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  1. Not to mention their stations are in some of the smallest Nielsen DMA's in existence, including the smallest of all, KXGN in Glendive, MT. Alpena is two notches higher on the list, besting North Platte, NE. I don't know how independent KNOP is in North Platte, but since WBKB does their own thing, it could really be the smallest market stand-alone news operation in the whole country.
  2. Roku has now pulled YouTube TV from its channel store. Existing users still have access to the channel....for now. https://deadline.com/2021/04/roku-removes-youtube-tv-from-platform-anticompetitive-1234747416/ I'm not going to be happy if this channel goes away because I use Roku for YouTube TV on almost every TV I have. I have a few fire sticks, but I prefer Roku since it's less cluttered and not overrun with Amazon content.
  3. I like the fonts they use for the supers. It's the perfect stretching of Helvetica without going into WJZ territory.
  4. Byron Allen would be the type of person that could buy all of Meredith, including their print assets. Coupled with his current assets plus the pickups from Quincy, this is a decent sized group that could grow even larger. Now wouldn't that be something for some of the most storied magazine brands to be under minority ownership. While the magazines themselves are an albatross, the brand equity is huge.
  5. Well, WJKT has finally switched to WREG's orbit, and is now simulcasting select WREG newscasts. But still no news at 9pm. https://changingnewscasts.wordpress.com/2021/04/29/catch-up-post-29-wjkt-wreg-wsmv-wwsb/ You would think that WREG could squeeze out a 9pm show, but apparently not. And then there's the new logo.
  6. The NFL is much more set in their ways game-wise to maximize viewership on TV, with their consistent game times and network deals. With the other leagues, the games are much more random in their placement, so they need a source that can air them live, because of the frequency and irregularity of the games. By nature, an netlet station or RSN is more geared towards airing these games, aside from marquee matchups or league championships carried by the major networks.
  7. Well, the whole "retransmission consent" wars could be taken up a notch. Roku vs. Google. Roku warns that YouTube TV could be dropped from the platform https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/roku-warns-that-youtube-tv-could-be-removed-from-platform/ ...and Google's reponse https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/google-responds-to-rokus-warning-about-dropping-youtube-tv/ Time to dust off my chromecasts and Fire sticks. I'm preferential to the Roku platform, but given the lag in securing some of the newer services (HBOMax, Peacock), their behavior is get
  8. Another thing that helps MeTV is (was?) their national carriage on AT&T's UVerse system. (Given the mess that is AT&T's pay tv platforms, there's no telling if that's still the case. Basically UVerse is for existing customers anymore and the only option is the inferior AT&T TV platform or DirecTV.) The Scripps and Sinclair networks could be kicked off the Nexstar stations, especially the former Tribune ones, who filled out their diginets with the readily available on digital Sinclair ones (TBD and Charge!) Scripps seems to be doing the same with their networks,
  9. Looks like what Nexstar is doing is splitting Antenna TV as we know it into two networks. Antenna TV will have the older shows and Rewind TV will have the newer shows (from the 80s and 90s) along with some additions Antenna TV hasn't had on yet. Another casualty could be MeTV, especially since we're nearing the decade mark where Media General purged out RTV in favor of MeTV in many of their markets. I"m sure Nexstar would rather carry an owned network over someone else's when the contracts expire. Now the question is, will this harm MeTV if this is the case? I'm told MeTV
  10. The sports highlights look like they were edited out in post so the "copyright police" doesn't go after them. I've seen a lot of web streams of newscasts that black out or cover up the sports segments due to the "rules" of the leagues they are covering. But woof, what a newscast! Fun fact, the weather actually comes out of their sister station, WBKB in Alpena.
  11. It needs to happen. Yesterday. Back in the day, Warner Cable in Akron used to charge extra for Sportschannel Ohio to watch their Indians and Cavs games. Let the fans pay for it. It's making pay TV way too expensive and the OTT services aren't going to budge to their demands.
  12. They probably just slowed down the finished video version in whatever edit program they use, hence the jerkiness.
  13. MyPanhandle.com (wmbb.com), but the WMBB.com no longer works. This was one of the Hoak stations they picked up because Gray had WJHG in the market, which they have owned since the 50s. I think some of the assets did end up with Gray, like the WMBB transmitter stick, which WJHG now operates from as well.
