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  1. I don't know if it still exists, but WALA used to have a cable-only weather channel for Cox Cable subscribers in the Pensacola area. Seems odd since they're a Mobile station. WKRG originally had 5.2 as a radar channel with NOAA weather radio audio, but it went away in 2014-15 when it was replaced with Ion. WPMI 15.2 was originally a WeatherPlus staton, but it continued on with graphics modifications and just the forecasts into the Local 15 Weather Network until 2013. Unlike some of the WeatherPlus affiliates, it didn't get the final revamp (that looked a lot like
  2. At the time many of them launched, it was before the smartphone was a part of our daily life and simply, the diginets didn't even exist yet. Weather was an easy, turnkey way to start another channel, and many did it with simply putting up their weather radar, or launching a graphical channel with forecast info and short weather snippets (forecasts). By the time multicast networks became available, (and WeatherPlus met its demise), they began fading away.
  3. Definitely the dark side of having ONE company controlling all of the major affiliations in the same market. It seems like if it were the case, then at least ONE of them should be must-carry and carry a basic load of newscasts (since most are likely simulcasted anyways.)
  4. I think over the next several years, broadcasting is going to get very dicey, especially with the move to 3.0. With all of the sharing going on, companies like Weigel and Marquee could benefit from being the master licensee, and sub-leasing the spectrum to the owners we know today. Unless the FCC intervenes, it could set the tone for even more consolidation, as the companies abandon their spectrum and have only their market share to contend with.
  5. A lot of these Quincy markets were ones that Gray passed on initially back in 2003 when they merged with Benedek. In Duluth, they're finally getting KDLH, even though it's a shell of its former self and it's former CBS affiliation is on KBJR/KRII. Other markets like Peoria and Quincy had the market flipped, where Gray is getting the OTHER station that they could have owned in the Benedek merger. (WEEK over WHOI....WGEM over KHQA)
  6. Gray passed on all of the Quincy conflicts because they didn't want to "dissect" them.... Get it? (Every time Quincy Media comes up, I can't not think of the Jack Klugman series from the 70s where he plays a medical examiner) With Gray being so standardized, it's a wise move, they're still trying to digest WVIR in Charlottesville (even though they've added a simulcast in Harrisonburg to fill out the market). Meanwhile, their Lockwood cast-offs still look like Gray stations and will probably be that way for a good while.
  7. Allen Media (as it is now, and as it could be with the Quincy conflicts) is almost a side-by-side competitor to Gray in a number of their markets, going back to the Heartland group started by former Gray CEO Bob Prather. Is he still involved in Allen Media, or did that go away in the sale?
  8. I'm sure he will pursue the Quincy stations that Gray has to divest. Unlike most deals, this one firmly has Gray passing on the conflicts instead of choosing one or the other. This firmly establishes Gray's hold in West Virginia, the only in-state market they don't have a station in is Wheeling-Steubenville (of which WTRF used to be a Benedek station). You have to wonder if WIFR going low-power was part of the plan all along. It's free and clear to now be merged into the full-powered WREX. Perhaps their plan to launch a VHF station there was a backup plan?
  9. Sinclair's first generation of HD sets dating back to 2008 are starting to get a little dated. WEAR and WLOS still have theirs, while WBFF and WSYX/WTTE have since updated. The next generation of HD sets were more varied, along with some of the sets acquired from prior owners, who commissioned their own.
  10. That would wipe out the entire market in Greenville/Greenwood, MS since Cox legally owns all 3 stations (WABG with ABC and FOX, WXVT-LD with CBS and WNBD-LD with NBC)
  11. Never thought I would see the Nexstar ABC package on a FOX station, but it works and looks good.
  12. I like Scott Jones' idea...bring back the WGN Morning news!!! https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/1/27/nexstar-should-do-this It's a good enough show that it should have a national audience once again. Throw in some national segments (only seen on NewsNation) and it could work!
  13. Maybe the art department was off that day, or someone lost the slide. Back in those days, it truly was an "art department" with people creating actual artwork and not just computers doing it for them.
