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  1. While I understand, I can't wait to see how they react when his dear wife THE QUEEN meets her eventual fate. Were they not prepared what was going down, or were they clearly just bitchin'? Off topic a bit but I gotta checkout gogglebox.
  2. sigh, there are still fans out despite that fact, (with a social reckoning last summer we've all went thru, mind you) hence it's beyond comprehension. Interest still matter, which plays any possibility of a comeback. Ya know...ratings. Dan Abrams even claims to have 'active discussions' with some players in the biz to bring it back, glossing over the fact above that led to its instant cancellation. It may not be on A&E again but there may be a place for it.
  3. Here's the ident of the new Teleonce debuted tonight during Premios Lo Nuestro, containing a revival of its classic slogan "Vivelo". Rebrand officially started 8pm local time. ID '11' logo also first appeared tonight. Last few notes are a nod to the original jingle seen next below:
  4. https://www.nexttv.com/features/court-conflict-find-new-fortunes-in-streaming-era this article details about court + conflict shows creating new avenues in streaming but tis particular paragraph highlights vacant spaces opening up for some stations heading to next fall: "Judge Judy isn’t the only court show to be exiting. Several low-rated and less- well-cleared court shows wrapped in the past year. Debmar-Mercury’s Caught in Providence, starring 84-year-old Municipal Court Judge Frank Caprio, is no longer airing on TV stations. MGM/Orion TV has departed the entire g
  5. Not just journalists, but even some entertainers are dying suddenly. (ie: Cicely Tyson, Mary Wilson) Surreal start to 2021. The last currently active reporter to have died so soon was Lisa Colagrossi of WABC back in 2015 due to brain aneurysm. You can tell the tone at block A of today's midday newscast from Adam Kuperstein, while anchoring + Dave Price forecasting was solemn compared to business as usual. RIP + strength to her family, colleagues + friends.
  6. Fixed it for you. Sloan reuploaded for some reason. WNBC News 4 New York 5/17/1990, the day 2 giants in entertainment died in Sammy Davis Jr + Jim Henson. Solemn cold open but led to fantastic VO intro + theme. As usual, Chuck + Sue at the helm.
  7. From DC: Former WJLA Anchor Greta Kreuz passed on Saturday after battling lung cancer. https://wjla.com/news/local/retired-abc7-anchor-and-reporter-greta-kreuz-passes-away-after-cancer-battle
  8. I read Don's whole post. Damning. That man's news career ended as is. Dreams Dashed. I know Friend's bullying is all about abuse of power, but I why did I felt like it sounded in part like If it wasn't anyone Straight, White Woman (basically a 'model' if suggested) everyone else is at Dunn + Friend's target for ire. That + Ukee's 'Jive', (who the F#*K still says THAT word, first off btw?)it sounded like they have a type. (“be careful, you’re gay, Black and a man. David doesn’t like any of those.”) To summarize in one point, after seeing Ukee's clip posted from CBS3 thread, heads must roll NOW!
  9. CNN will have a special tonight at 9p on King entitled 'The King of Talk: Remembering Larry King' according to the banner seen below right-hand corner on TV at this moment.
  10. I could see E! leftover slate (Daily Pop, Nightly Pop, Total Bellas) merge into Bravo programming if it winds down. Hell, resurrect E! News by name only for Bravo*. Expand live red carpet coverage while you're at it. Make it one stop entertainment spot rather than just housewives' marathon all time, no matter how much money it makes for Andy. As for USA, it's a renaissance alright. NHL, EPL, Nascar + Indycar even can move to USA. Is there a place for Sky sports News simulcast tho? Just asking. Probably not. All other makegoods can move over to FS2. * Sidenote: Leave Access Hollywood alone
  11. Concur. As we see this past week, let alone weeks before, Biden has a lot of priorities to worry about some small stunt in some small town USA. Let's face it, Trump only makes money on things he want to make money out of, not vice versa. That's on brand with his 'brand'. Besides, It's not quite coincidental as businesses + associates are severing ties from a brand quite 'toxic' as of late, if not for a while, just as a nation we're going thru a chaotic transition.
  12. I was the one who uploaded it because I know this was of interest to those within this community especially those who hold some announcers to high regard, like Nantz. RIP Mr. Robertson + thank you for your presence.
  13. Just uploaded on my YT page same promo you're talking about. Neat ad. BTW here's the intro to the return of 'the 10 o' clock news' in 20 years. Disregard the title. There's no 'WNYW Plus' but I digress...
  14. It was just reflected on my YouTubeTV guide. Let's see if any changes could ever closely resemble to the gritty newscasts of yesteryear with certain elements intact.
  15. Re: WLII... if you believe this, (only source so far reporting it by this note) TVBoricuaUSA is reporting a familiar branding may return to old ch. 11. https://www.tvboricuausa.com/2020/12/regresa-teleonce-puerto-rico-univision-2021.html Translated: Following the approval of the sale of Univision by the FCC , channel 11 and its repeater stations in Puerto Rico will have a new identity. TVboricuaUSA sources assured that the channel will stop being called Univision and will become known as TeleOnce. The announcement, to be made shortly by Liberman Media Group, wo

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