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  1. If all of the "Tegna-fication" is rooted in these allegations, then they certainly need to be undone. And if this damaged the company's value, then there needs to be a change of ownership. Get new people in there who not only can run the business effectively, as well as re-tooling the product back to it's core audience without patronizing to a particular group. A lot of us here can't stand the Tegna approach to local news, but these comments put a new stain on it that's deeply offensive to what could be their core audience in many places. It works in places where the
  2. Ouch! Especially why they claim to be using their current music and purple in their graphics.
  3. A fringe network with fringe views setting up shop on a fringe tv channel. Best to let the free market work on this one.
  4. Definitely well produced. It was probably around the same time Osborne was still on the charts with his "You Should Be Mine (Woo woo)" song. These TV station promos always seem to have a TV in the right place, at the right time! (usually with the logo, but that's all planned out, for sure!)
  5. Here's a documentary about the WAFF fire and their return to broadcasting in the weeks that followed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwO1cCY3xKQ They were owned by AFLAC (long before the duck) and their sale to Raycom years later. Seing all that had to go into rebuilding WAFF's facility so many years ago, we can only hope that Allen Media brings them up to par and gives them the edge to do their jobs and do them well.
  6. Logo or not, WJLA's problems are well-rooted into the damage that Sinclair inflicted on them. Whatever worked in Columbus, Ohio will not work in DC. WJLA's best days were definitely with Leon Harris and poaching WUSA's Gordon Peterson and Maureen Bunyan. WJLA's "On Your Side" goes way back to the mid 80s and the Klein&/Jeffrey Osborne campaign. Someone finally got a high-quality copy of the promo and posted it to YouTube. And yours truly purchased on ebay one of the 1,000 records they distributed at the end of the campaign. I'll try and post the audio
  7. Usually it's either an antenna or a feed from the local cable company. Some stations have had to pull some acrobatics when companies like Comcast/Xfinity went full digital and were only wired for the old analog service. I've seen one that created it's own in house system of cable channel modulators that had their own decoder box for a particular channel, so TVs in the station could tune to that channel. Newer solutions may be more IP based, so they can deliver a better picture to the source.
  8. I wonder if they will join their counterparts down in the Valley. WAFF was across the street until the fire of 82 destroyed their facility. I believe that prompted a fire station in the vicinity as well. With the impending Meredith sale, Allen Media could be a suitor, so they could get some sister stations in Mobile, Atlanta, Tupelo & Nashville as well.
  9. A brand new station shacking up on an existing frequency. Certain markets seem to be maxed out on the UHF frequency, but they'll probably have to settle for VHF unless they can make a deal with an existing licencee. It may have to happen with the low-power holders especially if someone like Weigel wants to move in to a market where HC2 wants to stay and they split a channel. Then again, it's probably easier to buy or sell rather than trying to apply for a new license in the first place...
  10. Here's a question.... Since the Spectrum Auction, have there been any licencees that have applied or been granted a license to operate a channel on an existing frequency shared with an existing licencee? It seems like the modern equivalency of the stations that shared a frequency during different day parts in the early history of broadcasting....
  11. MyNetwork is essentially a brand for an independent station with some syndicated repeats in prime time. Sinclair has mostly kept the branding intact, aside from WPNT (22 The Point) in Pittsburgh. They serve as duopoly partners to their primary stations in markets such as Pensacola, Asheville, and with the Allbritton merger, serve as the host station in Birmingham (hosting a full powered feed of 33/40) and Charleston (WMMP becoming the new WCIV, with the old "WCIV" on the .2) Other places like Norfolk, it's just a standalone station that bet against Fox years ago, and is a subchan
  12. Sinclair was all-in for their stations getting MyNetwork. Their only CW pickups were in markets that didn't have Tribune/CBS, no other willing takers or another netlet station in the same market (like WRDC). Mobile/Pensacola was very peculiar since they aligned WFGX, then a half-market station that was also a WB affiliate for a time, but lost out to upstart WBPG (now WFNA) in 2001. They later got CW under Emmis, and WJTC, the UPN station went independent as UTV44, then owned by Clear Channel alongside WPMI. WFGX later became a full market digital signal in 2010 and finally h
  13. Looks very good on them, especially for a market that size. Does Victoria still have a lot of adjacent stations on cable since it's smack dab between the Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi markets?
