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  1. Originally, WEAR in Pensacola had Ellen on at 4pm. Then in 2007, they started their 4pm show (several years before it was the thing to do when Oprah ended) bumping Ellen to 3pm. I wonder if Sinclair would dare attempt a 3pm newscast? Do they still have one in West Palm? If so, maybe they'll finally shorten the 10pm to normal length and air Jimmy Kimmel "Live"? I think they're the very last ones after the other ABC affiliates dumped their hour-long 10pm shows.
  2. A perfect metaphor for all of the Ernest Angley scandal in the past decade or so, yet Ernest Angley never even owned it! On a clear day, that tower can be seen for miles....even from the Ohio Turnpike crossing over the Cuyahoga Valley.
  3. Here's the timeline of WBNX, based on an article from Akron Beacon Journal...on June 30, 1985. The OCR is here, but it's messy. (Sammi here, adding a proper clip.) to sum it up... - Rex Humbard was the original applicant for Channel 55, and wanted to launch WCOT-TV (Cathedral Of Tomorrow) from the "tower" on the property of his complex. It was never finished, and WCOT never made it to air. - In 1980, Rev. Amer Shab petitioned the FCC to launch a new channel on Channel 55. He got a CP in 1984, and ran out of funds early in 1985. That was when E
  4. I'd like to know as well ... The 1999 WLBT package looks very similar as well. I'd almost say that it has a VDO vibe to it.
  5. The only thing worse than a bad open is one that pastes bad, out-of-place graphics on elements that are obviously canned. I've seen similar bits of the "STRAIGHT AHEAD" and "PLUS" that WTRF used in their 1997 look. Were they part of the package that had the bank of monitors that flew across the screen?
  6. LONG before the movement, I think they actually DID call their secondary MeTV network (that only aired in Chicago) this!
  7. For the record, I would like to show the structure known as "Rex's Erection" To the left is Grace Cathedral, and to the right is the WBNX studios/offices as well as the former Cathedral Buffet. The round building is a senior apartment building that may have originally been developed by Rex Humbard as he was developing the site. On the top is what's left of the State Road Plaza. The section north of Portage Trail has already been demolished (the dirt pile), so this picture is probably circa 2009-2010. The tower was started in the 1970s and topped out
  8. Even WQHS seems out of place. The only reason they became Univision was because of the package deal with USA Broadcasting when they sold out. Byron Allen seems out of place for them, even though WBNX airs several of his shows. He's focused more on major network affiliates and I don't see the others budging any time soon, maybe if he gets hold of Tegna eventually.
  9. Not to mention they also have a sizeable presence on YouTube, and an "online bible college". Hopefully the internet absorbs this one. I'd imagine the flock has been declining for years and that the property would have better use for commercial purposes. They still have the original "Grace Cathedral" in Ellet/Lakemore as well. I think even the WBNX building (with the former Cathedral Buffet) original use was a a short lived discount store in the 50s-60s, while the former State Road Plaza across the street was new and exciting. Maybe even the owner of "Rex's Erec
  10. WBNX does have dearth of programming because 3,5 & 8 have so many local and corporately-owned shows on them, plus the fact that the CW ended up on WUAB, so the market would be really under-stationed if WBNX were to go away as an independent. Worst case scenario, WOIO could convert 19.2 into My19 or something, and buy up all of the programming. Given how WUAB is on the same frequency, some subchannels would have to go away should they want to make it HD. Maybe keep Circle but Bounce and Dabl would be moved elsewhere. Isn't Dabl still on WQHS?
  11. As mentioned in the Winston Broadcasting thread in corporate chat, the Rev. Ernest Angley, owner of WBNX-TV and Ernest Angley Ministries has passed away at the age of 99. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2021/05/pentacostal-televangelist-ernest-angley-dies-at-age-99.html At one time, his Ernest Angley Hour could be seen across the country on various TV stations on Sundays. He followed in the footsteps of Rex Humbard, buying his former megachurch The Cathedral of Tomorrow and used this complex to eventually establish WBNX-TV. WBNX, once a sleepy independent station
  12. MeTV is the only Weigel network not on WBNX. They carry all of the others (Movies!, StartTV, Decades, H&I). Plenty of room should they get MeTV and the new secondary network planned.
