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  1. KTLA has been celebrating 30 years of its number 1 rated morning show this week, culminating to the anniversary date of its debut. https://ktla.com/tag/ktla-5-morning-news-30th-anniversary/ this is the debut of KTLA morning news 30 years ago today. Carlos' interview with Barbara Beck on his BEONDTV channel:
  2. Last days of '87 CGI open before the switch to new open + first gen gari EWN music from WABC: December 16, 1994.
  3. Before LIVE! and while hosting The Morning Show, Regis Philbin was host of New York Style, WABC Afternoon Newsmagazine aired before EWN at 5p, of which its promo aired out of 1:52. Circa 1984. Cover Story: Soap star babies.
  4. Former anchor at Univision Chicago (WGBO), Noticiero Univision + Telemundo Chicago (WSNS), Edna Schmidt died June 24 at her home in native Puerto Rico. She was 51. Her struggle with alcoholism were well documented, which ended her time at Univision in 2011. Last seen at Telemundo Chicago in 2014, where she later ended up suing them for discrimination. No official word on the cause of death, although her former colleague stated she suffered from a fall. https://www.chicagotribune.com/espanol/entretenimiento/sns-es-edna-schmidt-univision-chicago-periodista-television-20210625-o2ngduz
  5. the legend is BACK! Since the rebrand of Teleonce (from Univision Puerto Rico) in February, owner Liberman Media group has assembled a new news department for WLII-TV. They've enlisted Anchor Celimar Adames (who had a discrimination lawsuit vs WAPA after her removal off the anchor post at Noticentro) + Meteorologist Deborah Martorell, both formerly at WAPA-TV, of which they since resigned to join in. Nuria Zebasco, most recently at Telemundo, returns home after she + other colleagues were unceremoniously laid off when Univision shut down its news department in 2014. Luis Joel Aymat, curre
  6. Source for the stations list? granted I couldn't find it on the show's website, but have there been promos out already out on TV or social posts confirmed as such?
  7. checking at their schedule though, I'm a bit surprised NBC at best doesn't mind at Access hollywood (first run) airing at 2:35a after a Nightly News rerun instead of, say, suggested 6:30p. Is their one hour 6:00 news that competitive or actually ranked No. 1 in ratings?
  8. no harm, no foul. I mean, here in NY, WPIX has had a night (and day) of ny-centric classics for a while, such as Barney Miller, All in the family, The Jeffersons + The honeymooners, latter which has been off schedule for a while. But for how long? As for other affiliates, you'd think hopefully they'd invest a little bit in their weekend schedule, maybe inspired by the upcoming CW saturday night slate, instead of an all around graveyard of informercials, syndie reruns, cancon (canadian imported) ilk + other zero rated syndie junk (aptly put by mrschimpf) I know some stations do spor
  9. To be fair, what's more of an indictment? Maury + its ilk still doing it or the many men knowing damn well they're daddy + finding any leeway to bail out responsibilities rather than handling their business when stuff don't work out. Thus foolishness is on display. Sometimes the opposite result favor other men but still...
  10. Which reminds me of a post of KSTW (then UPN 11) last newscast back in 1998 that was just restored. Poster stated that he had to do a hasty edit on a clip of staff interviews in which henley's son 'Dirty Laundry' was used. Background music replaced it to mute that segment a little bit. Not entirely true. User MrAssassinsCreed47 has uploaded a slew of classic Oprah + Maury episodes with no problems thus far. I've seen some Sally's episodes up there for a while. what appears to be Rosie O' Donnell's official page has uploaded full clips of interviews from at least the 1st season.
  11. While I understand, I can't wait to see how they react when his dear wife THE QUEEN meets her eventual fate. Were they not prepared what was going down, or were they clearly just bitchin'? Off topic a bit but I gotta checkout gogglebox.
  12. sigh, there are still fans out despite that fact, (with a social reckoning last summer we've all went thru, mind you) hence it's beyond comprehension. Interest still matter, which plays any possibility of a comeback. Ya know...ratings. Dan Abrams even claims to have 'active discussions' with some players in the biz to bring it back, glossing over the fact above that led to its instant cancellation. It may not be on A&E again but there may be a place for it.
  13. Here's the ident of the new Teleonce debuted tonight during Premios Lo Nuestro, containing a revival of its classic slogan "Vivelo". Rebrand officially started 8pm local time. ID '11' logo also first appeared tonight. Last few notes are a nod to the original jingle seen next below:
  14. https://www.nexttv.com/features/court-conflict-find-new-fortunes-in-streaming-era this article details about court + conflict shows creating new avenues in streaming but tis particular paragraph highlights vacant spaces opening up for some stations heading to next fall: "Judge Judy isn’t the only court show to be exiting. Several low-rated and less- well-cleared court shows wrapped in the past year. Debmar-Mercury’s Caught in Providence, starring 84-year-old Municipal Court Judge Frank Caprio, is no longer airing on TV stations. MGM/Orion TV has departed the entire g
  15. Not just journalists, but even some entertainers are dying suddenly. (ie: Cicely Tyson, Mary Wilson) Surreal start to 2021. The last currently active reporter to have died so soon was Lisa Colagrossi of WABC back in 2015 due to brain aneurysm. You can tell the tone at block A of today's midday newscast from Adam Kuperstein, while anchoring + Dave Price forecasting was solemn compared to business as usual. RIP + strength to her family, colleagues + friends.

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