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  1. That point there I was thinking about. If the image was projected to be a bit more like Morning Joe or even Good Morning Football where it was more of a comradery than a "family", I feel the impact of the fallout would be less severe.
  2. It appears FOX Weather daily and weekend simulcasts are dropped from FOX duop stations, or at least from WWOR, which usually airs M-F at 10a and Satudays at 10-12p. No word when that happened exactly, but its timeslot is now occupied with L+ O: SVU. I first noticed it on youtubetv listings, later confirmed it on Zap2it. Has anyone else noticed it?
  3. From NYC: WCBS: CBS 2 News at 9a, Drew Barrymore Show (1/2) on 9/12. Magnum PI at 12:05a (sa) + 1:05a (su) weekend of 9/17-18. Major Crimes at (sa) 2:05a + SEAL Team (su) at 2:05a replaces BULL that same weekend. WNBC: NBC News Daily at 12p, Dateline (from WWOR) at 1p, Access Daily at 2p on 9/12. Days of our lives moves to Peacock on same day. One other syndie, Housesmarts, usually air early saturdays is off the sked. WNYW: People's court RR is a placeholder at 1p this week only, It competes - get ready - against another usual RR of people's court on sister station My9 at 1p. Sherri at 10a + Jennifer Hudson show at 11a on 9/12. (replaces Wendy + Nick Cannon) Pictionary + You Bet Your life (1) at 1-2p also on 9/12. YBYL (2) and TMZ switch places with the former at 6:30p + the latter at 7:30p. One other syndie, coffee with America, has a spinoff under the EXTRA banner airing early sat 4:30a before the main show. WABC: 9-1-1 RRs late night saturdays 9/17. Though it says ''To be Announced'' on Zap2it, No word on what will take place on late night sundays. Wipeout RRs finished this past weekend, so Byron Allen's ES.TV ilks will fill in for 1 wk. WWOR: Nick Cannon, as a placeholder, covers 1p (its other run remain at 12:30a) as Dateline moves to WNBC by 9/12. One may have to believe at some point at second run of Maury may be more feasible than a talk show that's already out of circuit by then. Similarly TMZ Live encore could come back at 12:30a. Sherri (2nd run) at 3p + J-Hud (2nd run) at 5p. Pictionary (2nd run) at 12a. WLNY: Jerry Springer 2x at 6a + 8a (latter replaces the doctors) + CBS News NY at 7a on 9/12. Why not a 2-hr morning news instead is beyond me. We the People With Judge Lauren Lake replaces an airing of America's Court at 10:30a. American Housewife replaces Mike + Molly (2x) at 5p. The Neighborhood replaces 2 broke girls at 11p (2x). Family guy (2x) + Bob's Burgers (2x) at 12a + 1a starting this week. Dr. Phil encore at 3a holds over this week for Drew Barrymore next week (first 1/2 will be encore from 9a, second 1/2 is other first run airing at 3:30a) Pawn stars + Storage Wars at 2-3a from 6-7a on 9/12-13. Impractical Jokers leaves the sked. WOW: women of Wrestling debuts 9/17 at 11p, encore on sun 11p. WPIX: Couples court extend an 1/2 hr. at 11a, replacing Judge Jerry (leaving sked). Wilkos 2nd run at 1p, Pawn stars + informercial 2-3p are placeholders this week only. 1 hr informercials at 1p will be placeholder for 9/12 before Karamo debuts on 9/19. ICrime debuts at 2p + Wilkos 2nd run at 3p replaces DailyMail TV, also on 9/12. The Good Doctor debuts 9/17 at 3p, cuts S.W.A.T into 1 run. No word of Ring Nation yet in this market, but already is causing a bit of controversy before it even debuts if you spend a little bit of time with google, just for a mere fact it is a thing...for now.
