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  1. Not gonna lie, but I kind of like this logo.... ...If we took WKYC's disaster of a logo out of the picture, that is.... They've ruined that idea. I've never been a fan of WCNC's logos going back to when they brought back "36". They've just look boorish and dated, especially with the fonts they used. I liked the "NBC 6" logo and the one that just had WCNC and the peacock (in the Carolina's News Connection days)
  2. You are correct....it is the 5th floor that the main studios are on. I believe their current WOUB News set was from Spectrum News, and the one before that came from a station in Missouri (KMIZ?) It's good to see these older sets being recycled like this for future generations to cut their teeth on.
  3. Just the desk. As you can see, it's gone through many paint jobs and renovations over the years. WCPO's version of the set looks nearly identical to the one WEWS had. The weather center, monitor arrays, and the color-changing background. Part of the Ohio University J-School setup was the 2 retractable blue panels that could have been used for chroma-keying a monitor shot. I'm told the desk had to be cut in 2 in order to get it into the basement of Scripps Hall (where the studio was and the Journalism school was located at the time). When WOUB got it, it moved to the 6th floor of the RTV building into studio A, their larger studio. At least they had a freight elevator.
  4. Yep, although this was just a cable newscast run by J-school students for one of their required classes. Everybody did everything from producing, assignment desk, reporting, shooting, editing, and anchoring. It even made Tosh 2.0 back in the day.
  5. Swing...and a miss. Oh well, some things were better left undone. Audition may be a good tool, but it can do it's evil too. I wonder how Northeastern & Central Pennsylvanians will react to this....would this be much worse than losing the theme entirely? Let's go to Talkback 16...
  6. Most importantly, it was this very desk that viral video history was made....
  7. Who wants an old Scripps desk from the 80s? WOUB-TV (run by Ohio University) is retiring the desk that was last used for their high school football program. It was also used by their j-school on their daily newscast (which happens to be the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism). I believe this came from WCPO originally. If anyone is interested, or knows someone who wants this piece of history, they should contact WOUB-TV in the next week or so before it joins the big WEWS "circle 5" in the sky....
  8. Due to the impending severe weather in the South this weekend.....WPMI has decided to bust out Alan Sealls two weeks early. He was introduced on-air this past weekend and did his first forecast as Chief Meteorologist earlier today at 5pm. https://mynbc15.com/news/local/severe-storms-possible-on-saturday
  9. If anyone ever thought combining that god-awful C-Clarity with the WNEP National Anthem was possible.... You're welcome. mctyw tegna_mixdown.mp4
  10. Hearst is either a better negotiator or was more flexible in their talks. Nexstar and the Sinclair shells? Not so much.
  11. That would make KSAS one of the few stations (if not the only in the US) to have newscasts produced by all 3 of their local counterparts....at different times? The only one close to that is WWHO in Columbus, who had WCMH do their news originally (under an LMA with Outlet/NBC), WBNS (under LIN ownership) and a midnight re-run of WSYX's 11pm show under Manhan? Going back to the original KWCH deal, that was ended after they began running their own 10pm news on their CW sister station, while taping the KSAS show for airing at 10pm. KSAS balked, and live newscasts were restored until the contract expired at the end of 2011, at which time KSN took over as the news provider for KSAS. This happened about a year before Newport divested their stations, and Sinclair took over KSAS when they were broken up.
  12. And hot of the presses, Dish has dropped the stations owned by Mission Broadcasting..... https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/dish-loses-18-local-tv-stations/
  13. The latest on AT&T & Hearst.... https://www.multichannel.com/news/hearst-stations-go-dark-to-directv
  14. It could be worse, they could have ended up with the Educational Media Foundation. One of the more notable stations they've taken over is WPLJ to replace with their satellite-fed "Christian Rock". They're like the OTA Broadcasting or ION of the radio world...sucking up stations.
  15. Mediacom subscribers dodged another bullet. They made good with Nexstar on a new agreement. https://www.multichannel.com/news/mediacom-nexstar-avoid-blackout This stuff is starting to get really stealthy. Should we just assume that on the last day of the year, your channels could be going away?
  16. Update: Nexstar and Xfinity reach a deal: https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/comcast-nexstar-appear-to-have-reached-a-deal-to-avoid-a-blackout/ As for WGN America getting yanked, I can believe it. CLTV will be ceasing operations tonight as well.
