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  1. Having a network of sister stations is a plus, but the amount of money the Wolfe Family historically spent on the TWO stations is probably close to the money Tegna puts into ALL of their stations, COMBINED.
  2. I know the "WSB tonight" and others are Cox's doing. But to the average Atlanta viewer, it really looks like WSB is caving into Tegna's Tom-Foolery....despite the obvious gap between the two ratings-wise.
  3. It's been a long while since I've seen an analog TV station on the air, but several weeks ago, I picked up some of the "franken-fm" stations that broadcast on channel 6 and can be picked up on 87.7 FM. Those are the most affected at this point, it seems. Most cases, they are essentially programmed as FM stations with a video "slide" that makes them a TV station. Back in the day, it was the added gift for a full-powered station on Channel 6 to let radio users tune in as well. Since Low-VHF is the least desirable for DTV of any kind, why not keep channel 6 for analog use? The dua
  4. Sad and shocking news for sure, only several years after longtime anchor Dave Baird retired.
  5. Doesn't the "Alive" branding go back to the Combined era?
  6. Another long-time renovation was WEWS back in 1998. It was part of a studio swap and overall renovation to their station, especially their newsroom. One of the sets had an open view to their newsroom. The news portion took the larger space while the other studio became home to It's Academic (Academic Challenge) and the Ohio Lottery drawings they produced at the time. It was pretty seamless, since they were able to re-purpose their existing 1995 set until the new one was finished. The only noticeable difference was when they did weather cut-ins for severe weather, it was clearly
  7. Hopefully any of it left rubs off on the rest of the group. Still a travesty how WBNS and WTHR were swallowed up by them. As for WXIA, yes it is a nice improvement.
  8. Makes sense, especially since WTTW bought the station's assets after the spectrum was sold. This way, there's only one license. If WYCC was still a separate station, they would have to find another station to share with, correct?
  9. ....and while Sinclair is pushing their OTA "Stack", they're readying an attempt to create a streaming service for their RSNs... https://nypost.com/2021/06/10/sinclair-raising-250m-for-new-sports-streaming-service-sources/ The cost is projected to be $23/month for a viewer to watch a team in their own territory, and possibly a way to watch out-of-market teams for a little more $$$ down the road. Bring it on, it it's going to help kill the bundle and stop the runaway bills thanks to sports.
  10. Yeah, KWGN is a hot mess with the same package as KDVR. Agreed that the Nexstar FOX look is a major downgrade on all of the former Tribune stations, so hopefully stations like WJW and WGHP never get it. And seeing what's coming out of Little Rock is why the FCC put a stop to having one company control FOUR stations in one market. Little Rock and Mobile/Pensacola got lucky. Other deals have had to get creative with sub-channels and low-powered stations to pull it off.
  11. Waycross is Jacksonville, the Tallahassee/Thomasville DMA reaches all the way to Clinch County, GA. It's oriented more eastward with Tallahassee on the western part. Time zones perhaps? West of the market is Central Time.
  12. Given the area, there's been so much churn with Gray & Raycom, at least now the dust has settled. With Gray dumping their flagship WALB to Liberty, to Raycom, displacing WFXL to Barrington....and back again to Gray displacing WSWG to Marquee. Tallahassee too, since WCTV's sale to Gray forced the sale of WALB under the old contour rule, and later Raycom's WTXL being sold to Scripps because of the GrayCom merger...
  13. Moving the COL of WSWG to Moultrie actually assigns it to a city that's in the Albany market. Valdosta is located in the Tallahassee - Thomasville market, the station itself used to be a semi-satellite of Tallahassee's WCTV (licensed to Thomasville) until it was spun off to Marquee in the Gray-Raycom merger.
  14. It also said that Sinclair now totally controls Comet and Charge, and that MGM looks to be out of the picture, especially with their impending sale to Amazon. Jukin Media has operated TBD for a while now. I still don't see why TBD is an over the air broadcast diginet. If anything it should be exclusively OTT. They also didn't mention anything about Stadium, so it's hard to tell where it sits in Sinclair's plans especially now with the Bally's RSN venture. If anything it should be used as a tool to lure viewers into the RSNs and make them available DTC to the non-ca
  15. Parts of that particular building predate WALA-TV, going all the way back to the early 20th Century. After WALA moved out to a purpose-built building near the I-10/I-65 junction in 2002, the building remained largely vacant until Springhill Medical Center opened a clinic in part of it. Hargrove Engineering purchased the building to move part of their operations to, and added a balcony to the portion facing Government Street. Ironically, WPMI-TV used the balcony to broadcast Mardi Gras parades from during Carnival Season, much like WALA was able to do when it was their station!
  16. I have to wonder if WJTV watering down their newscasts to serve Hattiesburg and WHLT is having any effect. Gray & Raycom having WDAM and WLBT as both dominant stations in their markets basically sets up the situation to begin with. WJTV has had a lot of turnover especially after Nexstar got them. Some of which left for rival stations in the market (with behind the camera personnel). At least Bert Case got a little more screen time on WAPT after he "retired" from WLBT. Set-wise, although WJTV got upgraded several years ago, it's been though the wringer with their
  17. Is WAPT still firmly in 2nd place ahead of WJTV?
  18. If they bring on Jerry Seinfeld to host, I'm good with that!
  19. If they do, I cringe at the thought at what they would call it. Or maybe they'll come to their senses by then...
  20. Their current set is basically the same FX one all the Media General stations had in the 2000s, except built new again with Television Park 2.0?
  21. CoxPollo perhaps? Although WGCL would have been out of the question unless they wanted to unload WSB...
  22. Sinclair has been names to the Fortune 500 list for the first time. https://sbgi.net/pr-news/sinclair-broadcast-group-named-to-fortune-500-list/ In the 1000, Nexstar is about 60 steps below and other groups like Gray, Tegna, Graham and Meredith make appearances as well. Of course, the media giants like Comcast, Viacom and Disney are much higher on the list. Here's the 2021 list: https://fortune.com/fortune500/2021/search/
  23. Here's a variant probably no one remembers, or has ever seen before. This was after Kinney National (a conglomerate, not the old shoe store) bought them after the Warner Bros.- Seven Arts era. Corporate scandal ensued soon after and the round "W" from the 70s and 80s came to be. Speaking of conglomerates, why don't they get back into the media business again? Fun fact, the Kinney Shoe store was bought by FW Woolworth, and they started Foot Locker in 1974. Flash forward to now, and Foot Locker (and their sister stores) are all that's left!
  24. Cleveland's TV stations have had interesting histories. I don't know if WNBK started in the former East Ohio Gas Building (it was home to when it was sold to Westinghouse and became KYW, and re-sold back to NBC as WKYC). It was it's longtime home until Gannett built their digital broadcast center in 2000-01. WEWS originated in the Women's Club of Cleveland before getting their current home at 3001 Euclid Avenue in 1956. WXEL/WJW originated in Parma at a small facility at their transmitter, before Storer moved them to the former Esquire Theater in Downtown C
  25. Why not just ditch "Discovery" altogether? Take a note from all of the failed combinations of the past....

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