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  1. IMHO, the new ESPN graphics are too big and clunky. especially the scorebox. They should have kept it in the corner like they've been doing the last several years. Even FOX with their football graphics has made theirs simpler by centering it in the lower third of the screen, but not taking up the entire width.
  2. I thought WLBT was on Channel 30. Down in Hattiesburg, WDAM originally had channel 28, but they were able to move to channel 7 once WLBT vacated it. It still is that way today with no issues, and they even are receivable in my neck of the woods when the skies cooperate. 28 ended up on WMAW (PBS-MPB) in Meridian, after having to move from 44 during the repack. I used to get WLBT on 30, but it was overruled by the local PBS station (WEIQ/APT) that also moved to 30 during the repack. Biloxi and New Orleans were failed attempts to VHF on their original channels for WLOX and WVUE. WLOX was particularly short-spaced to Baton Rouge (WBRZ) and both stations had many complaints, so they switched back to their original DTV alottments of 39 and 29. WVUE is still on 29 while WLOX made the early switch to 32 at the behest of the buyer of their spectrum in the area....I believe it was TMobile?
  3. All politics aside, this is a risky move, especially when it involves a sitting president who is up for re-election. Even if it is a stunt, the implications could cause a problem with the FCC regarding political candidates, and even set off Trump's team of lawyers for mimicking his "brand" and the "Make _____ Great Again!" Now if they've done their homework and do things "by the book", then it's a brilliant move on their part. It would have to be like a giant PAC ad that states their responsibility for the content they are airing. Otherwise, it's a dangerous move they've made and if they screw something up, it could be their license.
  4. TVNewsCheck has a breakdown on how Gray is providing newscasts and coverage for Lake Charles while KPLC is down... https://marketshare.tvnewscheck.com/2020/09/21/gray-tv-stations-response-to-louisianas-strongest-hurricane/
  5. Either way, there is blood on Jeff Zucker's hands. Trump aside, he still nearly destroyed NBCUniversal during his tenure.
  6. Studio 10 is primarily a pay-for-play show, but they have added some news and weather updates, along with the "soft" news to fill in the gaps. However, the hosts are both involved in the morning show Good Day Gulf Coast, which is softer than the two hours that precede it (it used to be 4.5 hours of straight news). It's basically your typical 7-9 Fox affiliate newscast, with softer news...the only thing it lacks is the "around town" reporter doing live shots. Chelsey Sayasane is also the morning traffic reporter, and Joe Emer anchors GDGC along with longtime anchor Sarah Wall. It does sort of blur the lines a little, especially when Joe is hosting a "paid" segment. In terms of station sales, much of them have been outright sales over the past several years, save for a divestiture or two to comply with overlap or getting under the limit. The last true "breakup" of a group was probably Newport Television, who split their properties between Sinclair (and Deerfield), Nexstar (and Mission/other shells), Cox, Shield (a Young/MG shell), and Fisher (who wound up under Sinclair shortly thereafter). Was it taxes that caused all of these groups to sell outright and largely intact? Meredith may have some stations that may sell better individually than as a group, so if they get really desperate, that could be a possibility to make a quick buck.
  7. The timing was especially bad in Mobile, as Hurricane Sally came through the area on Wednesday, and coverage of the aftermath continued into yesterday. Much of the area still does not have power. FTVlive reported that a reporter was let go, as well as an engineer and people in Creative Services. They opted to pre-empt Studio 10 for additional news coverage, hopefully it wasn't a result of the layoffs likely going down.
  8. Meredith is reeling from the COVID pandemic and it's effects on an already dying magazine industry. They may be worse off than Media General was a decade ago since there may not be a savior in the wings like Warren Buffett to buy away the money-losing print publications. At this point, the company is going to have to cast off their TV stations to keep the lights on for a quarter or two, than it's likely going to end up in bankruptcy, and probably an auction of the remaining assets.
  9. And yet another Scripps station with the 70's set....WEWS's clone WPTV. Even down to the logo animation. The only difference is the "Action News" and "Part of your Life" theme.
  10. What a weird past couple of days. What was supposed to hit New Orleans eventually took it's good old time stalling and drifting, shifting from a weak Cat 1 to a strong Cat 2 and back and forth and finally ended up hitting Gulf Shores, AL as a strong 2. Sunday & Monday, the New Orleans stations were wall to wall, expecting the worst after Laura hit the other end of the state. Then it began targeting Biloxi, and they kept TOH updates (while WXXV barely covered it outside of newscasts) Then yesterday, Mobile was the target, and their stations started extended (but not quite wall-to-wall) coverage. They really didn't begin continuous updates until last night, when it was supposed to be a weakened storm. This morning, it raged into Baldwin County, AL and Pensacola with strong winds and flooding rain/storm surge. 16 years to the day of Ivan, some saying this storm was worse (and Ivan was a Cat 3!) WEAR, WKRG and WALA have pretty much been wall-to-wall since last night, WPMI went until noon. Likely a side effect of being co-owned with WEAR and Pensacola getting the brunt of the storm.
