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  1. DISH TV drops NESN from programming roster after failed negotiations (boston.com) Side Note: Yes, I know it's been a while since I last posted something on here, but since this wasn't posted yet, I thought I'd come out of retirement just this once to bring this to attention. This forum must have really changed since my last post.
  2. Direct from my growing VHS collection, and uploaded by Mr. Scott Kimmell (aka NewsActive3), here is a WGAL Newscast from April 10, 1989.
  3. You heard WMAQ's version of NBC's 'Come Home To The Best' campaign from 1988 on TVPMM, now video of the promo has been posted on YouTube.
  4. Dianna Russini signed off last night from WRC-TV as she becomes the latest D.C. sports anchor to join ESPN. http://www.nbcwashington.com/multimedia/Dianna-Russini-Signs-Off_Washington-DC-305420091.html?_osource=Newltr_Station_Hdlines_DC
  5. Uploaded by yours truly. A WHP-TV News promo from 1987.
  6. Here is a 1983 WCBS Promo based on the 1983-84 version of CBS' We've Got The Touch.
  7. I don't know if this was already brought up, but Julie Gargotta announced recently on her Facebook page that she has left WGAL for a TV News gig in Orlando, though it was not mentioned which TV station she'll be working for. She'll be missed here in Central PA.
  8. Here's an interesting 1975 report from WNBC about the logo conflict involving NBC and Nebraska's NET Commission regarding the use of the trapazoid 'N' logo, as reported by the late Tom Snyder.
  9. Folks, I'm proud to let everyone know that after many years of searching and waiting, the CBS We've Got The Touch Sales Presentation for 1984-85, including the full promo, has been posted on YouTube. Enjoy!
  10. Does anybody know who composed the 'Best of The Class' theme? I'm talking about the theme that was used to profile High-School graduates on thousands of TV stations across the country.
  11. From eyeontv: CBS Affiliate Promo Briefing (1981) CBS News Cronkite & Co Promos and WTOP ID (1979)
  12. I didn't really hear about it anywhere, It's just that when you hear the theme, you can tell it was from him. Check out this video and you'll see what I mean.
  13. Didn't Sheldon Elias also do the WBBM 1988 Package? I surprised that it wasn't mentioned.
  14. Don't know if this was already mentioned, but just last night I saw Kristine Johnson do a cameo as a news anchor on the CBS show 'The Crazy Ones'. http://news.yahoo.com/video/cbs-2s-kristine-johnson-takes-230400444.html
  15. Found some very rare clips from WLYH-TV. Action News Tonight (July 1983) (with, you guessed it...Larry Mendte) Action News Tonight Tuesday (September 24th, 1985) Sales Promo
  16. Found some rare WGAL videos from Tom Miller of YouTube. 1985 story on the Roll "R" Way Fire (York, PA) Sports Report from 1984 News Story on York County, PA's Enhanced 911 from the 1980's
  17. As mentioned in the No Emotion Box by susquvalleywgal, Doug Allen is leaving WGAL and Central PA. after a 28 year career as he and his wife will be relocating to the Carolinas to start up a business in the boating industry. http://lancasteronline.com/article/local/899081_Weatherman-Doug-Allen-leaving-WGAL.html
  18. More WPMT News: Morning News anchor Courtney Laydon announced yesterday on her Facebook page that she is leaving the station to pursue other endeavors. Her last day is Friday.
  19. Michael Gorsegner has left WPMT Fox 43 to spend more time with his wife and kids. His last day was Monday.
  20. A 1985 news report from WBBM-TV in Chicago about a major horse race track fire in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
  21. Here is a High-Quality version of WABC-TV's Now Is The Time promo based on the ABC Network campaign from 1981.
  22. Last Friday (January 4th) was Kiersten Mathieu's last day at WPMT Fox 43 after 5 years with the Morning News team. She is leaving the station and the television business to work for Public Relations in Philadelphia. http://fox43.com/2013/01/04/kiersten-mathieu-says-goodbye/ All the Best, Kiersten!!!
  23. WGNO in New Orleans has promoted Hank Allen to chief meteorologist, effective January 1st. In addition, the station has also lured Jeff Robbins from WPMT Fox 43 in York, PA. His first day is Sunday. http://www.mediabistro.com/tvspy/wgno-names-hank-allen-chief-meteorologist-hires-jeff-robbins-from-wpmt_b71389
  24. I know this is about a month or so old, but it appears that Beau Weaver is doing V/O work for WHP-TV (CBS 21) in Harrisburg. I don't have a YouTube link, but you can find his work on the videos section of the station's website.
  25. WCAU News Promos (1979)        
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