  14. Some of the prior moves by Nexstar just defied common sense of websites. These unwieldly names buried the branding and identity of the stations, while simple and short addresses. The smart thing to do is keep the old address around for redirecting purposes, and some (now part of Nexstar) got smart, and did like WJW and adopted Fox8.com, ditching the myfoxcleveland.com instituted by Fox earlier. Going into the mobile era, these shorter websites are much easier to type than the longer unwieldy ones. In the breakup of Newport, Inergize was one of the divisions that b
  15. If anything, it's to make a handsome return on their investment when they flip the station down the road.
  16. With broadcasting, you take one stream (or multiples) on a piece of frequency and anyone within the signal contour can receive it. Broadband allows for an infinite number of streams to be sent from point a to point b wherever they are connected. In terms of a multi-channel universe, broadband is scalable because you can pick and choose what you want to watch and the provider has the ability to infinitely expand what they provide. All that is being transmitted is what the user requests to watch, and the data is sent. Whereas other providers are given a set
  17. Another consequence of Nexstar's past digital mishaps, their unwieldy, hard to find, and god-awful website names they launched at many of their stations pre-Media General merger. Even worse, in some cases they let the original, simple, call letter websites lapse so either they are now orphaned or have been swallowed up by cyber squatters. And to add even more insult to injury in Green Bay, their website is still WeAreGreenBay.com. WFRVLocal5.com appears to be available, why not consolidate everything under the same name? Oh wait it's Nexstar....nevermind.
  18. If I had a nickel for every time this has been brought up... It seems they have even squandered all of the efforts they've absorbed. Media General/Lin Digital? Hyfn? Lakana? (the former IBS and Inergize websites) All it seems to have produced is some new websites for the group and squandered any other opportunities to expand digitally. If they should learn anything from Sinclair, it's not to rely on cable and satellite to build your audience, and try and squeeze the pennies out of the digital end. At least WGN/NewsNation is minimal in value compared to the albatros
  19. If all of the "Tegna-fication" is rooted in these allegations, then they certainly need to be undone. And if this damaged the company's value, then there needs to be a change of ownership. Get new people in there who not only can run the business effectively, as well as re-tooling the product back to it's core audience without patronizing to a particular group. A lot of us here can't stand the Tegna approach to local news, but these comments put a new stain on it that's deeply offensive to what could be their core audience in many places. It works in places where the
  20. Ouch! Especially why they claim to be using their current music and purple in their graphics.
  21. A fringe network with fringe views setting up shop on a fringe tv channel. Best to let the free market work on this one.
  22. Definitely well produced. It was probably around the same time Osborne was still on the charts with his "You Should Be Mine (Woo woo)" song. These TV station promos always seem to have a TV in the right place, at the right time! (usually with the logo, but that's all planned out, for sure!)
  23. Here's a documentary about the WAFF fire and their return to broadcasting in the weeks that followed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwO1cCY3xKQ They were owned by AFLAC (long before the duck) and their sale to Raycom years later. Seing all that had to go into rebuilding WAFF's facility so many years ago, we can only hope that Allen Media brings them up to par and gives them the edge to do their jobs and do them well.
  24. Logo or not, WJLA's problems are well-rooted into the damage that Sinclair inflicted on them. Whatever worked in Columbus, Ohio will not work in DC. WJLA's best days were definitely with Leon Harris and poaching WUSA's Gordon Peterson and Maureen Bunyan. WJLA's "On Your Side" goes way back to the mid 80s and the Klein&/Jeffrey Osborne campaign. Someone finally got a high-quality copy of the promo and posted it to YouTube. And yours truly purchased on ebay one of the 1,000 records they distributed at the end of the campaign. I'll try and post the audio
  25. Usually it's either an antenna or a feed from the local cable company. Some stations have had to pull some acrobatics when companies like Comcast/Xfinity went full digital and were only wired for the old analog service. I've seen one that created it's own in house system of cable channel modulators that had their own decoder box for a particular channel, so TVs in the station could tune to that channel. Newer solutions may be more IP based, so they can deliver a better picture to the source.

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