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  1. I wonder if this could be a prelude to Scripps buying WPLG from BH Media. Given the Miami market, it's an easy duopoly to form.
  2. THIS email sent to FTVLive pretty much sums what is wrong and what could work going forward for NewsNation... There are several huge reasons that News Nation is failing, in my opinion. First.. the approach is all wrong. Stories from the Nexstar stations need to be local stories that can be easily adapted to national interest. It's all in the writing. You have to write those local lead-in's, NATIONALLY. You have to structure them differently. To a good imaginative writer, this is not difficult. If the news writer or producer is enthusiastic about it, the magic words are t
  3. Sound like a frame sync or two is out of whack. Is the time/temp thing sponsored? There's your answer. Sadly but true, they probably only care that the "spot ran" instead of it working like it should.
  4. Perhaps if Nexstar focused their strategy outside of prime time, they may get more viewers. Shepard Smith is likely bombing for the same reason on CNBC.
  5. Before Nexstar grew to the size it is today, WDHN was an outlier, being very distant from the legacy Nexstar stations. (Even Morris sold them to Nexstar!) WMBB's divestiture from the Hoak/Gray merger changed that, giving them a neighboring market, and then the Media General merger really bolstered their presence in Alabama and the region. Gray & Raycom have had a dominating presence in the area, and has gotten even stronger as Gray has traded up in Dothan and the weaker Raycom stations (WDFX, WTXL, WPGX, WFXL) have been divested. With WALA being up for sale, it really i
  6. I wonder if Perry Sook had any idea of Sean Compton's motives when this idea was launched.
  7. The seeds of WGN (America's) decline were planted long ago, and are mostly rooted in the changing times of cable television. The big draw of WGN to begin with was the Cubs/White Sox & Bulls telecasts. Then the sports world got too expensive, and these games began slowly slipping away. Also, WGN itself as a SuperStation was just happenstance, since it was another company that distributed the signal nationally, and SyndEx took some of the local flavor out of it. Flash forward to around 2008 and the privatization of Tribune by Sam Zell, that's when the deliberate des
  8. Even the New York Times summed up all of the issues facing NewsNation, from the ratings woes, involvement of Bill Shine, and recent staff departures. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/07/business/media/newsnation-cable-news.html
  9. Still no weekend news. But they have added a weekday 5am edition of Wake Up Wiregrass, as well as an hour-long 11am show called WDHN Daytime (since Noon CT is ABC's GMA3 hour).
  10. Keep in mind that Dothan is market 170-something, so that alone plays a part on how much they can spend on an upgrade. I'm amazed at how far WDHN has come over the past several years, to the point it's finally added morning news and taking over the news for WDFX.
  11. Much of that was the end of the "News Central" experiment, which actually gutted some existing newsrooms before (like WPGH), but added newscasts to their other netlet stations with content from Baltimore. WLFL did shutter theirs around the same time....were they ever NewsCentral-ized?
  12. The ones to watch are in San Antonio and Mobile/Pensacola. San Antonio is easier since it's all in one place, despite the recent addition of WXLV's newscasts. Mobile and Pensacola each got a taste of it last year thanks to COVID shutting down each station. WPMI did WEAR's newscasts for a few days when they had an exposure and the opposite happened when WPMI had a case...WEAR produced the news for both stations and WPMI personnel filled in where they could have in the field. It's probably safe to say that the days of a market Mobile/Pensacola's size having four distinc
  13. Cleveland music, radio and TV legend Michael Stanley has passed away at the age of 72. After a very successful music career in Northeast Ohio and a longtime stint on 98.5 WNCX, he also co-hosted WJW's version of PM Magazine with Jan Jones in the late 80's & early 90s. https://fox8.com/news/cleveland-music-legend-michael-stanley-dies-at-72/
  14. I hope Sinclair has their direct-to-consumer model ready to roll when baseball season starts, because that's the ONLY way cord-cutters and those dumping cable will be able to watch their games. I could see some sort of resolution eventually for this to some degree, but this guarantees them viewership and maybe some additional subscriber fees to start filling in the massive hole they've dug themselves into. Even if full capacity levels won't be realized for a while in the stadiums and arenas, the more fans and eyeballs they can get, the better.
  15. I believe these graphics are also being used on the WRGX newscasts as well (with the News 4 branding). They simulcast in SD on one of the WTVY subchannels in addition to their main WRGX low-power channel.
  16. Looks good. If anything, the supers sort of have a Graham-like vibe to them.
  17. They can blame COVID all they want, but these layoffs are a direct result of the RSN bubble bursting, not to mention the $48 MILLION fine levied against them for their business practices, namely the bungled Tribune merger and their failure to properly disclose sponsored content. it was bound to happen eventually and I imagine it's going to get a lot worse in the weeks and months to come.
  18. I wonder how much longer Lockwood is going to keep the old Gray looks around. It's like they're still owned by them. WCAV has the WBTV package, and KAKE still has the look about to be dumped by WSAZ and WTVY. WFXG still has the old Raycom look to them, and the other Raycom castoffs are letting Nexstar (Dothan and Panama City) and Tegna (Knoxville) do their news their way. KTEN is really the only one doing something different, and it's sort of the Bayou City look that Meredith used to use before they got their own centralized package based off WSMV's look.
  19. I can only wonder how much longer Bahakel will hold on, and how much money will it take for them to finally cash out. Even if they have to take the other stations (which could be REALLY interesting in Montgomery, AL)... but that's another story for another day in the speculatron. WCCB would have been FOX's first choice, but they didn't budge, and that's why we have Fox 46 for now....
  20. WTVY is revamping their look on Thursday. This includes a refreshed logo, new graphics and a refreshed set. https://www.wtvy.com/2021/03/01/wtvy-introduces-new-branding/ Graphics-wise, they have a similar package to the one that's about to be replaced at WSAZ, and their set is about a decade old, and is one of the standard-issue Gray ones from that era. I'm sure any updates will also extend to WRGX, their low-powered NBC station.
  21. I'm sure the current O&O look has an expiration date on it as part of the sale from Fox. Unlike the prior package from 2007, they're not really syndicating it (or making it readily available) to other groups for them to use.
  22. It will be interesting to see how they burn off the WGN shows tomorrow. Probably just by eliminating the "WGN America" bug and keeping the NewsNation ad-bug up. From what I've seen and the promos that they run on the Nexstar stations, it just comes off as a glorified local newscast, even down to the Proof of Benefits/Performance spots they run (NewsNation told you about.....) which are a time-honored bastion of local television promotions, especially during and right after sweeps. Maybe they should try simulcasting WGN's local newscasts for a week to see which one gets
  23. If the above is true, I"m glad that TNF is off the broadcast networks, it always screwed up whether or not FOX would have a 9/10pm newscast. Also, good to see ABC getting back into the rotation of Super Bowls...now each major network affiliate has a chance to air it every 4 years (should it be true....).
  24. The temp set still looks better than the mess they had when FOX first launched them. Set-wise, Nexstar has been pretty good as of late with their window-like sets, so should that be the route WJZY is going, it will definitely give them some perceived depth in the small space they have.
  25. I hope whatever WVUE gets, it's a package with a twinge of customization to it, like WBRC had their own spin on the so-called "over-used" variant that WRDW/WAGT just got. Even if the main color is purple, it's New Orleans, and it will work there. The WBTV package is good. The only problem is that it looks so similar to the KOIN Nexstar package that WGNO just got (especially with the lower thirds). Except that Gray does a much better job overall of executing it. It would take a lot to screw up WVUE. And since their competition has crumbled before them, WVUE has th

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