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  1. It has been an absolute pleasure watching Hoda fill in while Savannah is on maternity leave. Perhaps Savannah should stay home with her kids and Hoda slide right in on a permanent basis. While I know that is unrealistic, it would make the show watchable again. Matt and Savannah's bias is nauseating, at least Hoda brings a journalistic balance.
  2. Natalie has been doing a great job and really stepped up to the plate. One quality that she embodies is that she does not seem fake. He banter between Chuck, Janice, etc. seems authentic. I applaud her for making such a big career leap in a short period of time, it is obviously well deserved. This will also set WNBC up to install David Ushery when Chuck reduces his schedule as the diversity issue will be covered!
  3. He was a non-starter from the beginning. I remember on his first day he ended his report with the tag from his previous station. Good luck to him, but it was a fluke that he ever made it to NY in the first place!
  4. I wonder why they haven't updated the Sunday open to include Kate Snow's name?
  5. It is nice to see Lester begin to put his stamp on this broadcast. He has already changed the opening line and now has been testing new camera and seating positions. I thoroughly appreciate his hard work and dedication in keeping this show relevant. I only hope NBC acts swiftly to install Lester permanently. He is a class act and will give this broadcast the necessary gravitas that Brokaw did for so many years, but Williams failed to do.
  6. I wonder what is going on in the David Ushery camp... He has been off on weekends for a little while, and his Debrief show just ended. Could the mean he is in line for a promotion or is he heading out the door? I hope it is not the latter. Anyone have any insight on the scene over there at WNBC?
  7. At least with Pat on at night it gets Gus back on the morning. Contessa is at least bearable when Gus is with her. Gus and Pat made for a great team for weekend mornings while Contessa was on maternity leave. I was hoping that she stayed home, but that didn't happen. I appreciate the goofiness that Gus exudes because you can tell it's sincere and he cares about his job. I think as he gains more seniority and experience through the years he could go places. Maybe they should try Contessa with David. I watch weekend TINY every weekend and would much rather Gus and Pat. I think Pat would be perfect for a weekday spot, but what she has now is a great gig. She doesn't have the daily commitment of being behind the desk, and as all true reporters say that they want to be in the field telling the stories, she can do that. I would think she makes a comfortable living as well, so why mess a good thing up if she didn't work out as planned on weekdays. She has been on Weekend TINY for a long time, probably over 10 years. That's a good run to uphold!
  8. Pat is a great anchor. She comes across as such a down to Earth person and is a real joy to watch. No matter who she is anchoring with you can tell that they are having a good time. I am glad that they utilize her talents.
  9. Andrea is a great anchor and blows Mary away.
  10. Andrea Grymes is very watchable. She is not only good eye candy as much as a solid anchor. Her banter is not forced and she is tight on the prompter.
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