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  1. And they should lose "Arial" in their graphics too But it's a nice improvement from before, even the set. It does seem a little bare, but it's worlds better than the prior paint job on the old one. At least WXXV has lower thirds again. Looks like they had a Chyron (or whatever CG hardware they use) meltdown and the old graphics are back, but a little different from before. Don't even get me started on their full screen graphics....
  2. Armstrong Williams points the finger at Duane Lammers, the agent most of these groups hired to negotiate on their behalf. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/howard-stirks-holdings-at-t-strike-retrans-deal A deal was only made after Howard Stirk used another negotiator and was able to work out a deal. Deerfield and Gocom Media of Illinois likely did the same. As for Waitt / Second Generation and Roberts, they're probably still in limbo under Lammers.
  3. WHNS perhaps? I think their set was originally designed for widescreen SD. It seems tiny and cramped, although it looks less washed out than it used to be. WALA's goes back to 2012, it was an FX job under Lin and refreshed in 2017 with their current graphics. Of course, there's Atlanta....why not blow them up yet again and give the old set to one of their more needy stations?
  4. Even stranger that their SSA partner KMTR was Sinclair-ized in the last go-around with the Curves package. Usually it's the other way around, but the transition was a little rushed since Newport sold KMTR to Roberts (and SSAed to KVAL), then Fisher was bought by Sinclair months later...
  5. If a station is moving from UHF to VHF as a result of the spectrum auction, does that change a station's weight in terms of ownership limits? If so, dumping KRON would be a good idea, that and WFLA and/or WJW would clear out a lot of cap space to get WPIX back.
  6. Owning is better than leasing. Especially if the owner has been there a very long time which means the building is most likely paid for and that's a saved expense right there. IIRC, this was the WKEF facility that later housed the combined technical and news operations for WRGT as well. The back-office functions were at the WRGT building a half mile away. When WBDT moved in with WDTN, their old facility in Miamisburg became available which Sinclair jumped on, allowing more space and the ability to host both stations and all their operations under one roof.
  7. From the looks of it, they're news and sports archives. Probably of little historical value (or poorly organized) and all of the important ones have been preserved by the station. From what I can recall, Buddy Kallick (of Buddy's Carpet fame) shot all of his commercials here. What I wouldn't give to see one of those reels.... What'd'ja say Buddy? I DON'T CARE ABOUT MAKING MONEY.....I JUST LOOOOOOVE TO SELL CARPET!
  8. Well, looks like the rumors are true in Mobile... (The button on the right is pretty much a dead giveaway)
  9. It's a good fixer upper for Nexstar since FOX put so little into launching it. But given Seattle, it wouldn't surprise me to see FOX re-enter the market years later by purchasing....wait for it.....WCCB and reverse the move they made 6 years ago.....
  10. Some of it depends on the show that precedes it. Usually a show wraps at 57ish past the hour, and instead of filling the time with ads, it's a race to see who is on the air first. Certain markets seem to have a "compact" in place, especially after prime programming and will not start their shows until the top of the hour, or even 1 past just so they can get some ad time in. I've noticed some differences between markets going out of their morning shows. All of the Mobile/Pensacola stations seem to go until about 58:30 and put in 90 seconds of ads. Biloxi and Hattiesburg fill the hour and go out right at the top to lead directly into the national morning shows.... Meters and code readers have definitely made the start times earlier and the A block much longer...got to suck in the viewer as long as possible!
  11. I'm getting reports that Mobile's WPMI and WJTC have been restored to DirecTV, so the impasse between Deerfield (and the other shells) & AT&T could be coming to a close..... UPDATE: Official confirmation from WPMI: https://mynbc15.com/news/local/att-and-directv-customers-nbc-15-is-back WHAM: https://13wham.com/news/local/directv-deerfield-media-reach-agreement-for-rochester-tv-market No word on KMTR and KMEG appears to still be off, as well, since they are separately owned but still run by Sinclair.
  12. Looks like they still have the old ticker....I know when WLOX switched, they immediately switched to the new Gray-style ticker.
  13. While they're making strides with the on air product and execution, The back office strikes again, and taketh away the company credit cards....
  14. Doubtful. They went from a station that ranked near the top of WB/CW affiliations to an independent station that has been increasingly overshadowed by a ministry rife with allegations of abuse and growing financial problems. I say it a thousand times, but the endGame for WBNX (see what I did there?) will likely come as a merger with Tegna or Scripps, or a group like Marquee that will leverage all of their subchannels and add even more....
  15. Many of "Cleveland's Own" have jumped on the gravy train of endorsements ever since they left the anchor desk....Tim Taylor, Wilma Smith, Connie Dieken, Jim Mueller and many others.... Some have been around so long they were allowed to endorse things alongside their news duties. Don Webster shilled for a bunch of things (since he was a weatherman and hosted Upbeat in the 60s) and even Dick Goddard did some car commercials in the Canton area in the 90s that only aired on WOAC-TV when they were a Canton independent station.... In Don & Dick's case, weather people weren't considered "news talent" back in the day, and got away with stuff like that, and so did many others across the country....
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