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  1. Mobile/Pensacola is live. Sinclair and Nexstar have lit up 3.0 service on WJTC and WFNA. WJTC's 3.0 channel has WPMI, WJTC and WEAR. WFNA's 3.0 channel has WKRG, WFNA and WFGX. On the 1.0 repack, WJTC's subchannels are now on WEAR. WFNA's subchannels are on WFGX. WPMI has WJTC's main feed and WKRG has WFNA's main feed. No action by Meredith, since they're on VHF and may feel the same about not launching with their current alottment on 9. Here's hoping they go UHF regardless like Tegna is doing in other markets. It was on WJTC's tower where the tower crew was stranded on Monday where one was killed and another injured from debris. I think the work was related to general tower maintenance and not the transition itself. WPMI reported that the workers were replacing a guy wire. The condition of the tower may have been affected by Hurricane Sally which caused a lot of damage in the area about a month ago, and pushed back the launch to this week.
  2. Sinclair is really digging themselves into a hole on this one if they think they can muscle the OTT providers. These are more worthless now with all of the shutdowns and restrictions COVID has forced into the industry. It seems they are planning on launching their own OTT platform, either through Stirr or some other means. Let the sports fans pay for the RSNs. I remember back in the day the Sportschannel Ohio feed was a premium service and the extra Indians and Cavs games were scrambled. And they want to restructure the 8 BILLION in debt they have tied to this deal. https://www.wsj.com/articles/creditors-brace-for-possible-debt-restructuring-at-sinclair-sports-unit-11603235294
  3. Nexstar seems to be riding the "window" trend to the next level. Both the WFLA and KRON sets are very similar in that regard, except WFLA works in their existing staircase. The shot of the airport in the background for the test shots makes it like a virtual "streetside studio" or in the airport terminal itself, as the panels can display a real background behind them, transporting the "room" to another place because of the illusion of being a windowed wall. It's an interesting concept, but it takes away from the "set-ness" a little too much. I like it to an extent, but this makes it look like an empty room. And Nexstar really likes to put their anchors in the corner of the room.
  4. I know on YTTV you can "visit" somewhere, you just have to sign into home zipcode every 3 months on the device you're using. I'm not sure how Hulu does it, but YTTV uses your phone to the account or user you're signed into. So wherever the phone is GPS-wise, you can set it to that location. And yes, there are ways to tweak that....
  5. I tried Hulu Live for a minute. One of the drawbacks was that I couldn't sign in out-of-market with a friend's ID. It tried to make me "move" the service to there, which would have screwed up their locals. YTTV is more travel-friendly. You can have your locals and watch things you DVR from there remotely after they've fully aired. You can move your service up to twice a year and the locals are based on your location, so they change when the GPS changes.
  6. Have you tried any of the stations in local news right now?
  7. A worker was killed and two others were trapped on the tower while performing maintenance work on WJTC's broadcast tower in Robertsdale, Alabama. This was a tower crew hired to do the work and not station employees. https://weartv.com/news/local/one-dead-two-rescued-in-tv-broadcast-tower-accident-in-baldwin-county https://www.wkrg.com/baldwin-county/sources-three-possibly-stuck-on-tv-tower-in-baldwin-county/ https://www.fox10tv.com/news/accident-on-tv-tower-kills-worker-injures-another/article_7742b336-1307-11eb-96bf-7fc08f3fa94f.html https://mynbc15.com/news/local/television-broadcast-tower-accident-in-robertsdale WJTC is the sister station of WPMI, and co-owned along with WEAR and WFGX in Pensacola. The market is supposed to have a "rescan day" tomorrow as WJTC and WFNA will turn into ATSC 3.0 stations and the existing programming will be sub-channeled onto the others. A very tragic situation indeed, and my personal condolences to the family of the deceased.