  4. This is the future of some local stations happening now. We speculated here in the past if + when it's gonna happen. Now, some stations need to invest more into local proramming other than news + public affairs. Can you blame them, tho? Let alone a political year. Syndie business have no one to blame but themselves putting in a perilous situation toward extinction. Sure FOX/CW/MNT/Indy stations still need them, more than syndie needs them, but for how long? When a 'parking lot station' (i.e: KCOP) turned over 4 hours of its afternoon programming to simulcast their diginet Decades, it's quite telling.
  5. CBS New York tonight on streaming aired a one hour rebroadcast of the 6:00 newscast on the day after the blackout of '77, which happened 45 years tonight. At helm was Jim Jensen and Pre-ET/Roundball Rock John Tesh. https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/video/a-look-back-major-blackout-hits-new-york-city-on-july-13-1977/
  6. I guess this occupies the other daytime slot for some NBC O&Os (remember, Kelly slides into Ellen's slot for those said stations this fall) + leaving from FOX/MNT duops with another vacant slot dilemma.
  7. Apparently btm0815ma's channel has been suspended. I saw a video from some other user urging YT to reinstate the channel.
  8. Interesting article from B+C: https://www.nexttv.com/features/all-eyes-on-fox-tv-stations-headed-into-2022 one particular highlight: "Fox faces losing as many as five shows after this season: Debmar-Mercury’s Wendy Williams, Sony Pictures Television’s Dr. Oz, Debmar-Mercury’s Nick Cannon and Warner Bros.’ The Real. The group is also not bringing back rookie off-network sitcom Schitt’s Creek and it’s working on renewing freshman game show You Bet Your Life, starring Jay Leno." this was written before but published after FOX First Run renewed YBYL + 25 Words, Dish Nation + Divorce Court but the article may be suggesting some sort of mass exodus in syndie market by the end of this season.
  9. WNYW replaced Oz with The Real today (new episode, regular episodes air only on WWOR/My 9 at 5p)
  10. Tragic update on the situation: https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/this-isnt-fair-friends-colleagues-remember-kron4-security-guard-killed-in-attempted-armed-robbery/
  11. gotham city updates as of 9/13: -No changes at WNBC or WABC -WCBS: The Balancing Act at 2:37a -WNYW: TMZ (1st run) moves back to 6:30p from 7:30 to make room for You bet your life. 25 words or less (2nd run) at 1a -WWOR: You bet you life (2nd) at 12a TMZ Live (R) at 12:30a The Simpsons at 1:30a -WPIX: Couples Court at 11a (I have a feeling this is temporary + Judge Jerry gains back 2nd run) Judge Jerry (solo) at 11:30a Steve wilkos (2x) 12-2p (1p airing replaces CW feed of springer) -WLNY: Dr Phil (R) 3a (bumps out Forensic Files + Pawn Stars) Scene of the crime: 4am (replaces Personal Injury Court) (believe to be an Investigative Discovery program, not the Stephen J Canell anthology) Forensic Justice: 430am (bumps out Paternity Court) Forensic Files 5a (bumps out Dr Phil rerun) Paternity Court 5:30a Pawn Stars 6a (replaces another Paternity Court) Storage Wars 6:30a (replaces Cheaters)
  12. Drew is live at 9am eastern but with Chicago airing it at 9a CENTRAL (it'll be 10a EST) means it's already in the can by then.
  13. And according to the listings based off respective states, it appears Nick will air on CW Plus Nationally at 11a + 6p.
  14. It appears the theme used in particular this KFMB 4:30pm news open circa 1992 and let's face it THE MUSIC for some local car commercials in the 90s featuring a bombastic/screeching voiceover is identified. It is from Firstcom. It is updated at NMSA. Track: Knockout Album: FC-A2 Intense Source: https://www.nslibrary.nichion.co.jp/albums/6314-FC-A2
  15. KTLA has been celebrating 30 years of its number 1 rated morning show this week, culminating to the anniversary date of its debut. https://ktla.com/tag/ktla-5-morning-news-30th-anniversary/ this is the debut of KTLA morning news 30 years ago today. Carlos' interview with Barbara Beck on his BEONDTV channel:
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