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  1. If they do, I cringe at the thought at what they would call it. Or maybe they'll come to their senses by then...
  2. Their current set is basically the same FX one all the Media General stations had in the 2000s, except built new again with Television Park 2.0?
  3. CoxPollo perhaps? Although WGCL would have been out of the question unless they wanted to unload WSB...
  4. Sinclair has been names to the Fortune 500 list for the first time. https://sbgi.net/pr-news/sinclair-broadcast-group-named-to-fortune-500-list/ In the 1000, Nexstar is about 60 steps below and other groups like Gray, Tegna, Graham and Meredith make appearances as well. Of course, the media giants like Comcast, Viacom and Disney are much higher on the list. Here's the 2021 list: https://fortune.com/fortune500/2021/search/
  5. Here's a variant probably no one remembers, or has ever seen before. This was after Kinney National (a conglomerate, not the old shoe store) bought them after the Warner Bros.- Seven Arts era. Corporate scandal ensued soon after and the round "W" from the 70s and 80s came to be. Speaking of conglomerates, why don't they get back into the media business again? Fun fact, the Kinney Shoe store was bought by FW Woolworth, and they started Foot Locker in 1974. Flash forward to now, and Foot Locker (and their sister stores) are all that's left!
  6. Cleveland's TV stations have had interesting histories. I don't know if WNBK started in the former East Ohio Gas Building (it was home to when it was sold to Westinghouse and became KYW, and re-sold back to NBC as WKYC). It was it's longtime home until Gannett built their digital broadcast center in 2000-01. WEWS originated in the Women's Club of Cleveland before getting their current home at 3001 Euclid Avenue in 1956. WXEL/WJW originated in Parma at a small facility at their transmitter, before Storer moved them to the former Esquire Theater in Downtown C
  7. Why not just ditch "Discovery" altogether? Take a note from all of the failed combinations of the past....
  8. Besides KOKI/KMYT and KLRT/KASN, did Clear Channel ever operate any other "Metroplex" facilities where they had all of their Radio & TV stations, along with convention/event space? (usually in a re-purposed big-box store like a former Sam's Club) KOKI/KMYT still operates in the space, although after the sales to Newport and Cox, the Cox radio stations eventually moved in while the IHeartMedia stations moved out a decade after the ClearChannel breakup. KLRT/KASN was absorbed into KARK/KARZ's facility after Newport sold the stations to Mission and turned the operations
  9. WATE in Knoxville operates out of the historic Greystone Mansion. It was built in the late 1800s and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Some offices are in the mansion portion while most of the operations are in an addition behind the mansion. They shared ownership with WBAY by way of Nationwide Communications, all the way until Media General. Nexstar opted to keep WFRV and WBAY was divested to Gray while WATE contiunes as a Nexstar station.
  10. It seems odd since they're still on their temporary set, almost like their plans were interrupted midstream. (Parts and labor shortages could be a real possibility) Plus with other Nexstar stations getting upgrades, it reeks of poor planning and just being low on Nexstar's priority list at this point. If they would have known this ahead of time then why would they have rip out the old set? Unplanned interruption hopefully is the case of that rather than changing up things mid-project
  11. What's taking them so long? Trying to sell the station again? Bueller? Bueller?
  12. Both the set and graphics go all the way back to LIN launching both when they went HD in 2012. Around the same time, (then) sister stations WLUK and WALA went HD with sets from FX. WDTN stayed in the fray all the way into Media General and Nexstar, while WALA split to Meredith, and WLUK split to Sinclair when MG merged with LIN. Due to their proximity to WCMH, I wonder if they'll get the NBC look or opt for the KOIN package? It will probably be another one of those "corner" sets they've been launching left and right....
  13. Sure did! https://youtu.be/2-rfCnW5VlE Here's the Robin Williams bit from one of his albums. https://youtu.be/EXC6LclzQsE The character even appeared in several episodes of Mork & Mindy.
