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    Check out the groovy opening theme. Also note that longtime WPSD-Paducah Chief Meteorologist Cal Sisto is mentioned.



    Terri Smith is now morning co-anchor, Dick Rice is still the Chief Meteorologist (though, I think he is about to retire soon) and both Cathy Nash and Will Kohlmeyer are gone.



    This is the same studio set as the September open, but they weren't quite ready to debut the video wall two months earlier. Incidently, the video wall is still being used at WTVA though mostly for sports and the weekend newscasts.


    Some other clips from WTVA are more religious in nature and are from their morning show show Mornin' starring Kay Bain and her late husband Buddy ranging from the early 1990s to Christmas 2006 (Mornin' was retitled The Morning Show in late 2005/early 2006, Buddy passed away in 1997) and is co-hosted by Kay Bain, Terry Smith and Kelli Cook. Mornin'/The Morning Show has been a WTVA staple since fall, 1978 and is still more a music/variety show than a straight newscast.


    Yeah!! Cal Sisto! The most boring meterologist alive!

  2. CBS Mini-Series Open: 1987



    CBS Intro/ Special (1997)



    KCBS Channel 2 Action News Nightcast (1991)


    KABC 1993 Eyewitness News AM Open


    KABC-TV 1991 Eyewitness News Open


    KABC 1995 11pm Eyewitness News Open


    KCBS 2004 Talent Open w/o VO


    KCOP-TV 1995 Real News Open


    KCAL-TV 1995 California Report News Open


    KTLA 1995 6am News Open


    KRON 1992 NewsCenter 4 News Open


    WNBC 1992 News 4 New York Open/Close

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