  14. Even though it's off to a slow start, Nexstar ultimately benefited from getting Tribune and the WGN properties. To think had Sinclair succeeded in getting both (either by succeeding with the sham WGN deal or not) they would have ultimately done the same thing, except for the stuff we all know Sinclair is (in)famous for.... Now we have a new national news channel in the works, powered by the largest group of stations in America, as well as a stated commitment to truly be "fair and balanced". The implosion of the deal made Nexstar the winner, and twice as big as Sinclair as a resul
  15. I hope they plan on filling the time with news-related programming, or else we'll have another HLN on our hands, except this time, they're focusing on the evenings and working backward.. It would make sense to keep the WGN America brand around at least until the programming is changed totally over to news. Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite has done this for years, going all the way back to when channels didn't fill the entire day and relied on others to maximize the channel slot. The question is, what would they fill the time with... might as well fill it with news-related show
  16. I wonder how much longer Nexstar is planning on running WJZY under the FOX O&O branding. Will it be like WJW where it took a good seven or eight years before they even tweaked the brand long after Fox had sold them off? The current WJW look would look good on them.... as opposed to what happened at WXIN which got the current Nexstar FOX package.
  17. At the time, Allbritton sprung a ton of money on these fancy Devlin sets that were state-of-the-art at the time. Fast forward to the HD era (and trends in general) and the design touches are no longer in fashion, simply because of the change from SD to HD, and the general design trends of the late 90s all the way to today. Even all of the technology has changed since then. Monitor arrays were often tubed and not those connected plasma (and now LED) arrays, and the only big screen was the old rear-projector variety, and maybe DLP. Not to mention the lighting. Incandes
  18. Sinclair is "sort of" bringing news to it's remaining stations via Stirr... https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/stirr-adds-six-new-stirr-city-channels-for-local-coverage/?source=home Even St. Louis got it's own. Have KDNL and WTWC picked up The National Desk, to air as a "morning newscast" before GMA or Today?
  19. It does get interesting in Rochester since WUHF is the senior partner of WHAM (owned by Deerfield) and that WHAM is on VHF. When 3.0 comes to town, WROC will likely be in on it as well. But if they play the channel shuffle there, more than likely WHAM will have to become a subchannel on WUHF complete with their PSIP, unless they can swap ownership. Further complicating matters is their proximity to Canada, and any facility changes would likely have to approved by Canada. How does their TV spectrum compare to ours now that we have stopped using anything above 36?
  20. Sad to say, the way Sinclair is making this work, it's designed to be cost-effective, by using existing facilities when they aren't being used, hiring some cheap reporters, and in essence, creating a "newscast factory" where they churn out their local newscasts, do some out-of-market ones in their spare time, and for the markets that aren't turning a profit, hub them off to another.
  21. Basically, stations like WDLI exist in license-alone, since the spectrum was sold by TBN in the auction, and the station was physically merged onto WVPX's spectrum. Get rid of the extra license, and you can now legally have a duopoly with WEWS without endangering cap space. I'm pretty sure the Inyo deal was a stopgap in places like Cleveland where this situation existed, and the "triopoly" was in fact the shared spectrum of the former TBN station in license on the main ION station, plus the existing Scripps affiliate.
  22. The question is, are these going to be live newscasts or pre-taped? As long as KABB doesn't have a 10pm show (11 in the Triad), it could theoretically be done. I'm assuming that's KABB's set since WOAI being NBC would clash with any potential WXLV newscasts, and that KABB's set is vastly superior to WOAI. It does seem like the trend is trying to squeeze out extra newscasts of the news-producing stations, when they don't have their own market to deal with. Playing the time zone game can theoretically make this work in some places.
  23. FOX has demonstrated they are cheap with their capital expenditures, as evidenced by the building and equipment issues at WNYW, and all of the "rehab" that COX had to do in Memphis to bring that station up to a decent level of workability. I'm sure these stations are very "profitable" because of all the capex they are starving from them!
  24. "Programming issues during the 10pm slot" was the apparent cause of FOX not renewing their agreement with WLFL. WRAZ was probably beginning to challenge them in the ratings (being tied to the uber-dominant WRAL), and Sinclair may have hinted at either cancelling the newscast or shortening it to a half hour. Being relegated to the "News Central" experiment was the beginning of the end, and when it was killed off, at least they were able to give WTVD a primetime option on WLFL.
  25. I believe at the time NBC had such a good relationship with the Outlet stations, that getting WNCN (and the other future O&Os), the sale was sealed, especially for NBC to try and make something of themselves in the Triangle. A decade later, NBC cashes out these stations to Media General, and in 2016, WNCN (and Media General) swipe CBS from WRAL, and all of NBC's problems go away when they make their long-awaited return to WRAL.

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