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  1. tyrannical bastard

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Well, if anything, the Talkback 16 segment will be a doozy when they do change the music. This is how the viewers reacted to the new graphics... We may not have the riots in the streets when WPVI DARED to change their version of MCTYW.....but we could have the start of a dumpster fire on top of Montage Mountain....
  2. tyrannical bastard

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    The tables have sure turned. Back when Nexstar was a crappy little company, I remember it being called "deathstar"....
  3. tyrannical bastard

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Cap space is why Nexstar dumped WPIX on Scripps. It gives them 6 percent of reach they desperately need for the Tribune deal, all while giving that 6 percent to a company like Scripps that can dramatically increase their total reach by doing so. Since it's a true VHF station, no discount applies. We may have another KRON-like station coming, but at least it could be temporary should the rules change. Otherwise, the moves are good for Scripps, giving KNXV a duopoly partner and getting some decent Tribune stations in the process. Tegna on the other hand, what the actual what? WNEP is the prize, but they're totally going to trash that station. Might as well load up the "death cue" of Cliff Schwartz's package (if there even is one). I have to feel sorry for WATN and WLMT as well, their sale was a forgone conclusion because it was clear that Nexstar was going to jump on getting the #1 station, but Nexstar at least was responsible for guiding a new path for them after all of the years of failure as WPTY, and whatever Newport did to them prior to their sale.... It would have been interesting if Scripps got them seeing as how they founded WMC and later sold then to Ellis (and can now own them since the Commercial-Appeal is now under Gannett since Scripps dumped their papers on Journal and got their TV stations) There's still some hope for Apollo/Terrier, but it will probably set the stage for a future sale.....
  4. tyrannical bastard

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Apollo is really the only buyer who could take them all as one group....except for Memphis? Then again, WATN/WLMT are so poorly off they could waiver their way out of it. Could they split the duopoly...sending WATN to WHBQ (under Apollo) and WLMT being paired with WREG (under Nexstar?)
  5. tyrannical bastard

    Out & About

    If she still owned KFMB, could that be grounds for an FCC license violation? It's no longer an issue since Tegna owns the station and is no longer under her control.
  6. tyrannical bastard

    Out & About

    WALA has tweaked their morning newscasts.... The 4:30-7am portion still remains as Fox 10 News with longtime anchors Eric Reynolds & Sarah Wall, but now, the 7-9am portion is now "Good Day Gulf Coast" with Studio 10 co-host Joe Emer adding anchor duties alongside Sarah Wall. I haven't seen too much of a shift of content (like other Fox "Good Day" shows) since the WALA morning news has been very news-intensive, but that could change. Studio 10 is the lifestyle pay-for-play show where all of the "filler" has gone....
  7. tyrannical bastard

    Sets that need replacing/oldest sets going

    I wish WOIO would have gotten one of these. Their current set is cramped and has no depth to it. A total 180 from their "newsroom set" they debuted in 1995 when they launched newscasts. It more or less lasted into the "Action News" era. You know a set has reached its end when all you see are tight shots...(or a station that tries to hide as much as possible)
  8. tyrannical bastard

    Sets that need replacing/oldest sets going

    Yes, the early 2010s era FX sets are not too much to be desired, although some are better than others. Now-sister station to WSMV, WALA (under LIN ownership) got one in 2012 as well, and it looks very cheap, being mostly plastic and metal. They upgraded the plastic paneling with the current graphics when they switched. When Meredith was on its "video wall" binge, WALA got one as well, at least WSMV's took over most of the existing set. The less wood, the better. A nice, simple set is the one that WDAM in Hattiesburg, Mississippi has (even though the mega-duratrans has the old Raycom look to it). WLOX has one, but it has the classic wood-paneling of an FX set....
  9. tyrannical bastard

    WBFF New Graphics, possible new Sinclair Graphics?

    It looks very good for WSYX. Let's hope they leave the flags out of the supers this time once and for all (not bloody likely.....) WSYX and WBFF have always been the golden boys for Sinclair. WSYX has been in the fold since 1996 when their original Columbus station (WTTE) was shelled into Glencairn and by way of their purchase of River City. Being a "Big 3" station in Sinclair's fold for so long (especially in a market like Columbus) means there has been much attention focused on it. It may be in 3rd place, but it has been a cash cow ever since. WJLA, despite being in the nation's capitol and a virtual flagship, still needs a lot of work, as given by all of the turnover and ratings issues since Sinclair took over.... Of course down in Cincinnati, someone is doing a good job of keeping Sinclair off their backs....how they have managed to escape the "Sinclair-i-zation" is beyond me......
  10. tyrannical bastard

    Gray selling WCAV/WVAW, buying WVIR

    Heartland is more like a reincarnation, because Bob Prather left Gray and started Heartland several years later. He put his mark on the company, much like he did with Gray before.
  11. tyrannical bastard

    Out & About

    Interestingly enough, the coverage has ramped up in recent years to keep up with WKRG's day-long coverage. WALA didn't even do coverage until WPMI and WJTC started ramping up theirs. And WPMI's remote location is based out of WALA's longtime studios in Downtown Mobile (they moved in 2002 and the building houses an engineering firm). WALA sets up shop on a hotel balcony across the street and WKRG"s has been based out of the Exploreum museum.....all of which are on the parade routes.
  12. tyrannical bastard

    Out & About

    Over in Mobile (where Mardi Gras actually started), they do their fair share of parade coverage as well. WKRG has always blown out their schedule from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with live coverage, while WALA and WPMI do 4 hours of coverage from 10 to 2. WEAR doesn't do anything on Fat Tuesday but they do air a parade the Saturday before from Pensacola. WJTC takes things a step further and actually airs many of the parades in the days leading up to Mardi Gras.... I don't think even any stations in New Orleans do that. As for costumes, WPMI plays it up the most, but instead of characters it's the traditional Mardi Gras garb with lots of green, purple and gold.
  13. tyrannical bastard

    Gray selling WCAV/WVAW, buying WVIR

    Is it just me, or is Lockwood turning into a semi-shell of Gray? Virtually all of their properties have had ties to their divestitures (or have sold to them in the past....) The only execptions are KTEN, WSKY, WCWG (which was sold to Hearst) and WHDF (sold to Nexstar...and resale pending?)
  14. tyrannical bastard

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    The same can be said with WWL in New Orleans, although their decline is threefold. Tegna screwing up the place, CBS taking back the 7-9am programming (pushing the local show to WUPL), and WVUE literally becoming the old WWL that New Orleanians have grown accustomed to. As a FOX affiliate, they have more leeway in scheduling newscasts and are covering the news without all of the gimmickry that Tegna is forcing on them. I'd be curious to see the Cleveland numbers, because (Tegn*itis) has taken hold at WKYC and their 15-or-so years of not being a cellar dweller (next to WOIO) may be numbered.... (had to beat the filter on that last line!)
  15. tyrannical bastard

    Out & About

    Media General tanking WCMH certainly helped WSYX's cause. But under Mitch Jacob, WSYX was Sinclair's golden boy getting all of the tools and expanded resources. Then along came the Allbritton buy and WJLA as Sinclair grew and grew and he was bumped up the food chain... Once the dust settles, WSMV will hopefully find it's groove again. What some of these managers don't realize is a "back to basics" approach can work wonders. Look at WVTM. And the same can be said with WAPT beating out WJTV in Jackson.

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