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  1. probably using all the royalty money from when they had the Making news show there at WJCL lol, would have figured they would have got something else besides HD, like a live truck that worked all the time maybe....
  2. KTVI went HD tonight at 9. would also expect KPLR news 11 to go HD tomorrow night now that KTVI has moved to the Ball dr HQ of KPLR. First newscast made outside of the old Berthold studios in over 50 years for channel 2.
  3. KMOV just went live, and their new set looks NICE Also like the cool new graphics on the lower right corner. nice new look for KMOV. I LIKE IT!
  4. all that the source said was that there was set work being done. I don't know if it's a whole new set or not but I for one would not be suprised if there is a new set since the current set is a good 5-6 years old I'd say.
  5. I can answer the KMOV question, yes they did NOT go HD HOWEVER there is a good reason for that. Someone who has VERY inside connections to news 4 stated on stlmedia.net that the reason why they did not go HD sunday night was because basically the control room staff would be working on TOTALLY brand new stuff, and they (KMOV and Belo) basically was only giving them 1 day to get all bugs out, and do rehersals. This from a good source form within KMOV says that the new planned launch date will be next weekend or monday at the very latest. Basically everything is in place, it was just getting the control room crews time to make sure that EVERYTHING is perfect.
  6. i really doubt it. I mean just a few weeks ago they changed that logo at the bottom to really make sure you knew you was watching 5, with HD. Also I noticed that just this morning when Today in St Louis at 6 opened, they changed it from St Louis' first and Only news in HD to St Louis' first in HD. So I don't expect them to shut up about them being in HD.
  7. sorry for the repeating post, but I think kjhonson's date of feb 20th isn't right. as stlmedia.net's message board (sorry registration required) is saying that it will be not be feb 20th, but JAN 20th, AKA this up coming sunday.
  8. Didn't someone post a date of feb. 20th, well that may be wrong at least according to the news 4 this morning blog it states that MONDAY will be launch day for HD news. here is the link for it, http://www.beloblog.com/KMOV_Blogs/offtherecord/archives/2008/01/no_you_really_d.html again this is straight from one of the anchors, so I don't know if it will be monday on news 4 this morning, or what, but according to this we won't have to wait long at all.
  9. yep saw it this morning. And I think we will get a new set too maybe, just too many wierd things onset for the number 1 station in the 10PM news to not be working in an construction zone.
  10. KMOV (St Louis) to go HD News They just showed a commerical on KMOV that they will have news in HD coming soon. Did not meantion a date, but I would not be suprised to see them do it during feb sweeps month. they had a set redo a few years ago now I'd say somewhere in the 2001-2002 timeframe, but I don't know if that was an HD ready set or not. FX group did it I know, so I wonder if we will see a new set from the folks at 1 memorial drive.
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