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  1. Speaking of CLTV, we've already seen a 2003 clip of the cable news channel in this thread, so here's one from 2004:
  2. By the way, here's a clip of KTVK's Good Morning Arizona from 1996 -- you'll see some similarities (although not nearly as much as KBWB, which adopted KTVK's format lock, stock, and barrel in the late 1990, but whose footage from that era has never made it online, at least as far as I know):
  3. The YouTube description gives the date as March 1999, but we know how unreliable those descriptions can be.
  4. What do we know about WMAQ's Daytime? This clip, featuring Nesita Kwan and Allison Rosati is from 1999; the setup gives out a vaguely "Good Morning Arizona" vibe:
  5. From Chicago, a short WFLD news promo from that brief period in 1987 when the station aired news at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. (an unusual time slot for a Central Time station!), but not at 9 p.m.: By the way, the first "32" logo seen above -- from "Latenight 32" -- was the station's pre-Fox logo. And here are the first seven minutes of a WFLD newscast from the following year:
  6. Hong Kong Cable News using News Series 2000 Plus:
  7. World News Tonight has been a milseading name for years. All three network newscats are a disgrace in this respect.
  8. And here's SABC TV1 in South Africa with the same graphics:
  9. Boy does this 1995 KABC morning news promo seem familiar: Here's the WLS version from two years later (go to the 1:47 mark
  10. Oh, and let's not forget this: And this: Of course, the graphics seen above come from here:
  11. Well, there's also this -- an example of licensing rather than outright stealing: And in New Zealand:
  12. Australia's Ten Network emulating the CBS Evening News open in 1990: Here's the original, by the way:
  13. A WLS news update from the "On Your Side" era:
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