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  1. Sad news this time from across the pond again. Television Presenter Caroline Flack, 40, was found dead of an apparent suicide yesterday. She was the host of Britain's most popular show of the moment, ITV 2's Love Island. She was awaiting trial in a domestic assault case in March. She pled not guilty. However that case turned into a circus on part of the media (the sun,daily mail) + allegedly (by Flack's lawyer) Crown Prosecution Service (equivalent much to Dept. of Justice in U.S) for pressing forward trial despite her boyfriend wishing not to press charges. She later stepped down from hosting LI before this new season commenced a while ago. Door was open for her return once the trial settles. Her vulnerability on the spotlight as been well documented. It was a whirlpool that was sudden + threw everyone off. ITV has since pulled two consecutive nights (last night + tonight) of Love Island off schedule. No word on future episodes or if the series will continue under Flack's shadow? Flack was the face of the show, and her death is the third suicide from the show, joining two former contestants whose fate was eerily the same. If you or someone you know is facing depression, someone is out there to listen to you. Have strength to seek help if you can. Unfortunately in cases like this, it's a vicious cycle where one's vulnerability is exposed + magnified in the spotlight + on social media that it sped up on its breaking point which sadly brought this result. Also, quite hypocritical of those judging on her love life or life of the party (read:"cougar") are now sending condolences + wishing others to be kind. Got a bit of blood on their hands, i'm afraid. I'm of the belief right now there's no end in sight for this. At this time strength to Caroline's friends + family. https://www.itv.com/news/2020-02-15/caroline-flack-itv-love-island-presenter-found-dead/ Note: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number: 1-800-273-8255
  2. I'm of the belief that teams in general find any kind of advantage to win anytime. that's the culture of pro sports. Teams are usually extra to a point. Certain ones like patriots are at best 'headscratchers' with "deflategate" but has the cache of being a dominating force in their own league + those like Astros are so extra, the way they did it, NOT that they did it at all is what put them in the spotlight for ridicule. It was TOO obvious from not getting caught. Everything is in context. This is from someone who thinks you can't go back + void the 2017 postseason wins + award them to NY Yankees + LA Dodgers because they didn't earn them. Simple. Mind you my team (mets) wasn't involved in playoffs included HOU, so I haven't lost much sleep. Also, the recent comments from its owner + players forced to apologize (hell you can make a case for the recent interview from AJ Hinch) don't help that matter. If you think that quells any 'creative advantage' in the future, I've got a piece of brooklyn bridge to sell. Note that players are protected by the Union + thru an immunity deal, can't be sued as such. Let's not forget, although isolated, one other incident involving astros' now former GM's inappropriate comment directed at the female reporter with 'Thank god we got Ozuna' after a PS win. The said GM attacked the same reporter for lying in a revelation, only for other sources (who were there) to back up the story. That aforementioned pitcher has a well documented past with domestic violence, so talk about tone deaf there. Thus, for me, troubles for them actually started during last years World Series. Football may have been 'America's sport' for about 2 decades but let's face it, look what put baseball back on the map (fair or unfair) A NEW villain has been created + will be followed thru the new season. Who knew? It many ways Sports have been + always will be the ultimate, original REALITY TV. Survivor can't create this shit up if they're able to, and they've been on air for 20 years.
  3. From across the pond, personal yet big news at ITV's This Morning. Longtime presenter Phillip Schofield revealed that he's gay. His co-presenter + friend Holly Willoughby kicked off the announcement with a public statement. Prior to the event, Phillip has been married to his wife Steph for 27 years (they met at the BBC, she was a Production Assistant, he was CBBC presenter) + has two adult daughters. The full video below (as of this typing) has garnered more than 4.5 million views within 24 hours. Phillip stated that although it hasn't been easy, he since has gained full support of his family. This comes heels off a supposed 'row' (british for feud) between Phillip + fellow colleague Ruth Langsford, who accused him of a 'toxic' backstage atmosphere that alleged feud has created. Was there any whisper behind the scenes regarding his sexuality? Regardless, much strength + good vibes for phillip + his family.
  4. the only network campaign of all network campaigns that got enhanced by an epic parody. Ever. And to have it aired on Imus in the morning back on WNBC radio at that time. Mind you it was meant to be circulated to just network staff + local affiliates on cassettes as a joke for holiday parties. I would be remiss not to mention the real jingle had the late, forever great Luther Vandross on the leading vocals.
