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  1. It’s slightly worse than that since the owner of the Glendive station owns stations in other markets, so he already has more than a linthair amount of the market.
  2. I have a suspicion—which stems from some claims made in the Tribune suit filing—that some of their reverse compensation deals may be dependent on the affiliation the stations have, with the majors having a higher rate than the minors and the independent stations. If so, and if they can’t exclude WGN from being grouped into their “Charge!” stations, then they lose huge amounts of potential revenue.
  3. Anyway, continuing from Myron's observation, would Sinclair really want to compete on a level playing field -- one where CBS and Fox can actually buy more stations directly, without needing the Sinclair secret sauce of numerous side-cars and a disinterested FCC. But of course, with Icarus flying right up into the sun, they lost that last advantage.
  4. It doesn’t seem like the FCC wants it to be dismissed.
  5. Both... Wikipedia is not allowed to directly reference full Nielsen DMA rankings on their pages anymore, but given it has a billion pages and really just a couple dozen people who do work edits, you have pages where some parts are frozen in amber, like the MyNet affiliate list, (perm link to page from Oct 2 2018, most recent from my visit today), whose rankings look like its from 10 years ago. Wow, remember when Houston was 10th?
  6. Nah, it just means that in 2022, CBS-Viacom will be purchased at fire sale price by Netflix, after merger talks break down between Viacom and Disney-AT&T.
  7. Julie Chen will be back on the Big Brother live show Thursday. Presumably, she'll return eventually to The Talk. When she did announce that she was taking time off, she did say it was to "be with family", to which everybody knew the subtext too..
  8. So now he'll have all the free time to hound Janet Jackson, but none of the power.
  9. So, the geniuses at Sinclair want to go to court to defend the negotiations strategy that managed to land them a Zonk in the most merger-friendly regulatory environment in broadcast history. Awesome
  10. It's easy to win if there are no refs watching the game. The FCC is only now noticing all the technical fouls coming from Sinclair.
  11. [QUOTE="Myron Falwell, post: 215853, member: 2210"]Fox owned seven out of those eight stations (KCPQ being the lone outlier here) prior to divesting them in 2008. And I believe @NEOMatrix is correct, they had 10 year deals that were set to end around this time (which makes me curious if WBRC is still under that deal or if Raycom renegotiated it to be with their Fox affiliates).[/QUOTE] Some of those stations were renewed in 2016. [URL]https://deadline.com/2016/09/tribune-fox-renew-affilation-agreement-six-tv-stations-1201819202/[/URL] [quote][URL='https://deadline.com/tag/tribune-broadcasting/']Tribune Broadcasting[/URL] has signed a multiyear deal with [URL='https://deadline.com/tag/fox-broadcasting-company/']Fox Broadcasting Company[/URL] to renew the Fox affiliations of six Tribune Media TV stations in California, Indiana, Connecticut, Michigan and Pennsylvania. They are KSWB San Diego, KTXL Sacramento, WXIN Indianapolis, WTIC Hartford, WXMI Grand Rapids and WPMT Harrisburg.[/quote]
  12. Those stations were renewed back in 2016. (The Fox affiliate stations) Would they be up for renewal so soon?
  13. Hey, all. Long time, no see. For whatever dumb reason, I was looking at the online listings for WUSA, and what do I see? "6-7AM: Get Up DC! (New) Host and comedian Reese Waters, provides viewers with his own unique point of view on local traffic reports, weather forecasts and important news of the day." Wait? What the WHAT?! [Puts on glasses] CO--ME--DIAN.... U--NIQUE POINT---OF---VIEW.....TRAFFIC...WEATHER....IMPORTANT NEWS OF THE DAY..... COMEDY.... NEWS... Oooookay So, is this like a thing where a (former?) comedian just takes up hosting a coffee clatch local GMA/Today type thing where the first five minutes is what happened yesterday, then they go to the guests to show new yoga moves or talk about the hot new parenting trend, or is this like The Daily Show or Stephen Colbert but in the morning? [Looks for something on YouTube about this show...] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=sm1kGplXSXI;list=PL0FBhSp_O7Myol7nIKklr0z-LAzSiy2Az Oooookay.. So, um, The One and Only Channel Nine has three different types of morning shows running at once: The traditional local morning show running from 4:30-6am, the advertorial thing that runs from 9-10am, and the one with the comedian from 6-7am that seems to be a marriage of the comedy bits of late night shows,Seth Myers "A Closer Look" and the "Today" show. And it's crazy that the shows are named "Wake Up Washington" (4:30), "Get Up DC!" (6:00) and "Great Day Washington" (9:00). It's like the namestorming sessions was just find the thesaurus! (Where "Great Day Washington" is the synonym title to WTTG Fox 5's "Good Day DC".)
  14. Is there anybody from the DC area who can tell me what happened with WJAL today? Wikipedia is reporting that they are broadcasting off of WUSA's spectrum as an affiliate now of LATV, while Bounce moved from WUSA to WFDC (if so, that's part of the agreement between Katz and Univision), and Justice also being removed from WUSA. Want to know if anybody is able to confirm. WJAL's website has not been updated with anything.
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