  11. Remember the seemingly never ending fight between AT&T and the Sinclair sidecars last year? Well, the FCC has upheld that the parties failed to negotiate in good faith, and each station could be on the hook for an almost $500k fine. https://www.nexttv.com/news/fcc-proposes-dollar10m-in-first-ever-retrans-negotiation-fines
  12. It seems that Meredith is indeed using the "effects" of COVID-19 to clean house of their older and more experienced (cough cough expensive cough) talent. And they were just getting their groove on after their last set of management that pulled the plug on his co-anchor several years back, among other cutbacks and issues at the time. Wasn't he the heir to Dan Miller's throne?
  13. At least WCMH has the luxury of multiple studios. I was last there in 2008 when they had their Media General set. In the other studio (the larger one IIRC?) they had the remnants of the prior set, the hand-me-down from WAVE they got in 2003. Tegna getting WBNS was another blow to that station seeing all they have gone thru. The Wolfe Family was known to drop serious dollars on that station and their employees, and now, they have a company like Tegna that is treating WBNS like an expansion team with farm talent being shipped in from a smaller market. And the color choices of the package. At least WCMH made purple graphics look good in the 1990s in the waning Outlet days and their change into an O&O....
  14. Was their last set a serious re-working of their prior one? IIRC, the changes actually happened under Media General before Nexstar got them.
  15. Not bad, I was originally expecting the look that WFLA got, but at least the NBC package got used on another of their NBC affiliates. The ball is really in WCMH's court to put out a stellar product to keep up with WSYX and overttake WBNS now that they've caugh the 'itis from Tegna.
  16. Watching their storm coverage now. It looks HD. Although through online viewing, (and watching prior to today for the past several months) it's harder to tell if the online compression is making it look below HD, or if it's really high quality standard definition. So this means that WGNO should be fully HD by the year 2029? Maybe WVUE goes 4k in 2027.
  17. Found another station that also used the same set WMC used until 1986 and WEWS used until 1981. KTVK in Phoenix. Back then, it was owned by Ernest McFarland's group (later MAC America Communications), whose family and heirs would run the station until its sale to Belo in 1999. The intro and music is much like the ones used by several of the Outlet stations (WCMH, KSAT) and Storer's WAGA. I have to now wonder if the set was another designer outside of Scripps and the package used was syndicated at the time.
  18. Sooner or later, WSYX is going to become the #1 station in the market. Because Sinclair has been pouring money and talent into the station for years, while WCMH has been trying to recover from Media General, and now WBNS is just another hopeless Tegna clone. I have to wonder if Jym Ganahl really retired from WCMH.....because it seemed he came right back to WSYX when his non-compete expired.
  19. I've said it a thousand times, these are Gray's stations to have should the TV side split from the publishing side. It's a clean merger aside from Flint/Saginaw, and there are so many shared platforms (mostly from Raycom and some with Gray) that fit like a glove, not to mention filling in some major gaps in their coverage. Perhaps with the pandemic, it will lower the value enough that a company like Gray can easily purchase or finance to acquire the Meredith stations.
  20. Meredith is considering changing their corporate charter, so they can consider splitting their TV interests and their "national" ones. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/11/meredith-is-looking-to-split-up-company I agree with Scott, it could signal that they are looking to sell something eventually.
  21. Well darn.....here I was hoping they would select someone else other than Nexstar to run their station But really, should this be a surprise to anyone? We saw this coming a mile away.
  22. They definitely need it more than anyone. Aside from KDNL, this has to be the most maligned ABC affiliate in the country. But then again, there was WPTY/WATN. Nexstar worked wonders for them and yet they are still the basement of Memphis television even with the freefall of WMC and the surge of WREG and WHBQ, with the latter being some simple TLC and getting back to basics under Cox. There is still the possibility of how WATN will fare under Tegna now that Nexstar traded up to WREG. What works in Nexstar's favor this time is their sheer size and resources they can deploy in any given market. WPTY got a hand-me-down set and control room from a station they gutted and merged in Little Rock, and Nexstar was still considered "cheap" back then. After getting Tribune and Media General, it is a much larger company that is taking a much more dedicated approach to the stations they have. It is a mountain, even how far WWL has fallen. WVUE is the new market leader and has the ability to compete where their competition does not. Something WWL had stripped away from them. Agreed
  23. Remember the anchor who thrust his side-hustle in to the spotlight by defying state orders not to open his dine-in restaurant back in May? Well guess who's been off the air for the past month after catching COVID-19?
  24. It's a Devlin job, who did many of their sets going back to when they first went HD, as well as some second-generation ones like WSYX. Love the hybrid on the graphics, it looks so much better than the Helvetica. WOIO would look so much better with those lowers.
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