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  1. Dan Cohen, morning anchor at KTTV posts on Facebook that Friday is his last day at Good Day LA. https://www.facebook.com/DanCohenFOX11/
  2. Jimmy Q out at 12News. A post on Facebook by Paul Gerke (Anchor KPNX NBC-Phoenix) "Unfortunately, Jimmy is no longer an employee at 12 News. I know that disappoints a lot of you, and I'm sorry, but that's all I can say."
  3. Adding to the changes at KUSI, the KUSI News at 5/6pm had not two but three anchors (Anna Laurel, Logan Byrnes and Ginger Jeffries) sitting at the desk. Ginger made a comment that they needed a new camera to fit them all in.
  4. KUSI has moved sports anchor Paul Rudy to mornings as co-anchor with Lauren Phinney on Good Morning San Diego. Based on comments seen on Facebook, many viewers have voiced their dislike of this move and added that they are "changing the channel".
  5. KUSI (IND-9 San Diego) says goodbye to Carlos Amezcua https://www.kusi.com/kusi-says-farewell-to-longtime-good-morning-san-diego-anchor-carlos-amezcua/
  6. Allison Ash, formerly KGTV (ABC-10 San Diego) reporter/Team 10 Investigators, reporting for KNSD (NBC-7, San Diego). (New addition to the staff or possibly just freelancing.)
  7. With the recent shooting at a San Diego area Synagogue, KFMB, CBS-8 San Diego, has decided to not use the name or image of the alleged shooter in stories until the legal proceedings occur. They state that victims (those injured or just present at the shooting) can be traumatized by the repeated use of the shooter's name or photo. I have not seen any other San Diego station do the same.
  8. Lisa just got engaged in January to Dr. Travis Ehlers and recently formed a new company with former KFMB anchor Nichelle Medina called BlondeRavenStrategies.com.
  9. What happened to Dani Ruberti at KUSI (San Diego)? She has not been on the air the last two weekends (Dave Scott has done both morning and evening weather reporting) and her bio is no longer on the website. KUSI also has a job opportunity for a Weather Anchor/Reporter. Weather Anchor/Reporter (45007) McKinnon Broadcasting - San Diego, CA, 92123 Full TimeJob Requirements and Responsibilities: Must have a minimum of 5 (five) to seven (7) years experience as a Weather Reporter/Anchor. Qualified candidate will not only report on local, national and international weather, but will also go live from a variety of locations in the San Diego Community. Must have experience producing and anchoring daily weathercasts on news programs, using available computer and satellite information systems.
  10. Agreed it does not say that but the anchors both state that they are "celebrating Steve Fiorina as he move into the next chapter of his life" There are also posts from other 10News coworkers about his retirement.
  11. KGTV (ABC-10 San Diego) Steve Fiorina retires. https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/celebrating-steve-fiorina-35-years-at-10news-covering-violent-crime
  12. Wouldn't across the street be Fox 5?
  13. Karlene Chavis now at KFMB (CBS-8 San Diego) as "Chief Meteorologist".
  14. Karlene Chavis now at KFMB (CBS-8 San Diego) as "Chief Meteorologist".
  15. When weather makes the news, the just bring in WCBS Lonnie Quinn.
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