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  1. One has to wonder if NBC is thinking ahead once again, could Shepard Smith be the next heir to the throne after Lester Holt? If things get normal again after this year (when pigs fly), maybe journalism could be making a comeback. It worked for CBS when Katie Couric left and they went to the "original reporting" era with Scott Pelley. But the "ol' Boys Club" being unraveled (finally) put that back into turmoil again.
  2. Just the fact he came from Fox News makes me skeptical. And how Megyn Kelly absolutely BOMBED two years ago with her disasterous stint on Today makes me cringe even more. But this is all Fox's doing, they threw down the gauntlet with "Fair and Balanced" news, and anyone associated with it has a target on their back, no matter where they end up afterwards. I'd have to give him a solid chance, but being such a face of that network has all of the stigma attached to it, and there will be a lot of scrutiny because of it.
  3. Devlin never disappoints with their sets, I too look forward to what's in the works!
  4. WATN is still in the same boat. Still looks like a Nexstar ABC affiliate but their website is full-on Tegna, and has parts of their package on-air for the COVID-19 coverage.
  5. They may have gotten the new graphics, but KABB still has the better set. Looking at the video above (and past pictures of WOAI's look), their set is tiny, cramped, and when it is used in this era of social distancing on camera, the set looks like a corporate boardroom and the array of shots looks like a zoom meeting.
  6. I'm wondering if this is going to be a Devlin job? AFAIK, no one else in Alabama is getting a new set at this time. Usually Gray (and Raycom) have been FX customers for their jobs, and some of the legacy Gray stations still have, for the most part, their standard-issue Gil Jimenez sets (with technical upgrades). The only Devlin set at a Gray station I can recall is at KCRG, and this was before Gray bought them in 2015.
  7. Then the new HNS will probably air on the MyNetwork channel, or in markets with only 1 netlet station that has local news provided for them, air for only part of the time (like the 6am hour).
  8. I've noticed that some "fantasy" tv logos pop up when you search for a station on Google. Same goes with past logos that are no longer in use, but are floating around the internet on other sites. Even did a Google search, and HoosierNewsie's logo popped up multiple times, more so than the actual logo itself. Which means that their online presence sucks, and that one user on this site that cares more about their brand than the station itself can out-smart the Google algorithm by simply giving a hoot!
  9. Another takeaway from their press release is they mention their station in Tupelo, MS, which is WLOV Fox 27, completely run by Allen Media (WTVA) and Coastal Television is just the licensee. The station has been a shadow of WTVA since the early 90s. It is definitely a spin job by the new owners, and the coverage of Wyoming by them has to be laughable. Gray is the only company that is putting out full local newscasts in the entire state. Had the sale with Legacy Broadcasting had gone through (since they were spawned as a result of the confilcts of the Gray-Hoak merger), there would at least have been a chance to enter into some kind of sharing agreement.
  10. I hope ABC does something on 20/20 tonight, or has a special that will run in the near future.
  11. As if 2020 couldn't get any 2020-ier. He had a very long and productive career even before he was brought out of semi-retirement to save 20/20 from it's disastrous debut and turn it into a mainstay of ABC's lineup that carries on to this day.
  12. I think WBNS's glory days are long gone, especially with Tegna at the helm. There have been a lot of people who have since left the station, both on-air and behind the scenes.
  13. Now here's someone that had come full circle from working in major markets. Amanda Arnold, who has had several stints in Houston as a primary anchor, and even anchored at WKYC in the 1970s with Doug Adair, has been a morning anchor at WDHN in Dothan since April. https://www.dothanfirst.com/author/amanda-arnold/ She can be seen in this Klein& promo done for WKYC. She (and Tom Ryther) didn't last too long in Cleveland, and the weather guy went on to bigger things...cough cough...today show....cough cough. I had mentioned this era in the 1980's set thread, since WKYC was in a tailspin at the time because of the launch of Newscenter 8 and success at WEWS. NBC was desperate at the time and let WKYC do their own thing (seem familiar?) WDHN and Nexstar have been on a roll lately, launching a local 9pm news for Lockwood-owned WDFX. Could midday and weekend news be next? They've even had some longtime ex-WTVYers join the staff like Mike Gurspan and Oscar Fann. Then again, the opposite has happened at WTVY with Ken Curtis switching teams several years back.
  14. Looks like the concern from the DOJ would be the total control of Gray for virtually every station in the market, even if the FCC would allow it under a "failed station" waiver. Gray should have been granted a conditional sale in which they had an extended period of time (up to 2-3 years) to divest the station to a buyer. Then, if no buyer emerged, then they could keep the stations.
  15. I'm curious to see how Denver spread that far. Probably has to do with satellite viewing, since broadcast viewing is likely impossible in those counties, due to the distance and terrain. Even with repeaters, the population is so sparse to even make them feasible.
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