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  1. CNN will have a special tonight at 9p on King entitled 'The King of Talk: Remembering Larry King' according to the banner seen below right-hand corner on TV at this moment.
  2. I could see E! leftover slate (Daily Pop, Nightly Pop, Total Bellas) merge into Bravo programming if it winds down. Hell, resurrect E! News by name only for Bravo*. Expand live red carpet coverage while you're at it. Make it one stop entertainment spot rather than just housewives' marathon all time, no matter how much money it makes for Andy. As for USA, it's a renaissance alright. NHL, EPL, Nascar + Indycar even can move to USA. Is there a place for Sky sports News simulcast tho? Just asking. Probably not. All other makegoods can move over to FS2. * Sidenote: Leave Access Hollywood alone
  3. Concur. As we see this past week, let alone weeks before, Biden has a lot of priorities to worry about some small stunt in some small town USA. Let's face it, Trump only makes money on things he want to make money out of, not vice versa. That's on brand with his 'brand'. Besides, It's not quite coincidental as businesses + associates are severing ties from a brand quite 'toxic' as of late, if not for a while, just as a nation we're going thru a chaotic transition.
  4. I was the one who uploaded it because I know this was of interest to those within this community especially those who hold some announcers to high regard, like Nantz. RIP Mr. Robertson + thank you for your presence.
  5. Just uploaded on my YT page same promo you're talking about. Neat ad. BTW here's the intro to the return of 'the 10 o' clock news' in 20 years. Disregard the title. There's no 'WNYW Plus' but I digress...
  6. It was just reflected on my YouTubeTV guide. Let's see if any changes could ever closely resemble to the gritty newscasts of yesteryear with certain elements intact.
  7. Re: WLII... if you believe this, (only source so far reporting it by this note) TVBoricuaUSA is reporting a familiar branding may return to old ch. 11. https://www.tvboricuausa.com/2020/12/regresa-teleonce-puerto-rico-univision-2021.html Translated: Following the approval of the sale of Univision by the FCC , channel 11 and its repeater stations in Puerto Rico will have a new identity. TVboricuaUSA sources assured that the channel will stop being called Univision and will become known as TeleOnce. The announcement, to be made shortly by Liberman Media Group, wo
  8. FCC has granted Fox another temporary waiver for NJ's WWOR-TV + New York Post rather than permanent due to legal limbo re: its newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership rule. https://www.nexttv.com/news/fcc-grants-fox-another-temporary-waiver-for-wwor-tvnew-york-post Questions: 1.If its newspaper/broadcast rule eventually dismantles + FOX has to put up WWOR, will WWOR survive as is (under new owner) or basically merge into WNYW + be broadcast virtually from NYW's stick. ("my9" on 5.3?) Where could My9 go if so? 2. What final resolution you think it'd be made on the
  9. according to tapatalk's Puerto Rico forums, its promos no longer identify as "univision puerto rico" only 'univision'. I wonder is it just coincidence or some changes to come? Perhaps simplify branding as 'Univision'. Examples: https://www.facebook.com/367675533729/videos/200906951623036 https://www.facebook.com/367675533729/videos/2325310110948357
  10. We have to take into consideration, it's an NBC station in DAVENPORT, IOWA. Not New York, L.A, Chicago or home markets of those noted teams. Each market has different needs. Although it's owned by a conglomerate, it's a small station serving a small but I'm sure tight-knit community. At a time when communities depend on the media in need more than ever, from the same colleagues who are also basically neighbors to them, it's understandable why they made the decision. I think even at a short notice, they could've told the plan a bit in advance + promote NBC sports app a bit much as well. I
  11. I don't know if it was posted before but the very first FOX NFL Sunday 9/4/94. Some differences aside, what's the saying: "the more things change..." *Young Kevin Harlen Alert btw*
  12. Caught in Providence, which just ended its syndie run past September, has been added to its primetime lineup at Law&Crime Network, started Monday, Nov. 16. No word if new episodes would be on deck or just reruns. Its YT page though have recent clips produced during the pandemic. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/255976/caught-in-providence-joins-lawcrime-network/
  13. I like it how WABC put their special touch in their breaking news re: trebek, led by its main anchor no less. Knowing that 7 carried J! basically since its start, it's genius.
  14. It started at 9pm last night but YT treasure Retrontario put up a livestream of classic CityTV show 'Speakers Corner'. Classic. TorontoTV. If you stay longer, there's a citypulse newscast circa 1989 with commercials. Watch out for Monika Deol. Whew. I wonder if we would see a revival of sorts in times like these. Maybe not in the COVID era, but still...it's on LIVE still + looping. Watch it when you can, not sure if it'll be archived for replay.
  15. Former Cincinnati Red + Color Analyst for ESPN Sunday night Baseball for 22 years, Joe Morgan passed away Sunday at 77. Baseball has been hit hard recently with Hall of Fame losses such as Tom Seaver, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock + Whitey Ford. https://awfulannouncing.com/espn/joe-morgan-hall-of-fame-baseball-player-acclaimed-broadcaster-passes-away-at-77.html

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