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  1. Tell him this: Blue Bloods is on streaming, Movies: Streaming, sitcom reruns, dramas, etc. Streaming and or physical (DVDs/BluRay). Change is hard, but its an adjustment.
  2. Let me ask again, who hurt you and why do you want to see WGNa/NewsNation fail so badly.
  3. WGNa wasn't salvageable to begin with. Did you miss reruns of Blue Bloods, In the Heat of the Night or movies? If so, just say it. But you don't have to be pissed off too much. @CalItalian2, who hurt you?
  4. I saw this via Henry Jesssel's TVNewsCheck, and we have a situation that no one seems to talk about, expediency bias among others. https://www.rhetorica.net/bias The point is this: NewsNation in it's first week has a long way to go, if they cut out the "balance not bias" mantra, and just bring the news, you'll be fine, otherwise you'll have to reach John Q. Public that don't care for "generic" local news.
  5. I get it, NewsNation isn't your cup of tea, but I don't think reruns of Blue Bloods is coming back anytime soon. So, yeah. Sorry dude. And also selling the network to a WarnerMedia or some other company isn't going to make things better either.
  6. Maybe....I supposed that would work given that most syndicated talk shows are relegated to FOX/CW/MNT stations, but unless some GM wanted to expand morning news...that's a possibility.....
  7. The WGHP theme was "Hospital Shootout" from the Truck Turner soundtrack.
  8. If you think that's crazy, WPLG's logo was supposed to look like a sunrise.
  9. I know WFTX did weather with Trent Aric formerly of WPLG on WSFL as for the newscasts likely bumping out the syndie sitcom reruns for a local news block.
  10. I don't remember the last time WSFL-TV has ever put their OTA number as just using "SFL-TV" or "SFL" or some crap like that. Back when they were WB39, it was just that, WB39.
  11. WSFL-TV, despite not having a news department yet, rebranded its station with Scripps graphics last week.
  12. The Miami TV News Machine has the Plex debut, but we have rare local ads from WSVN, three months after losing NBC to FOX.
  13. Here is the new WBNS Open as Columbus' 10TV welcome its new corporate overlords.
  14. I originally used my MiniDV camcorder and transfered it to Premiere/FCPX and set the timeline at 60 frames instead of 30 frames per second.

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