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  1. We've seen the occasional station....like WOAY that abandoned their longtime channel number and PSIP mapping in favor of their digital allocation (channel 50). Well, as of their repack date, they have had to abandon channel 50, and they are once again....branded as channel 4! A definite improvement over their prior logo!
  2. Surprised that WGNO didn't opt for "Mardi Gras with a Twist".... Meanwhile over in Mobile, the "real" home of Mardi Gras, WPMI and WALA went with 4 hours of coverage from 10 to 2, and WKRG did their annual 9 to 5 coverage.
  3. Back in 2012, when WABB in Mobile was sold to EMF, the call letters were done away with in favor of WLVM. They also had an AM sister station that was later sold with the same calls, but they ended up going away. It was a heritage CHR station that ended up back on it's same frequency several months later through a set of swaps with Cumulus and EMF between Mobile and Nashville.
  4. When you multiply that saving across hundreds of WRDS, not to mention the cheap talent, inbred programming, and god willing, the coffee (or lack thereof) and ply of the TP....
  5. I'd like to buy a vowel..... Maybe Tegna is saving money by cutting them out.... Oh wait....
  6. And it was Bob Dyer at the Akron Beacon Journal that brought the scandal out into the open, and that's when the other media outlets began covering the story. This was back when the Beacon was its own paper, and before it was sucked into the Gatehouse-Gannett behemoth. Ernest Angley and his church have always been local fodder, even though the most visible sign isn't even owned by him...the unfinished tower that Rex Humbard wanted to build.....locals refer to it as Rex's Erection . Had it not been for the New World deal, would WBNX have ever been a factor in the ratings? WUAB needed to dump a network and WBNX was in the right place to take it. Otherwise, Silver King could have snatched it up for WQHS, or even WAKC could have been made into a factor instead of it being PAXxed... Getting the Fox Kids programming, the WB, and overall doing a better job than WUAB of running a station than Raycom put WBNX on the map. It still benefits from every other station in town dumping shows for their own inbred efforts, but the operation begins to crumble.... someone's going to need to step in. And given all of the negative press the other outlets have levied on them, would WBNX refuse to sell out to them or vice versa? It may take an FCC do-over to see the station live on under someone else's control.
  7. About time! I wonder how much longer until WSAZ gets a new Gray graphics package. They got a new set last year. And now that I think of it, The NBC Collection lasted nearly JUST AS LONG as Signature on WSAZ! Signature was from 1993 to 2006 and NBC Collection was from 2006 to earlier this month. It just seemed dated since the Balls & Walls lasted a good decade on WSAZ before they refreshed the look in 2003.
  8. I'm surprised there are stragglers like WSAZ that haven't switched BACK to Stephen Arnold. The way they used Signature before the great SESAC disaster of 2006 may have qualified it for the KOTA/WIVT award for longevity....
  9. I'd say that the seals are not being shown either because the meteorologist (or forecaster...) ISN'T certified to begin with, or has let their certification lapse. And given the state of the industry, the less-experienced and less in it for the long haul will not even bother to become certified. There are two types of AMS seals, the traditional kind (with the ams in the tv-shaped box) and the CBM kind (where it says AMS CERTIFIED in a square box). AMS no longer offers the old AMS seal, but lets sealholders keep them if they don't lapse on their dues. They only offer the CBM seal, which is more stringent and requires more professional developement. Those who have them deserve to show them and it's often in their contract that their seal be shown on-air. As for the NWA, I'm not too familiar with them, but they seem to have a less-stringent membership policy. Having a seal is more credible than your station being "chosen" by WeatherRate for having the most accurate forecast! Now that's a scam if there ever was one....
  10. The next chapter in the Ernest Angley saga is due to unfold in a Common Pleas Court-run mediation session. https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200213/grace-cathedral-former-minister-face-off-over-sordid-accusations?fbclid=IwAR37R35Gvm_GSy02J15ZyH8uQ5YKUpl-CUAbfc0hkUq67dteIlLXORzs580 Disturbing and sickening details aside, the accuser wanted to oust Angley or be compensated for his damages. And of course, the cult...i mean Church is standing behind Rev. Angley and his flock. He is now almost 98, and will not take part in any depositions due to "age-related maladies". In fact, the church has been run by a board of church-members since last year due to Rev. Angley's deteriorating health. Now let us pray that this situation comes to an end and someone other than a ministry or infomercial purveyor ends up with WBNX.......
  11. Cleveland was also home to Scripps' first newspaper, The Penny Press, which later evolved into The Cleveland Press and was run by Scripps until 1980. Two years after it was sold, it shut down. Shortly after the foinding of the Press, Scripps also started The Cincinnati Post which evolved into their flagship newspaper. I'm not exactly sure when, but at some point in time, Scripps moved their headquarters to Cincinnati. The Post long outlasted the Press, shutting down in 2007.
  12. I seem to remember WEAR in Pensacola had a similar statement when Peter Neumann was their news director. And this was well into the Sinclair era. It was posted on their website and may be archived on the way back machine. He left in 2006 to become News Director at WPTA in Fort Wayne. Even for years after, WEAR seemed to have a more balanced approach to news...it would start to change into the early 2010s right before Sinclair also got their hands on WPMI in Mobile as well. He worked with Tom Scanlan who founded WGTU/WGTQ in Traverse City along with later signing on WBKB in Alpena. Tom was even a General Manager at WEAR for a time, under Heritage's ownership. UPDATE: Here's a grab from the wayback machine.... http://web.archive.org/web/20050211074348/http://www.wear3.com/ Click on "News Director FAQ"
  13. I like it too. If only WEWS had something like it, it would take away some of the pain of "lottery ball 5". WCPO is their flagship, and WEWS was their founding station. They need TLC like this in the worst way.
  14. WVUE is in a VERY good place right now. They are essentially the #1 station for the first time ever after Tegna had trashed WWL and WVUE can do the things that WWL can no longer do on WWL. WDSU is a solid runner up, and well, sooner or later Nexstar will figure out what to do with WGNO.... Hopefully when change comes to WVUE, it will be a good one graphically, and the effect will be minimal in their on-air product. Over in Biloxi, even though the WLOX packages is a major downgrade from what they had before, they still dominate that market and make WXXV look like the 5th place station in a 2 station market.
  15. Jeez....at least the other two networks are in 1080i that carry the Super Bowl, so there's less "conversion" involved....the interlacing is not as bad as the outright scaling of the picture down to 720 while keeping the same frame rate. I had two sources to watch the game live on....WALA in Mobile and WXXV in Biloxi/Gulfport. WALA has 3 other subchannels in SD, and WXXV has two others in 720p. I used to complain that WXXV had an AWFUL picture quality trying to broadcast two 720p streams and a 480i (FOX & NBC and CW). They've since made CW HD and the encoding has made all three streams much better. I just hope we're not getting into a world where Broadcast TV loses the Super Bowl. It's so prevalent in our daily lives, it's like our tax dollars are paying for it!
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