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  1. My sources tell me it could be WEEKS before operations are back to normal at these stations. It sounds like the affected computers are rendered worthless and have to be replaced outright. When you factor in what runs on these and their ties to the network, it may as well have been a bomb that went off and destroyed everything in it's path. The only usable parts are the systems that were "off the grid"...basically any computer or device that was either turned off or not hooked up at the time. How many days was Cox down? This could be devastating to Sinclair.
  2. Another side-effect of the Sinclair troubles....this time at WEAR. Their 10pm newscast at WEAR is usually an hour long and postpones Jimmy Kimmel Live! to 11pm CT. Because they presumably cannot air tape-delayed programming, they are forced to air Kimmel....."Live" , or in patten at it's intended start time. Even the ABC local bug trigger is working!
  3. What I said earlier was a prior failure several months earlier at the hub affected programming at the time, and had nothing to do with today's issues. Basically the tweet that was posted was the result of only being able to air a raw network feed. No ability to playback local content from the servers or be able to switch it in.
  4. Sounds like they are only able to air the raw network feeds. A telltale sign of that for NBC is that when a local break is supposed to happen, you'll see black, then a color-changing NBC peacock with the occasional NBC sounder.
  5. In Mobile/Pensacola: WEAR is in their 10pm newscast without breaks and graphics. Lots of weather segments and national packages (clearly being played from YouTube as you can see the play controls pop up in the beginning) As soon as the news was over, the station went to the Charge! feed. WPMI is in Sunday Night Football...may just be the network feed from NBC. WFGX and WJTC are both in the Charge! feed. Normally it's WEAR 3.3. All of the subchannels are up and running, except for Dabl on 44.3. They had a pretty bad local meltdown a
  6. Looks like the new set is up and running. Looks like they pulled a WKRG and re-tooled the existing FX set. They basically put up a bank of vertical monitors, and got a new desk. You can see parts of the old backdrop in the back. Meh. But than again, Meredith is about to be out of the business anyway, so any improvement is a plus. I guess I was expecting more seeing the other Meredith sets launched in recent years. The shots below are all that can be seen...it looks like it launched this morning on their 7am show.
  7. Usually the rule of thumb is when something runs a little over is the 15/15 rule. If it's before 15/45, truncate to the bottom or top of the hour or join in progress. If it goes over 15/45, the program that runs over will fill to the top or bottom and either the pre-empted show is shifted to that time, or the regular schedule resumes. Key programs may air shifted until a later show is joined in progress.
  8. An update.... For some reason, I decided to give WKBW a watch tonight online. And they are STILL using the "circle 7" everywhere! In their opens, for their news bug...it's like it never went away. The only time I saw the new logo was on a promo for their app. Are they having second thoughts on switching? Or has 7 Broadcast Plaza really turned even more into a giant dumpster tire fire that grows by the day?!?!?!?!?
  9. A brilliant plan. Sell off a station to another owner, only to let them wither away enough to buy them back when it falls below the threshold of owning multiple stations.
