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  1. Don't give WGRZ any ideas! But that would be a massive improvement for WKYC though.
  2. Part of the problem there may have been how much they let the whole station tank, all while "MCTYW" and their so-called "Circle 7" was made front and center. By no means is Buffalo Philadelphia, and even Scranton/Wilkes Barre. At least both of them put out a QUALITY newscast, which happened to have this signature theme (or successor one in WNEP's case). When WPVI tried to change it in 1996, they had lots of longtime viewers, so lots of longtime viewers revolted, and it was switched back. As for Buffalo, it was lipstick on a pig. The station got worse and worse, and i
  3. Unreported in this thread up to this point. But remember how they had a General Manager opening a few months ago? They now have one. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210914005878/en/Nexstar-Media-Inc.-Names-Lloyd-Bucher-as-Vice-President-and-General-Manager-of-Its-Broadcast-and-Digital-Operations-in-Charlotte-North-Carolina So expect things to be status quo a little while longer. Hopefully this is the last piece of the puzzle, and any transition into the new look and branding is well coordinated between Nexstar and the new GM. Then again, his
  4. Considering this station's tortured history under Clear Channel/Newport, and Nexstar "copying and pasting" the WKRC branding AND graphics package (despite the fact they went to Sinclair in the Newport breakup), I actually like it. The ABC 24 they had before they became WATN was an abomination, along with how the station was run before then. Will it bring them out of last place? Probably not, but at least it stands out from the other stations in the market, at least logo-wise. WREG's (NewsChannel 3) logo is blah, WMC's logo is pushing 25 years (even with the recent updates)
  5. A major public radio merger in Northeast Ohio is about to take shape. Ideastream (who owns WCPN 90.3, WCLV 104.9 and WVIZ-PBS) taking over NPR station 89.7 WKSU which is owned by Kent State University. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2021/09/wksu-wcpn-deal-approved-by-kent-state-combined-npr-station-to-operate-at-897-fm-starting-in-2022.html The plan is to have WKSU as the sole NPR station for Northeast Ohio, with 104.9 to act as a Cleveland-area repeater. It's now the successor to 95.5 WCLV, once a commercial classical station. It moved to 104.9 in 2001
  6. Media General simply traded up to WPRI/WNAC for the same reason NBC dumped WJAR in the first place....it was a solo station without a duopoly opportunity, (and one of their smallest markets at the time). Even though it was a heritage station, the allure of having a grandfathered duopoly persuaded Media General to sell out. I believe it was part of a trade between Sinclair & Media General as well. Maybe when WTTA was traded to Media General after being Tampa's lone Sinclair property?
  7. WOIO did tweak their lower thirds slightly... This is a screen grab from their web video, but the left bleeds off the screen and the "19" bug covers the right end. The new Gray Ticker is right below the lower third.
  8. And yet, the cable channels have turned their programming into obnoxious billboards for their marquee programs. It's like they're ENCOURAGING people who still pay for linear cable TV to dump it so they can watch the same shows on-demand, without all of the visual clutter. With OTT and future 3.0 developments, I think we'll be seeing a lot more graphics originating on the devices themselves instead of being keyed on the main feed. Hulu used to (still does?) this with affiliate logos on ABC programming depending on where it's being watched.
  9. They've joined NBC by putting it on the lower left side of the screen. But agreed, it is tiny. It gets lost on the screen. If someone is watching it on a low-bandwidth feed it gets obliterated by the "blocking". Seeing it now on "CBS Mornings" I think it lines up with the new graphics, but still, it's dwarfed by everything else on the screen. Normally I'm not a fan of oversized logos on the screen, but this is the CBS EYE for Pete's sake!! Put it back to the size it was!!!!
  10. Related to Ted Phaeton moving up I-85, it's an easy move. If his contract and non-compete was only in-market, then him moving to Charlotte is fair game. Some contracts factor in signal contours in terms of non-competes (and distance). They're usually DMA-related though.
  11. If that was the case, they would have ditched the "7" altogether, ala WRTV. This station has been a trainwreck for a LONG TIME. Even Scripps is going to have to put some elbow grease in to try and dig them out of the basement.
  12. Gaffney (and Cherokee County SC) are part of the Charlotte market, correct? (no longer the case....were they ever?) Since it's just east of Spartanburg, there's probably a lot of cross-viewership there. South Carolinians want their SC stations (and WLOS), and Charlotte is just a stone's throw away. Belmont (WJZY's COL) is even closer since their facility is in Western Mecklenburg County and Belmont itself is just across the Catawba River in Gaston County. I know WMYA is relayed on WLOS for the Western NC viewers, but they don't do the same for WLOS on WMYA.
  13. It's not a bad logo in itself, but it throws away decades of tradition at WKBW. It may look good on KMGH though. Their logo looks more like a refined version of the Cap Cities variant that made it to 1980 (without the "Denver's" on it) And while they're at it, can they add the "6" to WRTV? Could be a pattern now at Scripps, all they have to do now is take the "5" out of the lottery ball at WEWS.... But dear lord if they ever mess with WPTV....or WXYZ... Ok ...tangent over.
  14. Well, after decades, and even more decades of failure (under Granite and Scripps), the logo has finally been Scripps-i-fied. Not even the traditional variant was enough to make them a factor again https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/9/6/the-circle-7-is-dead
  15. I see your point. Usually any set change is part of a new graphics package, and even the trifecta of a new brand as well. Some places do them all at once in a well planned move, and others happen in stages. Some cases a new graphics package just shows up one day, especially if it's a corporate one mandated by the owners.

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