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  1. Yes Yarnel, I saw your post via FB + from what i've read, you got to know him much as well. Sending my condolences to you as a friend + of course keeping Amanda + their families in my prayers. Left my thoughts on your yt post under 'Justin'. A distressful weekend of those we know personally + publicly who passed away, including my mom (RIP) All those in our thoughts. gotta live life in the spirit of those who left us soon.
  2. Sad news from the game show + retro community. Poster David Downs who runs the Fun and Games Channel on youtube (Wheel, J!, vintage HBO, etc..) + created sarcastic videos on the day's TPIR on facebook under his aforementioned name, passed away at the age of 35. He leaves behind his fiancee Amanda. An inspiration + driving force for nostalgia geeks in us. Rest well.
  3. A celebration of life service for gregg mace on now at abc27.com, started a little over 30 mins. ago. https://www.abc27.com/sports/local-sports/remembering-gregg-mace/watch-the-celebration-of-life-service-for-gregg-mace/
  4. Beat me it to I had to clear editor, but yes, dreams of a northwest FOX affiliate, let alone NFC based, is coming true. Meanwhile, in brew city, it's a homecoming for TV 6, also NFC based, since 2007.
  5. Damn, I know Action News is popular in philly but damn...how popular can you be when you see this message on the site as you plan on placing your order... getting one now. DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING RESPONSE WE HAVE RECEIVED FOR THIS BOOK IT MAY TAKE US A LITTLE EXTRA TIME TO PROCESS YOUR ORDER. OUR STAFF IS WORKING TO SEND ALL ORDERS OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  6. I could understand if a) the performance was live and b) it was scheduled during a more 'interesting' MNF...if one could look at the schedule + point out any sexy matchups that is. Every week though, taped? It just made it a more awkward overtly promotion of genesis than needed, let alone fuel more criticisms of ESPN stretching beyond sports, despite the 'E' in its name.
  7. For those wondering, it is production track 'Action News' from KT. http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#3,1,1347 Editor's note: Killer Tracks has now merged into Universal Production Music. Its old URL name now directs to UPM. Catalog remains intact.
  8. Ask and ye shall receive... https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/239374/fcc-approves-kdlt-purchase-by-gray/
  9. I think one station each market should have a Talkback 16. You know that segment was a set of $#!t from the start, lets face it. It was brilliant...
  10. I was wondering what's up with Tony. During the WPLJ Radio Reunion in May, the day before it signed off, there were mentions of Tony being an alumnus of the station but couldn't make it to Reunion Day. Both 'PLJ + LIVE are based in NYC, but i'm not sure where he lives. You'd think if he was in the area, he'd make it there, but that said it raises such warning signs though. God forbid this isn't another Chris Corley or Ed Hopkins.
  11. Don't know if it was mentioned before but apparently since this past january, KBS News 9, the premier nightly newscast for the South Korean based service, changed its popular signature tune after 26 years. Its new theme debuted New Years' day. 1st ('92) theme 2008 Update (thru 12/31/18) 2019 New theme + New graphics. The new theme is quite 'CBS Evening News'-ish, especially toward the end. Don't fret though, the aforementioned old theme ACTUALLY got an update, but it seems like it's used as a bumper for the newscast. At 0:00, 0:33 + 0:49.
  12. Gotta share this sweet story to this beautiful era ending. Back in 2013, I went to the station's town hall meeting. It was at the Brooklyn museum in the auditorium. After the event, the participants took time to take photos with the audience. I was courageous enough to approach Diana for the photo + she was accommodating enough to do so. Afterwards, she said to effect of 'it's so nice to see Someone as handsome as you are'. I said 'Oh thank you'. Off I go, shell shocked a bit. You're talking about someone who you've watched for years + complimenting you as such. I'm not the one fishing for complements mind you. In the blurry photo below from my fb, my hair looked like wooly mammoth in a big explorer coat (it was February + I was bigger then) Now one may have said it just to butter up someone, coming from tv, but knowing her demeanor + class, it matched with her coming from a good place. It leaves a mark on my mind forever. That in part is how I'll remember Diana + I wish her nothing but the best. WABC has raised the standard of personnel farewells like the late great WPLJ raised the standard of signoffs this past may. Side note: one other photo I tried to take was investigative reporter Jim hoffer. As I was setting up my cheap ass Kodak vid shaped 'hd' camera to shoot, battery ran out + I told him as such + he said, 'ah shit, man'. Nonetheless meeting him briefly was a pleasure. Such a good night.
  13. Congratulations to Zap2it + OnTVTonight for getting this right ( i would extend that to TVGuide to an extent, despite listed as 'FOX 5 News at Noon') FOX 5 is finally doing something at the midday/noon space for the first time in a while for a change.
  14. The Noon Show or, wait for it..."FOX 5 News at Noon"? Both OnTvTonight and TV Guide has their listings reported as the latter title, suggesting the noon newscast returns, eventually coming into fruition. https://www.ontvtonight.com/guide/listings/channel/69022188/wnyw-hdtv.html?dt=2019-09-09 https://www.tvguide.com/listings/?ServiceID=76164 (if it doesn't list nyc listings where you at, you can change)
  15. No, not other shows that are replacing it, I meant why they haven't picked up STEVE to add to its schedule, some of them instead are still relying on TMZ/Dish Nation/EXTRA/Access Reruns, treating it as a waste of space in the afternoons where they could do that late fringe.
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