  10. Watching now. The set is amazing, and light years ahead of anything else in that market, even WITN's ill-gotten attempt to move themselves to Greenville a few years back pales in comparison. Love the treatment on the logo. It works fantastically, and is almost an evolution of their late 90's variant when the "9" they have was introduced. Even ties in their old look with the slant to it (their WCPO-like logo)....see below. I'm not 100 percent on the use of purple (especially in the bug with the blue and gold supers), but it's a nice accent. Purple is a hard colo
  11. Here's an old commercial for "Racquetball of Mobile", the original tenant at 661 Azalea Road, which later became the home for WPMI and WJTC in Mobile, and still is today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWvnWaOI8O0
  12. Too bad KFBB is not a Gray station. It would be perfect! Let us "BEE" your #1 station! (and yes, this was actually their logo at one time)
  13. I could see Amanda Barren resurfacing at either WCHS or WOWK. Lots of former WSAZ people, whether they left on their own terms or fired for cause have crossed the street. Given Sinclair's past "bias" and the general consensus of politics in West Virginia, they would throw money at her when she's free and clear to jump over. And if the only reason was because of the vaccine, well, you get the idea. While not related, lest we forget Tom McGee, who's antics didn't stop him from going from WCHS (first DUI)....to WOWK (lawsuit and bad behavior)....back to WCHS (second dui), and resu
  14. I know we are hearing of all of the carnage from high-profile Gray employees getting released. I wonder how the rank-and-file is holding up. Didn't Gray already disclose that a large number of their staff was already vaccinated? We may see a lawsuit or two down the road, especially if they were advised by their doctor not to take the vaccine for a legitimate medical reason. But the latter is probably your typical anti-vaxxer who's thought all along this is all a big hoax and this is the greatest infringment of their rights in this country's history. And a few months
  15. Add another to the Gray "purge" of the unvaccinated. WLOX morning anchor Meggan Gray. https://www.nola.com/news/coronavirus/vaccine/article_f61820f8-26dc-11ec-aa15-33268bc4d722.htmlhttps://www.nola.com/news/coronavirus/vaccine/article_f61820f8-26dc-11ec-aa15-33268bc4d722.html
  16. And most likely, Amanda Barren of WSAZ. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/10/6/gone-missing-in-west-virginia If she resurfaces in Charleston-Huntington, either Sinclair (WCHS/WVAH) or Nexstar (WOWK) could grab her. Given the current state of politics in West Virginia, it seems like its only a matter of time before WSAZ's uber-dominance there comes into question.
  17. Another brilliant move by the idiots running WKYC studios. Give away the lead in to Saturday Night Live to WOIO by making them the ONLY newscast available at the time! (College football is on ABC and WEWS's 11pm show is often delayed because of it during the fall) This makes the pilot of 20/20 seem like award winning journalism. And that was a widely ridiculed bomb at the time. Seriously, Channel 3's (I refuse to call them anything else at the moment) slogan needs to be "Hold My Beer".
  18. Hopefully the latter. Likely the marketing people up the ladder of Gray have taken the reins and are ready to bring down the new look and branding. The look they have now just screams "interim" because of it's unholy mess of old and new elements.
  19. Considering it's origins as the site that the station moved to after their devastating 1982 fire, it's amazing that it has lasted this long, even as technology has gotten smaller and allowed for more space to be used in a smaller space. Here's a link to a documentary that shows the fire, the aftermath, and the transformation of the space into their current facility. https://youtu.be/JwO1cCY3xKQ?t=746
  20. Hopefully this means the end of the 2010's era FX sets as they are nearing a decade. They just seemed cheap at the time and aged even more poorly.
  21. When WHNS joins the fold, that will add Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina as well. Gray may as well add a digital presence in Raleigh/Durham to fill out the rest of the state. And they could do a much better job in the Triad than Sinclair does with their so-called "local" news being piped in from San Antonio. Those moves fill out both of the Carolinas right there and how Gray can compete in markets they aren't in already.
  22. If NBC really wants to get something out of this, they should allow their paying Peacock customers free access to the channels they're taking away from YTTV. I"m a YTTV customer, and these are key channels for why I still even pay for TV, so this one sort of hurts. I think Google is going to cave in and eventually offer a Peacock option.
  23. I just hope Gray isn't planning on switching ALL of their stations to this. Hopefully another package is waiting in the wings for some of the others? You just have to wonder what WVUE is going to end up with.....and when.....
  24. Hopefully it's a Z Space set, but given the tortured two years Meredith has been through (and about to be sold), hopefully it was locked down on paper before all that happened. Maybe a nice parting gift by Meredith to the station before Gray takes them over. Sort of like how Tribune FINALLY re-did the WJW set right before the sale to Nexstar.
  25. Taking it back another step, I believe the "First Alert" design in itself was an FX/Giant Octopus thing back when many stations were going HD and getting new sets. A similar "Storm Tracker" graphic was used on WALA's 2012 HD set, but never used on air. This was back when they were LIN. However, over in Biloxi at WLOX, they used the "first alert" (and still do) and it was part of their look both on set and graphics. Bottom line, Gray and Raycom ran with it, and it's like a part of them. A decade ago, much of Gray's on air looks were basically small market ripoffs o

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