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  1. YouTube user ewjxn has just uploaded some new promos and teases from KTVK's Eyewitness News era:
  2. Some interesting historic footage in this WLS 75th anniversary retrospective from earlier this week:
  3. From Phoenix, a 1989 promo for KTVK's morning news: And a different time code in the same clip takes us to a promo for meteorologist Royal Norman, who is still with the station today, as well as some dramatic helicopter footage of a tornado from a few years earlier:
  4. From Phoenix, a few KTVK promos from1993, including Heidi Foglesong's goodbye: Just a short ID promo from 1988, but it's a rare clip with Jeannine Ford at KTVK. She would later become Kent Dana's co-anchor at KPNX, while Tom McNamara moved to Tucson and became an anchor at KVOA:
  5. Am I only one who adores the 1992-1995 theme used by CNN's Early Prime (and that's even before that unforgettable voice-over comes on): Do we know who composed it? I assume it was Score Productions, which did most of the music for CNN at the time. Does it have a name? Was it a ever used anywhere else? (A few CNN themes made cameos elsewhere once they were discontinued on the news channel, but most didn't.) And yes, who did the VO?
  6. A 1992 promo for WMAQ's First Thing in the Morning, a wacky, informal newscast featuring Allison Rosati and the antics of Bob Sirott, a former WLS-AM disc jockey: By the way, Bob Sirott's and his antics were not appreciated by WMAQ's management and he ended up being let go by the station in 1993. He moved to WFLD where he reinvented First Thing in the Morning as the equally off-beat Fox Thing in the Morning, but now with a co-anchor, Marianne Murciano, who played along with his jokes. (The would eventually get married.) Here's a clip -- including the open -- from 1999:
  7. Record cold in Chicago dominates this 1982 WLS newscast:
  8. WMAQ, Chicago; 10 p.m., 1980:
  9. Here's a 1982 promo for the Satellite News Channel, a short-lived competitor to CNN jointly owned by Group W and ABC. The promo focuses on SNC's regional coverage and features partner stations KOMO, WKYZ, WCCO, KPIX, and KTTV, which produced regional inserts for SNC viewers in their part of the country. The expense of these segments, which were distributed via different satellite feeds, contributed to SNC's financial woes and its eventual takeover (and closure) by Turner: Here's a promotional video produced in 1983 to mark SNC's first year on the air, which would its last full year on the air:
  10. A 1998 promo ID for WMAQ during their NewsChannel 5 period:
  11. Severe weather coverage tops this 1993 WMAQ newscast:
  12. From 1987, WCCO's special coverage of the crash of Northwest Airlines Flight 225, including bits of WJBK's coverage:
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