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  1. A 1990 newscast from independent station KHTV in Houston:
  2. WBBM pays tribute to meteorologist and aviation expert Jim Tilmon, who died over the weekend. The piece includes plenty of historical footage featuring the Chicago TV legend: Here's a longer version of one of the clips seen above -- Tilmon on WMAQ in 1979 providing his analysis of what caused the crash of American Airlines Flight 191 immediately after taking off from O'Hare:
  3. And for completeness' sake, here's WMAQ'a 6 a.m. news from that day:
  4. Elizabeth Vargas and Mike Parker anchor this weekend WBBM newscast from 1990:
  5. Staying in Chicago, a rarely-seen-on-YouTube 5 a.m. edition of WLS's news from 2001:
  6. And, just uploaded by Sloan's TV Archive, here's WFLD's weekend 9 p.m. news from 2001:
  7. From Chicago, a rare WFLD clip from the period after Kris Long left and before Walter Jacobson joined the station as the 9 p.m. co-anchor -- along with a pretty unconventional open:
  8. Some elements remind me of another failed format:
  9. The news on TVA in Francophone Canada has a new look:
  10. Staying in Chicago, the husband-and-wife team of Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano host WFLD's Fox Thing in the Morning in this just-uploaded clip from 1997:

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