 WFLD newscast:
  10. One of the best things about Sunday Morning in the '80s: the thoughtful, literate, sometimes almost poetic media commentaries by Ron Powers. Here's one from 1987 about the televised suicide of Budd Dwyer:
  11. And for comparison, here's a Tuesday edition of CBS News Morning from the time when the franchise was a six-days-a-week operation:
  12. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure whether WMAQ used the skyline backdrop set just for the 10 p.m. or also the 6 p.m. in the mid-1990s Does anyone remember?
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