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  1. Hey, all. Long time, no see. For whatever dumb reason, I was looking at the online listings for WUSA, and what do I see? "6-7AM: Get Up DC! (New) Host and comedian Reese Waters, provides viewers with his own unique point of view on local traffic reports, weather forecasts and important news of the day." Wait? What the WHAT?! [Puts on glasses] CO--ME--DIAN.... U--NIQUE POINT---OF---VIEW.....TRAFFIC...WEATHER....IMPORTANT NEWS OF THE DAY..... COMEDY.... NEWS... Oooookay So, is this like a thing where a (former?) comedian just takes up hosting a coffee clatc
  2. Is there anybody from the DC area who can tell me what happened with WJAL today? Wikipedia is reporting that they are broadcasting off of WUSA's spectrum as an affiliate now of LATV, while Bounce moved from WUSA to WFDC (if so, that's part of the agreement between Katz and Univision), and Justice also being removed from WUSA. Want to know if anybody is able to confirm. WJAL's website has not been updated with anything.
  3. And then they merge as SiGNA. Or does that sound too much like an insurance company?
  4. I thought most marriages had that vibe.
  5. It's a big segment though, given Fairfax County is the most populous county in the Washington-Baltimore region. Also, the city of Fairfax is in Cox territory. It's the Reston region where Cox doesn't service. (Comcast does).
  6. Don't forget WUSA. Never mind. WUSA doesn't seem to have it yet.
  7. WUSA did a town hall discussion (partnered with the Washington Post) about race relations a few weeks back.
  8. But the question would still be whether there would be any benefits to even go through the trouble. Other than moving several stations out of subsidaries that appear to also be owners of newspaper properties (the org chart is inaccessible by the link above at the moment, but from what I recall the changes were moving WUSA and KXTV out from Detroit Free Press, Inc., taking another station out of Gannett River States Publishing and into a different subsidiary-- I think that was WJXX, but not entirely sure -- and I think moving KTHV into a different subsidiary), they just redesignated some subsi
  9. The structure is likely the results of each of the purchases Gannett made over the years, and cleaning that up would require lots of paper transactions needing regulatory approval and such and probably not being worth the hassle. For instance -- and what I found interesting -- is how WKYC is housed in a subsidiary of a subsidiary of Gannett that exists just for them. This likely stems from back when Multimedia bought 51% of the station from NBC, thus WKYC Holdings was how it managed it's partial interest in the station, until Multimedia/Gannett bought the rest of the station from NBC.
  10. Speaking of, one change that will have to happen is that WUSA will stop being owned officially by "Detroit Free Press, Inc"...
  11. I think someone earlier in the thread said that Gannett was going to adapt the graphics to the existing systems at the station, rather than upgrade them. Though I cannot find the post at the moment... Unrelated, I caught the WUSA broadcast off the internet feed, and I just noticed the temperature only variation of the bug.
  12. As does WUSA, whose weathercast is sponsored, thus a "Michael and Sons" logo is next to the WUSA bug.
  13. Thanks to the eagle-eyes of the DCRTV "Mailbag", they've discovered that Gannett has posted want-ads for some one or some ones to host a coffee-klatch show on WUSA to start in September called "Great Day Washington". ("Good Day DC" was already taken by WTTG for its 9am coffee-klatch.)
  14. Thinking about this for a little bit, it was probably no surprise that Fox probably has the strictest branding agreement with its affiliates, coming along in 1986 when the other networks had 30, 40 plus years of history behind them. Fox needed to get their branding out to people as heavily as possible. (And likewise in 1994-95 when they flipped so many Big Three stations to their network).

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