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  1. seeing their feed on those outside monitors, it looked pretty good. I am sure it is better now.
  2. You make a good point, where are all the WPLGs? the 10s, the ABCs? the hds? That might be a kick back to the proposed now defunct merger (I do not think so). I can't imagine what it will be like in the new building, the old one was too small for its use some 20 years ago. - how they made it work that long is amazing. btw, anyone else think the news desk is a super large fries from McDs?
  3. funny their commercial showed a GVG 4000, IIRC. It must be an old cut as I am not aware that the 4000 could do hd. Anyone know what they currently use and/or HDH?
  4. wasn't WSVN going hd this month?
  5. I did not offer comment about his personality. - just his aging.
  6. good to see Frank Fraboni again. He has aged well.
  7. IMO, I like the tank. Finally, something different in a set.
  8. miami dma has 1 hd and it's up or sale!!!
  9. Is it me or does that set make one think you are sitting on the anchor's lap while watching? The table is shoved almost against the back wall - makes me think most hd sets I have viewed are more open. It just seemed a bit tight.
  10. love it love it love it!!!
  11. TVJ in Miami is going soon too. - with layoffs as well. Welcome to robotics and automation.
  12. WTSP hd as of this coming Monday
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