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  1. In the fallout of the KARK/KLRT merger, one of the commenters posted on the Arkansas TV News Blog that KLRT's old set would be sent to Memphis' WPTY.... This could be the beginning of the desperately needed overhaul of WPTY. While this info should be taken with a grain of salt, it seems entirely possible. Dismantle the soon-to-be unused set, and HD production equipment from one station and give it to a sister station (even after the Newport breakup) that desperately needs it... Stay tuned...
  2. Sister station WTVC in Chattanooga should be going HD any day now. From the pictures posted on their facebook page, their new set is virtually identical to the one introduced in Dayton. This is also one of the first newly acquired stations (from Freedom) to undergo upgrades under Sinclair's watch. Most of the other newly acquired stations underwent changes prior to the sale to Sinclair, so any more changes are unlikely for several years.
  3. WTAJ in Altoona, PA is going HD... http://www.altoonamirror.com/page/content.detail/id/568083/WTAJ-TV-getting-new-HD-look.html?nav=725
  4. Peter Albrecht has been re-hired by WKRG after an almost 6 year absence from the airwaves. He worked for WKRG until 2000 and then was hired at WPMI later that year. Peter anchored the primary newscasts until 2007, when he was one of the three anchors fired by management in an effort to bring up ratings. According to a newly created Facebook friend page (WKRG Peter Albrecht), he will be the 5pm anchor and do investigative reporting. Since he is technically replacing Jessica Taloney, who left last year, I wonder if Mel Showers will only anchor the 6 & 10 now?
  5. I mentioned it an another thread, but WTVC in Chattanooga, TN is going HD. New set (likely by Devlin), and they have started using the Sinclair graphics package on their temp set....
  6. Gray is purchasing WDON-LP in Dothan, AL from New Moon Communications... http://www.tvnewscheck.com/article/64441/station-trading-roundup-2-deals-120000 At one time, they purchased several low powered stations around the country in markets where NBC did not have an affiliated station, with the intention of turning the stations into NBC affiliates. Methinks that Gray is going to follow through on the original plan to bring a low-powered NBC station to Dothan by way of WTVY, much like the way that Gray brought a CBS affiliate to neighboring market Panama City through the facilities of W
  7. LIN Media has finalized the purchase of New Vision's television stations. http://www.linmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/LIN-Media-Completes-Acquisition-of-Television-Stations-from-New-Vision-Television.pdf
  8. WRCB in Chattanooga is now in HD. http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/19685435/channel-3-eyewitness-news-now-fully-hd
  9. On Friday, WCHS/WVAH in Charleston, WV launched HD newscasts with their new set from Devlin Design Group http://www.ddgtv.com...hd-news-set-24/ Devlin is currently installing a new set at WICS-TV 20 in Springfield, IL...and they say they will be doing one more install this year for Sinclair. I'm thinking WKEF/WRGT in Dayton is next on the list since they are starting anew in the former WBDT building in suburban Miamisburg...
  10. WDAM in Hattiesburg, MS went HD on Monday, September 10th for their 5p show. The set looks very similar to sister station WLOX in Biloxi, and the graphics are standard-issue Raycom. Pictures are posted on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/WDAMTV
  11. WALA in Mobile will be the first station in the Mobile-Pensacola market to debut a 4:30am newscast on Monday, August 27th. I wonder if any other stations will follow them up on this lead....probably not since it took so long for this to happen. And with Hurricane Isaac on it's way to the Northern Gulf Coast....WPMI is "raining" on their parade by starting their newscast at 4am!
  12. There are reports that Nexstar is selling KBTV in Beaumont, TX to Sinclair Broadcasting, who already owns competitor KFBM (purchased earlier from Freedom). http://blog.beaumont...angel-san-kfdm/ http://countybeerpar...communications/ Until I see something official from either Nexstar or Sinclair on the matter, I consider this just a rumor at this point... Seeing how Nexstar is looking to dump its smaller stations and that Sinclair and Nexstar share services in other markets ( i.e. Peoria, IL and Rochester, NY)...it could happen... CONFIRMED.....KBTV will be sold to Deerfield Me
  13. WCBD in Charleston, SC went HD over the weekend, rounding out the Charleston market. WJTV in Jackson, MS went HD several months ago....and WAPT in Jackson is about to round out the Jackson Market by going HD as well. Perhaps it's time to start a new thread....stations STILL broadcasting in SD!
