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  1. And now, it's come to this. Diamond has been ordered to cough up the rest of the money it owes to the affected baseball teams, or they must forfeit the rights to carry them. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/37776665/diamond-sports-group-ordered-fully-pay-twins-guardians-diamondbacks-rangers%3fplatform=amp So basically Diamond Sports is getting no relief whatsoever from the bankruptcy they filed? Ouch!
  2. Ironically, Akron's basketball team is probably the best sport they have. As for the rest, it proves your point exactly. The school actually cut their baseball team a few years back, and they've actually debated about dropping out of the Mid-American conference to go FCS. They're one of those schools that falls short of ticket sales, so they have to buy up all of the unsold tickets just to maintain attendance standards to be an D1 FBS school. And to actually watch Akron, it's usually buried on ESPN+ (along with the rest of the MAC) while Stadium truly airs more of the FCS teams and conferences we've likely never heard of!
  3. Another wrinkle.... According to Nexstar's 2022 annual report, their CBS affiliations are only under agreement through June of next year. Sinclair's NBC affiliations are only good until the end of 2024. With CBS losing the SEC after this fall, CBS is going to be far less valuable to WKRG than it's been in the past. Even with the NFL, its the AFC while the New Orleans Saints are primarily on FOX and WALA. WEAR is locked into ABC until 2026 and will be the new "home" of the SEC (along with ESPN) beginning in 2024. After seeing what happened to NBC after WRAL picked them up (worst to first), Nexstar and WKRG may jump at the chance of landing NBC. The bigger get may be getting Sunday Night Football and the Today Show, along with the NBC Nightly News. As for CBS, if they're fine with landing on WPMI.....they would get more programming time in the morning, TPIR, Y&R, B&B, and they would get way more NFL games than they do now, plus better sports on the weekends (minus the SEC)...and they would be fools not to bring back a noon show, which is usually a CBS station's meal ticket to win a time slot (thanks to TPIR/Y&R). Of course, Gray could still pull for CBS or NBC as well (as a .2), especially if landing CBS was tied to a bigger deal that kept WANF as a CBS affiliate.
  4. WALA already has a 10:00 p.m. newscast five nights a week, but they don't have a 6pm. If they landed NBC, they could add a noon and a 6:00 p.m., and simulcast the rest from Fox 10 outside of network programming.
  5. They compete side-by-side in a lot of markets where Sinclair made cuts (Mobile, Gainesville, Toledo, Columbia, Macon...now that they have WPGA) and some staffers may have simply crossed the street if they had an opening. I know that one of the departed meteorologists from Mobile got a chief job at WGXA in Macon.
  6. Roughly calcluating....20 hours of content at 10mbps of H.264 compression is about 10GB. That's about the size of a tiny USB drive or SD card people can get for less than $5.
  7. Makes me wonder if Nexstar or Mission is trying to fill out their presence in the top markets. They would have to play the "mission" card if there was a full-powered station they wanted to get their hands on. Otherwise, they could stumble onto a Class A station, which Nexstar could acquire outright, and if it was part of a channel sharing arrangement with a full-powered station, all the better. If such a station existed in Atlanta, there's your new CW station right there.
  8. This is sickening. Just more of the content owners trying to take control of their own content, so only they can own it and the viewers can only watch it the way the owner wants them to. The viewer is going to prevail in the end. It's how VCRs came into play. And with the right amount of ingenuity and legal standing, The viewers are going to find a way to have control of what they receive on the air.
  9. Even though it was almost 30 years ago with the New World-Fox deal, these stations really had to scramble to fill in some of their dayparts after losing either NBC, ABC or CBS to FOX. Even moreso, if they turned down the Fox Kids block (which most did) and sent that to another station. For about 4 or so years, WJW in Cleveland had an afternoon sitcom block from 1-3pm. Shows included were All in the Family, Barney Miller, Laverne & Shirley, Family Ties, The Odd Couple, and The Jeffersons. They were all past their runs, so it was cheap and easy cash syndication. At the time, it was a way to see a show I hadn't seen in years, as well as being the first time I've ever watched AITF during my summer breaks. By 1998, this block was gone and FOX had secured more syndicated talk shows to fill out the schedule.
  10. Strange that not even the CW O&O's (the Nexstar stations) opted to keep things going on their stations. And Nexstar being Nexstar, that the CW STILL has an app? (a holdover from their prior owners...for sure!) I guess those LOCAL ad dollars made all the difference...
