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  1. Speaking of John Paul II, here is WWL's special on the Pope's visit to New Orleans in September 1987, narrated by Angela Hill.
  2. WWL's Alexandra Cranford has self-quarantined herself after some travel.
  3. And STILL can't win at noon.
  4. Agreed, @CircleSeven. They normally just wear tuxedos and formal gowns. I guess they got tired of being called prude and lightened up a little.
  5. New Orleans TV and WWL Radio reports that former WDSU sports anchor Vince Marinello died Feb. 21 at Dixon Correctional Center in Jackson, La., about 45 minutes north-northeast of Baton Rouge. He was 82 and appeared to have died of natural causes. Marinello was serving a life sentence for the 2006 murder of his estranged wife, Mary Elizabeth, in a parking lot in Metairie. He also worked for WWL Radio and WTKL Kool 95.7 FM (now WKBU).
  6. #MardiGras2020 is in full swing with WWL and WVUE going all out. WWL:
  7. No, they don't need a new set. Now that I think about it, the main Mardi Gras festivities are right around the corner. IMO, it's a good time to unveil the new graphics.
  8. I feel WVUE will be unveiling a new look very soon...maybe even tonight after the Super Bowl. Their latest "Local First" promo hints at it.
  9. With all the coverage on Kobe Sunday, this happened with Allison Morris on MSNBC: Now was it a slip-up? I think so, but many do not and are calling for her firing. Several petitions have been created, too.
  10. Former WDSU anchor Scott Walker is projected to win the Jefferson Parish Council At-Large Seat, Division B.
  11. The Suncoast Regional Emmys aren't until December 14.
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