  14. Especially since Raycom had their own efforts...they may have not been the greatest or the most visible, but stations aired them and they were a way to keep more profits rather than more expensive outside programming. Tupelo Honey, acquired from Raycom handles a lot of these, and could do even more from Atlanta down the road https://www.tupelohoney.net/what-we-do/
  15. I like the new MSNBC look. It's more refined and unique than the other one, that seemed like a giant CNN ripoff. It also ties in better to NBC News Now. I would imagine format-wise the main news is going to be covered on MSNBC while the NBC News Now is watered down as it is with breaking news and repeats of other NBC news shows.
  16. Logistics plain and simple. Also, the cost of doing business in a smaller market may be much cheaper than a major market, especially if an area is more business-friendly tax wise. Let's say an ABC station that doesn't have a duopoly partner does a full slate of newscasts (AM 5-7, midday, 5,6, 10/11) They then have the time and space to do a Fox/CW newscast from 7-9 and a 9/10 show. Factoring in time zone changes, there are other windows to keep the crew and studio in use for other markets in different time zones.
  17. Now if Sinclair was doing the same thing, it would be the answer to the fears that they will begin hubbing newscasts and shutting down local operations. Hopefully Gray isn't mulling the same thing, but is really trying to diversify their programming since Atlanta already has a large production base.
  18. Gray is planning to build it's own version of "Television City" on the site of a former GM facility in Doraville, GA. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/new-filming-studios-mixed-use-development-approved-former-gm-plant-site/5DXNCWUWCFF27CIKNZ4IZLQ4Z4/
  19. That makes sense since many of Sinclair's stations dumped UPN for WB around the same time, and WRDC even dumped the network for a few months until both sides made up? Vegas sent UPN packing and that's why 33 became an independent IIRC... And since WRAZ was tied to WRAL, it was a dream duopoly in the making. I believe CBC even gave WRAZ a lot of independence from WRAZ unlike most duopolies with a separate facilty in Durham along with separate staffing. IIRC, that has changed in recent years and more functions have moved over to WRAL's facility.
  20. It's never good to balk to FOX whenever the question is "what to do in the 10pm hour".....and if the answer is not "News", that's probably why FOX bolted for WRAZ. Even though the news department was intact, it lasted until the demise of News Central in 2006 and has been farmed out to WTVD ever since...
  21. Despite the troubles that WNCN has had over the years competing against WRAL and WTVD, they pale in comparison to the disaster that WRDU/WPTF/WRDC was as the market's NBC affiliate. And these all predate their takeover by Sinclair.
  22. Now these arrangements seem to be under the radar as these "new newscasts" are being done in another station's "spare time and space". South Bend's WSBT seems to have additional capacity since they not only do their own shows, but shows for WNWO and WOLF (which can be done in the same space and with the same crew). The others I"m aware of include Macon doing news for Albany, Myrtle Beach doing news for Savannah, and of course San Antonio doing WXLV's newscasts. Decommissioned news operations (like in Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Champaign, St. Louis, Tallahassee) could be put into play a
  23. Seeing as how they already provide news for WUHF, unless they have an alternate studio space and control room, they would have to be pre-taped. Syracuse is a possibility since they produce both WSTM and WTVH's newscasts, and only the CW has a 10pm show, i'm assuming it's done on the WSTM side? That leaves the WTVH side open for doing newscasts for Buffalo, potentially.
  24. Looks like Buffalo's WUTV is attempting to start their "own" newscast, and break away from having WGRZ produce it. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/3/26/sinclair-station-to-go-it-alone-with-late-newscast And since this is Sinclair we're talking about, I wonder what station or cluster will be responsible for the studio portion? The others in the region seem to have their hands full or like WOLF are coming out of others like South Bend....
  25. All WMGT appears to be is a chroma key shot of the Macon skyline behind a background that looks a lot like the ABC version of the Nexstar package (even though they have the Morris Graphics otherwise). I agree with the others, the set is about a decade-behind in design with the wood and the duratrans backdrops. And from what i've seen in recent days, some of the shots are still very overexposed, especially on their interview set, something an adjustment of the iris should easily fix given that the lighting is adequate. It's definitely a workflow change from going all c

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