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  1. tyrannical bastard

    WJTV (and WHLT) new look coming?

    Ticker and bug is working on WHLT, and they have a new logo just like WJTV.... The ticker looks like it's identical to the one that's running on WJTV as the cities being mentioned are all Jackson area cities (for weather conditions) Still some old traces of the old look floating around, and outside the news cast this is the only time I've seen a different logo for WHLT....
  2. tyrannical bastard

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Broadcasting on an ACTUAL VHF station is much cheaper than UHF due to the power usage. In the analog era, Low-V was capped at 100KW, High-V at 316KW and UHF at 5 million watts. Digital uses much less power, (I don't know the max on VHF but UHF is capped at 1 million watts). Do the math when it comes to the electric bill.... This was a reason back in the digital switchover, but the UHF discount is a relic when analog UHF was inferior....now digital UHF is the standard and VHF is a pain in the viewers you know what. And in this era of mega mergers, a station like WPIX that chose to be VHF is now paying the price since it is counted at full value, REGARDLESS of the UHF discount...
  3. tyrannical bastard

    WJTV (and WHLT) new look coming?

    Caught a split second of the 10pm show on BOTH WJTV and WHLT (the signal came in for about a minute....) WJTV had their bug working along with the ticker, while WHLT did not. Essentially, the lower thirds were identical to what WKRG has had since last May. Usually, my reception of WHLT is quite good, so I'll keep an eye on it to watch most of one of their shows, or try their live stream...
  4. tyrannical bastard

    WJTV (and WHLT) new look coming?

    Also, this is like the third time they've gone back to using Greg O'Neill for voiceover .... Usually the overproduced cold open is a telltale sign of a low rated station desperate for attention....
  5. tyrannical bastard

    WJTV (and WHLT) new look coming?

    Well, as WHLT 22 Daily News (and their sister station in Birmingham) used to say....... IT'S ABOUT TIME!
  6. tyrannical bastard

    WISN Cutting 10:30 News

    I'm sure whenever ABC gets around to WEAR, Trump will declare another national emergency when ABC tries to kill the second half hour.... It's probably when they run most of their "must-runs" anyways.... At least WLOX has it "Live" at it's intended time.....
  7. tyrannical bastard

    WJTV (and WHLT) new look coming?

    Bert Ellis was VERY inspired by WSB, so much so that he modeled his own stations (WMC, KSLA, WJTV, WECT, etc...) in their image. Aside from WJTV/WHLT (which had to be traded when Raycom acquired Federal Broadcasting and WDAM) the other logos still last into this day. WITN had to be sold too since it overlapped too much with WECT....flash forward to today and Gray owns both (since Gray bought WITN from Raycom). I know the "12" survived into the Media General era, but was done away with when Media General launched their crescent logos/blue and gold package. The "Big Game" can't come soon enough. This has to be the slowest relaunch i've ever seen.....
  8. tyrannical bastard

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    Let's say Tegna wins all of the stations....and they decide to TRADE up to WSB and WSOC..... That COULD really screw up these markets. Especially if they take their mode of operation lock, stock and barrel from their existing stations in the market. Hopefully they're not that stupid. If they were that good, WXIA and WCNC would be #1 in their markets. But look at their recent track record and what they've done to stations like WWL.
  9. tyrannical bastard

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    Hopefully Hearst is the front runner with Scripps being the second choice. Hearst would likely bow out of Pittsburgh, Boston, Orlando and Tulsa while Tegna would avoid Jacksonville (but could trade up to WSOC if they prevail in Charlotte) Scripps doesn't have any conflicts except for Tulsa, and they may want to get out of their station there.... EDIT: My bad....KOCO is in OKC....
  10. tyrannical bastard

    WISN Cutting 10:30 News

    I don't think WEAR's hour-long 10 p.m. show is going anywhere anytime soon. Unless ABC gets tough with their affiliates and makes them run Kimmel at 10:35. Sinclair will probably be the last group to make such a change since they have such a large affiliate base and WEAR has done this quite a while. What could happen one day is if WEAR and WPMI decide to swap affiliations. Especially if ABC is still mired in fourth place. IF....(and thats a big IF) that does happen, the hour-long 10 p.m. show is dunzo because NBC is not going to stand for The Tonight Show to be bumped to 11....
  11. tyrannical bastard

    WJTV (and WHLT) new look coming?

    The skies were friendly this morning, as I was able to not only pick up WHLT, but the mothership, WJTV in Jackson. Still rocking the old logo on screen....when will the rebrand (ever) happen?!?!?!?!?
  12. tyrannical bastard

    Out & About

    WSMV has a new General Manager (TVNewsCheck says she's leaving WIVB/WNLO, but she was bounced from there soon after Nexstar took over the station from Media General) I can only hope she can get WSMV back on their feet again, but her track record speaks otherwise.... The question is did the last guy quit, or did Meredith pull the plug?
  13. tyrannical bastard

    Out & About

    You cant forget Doug and Mona, who worked in Cleveland AND Columbus! But that one didn't last as they eventually divorced and Mona married Mike James who used to run NewsBlues and had her own grammar column....
  14. tyrannical bastard

    Nexstar New Year's Eve

    Raycom used to do a show out of Mobile featuring a "moon pie" drop from one of their RSA-owned skyscrapers. WKRG aired it locally since Raycom never had a station there. I don't know how many stations carried it, but it was a good, live alternative to the east coast national shows since the ball drops an hour early (due to Eastern Time).
  15. tyrannical bastard

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    That's another one. At least Raycom had a good balance of in-house and established syndication, and Gray has top shows too. Stations like WOIO benefited when WOF and Jeopardy! were sent packing by Scripps and WEWS.

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