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  1. Here is the new WBNS Open as Columbus' 10TV welcome its new corporate overlords.
  2. I originally used my MiniDV camcorder and transfered it to Premiere/FCPX and set the timeline at 60 frames instead of 30 frames per second.
  3. Hey everyone, As you know, the channel that you saw the old news opens etc, have been changing directions, so with that in mind here's the same WNBC 1995 open in HD/Smooth Frame Video
  4. Maybe they should name it "find their own way". After the Scripps motto: "Give light and the people will find their own way:"
  5. Thank you Samantha. I've picked up on the following: *The synthesized and Timpani drums *The 3-5 vocal chorus Both are in fact signatures of Otis Connor as used on Wipeout and WODS-FM in Boston ("Drake Series '88" and '89 packages)
  6. Sorry for bumping the thread, but I can actually confirm (via Twitter), that Otis Conner did in fact compose the "Catch the Excitement" jingle for WXXA-TV in Albany.
  7. Speaking for myself, honestly....it's not the logo that's scary it's how it's being presented:
  8. Hi there, original poster of the tribute. David Downs' channel had over 25 million views alone, so this news is still heartbreaking to say the least. Please keep his family and GF Amanda in your thoughts.
  9. Dave Aizer left the station a few months back right before the sale of Trib/Nexstar, Scripps.
  10. I guess for now, the CW is stuck with WSFL, even if CBS decides to do something with CW on WBFS or something....
  11. Right. It's as if the Jodi Applegate/Bill Carey era of WPIX was a blank slate.
  12. Good luck with that. That's like telling McDonalds to have some local flavor to it. If it's corporate it's corporate.
  13. Okay, back to ExtraExtra....judging by the promos, it looks like it's going back to being just Extra.
  14. I can understand the schematics of things, but I'll have to agree with @24994J on this one. This is a forum that we discuss TV news and in this case, someone's departure and firing.
  15. To be quite frank, speaking of Tegna, I’d rather have them do a ownership swap a la Cox/Fox with WFXT/KTVU with CBS to get WFOR out of its misery.
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