  14. Ernest Angley ministries posted a tribute to Rev. Angley on their YouTube channel. Some highlights of the young Rev. Angley when he was at his prime... A man who not only smoked, but smoked reefer... https://youtu.be/tKqilT6VHXs?t=1041 Ernest going on a healin' spree in India.... https://youtu.be/tKqilT6VHXs?t=7441 Much of the footage predates his time at WBNX, but pretty much paints the picture of the Rev. Angley most of the world knew (and Robin Williams parodied) before his ministry became embroiled in scandal and stories of
  15. I believe the original arrangement with the CRTC was for Superstation WTBS to be carried, and when TBS separated from WTBS, the TV station was kept and no new arrangement was made with the CRTC for the cable channel. Probably a sim-sub/syndex issue since other Canadian channels have rights to the shows they carry. I think the same goes for WGN Chicago and WWOR New York. Only the broadcast stations are carried and not their superstation counterparts (WWOR-EMI is long gone and Superstation WGN/WGN America is now NewsNation)
  16. I get the gist of what they're trying to say, basically trying to make Kelly Clarkson the program of choice at 3pm, once Ellen goes off the air. Coupled with stations that either air news or Dr. Phil at 4, it's a time slot that seems safe enough not to be taken over en masse by newscasts at 4pm like when Oprah Winfrey ended her show. Here in Mobile-Pensacola, Kelly Clarkson was on at 4pm on WKRG in 2019, but moved over to sister station WFNA at the same time for this season to make room for WKRG's new 4pm newscast. Ellen got bumped to 3pm in 2007 on WEAR when they started a 4pm s
  17. Hank Price, a media consultant and former GM of WVTM in Birmingham and WXII in Winston-Salem weighs in... He mentions in his last job (WVTM) that he fought against the practice despite the competition embracing it. Do any Hearst stations have any pay-for-play content whether it's sponsored vignettes or paid lifestyle programs? Probably the worst ones are the "Local Steals and Deals" pieces produced by a company called Knocking. The Meredith stations pretty much directly put these in their newscasts usually leading into a break, and other groups including Sinclair, Mo
  18. Same thing goes for me on Locast. I'm a paying member (aka donating to a good charity) so I've been watching WGN while i'm "in Chicago." I can see why the news got taken down from WGN America and is hard to get OTT. The licensing they have to deal with is probably VERY expensive and the only way to make it work is to make it Chicago-only through OTA and cable/satellite. Lots of music and clips in their newscasts. But it is spot on and the show would not be the same without it.
  19. Good to see WBNX is still going strong. As long as they remain profitable and are getting decent viewership, I don't think they'll be sold off any time soon unless someone makes them an offer they can't refuse. And with all of the shows they have due to the market being the way it is, any future owner would keep things status quo.
  20. Outside of San Francisco (and maybe Sacramento), Pacific Time in the TV landscape is basically the same as Eastern Time? (with network news at 6:30, Access hour at 7pm, Primetime at 8, Prime news at 10 and late news at 11?) The temptation is there for sure to mess with the feeds and air things earlier if they can... Arizona is even wackier since they don't follow DST...
  21. I guess after you factor in trying to merge the movie studio side of it....that would be messy. At least with Disney and 21st century, it was really only those studios whereas Viacom has Paramount and any other studio that CBS or Viacom has their hands on... Trying to combine with Warner Bros would be a mess.
  22. Viacom is another that is looking to merge, so if it ends up joining forces with Warner and Discovery, it would bring in CBS, add in the other half of the CW, and essentialy reunite the original MTV Networks with Warner, who launched them with American Express until that partnership was dissolved.
  23. I'm not sure it's been mentioned here but since the CW is now programming Saturday nights, that means that the affiliates will be getting back the 2 hours of programming the network uses during the week. So that frees up some room for at least 2 more displaced talk shows or some more half-hour syndication. Would come in handy in a place like Cleveland, should WUAB bother to get something worthwhile to put there.
  24. Absolutely. Maybe the furthest they can go news-wise is some of their InvestigateTV content. With all of the Gray content, there's lots to work with, including The (insert area) weekend and Circle TV.
  25. With all of Gray's plans for Atlanta, it will be interesting to see how WPCH is handled. They have the potential to turn it back into the superstation it once was under Turner, now that TBS is literally just another cable channel. Given the original content and what's to come out of the "studio city", PeachtreeTV could morph back into at least a regional superstation that could expand distribution through OTT, and if it's successful enough, cable and satellite (but I'm not holding my breath given the NewsNation debacle)

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