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  1. While WPMI is still producing WEAR's newscasts and simulcasting their own when both are on the air, WEAR talent is more prevalent now, especially during their own newscasts. The shared ones are balancing content between Mobile and Pensacola.
  2. If anything, the news employees having to go to work in this situation should be exempted from these furloughs. They are on the front lines and putting themselves on the line to inform the public. Even those who are working from home are using personal resources that would normally be reimbursed under regular conditions.
  3. Sadly, this could be the case for many more companies across the media industry. Especially those who are highly leveraged and count on live sports programming to make them lots of money... Even worse are the retail workers who have been indefinitely sidelined by their own parent companies and government bodies shutting down "non-essential" business.
  4. Checking back in with New Orleans and WGNO....News With A Twist appears to have been mothballed (for now) and (finally) replacing the news times with actual newscasts. I know they've been the cellar dweller, but this needed to happen LONG before the COVID-19 pandemic took over, and ravaged places like New Orleans. Over on WWL, Great Day Louisiana is still airing weekdays at 9, but shows are in repeats.
  5. Here's the official word about WEAR having to suspend local operations and simulcast WPMI newscasts... https://weartv.com/news/local/changes-to-newscast-after-two-wear-employees-test-positive-for-covid-19 UPDATE: It appears WEAR is only simulcasting the newscasts that WPMI carries, so the 4:30 AM show was replaced with another half hour of America This Morning. They're currently running a presser from the state of Florida with no graphics at all, since their studio control room is off limits. We'll see what they do at 11am, 4pm 9pm on WFGX, and the extra half-hour at 10pm. Could this mean that Nightline airs LIVE for the first time in a generation? (or they could do like they are allowed to do with NBC for now, and have BOTH WPMI and WEAR go for an hour...WPMI has not opted for this option) UPDATES: 11am - Newscast from WPMI on WEAR. 4pm- Mobile-based newscast with Kelly Foster anchoring AND doing weather with WEAR reporters live out in the field from Pensacola. 5 & 6 - straight simulcast of WPMI newscasts - Sue Straughn is live from the front yard of WEAR and co-anchors remotely. 9pm- no newscast on WFGX, replaced by Inside Edition 10pm - straight simulcast of WPMI with Bob Solarski in front of WEAR building co-anchoring with Greg Peterson in studio. WEAR airs Inside Edition at 10:35 instead of taking ABC live.
  6. WEAR in Pensacola has suspended operations in their building for the time being due to two of their employees testing positive for COVID-19. They are currently simulcasting WPMI's newscasts out of Mobile. Sue Straughn, their lead anchor did a live shot outside of their station on Mobile Highway in Pensacola during Sunday's 5pm show. Steve Nissim, WEAR's weekend sports anchor provided a sportscast remotely from home. The interesting thing is that WPMI and WJTC's master control is inside WEAR's facility...so they HAVE to remain operational for the 4 stations in the market.
  7. Given the number of cases in New York and and the concentration of our media sources there, it's a very risky time for anyone living or working in that area. The way things are going, now would be the time for the network's to have their backup plans in place and deploy their facilities in less-affecfed areas (bureaus and O&O stations). And of course CNN has a perfectly good facility in Atlanta they largely abandoned.....
  8. Staying home with your own family is less risky than having to travel to and from work, where many others have to do the same, making it more risky for transmission. If the family is homebound and healthy, this is what keeps them safe.
  9. It was dropped because Nexstar does not have an agreement with YTTV to carry their MyNetworkTV affiliates, while Fox did while they were both O&Os. Bahakel does with the CW, but Nexstar does not. On the other hand, virtually every market now has access to ABC affiliates since Stephen Marks allowed WBKP in Marquette and WBKB's subchannel in Alpena. Every other market, including Cheyenne & Casper, WY (despite the presence of KTWO) and all the others that lack an ABC station of their own now have a special ABC network feed as part of their service. The only other major holes are in Zanesville, OH (with no CBS or FOX feeds) and Glendive, (lacking a FOX feed). NBC fills in the holes in Alpena and Mankato with WMAQ, and Presque Isle gets WBTS.
  10. Must be the bedlam from "working from home" But I made a tongue-in-cheek promo for WNEP, much like all of the other stations have been cranking out the past few days. WNEP SPEC.mp4
  11. That makes sense. They're also good with keeping the sewer lines cleaner especially if people are resorting to less "flush-ready" methods of toilet paper.
  12. Talk about full circle. His home base was Kansas City when Newport Television was operated there. Going back a few KCTV GM's....Bobby Totsch was let go and ended up in Mobile after Sinclair took them over from Newport. He's now in Des Moines at WHO.
  13. Of all of the networks, CBS is probably the least-equipped and most affected by this COVID-19 crisis, since they have moved around their shows from studio to studio and from city to city due to infected staffers. I hope the networks (and even station groups) have a contingency plan that WHEN their HQ's are deemed unworkable (since NY and CA are hot spots), that some remote place in Middle America that has had minimal effects can step in and provide national coverage.
  14. In the past, religious and secular broadcasting have gone from having working and dysfunctional relationships. On the working end are stations like KSL, even though they have exercised more liberty in pre-empting shows that do not meet their "moral standards" And then there's WBNX, which masqueraded as a very successful WB and CW affiliate (until 2018) all while being under the umbrella of Ernest Angley. Before their affiliation days, they frequently censored "dirty" words from shows. Ernest even objected to shows like Charmed, but the show aired, likely due to network contracts and "as-aired" clauses. And in cases where Daystar prevailed over stations they've either acquired or sold, they've settled for a subchannel perch so the main broadcaster can do their thing. On the dysfunctional? KNLC, when it picked up Fox Kids and later the UPN affiliation in St. Louis. Both were very short lived due to the owner (New Life Evangelicalistic Center) frequently pre-empting programs they felt were offensive, and refusing to sell local ads, and replacing the airtime with sermons on controversial issues as the death penalty, same sex marriage, and abortion. It limped on until 2017, until Weigel purchased the station. They got the .2, but Weigel programmed the rest with their networks. Having TBN as a partner could be a major sticking point, especially if they exercise their "moral authority" over the networks. That alone could kill the deal, and if it prevails, the networks could bolt when the contracts are up. And the threats could de-value the stations.
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