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  1. That's why WWL worked out a deal back in the early 2000s with LPB to broadcast from there instead of going all the way to Houston, Memphis or Dallas.
  2. I lost power during Ida last night...while I was flipping between WWL, WDSU and WVUE. I remember WGNO showing infomercials yesterday evening and I was like, "Why aren't they doing live coverage?". I got my power back tonight...I just have a bunch of tree limbs in my yard. My TV was on WVUE when power went out...and it came back on to them. When I heard about the power outtage in NOLA Metro, I was like, "Holy...". Luckily, I didn't catch any station losing power...they kept going. Gotta give it up to WDSU and WVUE, they were on it. I appreciate WWL's tenacity and willpow
  3. Now waiting on them to switch to the new graphics.
  4. Chad Sabadie is coming back to New Orleans. Christina Watkins will continue to do the noon news but return to the 4 pm newscast.
  5. WBRZ's chief forecaster Pat Shingleton will give his last forecast today after 40 years with the station. Dr. Josh Eachus - whom he's been sharing chief duties with for some time now, will solely take over afterward.
  6. I'm not gonna lie, this one hurts...and those living in the Baton Rouge market or has worked in the market would say the same thing. I watched her in the late 80s and the 90s with George Sells while I was in junior high and high school. She was awesome at her job and an even better person off the set. My condolences to her family and the Channel 9 family.
  7. WWL morning meteorologist Dave Nusbaum is headed to Birmingham. He gave his last weathercast Christmas Eve. He didn't say when he will start nor what station he's going to, but said he will work the same shift he worked at Channel 4.
  8. WGNO is in hurricane mode. Looks like they got new graphics and a new set just in time.
  9. A 1988 precursor to WWL's "Spirit of Louisiana" promos that started in the 1990s. The entire clip features ads and Eyewitness News promos.
  10. Here's the open from the first episode of "informed Sources" in 1984 on WYES, in which anchors and reporters from various media in New Orleans discuss issues affecting the area. Marcia Kavanaugh Radlauer is still at WYES. You can rewind to the very beginning to see the current open., in which the theme has not changed one bit. The show still airs weekly on WYES.
  11. Yes, let's see. I can recall WWL, WDSU, WBRZ and WVUE periodically going live with each new advisory since Friday. Even this morning, WWL even carried a news conference from Jefferson Parish officials regarding preparations. The coverage will only ramp up across Texas, SW and SE Louisiana and the Mississippi Coast.

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