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  1. Late but Local 10 WPLG is now live streaming funeral service for Todd Tongen. RIP. https://www.local10.com/station/family-friends-viewers-to-celebrate-life-of-todd-tongen
  2. Todd and Jayde Final Morning Show Get your kleenex ready towards the end. https://omny.fm/shows/95-5-plj-todd-jayde-in-the-morning-daily-recap/todd-jayde-in-the-morning-final-farewell-5-31-19?in_playlist=95-5-plj-todd-jayde-in-the-morning-daily-recap!podcast Reunion Day from Day 1 before finale Even TM Studios paid tribute to WPLJ in a montage played thru the last days, getting us radio/jingle freaks in the feels. Full Hour signoff at 6p. 'PLJ raised the bar for station signoffs as far as i'm concerned. Race Taylor was legit. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HhURSzzSlMkCGu_ZVaj-wa7UfL8uY0ig/edit Editor's Note: the 1st song played under the new K-LOVE format was Broken Things by Matthew West. As expected, Charlie Van Dyke led the way with the intro. Jack Diamond final show: WRQX final hour: Can't be embedded but...https://www.facebook.com/JackDiamondShow/videos/2227077687369316/ It seems to me WPLJ's handling + WRQX's handling of signoffs are a world apart. Like i said above, 'PLJ was classy. 'Mix was rather more simpleton even with the 1st voice who introduced the new format 30 years ago closed it out. Nonetheless it was black friday for Radio. RIP to these icons. Leaving this at the end with an interesting tweet about the state of radio from .@radioinsight:
  3. Jack Diamond announced today on his morning show that WRQX Mix 107.3 will end on Friday at 7pm with the farewell hour preceding at 6pm. However, the morning show will continue elsewhere. No word on where it'll end up but said an announcement is imminent soon. Video of announcement is in link. https://radioinsight.com/headlines/177273/jack-diamond-announces-wrqx-sign-off-move-of-morning-show/
  4. It is a fall in the ranks, sure. He took a risk being a "big shot" he is (who wouldn't in his position?) but god forbid, i'm sure isn't returning to "jay leno-ing" lee goldberg out of there. This works in two ways, he's a household name, more recently known in the mornings (GMA, AMHQ) than evenings in the past. Speaking of, GMA is just a crosstown away. If necessary, he'll appear. Think about it, if WABC is powerful as is being #1, wait until Sam reappears. Ode to be working at EWN with a new news director these days. Don't forget *ahem* Charles Perez. Remember him? Forget the industry, the drama left him persona non grata in life. BTW Anyone can recall how Susan Roegsen fared here in NY + where she came from + did after?
  5. I'm not gonna link it here to fuel the flame but it's from "Media Take Out.com" the only "source" reporting this. NOT from TMZ, Daily Mail, the Blast, Page Six or other otherwise relatively reputable rags. It'd be catastrophically stupid if that happens of course but i don't think they're THAT stupid. As you stated, winner of Emmy for best game show, beating J! + Wheel consistently in ratings, not to mention 1 Million subs on YT. Mind you it's only coincidence Harvey's relationship with NBC soured, first losing his time slot on the network O&O's to Kelly Clarkson that eventually led to cancellation. Then he lost his hosting gig on Little Big Shots to Melissa Mccarthy, but that's about it. I was thinking maybe FOX would've taken 'Steve' talk show for other O&Os not airing at that moment, other than WAGA. Harvey's more home to FOX with Miss Universe + NYE at times square specials.
  6. It's one thing it hasn't been the same since meredith left, but when any market like Cleveland didn't cleared it for a year before return, not limited it to it though, writing's been on the wall for a while. The way they moved from city to city with diminishing tax incentives, it felt like there was some automation going on with slashed budget, barely a staff. I'd like to know if the states themselves (CT, NV) are rolling back tax incentives for filming or is coincidence on Millionaire's part?
  7. WPLJ's announcement of the sign-off date in 2 parts. 11:59pm May 31st. The last NYC Radio landscape change in that affect was 98.7 Kiss FM dissolved after "merging" with WBLS (intellectual property shifted there). ESPN Radio NY has since moved to that dial from 1050 AM.