  8. This move is likely to benefit WOIO/WUAB with better coverage in the Mansfield area. They lost out initally when WOIO got CBS, as even their analog 19 signal was weaker than what WJW offered at the time. 10TV was easier to pick up in Mansfield back then, despite being on the fringe of the Cleveland-Akron market. And when WOIO went to DIGITAL 10, it made the signal even harder to pick up, and even Cleveland has to deal with interference from CPFL in London, Ontario (both in the Analog and digital era). WBNS went UHF on 21, and even Sinclair moved WSYX from VHF to UHF soon after the transition. The Akron translator helped the Akron area, and this could benefit the western fringe even more. I doubt they would try and compete with WMFD. Akron and Canton still don't have dedicated newscasts anymore, and Mansfield is far enough away from Cleveland or Columbus to be considered it's own sub-market. A group tried to launch a super-station that served Columbus (WCOM) but it failed and WMFD was later launched to serve the Mid-Ohio area. While Canton and Akron are larger cities, they're still in the shadow of Cleveland and have been haunted by the effects of channel availability and distance to Cleveland to try and make something of themselves as their own TV market.
  9. I happened to notice that WHNT up in Huntsville has virtually the same temporary set. They already have the Nexstar CBS graphics. The same paneling is used on a lot of Nexstar's sets. I'm sure Nexstar (or their designer) has several of these sets in reserve for re-dos across the country, and they can easily be adapted with some colored LED lighting.
  10. Losing the Indians was another blow back in 2001. Back in the 90s WUAB had the highest game ratings in the country when the Indians were good. By letting WBNX and other stations get the better syndicated shows, they overtook them in the ratings and cost them the CW initially. Plus at the time, WUAB was one of the few netlet stations that Raycom had at the time, so they had little experience to draw upon.
  11. Unfortunately, Sinclair threw down the gauntlet by skewing right, so naturally, it could cause someone to skew left. Fox News spawned MSNBC's shift to the left. I hope Biden doesn't do a counter-debate. It's highly unlikely since he's got thicker skin and doesn't have the overarching compulsion to have an unfiltered suck-up-fest to his base. Sooner or later, we'll just have the candidates buying the airtime to state their case, much like Ross Perot did in 1992. I even remember in the 1996 election that Presidential Debates ran on several entertainment cable channels (as a time buy?) by GOP TV. Family Channel was one of them, so Pat Robertson was probably behind it at the time. It didn't work for Bob Dole and Clinton won another 4 years.
  12. Great. https://deadline.com/2020/10/donald-trump-sinclair-broadcast-group-eric-bolling-1234599080/ I wonder when they'll do a Biden Town Hall. They said they "offered" him one. But most of us know how this one will turn out.
  13. And now the OTT's are at risk. Nexstar could pull their stations from Hulu if a deal isn't made. https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/hulu-with-live-could-lose-nexstar-owned-local-channels-tonight/ Hopefully if and when a deal is reached, they can carry more of their stations, including CW, MyNetwork, independents, and WGN/WGN America.
  14. It seems with the efforts that WUAB put out from their studios on Day Drive, they had ample room for all of their productions (Superhost, Prize Movie, 43 Kidsland, Barnaby, etc...) As well as housing operations for The Ten O'Clock News. But on a positive note for WUAB, they are launching a horror movie franchise on Saturday nights. https://marketshare.tvnewscheck.com/2020/10/15/wuabs-new-program-will-make-cleveland-viewers-scream/ Kudos to them, this is probably their biggest programming push ever since their "43 the Block" vignettes. Plus, it's a well known genre of programming going all the way back to Ernie "Ghoulardi" Anderson, and all of his spin-off and revived characters over the years. To this day, WJW still airs a half hour compilation of Big Chuck and Lil John skits on Sunday nights.
  15. FTVLive covered the story today, and identified her as female. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/10/15/cops-bust-woman-that-smashed-her-way-into-nexstar-station I hate to think that the way the local media covered this story was to "tone it down" for the locals. This part of the country is blood red, and I'm not just talking the Crimson Tide. The hate that breeds down here is unfathomable. It seems that WKRG stirs the pot more than even their Sinclair competition.
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