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  1. Now here's a real find: four promos from WTVC's "Part of Your Life" era! Youtube channel also has other WTVC clips from the 90's
  2. I know the track is called "Power Surge," I think it's a Network Music piece... it's best known as the Buffalo Bills music during the 90's on ESPN NFL Primetime. Also, pretty cool to hear Tim Healey on the ASU-UCLA 1992 broadcast... that TV gig helped him land the Voice of the Sun Devils, which he still does today.
  3. I thought so myself... glad I'm not the only one who thought that! From 1979, here was a news special from WVIT on the Tornado in Windsor Locks, CT which might actually be the same theme as the WILX video (EDIT: It's a match of the theme in Part 3 of the video, how about that?). I'm doubting that WVIT used "The News Image" during that time, in light of new evidence from a trade publication that Tuesday didn't begin offering it until 1981. I'll have to find that page in link it at some point.
  4. From Lansing, Michigan's WILX, here is a reel of news opens from 1981 with an unknown theme. Voiceover sounds like the same person that did it for WPXI in the early-80's. From 1980 (not 1979), a promo with Magic Johnson welcoming Tim Staudt to the sports team. He's still at WILX. Electro Phantasma theme. [MEDIA=vimeo]77741362[/MEDIA]
  5. From October 1980, a WNAC (Boston) newscast with "TuesdayA"
  6. From 1983, a low budget newscast from WCHS in Charleston, WV, with a bonus of ESPN's Speedweek in the clip.
  7. WDEF news open with "TuesdayC" (1982) WDEF news open with "WVII 1992 News Theme" (1988)
  8. No Hampton Roads station was listed... here's the image of the ad from 1973: The stations not listed in the NMSA are: WTVJ (Miami) WLWI (Indianapolis - now WTHR and a repeat client of Mayoham) WJHG (Panama City) KGW (Portland, OR) KSL (Salt Lake City) KTVI (St. Louis) WDSU (New Orleans) KDBC (El Paso) Okay... well short of a dozen, but eight stations is quite the coup for lost information. I can't input in for reason as the form is missing for me in the NMSA. MCTYW ended up with over 90 markets carrying the theme according to the book "News is People".
  9. The archives of Broadcasting Magazine are a gold mine. Just discovered a dozen stations that have used "Move Closer to Your World". Time to get to work on putting together the info for the NMSA.
  10. News coverage of a WFMY-TV helicopter crash from 1984: http://vimeo.com/52814622 (Fast Forward to 17:00 for an elusive WGHP Eyewitness News open with VTS' NewScore and a Thom Allen voiceover)
  11. Here's a pretty interesting clip promoting KHOU's news team from 1968, featuring some familiar faces (including the late Harry Kalas).
  12. I think we have a winner... I'm not sure whether it's the Casio theme music, the "A-ha"-esque sketches or the sportscaster giving a thumbs up, but this is definitely one of the strangest news opens I've ever seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ4cf3aDZrQ
  13. 1977 WTVH-TV Tribute Great montage of the "Part of Your Life" theme, which is very underrated. Used on Meredith Corp. stations in the late 1970's.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iliLnQmaEOA
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