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  1. What I dislike most about most TV stations' approach to design is their unwillingness to be different and to take risks. If something is not consultant-approved these days, it's essentially off-limits as far as most stations are concerned -- and this shows on the air. That's why I really like what TEGNA is doing. And, yes, 3D graphics *can* also be elegant, but I surely haven't seen too many examples of that recently.
  2. This is how good TV news graphics can be when a TV station is not afraid to embrace the 21st century -- when it gets rid of rock-inspired theme music, glossy computer game graphics, logos that are better suited to sports team than TV stations, and other detritus -- and embrace grown-up sophistication instead:
  3. From Canada, a special edition of the news on CTV Atlantic with coverage of Hurricane Dorian striking Nova Scotia:
  4. From ZNS in the Bahamas, 20 minutes worth of live Hurricane Dorian coverage:
  5. Yesterday's special edition of the news on CBC in the Barbados devoted to Tropical Storm Dorian: ***** RTS (formerly TSR, as you can see in onthesea's clip above) in Switzerland has a new set and several other refreshed elements:
  6. From last night, the last-ever weeknight edition of France 3's Soir 3, with a look back at the broadcast's 41-year history:
  7. Not a classic video per se, but a present-day commemoration of a 1994 launch; KTVK looks back at 25 years of Good Morning Arizona:
  8. Imagen TelevisiĆ³n, Mexico, 2019:
  9. The downing of Korean Air Flight 007 as seen on BTQ-7 in Brisbane, Australia, 1983:
  10. KCNC, Denver; 5 p.m., a few months before the switch to CBS:
  11. Me and my crappy musical memory... The Crossfire theme from this 1991 CNN compilation sounds so familiar, but I can't quite place it:
  12. The International Video thread may be a better fit for this, but since we're on the subject of the moon landing, let's keep it all in one place... ARD (WDR), West Germany, part 1: Part 2:
  13. Speaking of United Airlines Flight 232, here's a news tease with the latest about the crash from KTSP (now KSAZ) in Phoenix:
  14. And speaking of KTVK, here's some newly uploaded material from 1990 -- the station's coverage of a record-breaking heatwave:
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