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  1. Not to mention the pensions of folks like Bob Gregory and Don Hein in Indy, or Jerry Revish, Dave Kaylor, Andrea Camburn, or Fritz "the Night Owl" Perinboom in Columbus...
  2. That theme was "Scrap Yard" from Tangerine Dream and their soundtrack for the 1981 film "Thief"
  3. That was done on an April 1st edition of GrandStand. Twas an April Fools joke...
  4. And has been since the days of Bill Burns.......
  5. Primarily because Tegna/Gannett rebuilt 'KYC from the years of malignant neglect by NBC....
  6. This must have been shortly after ABC/WXYZ lured Kelly away from 2 Storer Place (WJBK) to Broadcast House. (Kelly's co-anchor at 'JBK, Jac LeGoff joined the Magnificent 7 a couple of years later).
  7. I suspect that 'JZ may also have a camera on the tower. I also believe the 'stick' itself is on 'JZ's property, if so, any view would look straight down on the roof of their building, which might induce vertigo in some viewers
  8. In the midst of the strike, legendary WJR Radio morning man J P McCarthy died after a short aggressive illness, another Motown media legend, Free Press columnist Bob Talbert crossed the picket line to write the front page obit in the Freep, becoming a "scab" in the process. Talbert himself passed three or four years later.
  9. ' Tegna/Gannett has a habit of leaving the name on the license of stations they acquire, or occasionally transfer the license name to new members of the family (ie WZZM Grand Rapids, MI license name is Combined Communications Corporation of Oklahoma, which came from KOCO now Hearst.)
  10. Did anyone note the headers with all the logo's of CBS NEWS programming (Radio, TV, Online) yeah this is not gonna be the home of EN...
  11. WNEM clears it's throat......
  12. Perhaps.... Most of the Post-Newsweek stations (WDIV/WJXT/WFSB) had a similar set, as did WTVF ....
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