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  1. You are correct....my bad. NBC was in the toilet at the time hence why WSOC (and many others including WSB) deserted NBC for ABC which was riding high at the time. Unfortunately for Raleigh/Durham and Charlotte, UHF was their only option. I don't know if NBC had advance wisdom over what Ted was about to do with CNN, but his dedication (and likely $$$) was a better lure than Bahakel and WCCB. That would bode well for them in the future as they became a FOX affiliate, and even still hold their own when FOX pulled away for "The WJZY Experiment". An ironic victory was when WCNC was producing WCCB's newscasts at the time, prior to their own news department, and was out-ranking themselves with the 10pm show on WCCB!
  2. Props to Tegna on this refresh. This is the kind of station that could benefit from from TLC from a company like Tegna. Now if only they hadn't done it to some of their better performing stations. Westinghouse's neglect of this station was exasperated by the fact that numerous VHF NBC stations put in halfway decent signals to the Charlotte area at the time. These included, WIS, WXII, WFBD (now WYFF) and even WCYB in the far western part of the market. Their lack of care was surprising for a company like them, whose stations have often been held in high regard. You would think they would have at least been able to run Channel 36 decently after what they paid Ted Turner for it.
  3. I wonder how much this is the case at some of Tribune's newer acquisitions that Tegna picked up. I guess it depends how much Tribune put into their stations, whether they were legacy or Local TV acquisitions...
  4. Both WGN 9 and WGN America could benefit from some love in the OTT world. Even though WGN-TV has a Roku App, it is lacking like many of the other former Tribune stations that launched them... Sinclair has many of their netlet stations (CW & MyNetwork) stations on YouTubeTV. This is another area where Nexstar is lacking, and this includes WGN-TV as well. (They even carry both WCIU channels, CW26 and "The U" as well as My50)
  5. Perry Sook talks about his views on the future of OTA and their "cautious" look at OTT... https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/243751/sook-sees-plenty-of-promise-for-ota-nexstar/ I still think Nexstar needs to ramp up their efforts to leverage their existing content that is already offered on their broadcast stations....cough cough....LIVE STREAMING! And WGN America faces a disadvantage as more and more people are dropping cable services that carry that channel and because it is virtually invisible on the streaming services people have adopted. These services transcend boundaries set by cable companies and give consumers better options against inferior or expensive pay tv services available to them. Perhaps bundle WGN America (and Antenna TV) into a service launched by Nexstar that streams all of their local newscasts and digital efforts. Charge a reasonable monthly fee that allows access to all of the above plus some premium, exclusive offerings. This gives them an avenue to sell targeted advertising and a way to reach even more viewers who have moved on from cable TV...
  6. ...and if it was 20 years ago, it would be... Who Wants To Be A Millionaire-ish...
  7. WRET was able to score NBC instead of WCCB because of then-owner Ted Turner's commitment to expanding the news department. That promise was short lived as Ted Turner flipped the station to Westinghouse for a record sale price in order to use the proceeds to help start CNN, only for Westinghouse to literally drive the station into the ground, much unlike their other stations at the time. Not helping matters were the dominant VHF NBC affiliates in adjacent markets like Winston-Salem, Columbia and Greenville.
  8. That was probably the high point of their branding. Projo & Belo were really trying to make them a contender after years of bad management and the bad luck that NBC was dealt across North Carolina. The stigma of UHF was especially bad in North Carolina as NBC was relegated to inferior stations at the time.
  9. Add another group who wants Tegna to sell or merge.... Enter HG Vora Capital Management, who last had a stake in Tribune, and cashed it out when Nexstar took over.... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-tegna-hgvora-exclusive/exclusive-hedge-fund-hg-vora-wants-tegna-to-consider-a-sale-or-merger-sources-idUSKBN1ZK1WP
  10. I hope Tom Freakin' Skilling is somehow involved.... Had WKRG not let Alan Sealls walk across the street to Sinclair and WPMI, he could have been a contributor. In fact, he actually worked at WGN in the 90s before spending a few years at WMAQ.
  11. Especially since Sinclair has single-handedly launched STIRR and made it into a mini-PlutoTV and will soon be adding select syndication on-demand for shows that air on their stations. And it was Nexstar that pulled the plug on the NewsOn partnership that saw the Media General stations that were on it go away. Hopefully as more shows are available with better digital rights, this will encourage Nexstar to take the plunge, especially when their next closest competitor is eating their lunch in this department.
