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  1. So far, I've seen WDSU and WVUE primarily, along with some WAFB and KADN.
  2. You have to wonder how such a move could have an effect on the employees. If they were coming from Fayetteville to Fort Smith, it would be blessing to ease up the commute, and a nightmare for those who live in Fort Smith and now have to drive to Fayetteville. If they're somewhere in the middle, it's just a route change, give or take a few miles. I can see why they're moving up north, the momentum is in that part of the market.....much like how Decatur was the hub of North Alabama, then when Redstone and NASA descended on Huntsville, that city grew exponentially.
  3. And they were a Scripps-Howard station at one time (co-owned with the Commercial-Appeal) until they were sold to Bert Ellis in 1993. They even had the 1970s era set from WEWS in the 80s and the other standard-issue Scripps set that many of their stations used in the 80s.
  4. Thank goodness it's not AT&T, or that would knock out ALL of the Mobile affiliates, and leave only WEAR/WFGX, the PBS affiliates (WSRE & APT), and infomercial channels WFBD and WAWD on DirecTV. At least there's a warning about this. Dish seems like a good company anymore with all of the shenanigans AT&T is pulling on its customers.
  5. All of these talk shows just goes to show you how all of the other major Cleveland stations have cut back on their syndicated shows for newscasts or their other inbred efforts (cough cough Scripps, cough cough Tegna...)
  6. I hate to say this, but stations will take forever to fill something to save some money, and more than likely, to fill their own pockets with the saved money.
  7. I could go either way on this one. It's definitely a Gray package, but it looks decent and doesn't seem too derivative or too "plastic-looking" versus some of the other Gray efforts.
  8. Mobile-Pensacola's numbers could be interesting. WKRG could have gotten a bump from the Mel Showers retirement stories, plus it's the last book with Alan Sealls as chief meteorologist there. Soon after has been a whirlwind for the market as Mel Showers "retired", Alan Sealls left, as well as the month-long and counting impasse between WPMI/WJTC and AT&T, and now the Nexstar spat with them as well. WALA and WEAR / WFGX could see some gains since they are the only local channels still on AT&T systems in the area.
  9. I still think Gray would be the best suitor for Meredith, filling in major holes where they don't already have a presence (Atlanta, Nashville, Mobile, Greenville) and cementing their hold in the Southeast.
  10. Looks like it's only the Nexstar stations. I checked websites for WYTV and OzarksFirst.com. WYTV says nothing of an outage (so they're likely unaffected) and the OzarksFirst.com notification only applies to KOZL and KRBK, which are owned by Nexstar directly. KOLR is likely unaffected since they're a Mission station. In other words, the shells should be business as usual. It's the directly owned stations that are bearing the dispute unlike what's going on at Sinclair, where it's all of the sidecars....
  11. Cunningham, Deerfield (Manhan), Howard Stirk, and all of the other beard companies that run Sinclair's extra stations. Whether or not there's collusion between ANY of these groups, the fact that they are doing NOTHING to resolve this dispute is unacceptable. At least in AT&T's eyes, they are "working with Nexstar behind the scenes" to get their stations back. I'm not holding my breath, since it was Nexstar that created this game of holding pay tv companies and viewers hostage when they couldn't cut a deal.
  12. And now there was Nexstar and AT&T..... That's two more channels gone from my DirecTV service. Alongside WPMI and WJTC which have been gone for over a month now. And like the last one, little or no warning, and AT&T yanks the signal at a moment's notice. They can go to hell. This is the final straw with them. They are so gone when my contract is up.
  13. Gatehouse also recently purchased the Akron Beacon Journal, so along with their other Northeast Ohio papers (Canton, Alliance, Wooster, Kent-Ravenna and the associated weeklies) they have a very strong foothold in Ohio when combined with the Dispatch. They could easily pool all of their resources to cover the Mahoning Valley since they upped their sharing of content. Most likely, the T-C will expand their distribution to Mahoning County and become a full-market paper, maybe by acquiring the rights to the Vindicator name. They may have been able to sell the Vindicator if they kept up with the times a little more. It was my understanding that the presses were only modernized less than a decade ago, while other newspapers had made the same move 10 or so years prior. Now with WFMJ, the target on their back just grew exponentially, since they will no longer have a daily newspaper tied to them. I'll bet the Wolfe Family said the same thing when they sold off the Dispatch, only to sell their TV stations to Tegna a few years later...
  14. General manager Mike Brown said... "We have no plans, no intentions, no desire, no thoughts and no interest in selling WFMJ. Period." We shall see... It's sad they opted to shut it down instead of selling to another party.
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