  13. Well, looks like TVBD did the others I was looking for including WTHR, WOIO/WUAB, and WSBT. Was the original WOIO "nineteen" package a work of TVBD or just John Christopher Burns? And at what point did he leave TVBD?
  14. That's probably up to the board that now controls the church and WBNX (set up while Angley's health was failing). It's seems more likely now that Ernest has passed and it was the same story when Rex Humbard resigned from his own church in the 80s (moving to Florida), setting the stage for WBNX (originally owned by another related entity and purchased by Angley) and the later purchase The Cathedral of Tomorrow and related entities soon after. Easy duopoly bait for Tegna, Scripps (since Inyo owns WVPX and WDLI) or Nexstar. Or it could be sold to someone like Marquee or
  15. Well, I guess it's their prerogative to run Tegna as status quo for the time being. Now if the company gets into financial trouble somehow and the shareholders and creditors revolt, then that's a different story. Maybe if Standard General coughs up "moral objective"...cough cough enough money to make them an offer they can't refuse.....clearly it wasn't enough to do the trick this time around.
  16. Some that come to mind: VDO - They did the original 2000 WFLA package that was later adapted to the Media General stations before the Giant Octopus one they originated for HD. They also did the 1999 "News Center" package for WSYX and WTTE. Later they did some of the former Emmis stations including the 2003 packages for WVUE and WALA. EQ Vance - they did the updated WWL package, and later in the 2000s, they did the WEWS HD package that was also used on WVUE pre-Raycom. I'm curious who did the "Balls and Walls" package, as well as the company that did th
  17. Well at least when James Spann is on doing severe weather at the top of the hour, he used to rattle all the legal IDs off at once without a hitch!
  18. Same thing could go with Master Control in Atlanta, unless Gray has hubs of their own that already service their stations. I would think Gray would choose to build on this rather than making each station their own again.
  19. WEAR still has theirs as well (complete with the fish tank from the old set). They're probably due for an upgrade in the next several years. Over in Mobile, WPMI's set is nearing a decade. It was a Devlin set put in by Newport Television, much like the one installed at WHP in Harrisburg, also a Newport station at the time.
  20. Shouldn't be an issue, as long as KPHO is below the top 4. Univision and Telemundo rank highly as well pushing the English language stations into duopoly territory.
  21. Never. That ship sailed a long time ago. Even if it was a viable possibility, it was back before Meredith owned channel 17 and WTBS was the "Superstation" that brought TBS to the rest of the country. They'd go "CBS Atlanta" before anything since there's no real reason (technical or perceived) to move frequencies. It's been there so long on 46, that trying to change it would be more harm than good. That's why we still have ABC 33/40 while in fact it's ABC 58/68.2/17.2/40.2
  22. Yep. The property and buildings are owned by Meredith. I would imagine Gray gets them in the sale and any other Meredith assets based there would either move or lease space for the time being. It's also a Master Control hub for pretty much all of the Meredith stations. Below is from the Fulton County GIS viewer:
  23. Weigel's dominance could be in question if station owners opt to choose their own in-house options over their programming. This is especially the case with many Nexstar stations that acquired MeTV under prior owners (mostly Media General). In many places, Weigel starting their own stations is helping, but the diginets coming under ownership of the channels that run them could hurt Weigel in the long run. Also, stations are literally maxed out with diginets, unless they get carved up even more, resulting in worse picture quality. It's almost like some of them have to go OTT to ser
  24. I'm hoping this will be a positive for WGCL. Much of their trouble has been directly related to Meredith's management of the station ever since it was traded from Tribune. Having company headquarters and their investment in Atlanta hopefully is a major positive and some incentive to really bring this station up to flagship standards. WPCH could also be raised to a higher standing, much like Ted Turner did when it was WTBS. WOIO? It's seemingly been cursed from day one going all the way back to Malrite and the switch to CBS. If gray is not going to put the legwork into making
  25. I'm glad this deal is finally a reality. Now here's hoping that Gray undoes all of the damage Meredith did over the last year just to try and keep the lights on. Mainly with all of the carnage in creative services being hubbed out to Nashville. One of Nexstar's first orders of business was to close down the MGFX graphics hub under Media General and move artists back into the stations. Gray's always seemed more of a locally focused company with their advertising, so that's another opportunity to grow revenue.

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