  17. Here's a big one.... https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/comcast-may-lose-nexstar-locals-wgn-america-more-tomorrow/ Nexstar....we all saw that one coming. This is a rarity for Comcast, but now that AT&T has decided to misbehave as a mega-conglomerate, now's their chance too! Looking at Comcast's list on their website, it appears Marquee, Waterman and Paxton (WPSD) are up in February, and Gray & Graham in March. This likely allows for plenty of time for negotiation, and Comcast is being forthcoming about these contracts coming up...
  18. The election graphics have been making their way across Nexstar ever since the Media General merger. And they're used no matter how poorly they fit within the current graphics package. It's not that it's a bad look, it just doesn't line up with some of the existing (and some current) graphics!
  19. The sad thing is that WKYC out-Tegna-ed Tegna on their latest disaster. Usually WKYC has forged ahead of the corporate mandates, putting out BETTER stuff than if they had towed the company line. The ultimate 180 will come when they FINALLY launch a 5pm newscast with Jay Crawford next month. As if his current lunch-time show wasn't enough of a bomb. Remember, it was WKYC counter-programming Dr. Phil at 5pm which even rescued WKYC from the doldrums they were in going WAY back to their days as a farm team O&O for NBC.
  20. Since all three are separate markets, Sheldon Galloway could foreseeably turn the keys over to Nexstar (WJTV) and have them take over WMDN, much like they run WHLT down in Hattiesburg. A separate schedule of market-specific programs and commercials, and the full slate of WJTV newscasts with a WMDN bug pasted over it. Nexstar largely gave up trying to produce local segments in Hattiesburg (or even FOR Hattiesburg) and just simulcasts WJTV for the most part now. Ownership-wise, Nexstar could possibly squeeze in this station, since it's a tiny fraction of a percent due to Meridian's market size and the UHF discount. But that may be a ways off as Nexstar is still trying to digest Tribune and may have other swaps and options they are pursuing first...cough cough.....WPIX....cough cough. Without being maxed out, WMDN is free and clear since Meridian is a totally separate market. The end result could possibly be a third news option in tiny Meridian, even if it is piped in from Jackson. Adding in more counties to WJTV's "coverage" area news-wise would dilute their coverage even further.
  21. With WDAM, their graphics were immediately followed by their set upgrades. WLOX only got a graphics upgrade.
  22. I see they pulled a Meredith there....with the video wall. Seems like it's a lot like WSMV's last set refresh before their current one. Seeing as how Hattiesburg is market 160ish, this is a big move for them. How did WLOX get left out of the set upgrades when they were Gray'd? WDAM is uber-dominant in their market, and pretty sure that WLOX still dominates WXXV down on the coast.
  23. Since Sheldon Galloway has his other stations (WLAJ and WXXA) tied to Nexstar, could we possibly see WMDN being tied into WJTV and WHLT which are both Nexstar-owned CBS affiliates? The way WHLT is being ran, what's another station to run WJTV's newscasts on and run the whole show out of Jackson? It wouldn't be the first time, as WGBC's predecessor WLBM was a satellite of WLBT in Jackson, and ran until the station had a fire in the early 90s....
  24. This could be a longshot, but Sinclair could possibly throw in for the rights, between their ownership of the former Fox Sports RSNs and stations in the southeast.... I doubt it would try and pre-empt any network efforts, but it would be a major coup for their secondary stations... They did it for the XFL years ago. Although SEC football is much more popular and way more established than the XFL, which barely lasted one season.
  25. I'm sorry. but the time has come and gone for NBC to be a "one team" network. Let ESPN have Notre Dame games (and they could be sucked entirely into the ACC by then).... WNDU is no longer owned by the University and aside from 2012, the team has been anything but championship material in recent years. Losing the SEC games in 2023 is another blow to college sports on broadcast television. One that ESPN should not benefit from because of their existing dominance and near-monopoly of the conferences. Now if NBC somehow lands the deal, they have stronger affiliates in most places within SEC teams. Alabama has much stronger NBC affiliates (aside from Mobile, Dothan and parts of Auburn) but has WSFA which covers much of the state and bleeds pretty well into Auburn itself. Other places of potential dominance include Columbia, SC (WIS), Columbia, MO (KOMU), Tupelo, MS (WTVA) and Knoxville (WBIR). I'd be OK with ABC if they had a similar deal with CBS regarding SEC games, and ensuring that top matchups air on ABC.
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