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  1. News coverage of a WFMY-TV helicopter crash from 1984: http://vimeo.com/52814622 (Fast Forward to 17:00 for an elusive WGHP Eyewitness News open with VTS' NewScore and a Thom Allen voiceover)
  2. Here's a pretty interesting clip promoting KHOU's news team from 1968, featuring some familiar faces (including the late Harry Kalas).
  3. I think we have a winner... I'm not sure whether it's the Casio theme music, the "A-ha"-esque sketches or the sportscaster giving a thumbs up, but this is definitely one of the strangest news opens I've ever seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ4cf3aDZrQ
  4. 1977 WTVH-TV Tribute Great montage of the "Part of Your Life" theme, which is very underrated. Used on Meredith Corp. stations in the late 1970's.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iliLnQmaEOA
  6. Two closes from the 1980 WFMY "Action Center" era with the vastly-underrated "It's All Right Here" theme, also used on WTNH, WLKY and KBTV (now-KUSA).
  7. I agree with that statement, but it seems rather out of place with the whooshes. If the theme goes back in some form or another, Buffalo will take notice. I've read that they are using the theme in promos, but not sure how true that is since I haven't seen video footage. Hopefully, if WKBW decides to bring MCTYW back, it will be the original without the "whooshes" or the Cliff Schwarz WNEP version, which I think is a better fit.
  8. A 1982 WHAS-TV "Action 11" open with MCTYW, fires, and cops... a classic "Action News" open! Throughout the video, there are four different cuts of Hello News, which would later become the main news music package for WHAS in 1983. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5i7aq0tq4U Another gem from Ray (videoholic2008, et al.) with a 1984 morning news cut-in from WPLG, featuring my favorite voiceover (who has been identified as Thom Allen, but I can't confirm so he's still Post-Newsweek Man to me), the TuesdayC theme and a sign language news interpreter. As usual, lots of gems in the user page.
  9. The last generation of WKBW's Eyewitness News was pretty awful: Move Closer To Your World and "whoosh" sound effects do not mix. Also the television monitors and awkward poses and it's no surprise that WKBW ended up even further in the cellar in 2002. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pyiF4i5Oc4
  10. It appears dcbatwing has resurrected himself as "eyeontv"... http://www.youtube.com/user/eyeontv
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