  14. WRCB in Chattanooga, Tennessee will be going full HD this fall.... http://www.wrcbtv.co...news-in-full-hd Also, WCHS in Charleston, West Virginia will round out the Charleston-Huntington market by going HD as well. This link shows the demolition of their longtime set, as well as some of their pre-HD construction.... http://wchs-wvah.tumblr.com/
  15. WDAM in Hattiesburg, Mississippi confirmed they will be going HD sometime this summer. Anchor/News Director Randy Swan confirmed this in the following video. http://www.wdam.com/video?clipId=7387446&autostart=true Like sister station WLOX in Biloxi, they are turning one of their SD subchannels into a second affilate for a network that did not exist in the market already...in WDAM's case, they are launching an ABC affiliate with a new 6:30 newscast...just like WLOX did with their new CBS subchannel in Biloxi.
  16. WTVY in Dothan is now in HD. http://www.wtvy.com/alabamanews/headlines/Going_HD_157062025.html It looks like they took the standard issue Gray route with automation and robotic cameras. Meanwhile, down in Panama City, WMBB is completely overhauling their set from the ground up. They're already in SD widescreen....could they be going HD?
  17. http://www.ikegami.com/press/press02.html These cameras were state of the art.....in 1999. Back when WNDU was owned by Notre Dame they could easily afford stuff like this. With Gray buying WNDU.....now it makes sense!
  18. WTOK in Meridian, Mississippi is now in HD...making Meridian an all HD market! (since WTOK is the only station producing news anymore ) http://www.youtube.c...=endscreen&NR=1 They do a piece on their transition to HD in this video...at the :50 mark, they show a shot of one of their studio cameras. At first, I thought those were the old SD cameras, but after looking at their facebook page, they are indeed their new HD studio cameras. Anymore, it seems like stations are getting smaller and smaller with their studio cameras (look above in Chief-O's WLUK picture). That's one
  19. WPMI launched tonight at 10pm. Worlds better than WALA in HD. The new set looks phenomenonal and the graphics are far and away better than anything that's been used in Mobile/Pensacola in a long time. They almost have a Fox-like look to them, and are unlike any other Newport has used on their stations. (Ironic since the new font that WALA is using is very similar to the one that NBC uses.....and that WALA used to be NBC and WPMI used to be FOX) They are still using some of the cuts of Gari's NBC Collection, but they have switched up some, added some they've never used, and now use the "
  20. Based on what i've seen thus far with WALA's launch, it's pretty meh, even compared to their old look. Their bug and lower thirds are too small, and their new graphics look totally different than their new set (I'm thinking they were done in house). The set has a blue and gold feel to it with images of Mobile and Pensacola in the background, while the new graphics are primarily blue and white with the circle look (seen in my previous post). The opens are plain using 3d renders of the logo and 3D text bumpers....no more quick shots like the old VDO open used for the past 9 or so years.
  21. Here's a glimpse of WALA's new look which will debut tonight at 9pm...in HD! [ATTACH]1119.IPB[/ATTACH] - from their website[ATTACH]1120.IPB[/ATTACH] - facebook fan page Any ideas? I'm thinking Giant Octopus....but we'll see for sure at 9pm!
  22. WKRG 5pm anchor Jessica Taloney will be stepping down soon because she is expecting her first child due in July. http://classic.lagniappemobile.com/article.asp?articleID=5347&sid=18 I wonder if WKRG will replace her with a cardboard cutout, like they did when morning anchor Devon Walsh was out on maternity leave last year
  23. WPMI is said to be launching the next day, according to Mobile TV Examiner... http://www.examiner.com/tv-in-mobile/wala-tv-and-wpmi-tv-to-begin-producing-newscasts-high-definition-this-weekend-1 We'll have to wait and see...
  24. I did see that WLUK in Green Bay posted on their facebook page that they're launching HD on April 23rd. Now that WHP has flipped the switch, WPMI could be next...or the widescreen incarnation of WPTY/WLMT.....we'll have to wait and see....
  25. Devlin Design group updated their pictures of WPMI's new set... http://www.ddgtv.com...nstallation-23/ It looks like LOCAL 15 will be sticking around after they relaunch in HD. The monitor shots show a different look from what they've been using since 2008 (NBC Arthouse Look A). I'm thinking it could be a Hothaus package....since they've done many of Newport's HD re-launches.

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