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  1. If i'm not mistaken, WSB aired Meredith Vieira show around 2am so maybe they're the indicator on what succeeds or not since both WSB + WPXI placed Kelly clarkson show late night or it's just coincidence. And Atlanta + Pittsburgh are no small okie-dokie towns either but I digress. At the end of the day, yes it's risky to launch a talk show these days, but if you have the money + talent to test, you have gravitas to pull the trigger + see what happens next. Tamron Hall has potential to halt the curse of short lived corpses, but coming from Disney-ABC, since Katie, that remains to be seen. Ditto on Kelly. Re: "All Access" the new Access Half hour show, this feels rushed, no? The description detailing the human interest + crime stories + headlines felt like it was the launch of another tabloid news show. Rather than launching 7pm news in some O&O markets, that idea detailed above probably passed to those at Access + they ran away it, so...
  2. WAWS (now WFOX) report on the CBS affiliation switch from WJXT to WTEV (now WJAX) in 2002. At the time Ch. 47 was UPN (that affiliation moved to ch. 30 after the switch, with primetime airing at 11pm after the news)
  3. so much for 'KNBC picking up' Judge Jerry to replace Extra though....
  4. Here's the exact breaking report from FOX 8 last night on the death of Nancy Parker i've uploaded.
  5. from what i've read in chris' blog, it appeared 'the incident' was the beginning of the end for cimino. Granted, he was only reprimanded, but in a brewing situation, that moment was probably used as leverage under disguised of firing for younger/inexpensive talent under disguised of VP of News announcing Cimino leaves for 'new adventures in life' to start the process. Barring any other incidents involved him that are unearthed yet, not only is it usually shady, but perhaps petty. It may not be far off.
  6. WWOR My9 has Feud Knockoff-ish America Says on 9/16 at 11am, (didn't know a station can handle two shows that seem similar but...) bumping off a Chicago PD RR. Anyone else has seen promos for America Says?
  7. well what about Oakland + San Jose? And I think we had similar conversation last year about living expenses in the bay area where some people had to commute as far as Sacramento to work in SF. Edit: here's a link to threading below to add context, https://forums.tvnewstalk.net/topic/16488-the-cbs-oos-are-a-complete-mess/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-205494
  8. too little too late (had to fix my phone a bit) but here's the mistaken promo talked about.
  9. did the commercial aired during the breaks of Weekend today in NY or weekend today? I can track it down + post the image since i have youtubetv + both are on record.
  10. Syndie updates It appears 'The carbonaro effect' will hit the syndie circuit, joining another TruTV staple 'Impractical Jokers', coming this fall. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/trifecta-taking-trutvs-carbonaro-effect-into-national-syndication NBCU is planning on summer test run of 'LockUp' starting tomorrow. NBCU did it for 'Dateline' a couple of yrs ago. According to B&C article but under member subscription. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/nbcu-looks-to-lock-down-lockup-in-syndication Two weekend staples focusing on Latin culture in the US + beyond will conclude after this season. American Latino TV + LatiNation, both produced by a division of LATV Networks, confirmed end of production at the conclusion of their respective final shows last week.
  11. first update from Gotham City: Mel Robbins Show is promoted to premiere 9/16 at 9am on WPIX. This bumps one airing of Maury out of that timeslot. Given that the affiliate base at large that airs the already ceased "Springer" will transition to Judge Jerry, Maury 2X may still be intact + air thru 11a. Speaking of Judge Jerry will debut 9/9 at 12p on PIX. Given that Couples court is renewed for next season, it may remain on PIX but get bumped out of 12p + slide to 1p. No word on what happens with "true crime files" from ID. I don't see "CW Daytime" existing as is just airing reruns of Springer as its affiliate base transitions to his new show, even with a option to pick up to produce new shows. Shows that were produced but haven't aired yet are still in the can. Thus at 3pm, I see Wilkos air 2x there thru regular airing at 4p. WWOR My9 just aired the new ExtraExtra promo featuring new host billy bush. I'm pretty sure it'll still also air on FOX 5, replacing PageSix TV. Probably air after Chasing News on 9 in its second airing.
  12. Video went private. Do you know the url link to this?
  13. Sort of good news for broadcasters?! KidVid isn't going away anytime soon, but they can air at least 1/3 of the required three hours of E/I content on a multicast channel as long as it's fulfilled. Majority may remain on broadcast. Also Noncommercials (PBS) are no longer required to use E/I tag on top of screen. Of course dems blasted the move as a "disserve" to the community. I say what's the point tho? Preventing the inevitable much? It's not like syndie is calling for new content for weekend programming. We may see some stations be sly + probably put 2/3 on multicast. Maybe extended Weekend news for some? https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/fcc-gives-broadcasters-more-kidvid-flexibility Also, FOX O&Os will be the new home for Weigel's "DECADES" this coming fall. https://deadline.com/2019/07/fox-television-stations-weigel-broadcasting-decades-television-network-1202644017/
  14. Presenting the first episode of Access Hollywood with Larry Mendte + Giselle Fernandez. 1996
  15. It appears FOX 5 News FINALLY just changed their theme from OSI Music to Stephen Arnold's Beyond tonight at 6p. As in another one bites the dust...
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