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  1. It's not the new ABC logo, just a bad rendition of the current one.
  2. KTVI had lousy news ratings in the late 1980s, as stated in my post above. I'm not sure how well ABC programming performed, but ABC's St. Louis ratings must have been a bit of an issue for ABC to talk to Koplar. KTVI nearly lost the rights to "Nightline" around 1990 or 1991. KTVI had just gotten the rights to "The Arsenio Hall Show," which KTVI planned to air at 10:30 (or 10:35). Paramount (Arsenio's syndicator) came out with a companion show to Arsenio called "The Party Machine with Nia Peeples," which was designed to follow Arsenio. KTVI planned to air the Nia Peeples show at 11:35,
  3. Sinclair is a big ABC affiliate, plus ABC hasn't been a player in St. Louis since the affiliation went from KTVI to KDNL back in 1995 (prior to Sinclair owning KDNL)...that's nearly 23 years now. ABC essentially not mattering in St. Louis has become the status quo. The ratings and potential money ABC has lost over the years because of a lousy St. Louis affiliate apparently hasn't mattered too much. To my knowledge, ABC has never made even a halfway serious attempt to find a new St. Louis affiliate. In defense of ABC, the station deck in St. Louis has been stacked against them: No way KMOV
  4. Elvis probably would have done a better job than Larry Tisch!

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