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  1. And that in itself is a weird clone of the WEWS/WPTV Circle 5.
  2. Here's an old KYW (Cleveland) logo...looks kind of similar, doesn't it? According to Logopedia, this was the second logo after the Triangle 3 logo that Westinghouse introduced when they "moved" to Cleveland. It wouldn't be until 1963 that KYW got the "Westinghouse Treatment" complete with font and all. Two years later, the swap was nullified and NBC came back to Cleveland and Westinghouse went home to Philadelphia.
  3. The monitor array upgrade certainly added some more usefulness to the existing set and made it seem less dated. I'm looking forward to seeing what they get.
  4. Well, the last logo had a good run and evolved pretty well over the last 25 or so years. I remember the "We're building our station around you" campaign which literally featured shots of the logo being designed and physically crafted... Now all I can think of are elevator buttons, pool balls, road signs, and however else this logo sucks. I don't even think an NBC peacock could save it. So much talent in that building over the years with all of the innovation and breaking the mold and putting out a quality product. Then came the broken fax machine, and their best efforts to work around it. Ever since C Clarity hit the air, it was only a matter of time before the product was trashed.... I can only hope that Russ Mitchell ends up hosting the CBS Evening News (like he should have years ago) when their latest effort flops, yet again....and WKYC will hit the basement again like they were pre 1994......
  5. Oh. My. Gawd. Someone please tell me this is a placeholder logo, like what WTOL did a few months back. 3 Ball makes Lottery Ball 5 tolerable in comparison....
  6. CBS 19 News with Denise Dufala and Gretchen Carlson. Lasted about a year perhaps? This was after Emmett Miller left and before they hired Kevin Cokely. Jack Marschall would later add WOIO's newscasts to his WUAB duties until the great Action News blowup of 2002. Was this after Bob Hetherington left? IIRC it was Charlene Brown and Yolanda Harris?
  7. It's one thing to blow up the last place station that no one watches anyway. That way News With A Twist can exist peacefully amongst good and semi-decent products. In Tegna's case, they've taken successful stations (and a cellar dweller or two) and driven them into the ground (further) with their "forward thinking" WKYC and WWL were once decent stations (WKYC was finally clicking after DECADES of failure) to have been fixed to death by Tegna....
  8. So is WKYC getting a circle 3 logo or is this sarcasm? Dead serious here. I don't know what to think anymore from whatever comes out from Tegna these days....
  9. Those names are so bad, I couldn't express my thoughts in words, so I give you this....
  10. It's almost like the current WKBN package in shape, without all of the 3D stuff in the background, but with more thought out fonts to it.
  11. One would hate to think if Dispatch was blindly allowing this to happen, especially if he was doing this at work. Dispatch may have had a less stringent, more permissive IT policy where people could figuratively "get away with things" whether it would be watching YouTube, playing games in downtime, or the latter. Anymore, IT has become more stringent over the years and when Tegna was working on implementing their policies, they could have uncovered something suspicious... That's saying IF he was doing this at work.....that would be a major, stupid risk at ANY workplace, no matter the policy.....
  12. This Mike Davis saga will have a more lasting effect than such past indiscretions as Jym Ganahl's addiction to painkillers and the Angela Pace incident when she flipped the bird between topical tapings and a still made the air during programming. There's no chance of him working again in TV, especially if he's convicted and sent to prison.
  13. Bottom line, if you're a recognizable personality in a trusted position, it comes with a certain level of morality and responsibility that is often mandated by your employer. Even in a weird case (like John Bolaris), that was still a situation he could have opted not to have introduced himself into..
  14. DirtyHarry already mentioned this in the Tegna/Dispatch thread, but this shocker deserves a mention here as well.... https://www.10tv.com/article/10tv-meteorologist-mike-davis-charged-child-pornography-2019-sep This comes after Davis regained his Chief Meteorologist title after the death of Chris Bradley, who unseated him back in 2006, sending him to mornings. This, Jerry Revish retiring, and Tegna now owning Twin Rivers Drive could send 10TV into the ratings toilet.
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