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  1. In a bit of a surprise, WXLV is going to re-start a newscast on January 18. I believe this will be produced out of South Bend with local reporters in the Triad. The station has made some headway in the ratings thanks to Dr. Phil and Family Feud, but they'll have a long way to go if they want to compete. WFMY, WXII and WGHP are all very competitive, with WXII leading the pack.
  2. A complete WTVF newscast from 1980... shortened to 20 minutes due to CBS' coverage of the Democratic Convention.
  3. KWTV 1979 partial newscast, with an interesting use of the "Tuesday1" theme for the open. The rest of the theme was used in bumpers.
  4. You buried the lead... that’s “Streets Of...” heard on somewhere other than KYW!
  5. 1. No doubt that it's a tremendous upgrade. 2. That surprised me as well. They made changes here and there throughout the years but it was largely the same set for nearly 20 years. I'm thinking it debuted the morning of the attacks, I can't imagine rolling it out at night. 3.
  6. Even further than that... it debuted on 9/11. Here's the story on the new set... just unveiled on the noon newscast: https://www.wxii12.com/article/winston-salem-north-carolina-wxii-coronavirus-anchor-set/33300403# And here's the promotional video:
  7. A couple of 1987 commercial reels from my home market, The Piedmont Triad. WXII (using the WXII News Package) WFMY (using the WFMY 1986 News Theme)
  8. Late-70's video from West Palm Beach:
  9. 1977 WPTZ Eyewitness News Open (with a funky theme!)
  10. Oh no, I meant WBMG. There are a few opens from the Oprah era at WJZ on the Internet Archive with Pulsar in it.
  11. I think the songs in the beginning and end of that clip are a different song, perhaps the WBMG News Theme of the 1970’s? I don’t think they used Pulsar in any form.
  12. The WJZ 1975 News Theme has been identified: It’s Pulsar by Stardrive.
  13. Newspapers.com is a great resource whenever I have the time to take advantage of the free trial. I found this gem of an article from the Charlotte Observer which details the creation of Al Ham's Part of Your Life for WBTV, which was created after research showed that viewers did not like the previous news theme (not sure what it was, as I couldn't find an article that referenced it). There are two entries in the NMSA before 1974 for WGR and WHO, and it's likely those are incorrect but both could have been among the first clients in 1974. Several MCTYW clients, including the Meredith-owned stat
  14. While he still isn't identified on any of his opens on the NMSA (WPXI and WSOC to name a few), TVNT favorite Bob Perry did have a news article written about him in 1981. He voiced several "Movie of the Week" promos for NBC and CBS. This should definitively confirm his identity after he was first identified a couple of years back on this forum.
  15. During a late-night deep dive into TV news history (I've got all the time in the world during this quarantine) I found some interesting information on the WAGA 1977/Outlet News Theme. @Samantha found some information back in 2014 that Hayes Productions helped produce the image with Anderson Advertising, and a 1977 article from the San Antonio News-Express talks about how the promotion and theme were developed. KSAT was the original client for this package, and it was introduced with the debut of Don Colson as news anchor in June 1976. It spread to other stations in the Outlet Company, includin

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