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  1. Newspapers.com is a great resource whenever I have the time to take advantage of the free trial. I found this gem of an article from the Charlotte Observer which details the creation of Al Ham's Part of Your Life for WBTV, which was created after research showed that viewers did not like the previous news theme (not sure what it was, as I couldn't find an article that referenced it). There are two entries in the NMSA before 1974 for WGR and WHO, and it's likely those are incorrect but both could have been among the first clients in 1974. Several MCTYW clients, including the Meredith-owned stations, would switch to Part of Your Life by 1977.


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  2. While he still isn't identified on any of his opens on the NMSA (WPXI and WSOC to name a few), TVNT favorite Bob Perry did have a news article written about him in 1981. He voiced several "Movie of the Week" promos for NBC and CBS. This should definitively confirm his identity after he was first identified a couple of years back on this forum.




  3. During a late-night deep dive into TV news history (I've got all the time in the world during this quarantine) I found some interesting information on the WAGA 1977/Outlet News Theme. @Samantha found some information back in 2014 that Hayes Productions helped produce the image with Anderson Advertising, and a 1977 article from the San Antonio News-Express talks about how the promotion and theme were developed. KSAT was the original client for this package, and it was introduced with the debut of Don Colson as news anchor in June 1976. It spread to other stations in the Outlet Company, including WDBO in Orlando (not in the NMSA, and the article shows a sample of their opening). The composer of the theme was Mike Byrn, and I couldn't find much information about him. 



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  4. On 5/21/2020 at 1:56 PM, bmasters1 said:

    Jill Franco Miller (formerly of WCBD Channel 2 in Charleston) has passed on at 66 (just heard about it a few minutes ago).





    And the evening edition of what was then TV-2 Eyewitness News, for Friday, June 13, 1986 (Jill was only 32 here):



    May she rest in peace... this is the newscast that's closest to my birth date online (I was born the day before) so this is cool to see.


    On a random search in the Web Archive, I found some interesting WJZ Stuff:


    https://archive.org/details/WJZ-EYE-002-019 - December 17, 1977 Eyewitness News - Oprah's not happy about something before she does her tease, one of the last news opens with the "WJZ 1975 News Theme"


    https://archive.org/details/WJZ-EYE-002-018 - December 19, 1977 Eyewitness News - The noon newscast here is the last with the theme, which features a long close. The debut of a new set and a new theme (Telesound's "Number Thirteen") is midway through the video. 



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  5. On 5/16/2020 at 9:48 PM, SoFloTVClassics said:

    KUTV Newswatch 2 1977.

    This, among the many clips, and snippets involving the FBI's Most Wanted criminal Ted bundy.


    It's a shame that 1) these are recorded off of a phone via TV screen and 2) there are no news intros, since it's clearly the end of Al Ham's "On Top Of It All" in those 1977 KUTV news clips. It looks like this user made a trip to the University of Utah's Moving Image Archive, which has a collection of KUTV newscasts.

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  6. 12 hours ago, VHS2004 said:

    CapsGM, I don't remember seeing you here in a while!


    Like everyone else, I've got more free time. Fortunately I'm still employed. Lots of great clips coming on here lately!


    22 hours ago, hmaxhanson said:

    WUTR from 1978(!):


    News anchor on here is a very young Matt Schwartz (formerly of WWOR, now at KVOA in Tucson). This is years after the bizarre film noir open.

  7. 47 minutes ago, KnoxvilleTVFan said:

    If you go to https://www.youtube.com/user/davelexky, you can check out some rare WDBJ and WTVQ videos. And while you are there, you can check out some news stories and newscasts posted by former WTVQ and WDBJ anchor Dave Winters dated 1979 through 1981. And let me tell you, you are in for some good stuff.


    TuesdayB! You sir, are the archaeologist of news opens hidden on YouTube.




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  8. The KTVK video is pretty good. The days when local TV actually aired major college football games...


    That sponsor bumper is pretty familiar-sounding, too...



    I know the track is called "Power Surge," I think it's a Network Music piece... it's best known as the Buffalo Bills music during the 90's on ESPN NFL Primetime.


    Also, pretty cool to hear Tim Healey on the ASU-UCLA 1992 broadcast... that TV gig helped him land the Voice of the Sun Devils, which he still does today.

  9. I feel like I've heard it before... Seems to be a descendant of KTVU 1977!


    I thought so myself... glad I'm not the only one who thought that!


    From 1979, here was a news special from WVIT on the Tornado in Windsor Locks, CT which might actually be the same theme as the WILX video (EDIT: It's a match of the theme in Part 3 of the video, how about that?). I'm doubting that WVIT used "The News Image" during that time, in light of new evidence from a trade publication that Tuesday didn't begin offering it until 1981. I'll have to find that page in link it at some point.

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  10. From Lansing, Michigan's WILX, here is a reel of news opens from 1981 with an unknown theme. Voiceover sounds like the same person that did it for WPXI in the early-80's.



    From 1980 (not 1979), a promo with Magic Johnson welcoming Tim Staudt to the sports team. He's still at WILX. Electro Phantasma theme.



    Is a station in Hampton Roads in there somewhere? Perhaps this will help back up my mother's memories of hearing it on WAVY.


    No Hampton Roads station was listed... here's the image of the ad from 1973:




    The stations not listed in the NMSA are:


    WTVJ (Miami)

    WLWI (Indianapolis - now WTHR and a repeat client of Mayoham)

    WJHG (Panama City)

    KGW (Portland, OR)

    KSL (Salt Lake City)

    KTVI (St. Louis)

    WDSU (New Orleans)

    KDBC (El Paso)


    Okay... well short of a dozen, but eight stations is quite the coup for lost information. I can't input in for reason as the form is missing for me in the NMSA. MCTYW ended up with over 90 markets carrying the theme according to the book "News is People".

  12. The archives of Broadcasting Magazine are a gold mine. Just discovered a dozen stations that have used "Move Closer to Your World". Time to get to work on putting together the info for the NMSA.



    More ads out of Broadcasting magazine... The first one ran in 1979 and the second one, which is from the same time frame, appeared in 1981.




    These incredible finds, including We're Putting It On, correlate to

    , the demo reel (the "Package of Packages") from this company (Hayes Broadcast Promotion and Syndication aka Hayes Productions). Combined with that video, San Antonio-based Hayes can be said with confidence to have produced the following news themes:


    KMOL 1979

    KTVY 1980 (also: KMOL, KTPX**)

    WAGA 1977 (also: KSAT, KTVK, WCMH, WJAR, WSOC)

    (also: WTLV)*


    From top to bottom, the items featured in the second image are WTLV ActionNews from 1980 (presumably from when they joined ABC), KMOL from 1979, and a "Campaign 80" bumper that probably is from CBS.


    It's worth noting that in the demo reel a WAGA open is overlaid with KMOL's news set for the demo—this explains why, since Hayes was based out of San Antonio and had KMOL as one of its clients.


    *Listed as X Belongs; WAGA debuted X Belongs from Peters later in 1979. WTLV used the same theme as WAGA and so it is mislabeled. Notice the San Antonio usage of KTVY 1980 and WAGA 1977; Outlet owned KSAT at the time.


    **Known only by the demo reel, which features an animation with the slogan "There's a New 9 Coming"; I asked what it was on an earlier version of the video and I got this answer. KTPX later became KWES.


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