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  1. Saw something interesting on WKBW's feed (on SiMeTV)... They are promoting CourtTV and tagging the promo directing viewers to watch it on Channel 4.2 (which is Nexstar-owned WIVB) Are there any other markets where the Scripps station is directing viewers to a competing station that has the subchannel on it? At least they're being discrete about it...
  2. WKRG has caught some flack for "copying" a story done by WPMI several weeks before.... Here is the WKRG story (it looks like it has since been edited to remove the "exclusive" claims....) https://www.wkrg.com/news/exclusive-news-3-takes-you-inside-a-possible-terror-training-camp-in-east-alabama/2004827895 WKRG got the story from sister station WRBL, which was closer to where the suspected terror camp was.... (read the WKRG story and it was largely "borrowed" from WRBL...even down to the News 3 mentions) https://www.wrbl.com/news/local-news/exclusive-news-3-takes-you-inside-a-possible-terror-training-camp-in-east-alabama/2004438883 They may have gotten wind of the story from an AL.com article, that gave credit to the WPMI series.... https://www.al.com/news/2019/05/it-was-in-our-backyard-alabama-terrorist-camp-report-shocks-macon-county.html In conclusion... WPMI did the story a few weeks ago, AL.com did a story about it making claim to the WPMI piece...(even though Macon County is not served by one of their print properties despite having a "Montgomery" version of their site.) WRBL did an "exclusive" look into the facility (keeping in mind this happened CLOSER to them, even though Macon County is just outside their viewing area, nonetheless, it is part of East Alabama.) ...and WKRG, being a sister station to WRBL (and since Nexstar stations share and share alike.....) gets the story and someone there carelessly teases the story like it was above. Needless to say some people at WPMI are pissed, but given this background, they may have overreacted a tad. WKRG should have been a little more forthcoming about WRBL's reporting rather than "cutting and pasting" the story. It's almost like the Glenn Austin scandal a few years back when he was fired for alleged plagiarism of an article, as a result of sharing a news article for review, and the webmaster posting it to the site under his byline. He later settled with the station and they retracted the plagiarism allegations. And in another twist of irony, the WKRG anchor Peter Albrecht, was one of the 3 canned from WPMI in the Purge of 2007, which also saw Kim McCrae and Drexel Gilbert (who is ALSO once again at WKRG) getting the axe.
  3. Another gut reaction of mine... It doesn't look very "alive" to me at all. It's boorish, and reminds me of impending doom. Like the total opposite of what being called "11 Alive" is all about.
  4. I would have to say this package did grow on me over time. All the tablets and buttons seemed off-putting at first, but the way the fonts were treated, you knew this was a jcbD package. (and it may have been the last one). It did look a little better on WKRG, but the fact they kept the old music was off-putting, unlike WVTM who jumped on the "Canvas" bandwagon.... It was short lived as Media General wanted WIAT back in the LIN merger, and Hearst made their mark on WVTM, for the better. This was a fancy shade of lipstick on a pig at the time when Media General plunged WVTM into 4th place and brought their market share to near-WBMG levels.... At least the ugliness on WIAT can't be blamed on Media General. That happened under LIN and Nexstar put them back on the right track as CBS 42, and once again share the same package as WKRG.
  5. If I had to choose a family operation that will outlast them all, it would probably be Maag family that owns The Youngstown Vindicator and WFMJ. Even on the newspaper side, they re-formatted their paper size LONG after other newspapers did earlier in the 1990s and 2000s. IIRC, their presses were ancient and had to be replaced in the late 2000s, which finally forced them to change. In a place like Youngstown that has seen corruption, massive job losses and consolidation (especially with WKBN/WYTV), a company that keeps going like Vindicator is going to be a tough nut to crack. Their size and scope would make it a risky investment for anyone outside the Mahoning Valley, so they've sort of put themselves in a place of comfort where no owner or equity firm would touch them.
  6. Forgot about TWC I was thinking of all of the ones that end in .TV that air his shows non-stop. No wonder they're buried after the religious channels on DirecTV!
  7. This is an impressive set in itself, and by WBMG/WIAT standards puts them on a whole new level. Well done Nexstar. It looks like they are partnering with an Arkansas-based company called Schroeder Enterprises for many of their new sets. Lance Schroeder is mentioned in the WIAT article, and searches show that he was behind the set work at KCAU and KOLR. Looking at this, he was also likely tasked with reworking WKRG's set into its current configuration. A lot of the design additions are similar...
  8. Even better, he'll put all of "his" channels he sued to get on DirecTV and Xfinity as subchannels on these stations!
  9. Fun fact of the day..... Ernest Angley's middle name is Winston. Whoopsie.... Forgive me Lord for I have sinned....
  10. Well so much for saving the T-P....the owners are laying off the entire staff.... https://thehill.com/media/442133-entire-new-orleans-times-picayune-staff-laid-off-in-sale A real dick move by both parties....Advance for reducing the Times-Picayune to this and selling to someone who puts everyone else on the street.
  11. Agreed. I know firsthand that they are more trouble than they are worth. Just with the back-and-forth of signals, all it takes is one bad link to screw it all up. Maybe in the event of a catastrophe, a company can have a "reserve" operation that they can bring online should one of their facilities go down.
  12. Ah yes....now I remember. There was a good Entertainment Weekly article about it in 1998 right when the show was straddling 3rd place with CBS...
  13. Deepest condolences to WALA's recently retired Bob Grip, on the loss of his wife Marie from Pancreatic Cancer. Even WKRG sent their condolences on their facebook page. Before coming to WALA (and a stint in Virginia Beach), Grip anchored and reported at WKRG in the mid to late 70s...
  14. IIRC, ABC started GMA from their entertainment division and moved it to their news division at some point in the 90s. Was it when Shelley Ross overhauled the show in 1999 after the failure of Kevin Newman & Lisa McRee (replacing Joan Lunden & Charles Gibson)....Charlie being brought back to anchor with Diane Sawyer.... GMA was largely based on WEWS's The Morning Exchange....ah a time when networks listened to their affiliates and used their expertise to create programming...
  15. (insert WWL adding the show to their station finally comment here) It's too bad the affiliates can't protest like they did in the 90s and 2000s and take back most of the 7am hour. I had so much hope for CBS in the morning, but with this latest chapter, it's the end of The Early Show all over again, and virtually any CBS morning show incarnation that's preceded it. The last thing we need is another clone of GMA and Today...something that CBS has failed at many times before.
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