  11. That's right....Scripps had the Katz networks before they bought ION. Some of the stuff just blurs together anymore.
  12. The irony in that is TruTV in itself. They didn't want to be "Court TV" anymore. Enter ION, and they bring it back! So now, you have a TruTV clone...
  13. Someone please tell me this is real life, and not Byron Allen taking TWC to lower lows than Jeff Zucker.... (checks TV guide to see if this is for real real, and yes, it is!) For anyone asking WTF....here it is from my own YTTV guide
  14. Newton Minow, the former FCC chairman who once coined television as a "vast wasteland" has died. https://tvnewscheck.com/regulation/article/newton-minow-former-fcc-chief-who-dubbed-tv-a-vast-wasteland-dies/ During his time, he championed the passage of the All-channel receivers act, mandating that all televisions had the ability to receive the UHF band, as well as helping lay the groundwork for NET and later, PBS. The "S.S. Minnow" on Gilligan's Island was coined after him, in jest to his "vast wasteland" remarks. A minnow being a small fish, helped to make the name stick.
  15. More like a clone of "Cheddar News"....dumbing things down for Gen Z.... At least it's not as ill-conceived as the TBD network....that's like trying to surf the internet on a landline phone.
  16. With Nexstar owning the CW, they may be in play to have drawn the short straw. With the implosion of the RSNs and the explosion of local news content, both are DVR-proof programming that can thrive on broadcast TV. Basically with Nexstar calling the shots at at the CW, they put themselves at a serious disadvantage without major investment from their former majority owners. The netlet era is over, unless Nexstar can find gold. So far it's a controversial golf league and an albatross news network. If they were smart they would be pursuing the soon-to-be available sports leagues that the RSNs can no longer afford. But of course the problem in all of this is retransmission revenue. The programming is so expensive so it's going to come back somehow... Likely in the form of a blackout come renewal time.
  17. Gray renewed all their current CBS affiliates in the fall of 2021. However, this was before the Meredith merger and those stations are likely on a prior agreement.
  18. Gray's stock price has been dragging the last month or so. Could it be that their now-hometown flagship station is in imminent danger of losing CBS to WUPA? When WISH lost CBS to WTTV, it took out several million dollars from the value of LIN's stations going into Media General.
  19. I really think there could be some .2 situations, especially in Nexstar markets where they don't already have the CW.
  20. Philly, SF, Seattle, Tampa and Sacramento all have Nexstar stations that could snatch up the affiliation and put it in house. In Atlanta, this could be another step in CBS moving off of WANF and onto its own station. If they started a news department from scratch in Detroit, they could very well do the same in Atlanta with a "Digital-first" mentality. And if such a move ever happens, WANF or WPCH could be the new home of the CW in Atlanta. It'll be sad if WPCH got it because that would basically be the end of the WTBS to WPCH run as a superstation and local Independent. Another group to watch will be Sinclair, All of their CW affiliations are up this year as well. Which could make it interesting in places like Pittsburgh where you would think a station like WPNT would snatch it up.
  21. Technically, Sinclair only provides services to both WNBW and WGFL under a master services agreement. WNBW is owned by MPS Media and operated by New Age Media, and WGFL is owned by New Age Media. Back in 2013 Sinclair tried to acquire them, but there were too many conflicts in several of their markets, so they worked out in an arrangement to where either service agreements were started or non-license assets were moved or acquired. This is how the FOX affiliation moved from WDSI to WTVC 9.2 in Chattanooga as well as in Tallahassee where it moved from WTLH to WTWC 40.2. It's basically a complicated spiderweb so Sinclair can be involved without owning the stations outright.
  22. It's taken this long, but Sinclair is hell bent on turning themselves into the TV version of IHeartMedia. They say that TND is powered by the journalists across the nation at all the Sinclair stations, but where is this reporting? It's basically a ruse for all of Sinclair's "correspondents" to be in one place at one time, spreading all of their reporting at the expense of actually providing useful local information.
  23. Since CBS is taking their local news channels to the digital realm, the opportunity for viewership is much greater than if it was just a TV station. Many of the viewers are probably going to be coming this way, and because of their investment in this, it makes sense to put it on TV as a side-effect...to provide a valuable service once and for all for the long-beleaguered "CBS Detroit" Basically, any TV viewership is likely going to be eclipsed by "impressions" or hits on the digital side of things.
  24. I've only seen the CW stations added so far, and these don't even include the .2 ones in places like Jackson, MS, Greenville, NC and Charleston, SC.
  25. I believe they have a previous arrangement to carry all of Nexstar's CW stations. Now when is YouTube TV going to carry the rest of Nexstar's stations? (Independents and MyNets)
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