  5. The only executive ever in the industry who ran ABC, CBS + NBC in a television landscape that was run basically by those aforementioned networks has passed away thursday at age 82. Fred Silverman was also a TV Producer with a life only some hotshots could only dream of. Who knew the infamous 'rural purge' could lead to programming greatness? I could list a slew of hit shows he launched but I could list some bombs as well. (Hello, Supertrain, Pink lady + Jeff?) Deadline explains it all below. There aren't many of his like out these days, let alone any executive. Godspeed, Mr Silverman: https://deadline.com/2020/01/fred-silverman-dies-legendary-tv-executive-producer-was-82-1202847035/
  6. Very similar to recent days of impeachment hearings, not only talk, but OJ Trials affected Soap operas as well, to the point that some soaps if they were lucky not to get preempted, had to shorten their openings to make sure their content was seen as much as possible. In turn soaps eventually would be on decline. You could also make a case that trial also killed the 'long' opening sequences (with catchy themes mind you) on tv shows in general as we knew it because it since has been commonplace in part to maintain one's attention span. More on that story: https://decider.com/2016/02/09/did-o-j-simpson-really-kill-the-soap-opera-star/
  7. M&A Alert: Ion Media acquires KMCC from Entravision, recently affiliated with Azteca America, now owned by HC2 Station Group. This makes it a new O&O. https://www.rbr.com/entravision-bails-on-its-third-sin-city-tv-property/
  8. I found out thru FOX college basketball preshow. Rob Stone, who finished the story about the death of brother of Michigan State's Cassius Winston, came back after the break to announce on Kobe. I like others were stunned. Feeling paralyzed. Appetite wiped out. Ill admit, haven't felt that massive loss since Michael Jackson. It was that sudden. 'Remember where you were when' took on a whole another level. You're never prepared for losses like this even if losses in general happen daily. Sometimes you want time to slow down because of moments like this. At times we may want to be psychic to a point so god forbid moments like this happen if there's a way to prevent it with all our powers. Of course we have no control over them. All the strength in the world to Bryant's Family from one who lost his mom last month. No child wants to go thru it any time, let alone this soon. Hug someone you love, speak out in appreciation. Friends, Family, you name it. RIP Mamba Note: reports are saying his daughter may have been on the doomed flight en route to her basketball game. I'll check back. 3 others haven't been identified yet but my god if fear of what we may think of the worst case deepens, they'll be no other feelings or words to express....
  9. WNBC is too, preempting Access Hollywood. Been since last night.
  10. Lawd it makes NY's chasing news a 'pro' in production by comparison + even then it says a lot. Looks like it's filmed at some mancave basement, used for podcast rather for some conspiracy theory/right wing talk or some ish. I mean i see small WJR logo placed there. If he wanted to present it as just some radio talk show, it's plausible to go that route but still....Production qualities for some real public access types have advanced since.
  11. I did. Under FC-A18: Logos & Opens,Vol.1 but it lasts as same as the NMSA sample. Main tracks in the CD lasts between 20 + 60 seconds.
  12. Although a bit late, but Cari Champion, formerly of First take, later SC: coast to coast, suddenly left the mothership. No word what led decision. That 12p shift (Bristol to LA) converts to regular SC solely based in CT. https://nypost.com/2020/01/10/cari-champion-rising-espn-star-abruptly-leaves-network/
  13. Syndie circuit news: Its a 'Sashay away' for now to "Rupaul" as FOX O&Os decline to pick up show for Fall 2020. Fates of both Jerry O' (connell) + Central Ave are still to be determined. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/rupaul-daytime-talk-show-not-moving-at-fox-stations-1266055 'Steve' is back...under Facebook Watch. It's revived as 'Steve on WATCH' just last week, taping at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, where Miss Universe was just held there a month ago. I wonder for any talk show https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/steve-harvey-facebook-watch-talk-show-1203431367/ Although technically not syndie, FOX has launched OTT streaming service FOX SOUL, targeting African American audience with lifestyle + social interests. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/243285/fox-stations-launch-fox-soul-streamer/
  14. First off, if you want to hear out of circulated firstcom music albums, (not listed on its own website) search thru this japanese music search site i've found while looking for missing tracks https://www.nslibrary.nichion.co.jp/albums?page=1&cat_search=FC-U (change the last alphabet at the end + it'll show you the whole catalogue) much of ESPN NFL Primetime tracks are there (under A) In this case, the KTTV '97 'Good Day LA' Theme is identified as 'Uptown Groove', thru its LA fusion album. Another track identified is Daytimers (FC-A11: All American hero) used in the NY Lottery drawings in the 90s:
  15. 5 years ago this weekend...#RIPStu More thoughts on Stu: (skip to 10:55)
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