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  1. I suspect that it was used by Peters to show off several full service image packages that they had created,* not unlike what TvBD did in several packages, ie "Love on A real Train by Tangerine Dream.. *Remember this was the audio track of a video cassette tape...
  2. In addition, at 4:34 in that second clip (Peters Productions Video Sound Track) is the primary Image theme/promo for WJKW/Cleveland "TV8-The Winners"
  3. Try about 22 years... That set goes back to when Freedom owned 'MT... It did make the transition to HD tho, while WOOD, 'XMI and 'ZZM all built HD specific news environments...
  4. Add WFSB (It appears the only Post-Newsweek station not to use this set was WPLG)...
  5. Not unusual for anyone who watched WISN/Milwaukee when they used this package... They used the cut used in this open as their newscast close.
  6. I seem to recall that this was the first Affiliate package CBS News offered to stations in the Dan Rather era... WJBK Detroit used it for Newscast bumps during their "2 is the One: NewsBreakers" era... Up I-75, WEYI Saginaw/Flint/Bay City also used this Affiliate package..
  7. The "ski lodge" was the last set the Late Dan Miller worked on w/ Demetria...
  8. WTVF NewsChannel5 would like a word...
  9. From the Jeff Heitz school of no BS truth telling journalism...
  10. Not to mention the pensions of folks like Bob Gregory and Don Hein in Indy, or Jerry Revish, Dave Kaylor, Andrea Camburn, or Fritz "the Night Owl" Perinboom in Columbus...
  11. That theme was "Scrap Yard" from Tangerine Dream and their soundtrack for the 1981 film "Thief"
  12. That was done on an April 1st edition of GrandStand. Twas an April Fools joke...
  13. And has been since the days of Bill Burns.......
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