  12. Way to go Tegna. For once, you designed a logo that doesn't repulse me from the get-go. And it's better than some of the past WCNC/NewsChannel36 logos over the past several years.
  13. Actual reach is 39 percent while the UHF discount brings it down to 32.
  14. Standard Media has zero competition from any Tegna TV station, as each company has no stations in the same market, and even if they did, they're exempt in many places because they are low power (especially the Waypoint ones). Digital is another story, as the lines are undefined, but there's nothing stopping that. Regardless of our opinions regarding how Tegna operates it's stations, it's a company ripe for takeover, and if anyone is going to take station groups and make them bigger, or make something out of the leftovers, it's outside investors and private equity.
  15. I can only imagine if Gannett remained the same company as it was before the split.... The current "Gannett" is like the rebirth of AT&T, after SBC renamed themselves when the old AT&T was sold off piece by piece. It's technically GateHouse, but under the Gannett branding. Same as Tegna being the old Gannett company and the split company keeping the Gannett name. Usually, the print side is the one to go batty. Gannett is the behemoth in this case and Tegna is treated like an upstart company. One that has trashed many of their stations and the investors are finally clamoring for them to come to their senses. Some stations are too far gone (WXIA, WTSP, WWL, WKYC), others have some hope to them (WBIR, WMAZ, WTOL), and there are the new ones that haven't had the chance to C-Clarity.....yet.
  16. Looks like CBS wants complete control of this so they can start expanding their CBSN apps into these cities. Roping affiliates into it would make it more complicated and expensive, despite competing against them in Atlanta and Tampa, and "re-establishing" in Detroit.
  17. Deb McDermott, the head of Standard Media worked alongside Kim in the latter years of Young and Media General, and was one of the board members Kim wanted to put on Tegna's board. If they buy their way into Tegna, Standard could be roped into it though a hostile takeover using Kim's money.
  18. Meridian and Hattiesburg are the outliers, the closest Tegna station is WWL in New Orleans. Going back to Tegna, pencils have erasers, so if Standard's people get some seats on the board, maybe the "Tegna Experiment" will come to a screeching halt before more stations succumb to it.
  19. Many of these stations are low-powered upstarts built for the sole purpose of bringing affiliations to markets where they previously did not exist. Hopefully bringing some scale to these stations could be a major plus for them to better compete in their markets. What you see is a lot of peeved viewers who lose an adjacent affiliate they've had for years replaced by a local one, that is grossly inferior.
  20. Keep in mind that Soo Kim and Deb McDermott had the Media General and Young stations under their watch, and later merged them with Lin and if they had their way, they would have merged with Meredith instead of Nexstar forcing a hostile takeover of the above... Had Sinclair gotten Tribune, they would have gotten some higher profile leftovers. Sure, the former Citadel stations were a mess to begin with, but Tegna needs a serious intervention before they trash more stations with their so-called innovation....
  21. Because what worked so well for noon, has got to work for a 5pm show that's 20 years too late....right?
  22. I hate to say it, with all of the veteran talent being cut, but this is what the endgame of iHeart will become....
  23. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/1/15/the-bumpy-road-to-nexstar-natio Yeah, better fix the paychecks and benefits first...
  24. Here we go..... https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/243396/tegna-to-fight-proposed-board-changes/ “The board is also concerned that his significant investments in and influence over other broadcasting companies would create a conflict of interest as a Tegna director. “Accordingly, the board unanimously determined that adding him to the board is not in the best interests of Tegna and its shareholders. Mr. Kim was informed of the board’s decision on Jan. 10.” I smell a Tegna-Standard Media merger in the works....and as for the the "best interest of Tegna and their shareholders"... we all know the garbage that Tegna has been putting out. Time to overhaul the board and make something out of Tegna.
  25. So Nexstar is actually doing what Sinclair COULD have done with WGN America... ...and we're better off since they have many more stations to get content from and we all know how a Sinclair-run effort would have gone.... Now Nexstar just needs to catch up to the other guys in OTT efforts. For all of the emphasis they put on digital, they are leaving behind all of the Roku and Fire stick users who have cut the cord. Tribune had some efforts they launched, but they pale in comparison to others. And let's not forget all of the places they don't even live stream their newscasts.... I'd like to see it, but as a YTTV/Philo customer, I'm left in the dark and damned if I'm going back to AT&T. Hopefully they get on the ball and add themselves to YouTubeTV or other services especially if said services have no issue carrying the Nexstar local affiliates...
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