  8. Sorry, got a little ahead of myself. Miscalculated in my mind their local news output. Edited out for "WBTS" instead in my post above.
  9. According to a B&C article, this may be an answer to EXTRA's replacement on NBC Stations. "...NBC also is said to be looking at launching a live true-crime series to fill the slots being vacated by Extra in those seven markets. Neither Lopez’ move nor the new show has been officially confirmed by either Warner Bros. or NBCUniversal, however, and Lopez’ contract with Extra runs through this summer." Could they bring a (new) mini version of crime watch daily, ahem, true crime daily that somehow has prospered since it left syndication last season. Below, its past stories uploaded daily on YT garners over 100k views, some up to 1M. It also recently released its own podcast. My thought process was they're gonna launch a 7p news a la WRC WBTS. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69uYUqvx-vw4luuX7aHNLQ/ Shifting gears though, any development on Steve Harvey's talk show? Where it's going beyond this season?
  10. BTW for those who can get such eargasm from the lit music played in the promo, here's the track: https://freeplaymusic.com/#/music/26914
  11. In a continuing sea of change off of Disney-FOX, Debmar-Mercury has chosen CBS Television Distribution (CTD) to sell National advertising barter time in its first-run programming. This replaces Its longtime syndie ad partner, Twentieth Television. Get ready to see the famous eye in the blue sea background with mystic music played after the end credits for shows like Wendy + Family Feud. I wonder if this will affect some FOX O&O (or other non-cbs) stations in the future that carry some D/M shows by this decision or this is just business BTS alone? Also what will happen to 20th Television? https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/233295/debmar-mercury-picks-ctd-to-sell-national-time/
  12. 'Jeopardy' host Alex Trebex announced thru video from the set that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. This stage means the disease has spread to other parts of his body + though it can't be cured there, it can be treated. Trebek acknowledges that the survival rate for pancreatic cancer is low. He has three years left in his current contract, with his dry wit helping him out joking that he need all the help he can to fulfill the commitment. Simply put, #PrayForAlex. It's been some tough few days for entertainment. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/jeopardy-host-alex-trebek-diagnosed-pancreatic-cancer-1192747
  13. Speaking of, meanwhile in Canada a while back.... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/live-hit-incident-1.5035840
  14. YES to all this. The REAL CityTV station, NOT the vapid run of the mill standardized TV 'network'. Every city affiliate should have its own Breakfast TV, CityLine, Speakers Corner, hell this show (updated of course) along with their own CityNews. Make it Local. That's future NOW. Also, rock on technotronic! I remember that joint.
  15. It's an end of an era for sure in NYC for WPLJ. I'm sure in DC for WRQX as well. PLJ as heritage as its call letters had lost equity, luster, you name it, thru the years. Its brand was inconsistent. It had its moments. Successful AOR then switched to Top 40 in early 80s. Only to be encountered by the rising success of Z100 + 72 days of going from worst to first. WPLJ held on competitively until the 90s. An ebb + flow of rotations thru AC with some gold records caused its instability. Mismanagement here + there deepened further, thus the billing lowered. You can say once Scott Shannon left for WCBS-FM, the writing's on the wall. We may not have predicted the result but still, if given the chance, they needed to skew a bit more 80s, 90s + 2k with today's hits like a cooler version of CBS-FM if that makes sense. Be on the lookout for cumulus other NY holdouts WABC-AM and WNBM (radio 103.9-urban) + see what they're gonna do with. I fear other heritage stations may be marked for shredder (like KLOS?) to EMF or its ilk. Not too far OT but regarding the jingles used in its glory days in comparison with Z100, which station had the better jingles? Z had the Flamethrower, Warp Factor, Skywave + Turbo Z while PLJ had Into the Music, Non Stop Power, Power Station + My personal fave, breakthrough. To me, though WHTZ had the better imaging + often imitated elsewhere, WPLJ had the catchier jingles especially in the later JAM/TM jingles. Competition wasn't just the rotation + presentation. Nonetheless RIP WPLJ.
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