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  1. The WFTV 1988 News Theme was not commissioned by WFTV, as some people have thought, though the composer was The Coast Productions. Per someone I know whose father worked at the station as promotion manager, it was commissioned by WKJG (now WISE) in Fort Wayne in 1986 to coincide with the redesigned NBC peacock, and was called "People You Can Count On". It also had an image campaign of the same name (you can hear a brief clip of it under KDLH in the NMSA). WKJG used the package until 1989, when they changed the newscast name from "NewsCenter 33" to "33 News" and adopted the "24 Hour News"
  2. Per a longtime WMAQ employee that I talked to several years ago when I was touring the station with then-ad manager Joe Gerzema (now at FOX Sports Detroit), the WMAQ 1997 news theme from the Cheatwood era was, indeed, a Gari package. The package name was the nondescript "WMAQ Custom News Package". I submitted that factoid to the NMSA eons ago, but they never corrected it.

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