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  1. Likely, the affiliation agreements in place will be status quo for now, but when they expire, they could terminate their deals with competitors and help themselves to an instant O&O in any affected market. They would be foolish to drop any "big 4" affiliation, unless their fortunes really tank between now and then. DOOL and DWTS moving to streaming could further accelerate more scripted content leaving broadcast for streaming.
  2. Birmingham is not too far from Huntsville, home of Baron Services, the other major supplier of broadcast weather systems next to IBM (WSI/WeatherCentral/The Weather Company). It was founded by meteorologist Bob Baron, who worked at WAAY and WAFF in the 80s and 90s. WBRC also uses Baron products including their VIPIR radar. WTVA has always punched above its weight for that market size. It's been a trailblazing station going all the way back to its founder, Frank Spain, who literally built the station by hand (the equipment) back in the early days of television. It's good to see Allen Media keeping the station above the pack.
  3. Another Kelly Clarkson replacement for Ellen... WEAR in Pensacola is putting it in Ellen's old timeslot (3pm). WKRG's sister station WFNA ran it in daytime (after WKRG cast it aside for a 4pm newscast) and ran it on WKRG as well late nights after the Late Late Show.
  4. If Larry King was still with us, his infomercials would have higher ratings!
  5. That, and helping out their Gulf Coast stations (WJHG, WALA, WLOX, WVUE) if a tropical storm or hurricane were to strike, especially if one was knocked off the air.
  6. With the return of J-P Dice to WBRC, they will now have SEVEN meteorologists on staff. Likely the most out of any station in the southeast region. https://marketshare.tvnewscheck.com/2022/08/08/wbrc-birmingham-adds-familiar-face-increasing-meteorologists-to-7/ IMHO, they should have stayed at 6, it would matched their channel number. And lest we forget down at 33/40, where one reigns supreme over all...
  7. WNEP is doing what avid fans of the station have done for years.... They're uploading old newscasts of theirs to YouTube, and even featuring them on their OTT feeds! I don't know if "Talkback 16" went back that far, but it would be interesting if it did!
  8. This move could produce a single digit barrage of calls to the local NBC affiliate, when it finally goes away. The same number are the ones who light it up when DOOL is pre-empted by some kind of NBC News special report or local weather warning.
  9. Considering that KVVU did not start doing regular newscasts until 1998... that's a long way from the initial half-hour 10pm show they launched back then. Fox must have lit a fire under them to get a newscast going, because the way Vegas was growing, it was likely one of the largest markets without a Fox station airing news at the time.
  10. That seems to be the new trend emerging at the news-intensive stations that don't have to deal with network programming at the time. WGN Chicago goes from 4am-1pm central. Any other station exceed that time, locally? Only 1 hour of that is devoted to lifestyle programming...Daytime Chicago, from 10-11. Might be a good time filler on some former superstation of theirs, but alas....
  11. That's a very visible location, located next to a Top golf facility and the junction of I-77 and I-480. Hopefully it's something that can put them on-par with the other stations in Cleveland. I believe all of the iHeart stations are in a nearby facility as well. I don't know why they ever decided to move from the WUAB studios that used to be on Day Drive in Parma. Whatever short-term benefit of that site being used for retail space is long gone...
  12. An update...the midday news will be at 11am-noon and Studio 10 will be 2 hours from 9-11am beginning on September 5th.
  13. Fun fact: Perry Sook and Matt Lauer both worked at WOWK in the 80s. Sook was an AE, and Lauer was a news producer. https://www.nexttv.com/news/sook-builds-broadcast-powerhouse-105694 Years later, Sook would own the station through Nexstar's purchase of Bray Cary's West Virginia Media. Maybe NewsNation is holding out for Bill O'Reilly too...maybe as a last ditch effort before pulling the plug?
  14. Million dollar idea here....to fill in the late night hours. Pillow Talk with Mike Lindell!!!! Not only does it give him a platform to spew his views to an interested audience, it's also the perfect opportunity to sell off all of those pillows that all of the other stores cancelled their orders of! You're welcome, Uncle Perry. This will be ratings gold!!!!
  15. Meanwhile, Nexstar is still forcing their affiliates to have their footage credited as "NewsNation" when sent to their respective affiliate news services. Case in point, the deputy who was shot in Clark County, Ohio...the footage was likely shot by WDTN. Will it ever see the light of day on NewsNation itself? Or is it just another way to boost the ego of this "news" operation in it's futile quest for more viewers?
  16. Bozo the Clown can't even save this channel... ...unless we see where he really stands on the issues.... If Krusty the Klown was a republican....
  17. The simple solution is that Imagicomm (INSP) takes on any more Cox stations in markets where Tegna already has a presence. Although there would be places like Atlanta and Charlotte where the Tegna station(s) would be more likely to be cut loose....
  18. I think I see a pattern here... Remember FLNewscenter.com? Way back in 2005-ish, someone posted a bunch of WJHG and WMBB opens/intros to their page. Well, WJHG raised holy hell, and all of the content was pulled off the page due to threats of a lawsuit for copyright infringement.... At that time....their primary anchor AND news director was.....Tom Lewis.
  19. Technically, yes, but they also own all of the other major affiliates in Lima, as well as stations in Louisville (WDRB/WBKI) , Springfield-Decatur (WAND), as well as the Toledo Blade, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Buckeye CableVision in Toledo. At one time, the Zanesville Publishing Company (same as the Littick family?) owned WTAP in Parkersburg for about a decade, before selling them to another local entity that sold them to Benedek in 1980.
  20. Unless you count WCPO as Scripps' hometown station, this leaves WFMJ as the only major network affiliate in Ohio that is still locally owned and operated. And it's an even rarer breed of a station that is still owned by it's founding family and a one-off operation that has never bought any other stations in other places.
  21. ...Or Nexstar is trying to kill off the network. After her disastrous stint on Megyn Kelly Today, all she has to do is say the wrong thing, and she can be the scapegoat...er...savior and WGN America will be back so fast, Bozo the Clown and Matlock reruns won't know what to do with themselves....
  22. Sadly, like most places, Nexstar's "corner set in a box" is worlds better than what the competition has. I present the "Gray-hound" station over in Panama City Beach.... And as evidenced by their graphics, anything would "bee" better! So, um...I preesent thee, um next star set in the uh, box. I can only hope and pray that the original version of their article used some kind of auto-transcription from a sound byte, and wasn't actually transcribed that way manually. Although it would be funny to [sic] it up!
  23. Well, the new set is here! Anyone want to take a guess what it is before I start posting pictures?
  24. Man, that's sad. Jon Loufman is a fixture of Cleveland TV. I think he's been on every station (starting as a fill-in meteorologist) before getting permanent roles on WKYC and WOIO. He just comes off as a likeable person, so what's not to love about him?
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