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  1. Orlando update: The Kelly Clarkson Show is moving from WFTV to WESH (at 3 PM) starting September 12th, replacing Ellen
  2. WPXI's sister station, WFTV still has Jeopardy at 7 and Wheel at 7:30 on July 4th.
  3. In markets where Fox and Hearst own a station (Orlando and Tampa), Most likely: Orlando: WESH Tampa: WTVT
  4. Nancy Alvarez is leaving WFTV Channel 9′s Nancy Alvarez to begin new role at Heart of Florida United Way – WFTV Replacing her will be Kirstin Delgado (former WOFL alum.), she was just introduced on the 4 PM newscast today.
  5. According to this post on Kristin Giannas FOX 35 Facebook page, weekday morning meterologist Jayme King is actually the new "Chief Meterologist" (while still being on in the morning), Garner will simply take Glenn Richards' old time slots.
  6. Orlando's lone 3.0 station is WRCF-LD, before it was converted to 3.0 it was a 1080i simulcast of WVEN-43 (which is 720p) and no subchannels.
  7. WKMG carries Decades on 6.3 already, so it won’t come to WOFL anytime soon.
  8. The last part of the music (presumably production music) that was used in the first part of the clip was also used as station ID music for KTVI in 1998.
  9. On the HD news listing under Orlando the entry for WFTV should read WFTV/WRDQ WFTV produces Eyewitness News This Morning from 7 to 9 AM and Eyewitness News at 10 for WRDQ (their sister station) and it is in HD.
  10. WOFL has gone from 16x9 SD to HD with new graphics.
  11. Here is proof that WOFL is doing their news in 16x9 widescreen SD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgwS-OpMRPM
  12. It is 16x9 widescreen, during the newscast studio shots and local field reporters it is in 16x9. The weather segment and imported national reports are in 4x3 with blue bars with the Fox 35 logo with a 3D effect. The on screen graphics are also only 4x3.
  13. The WESH listing in Orlando should be WESH/WKCF since WKCF airs WESH 2 News on CW18 in HD from 7 to 9 AM M-F.
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