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  1. Pretty much all of the NBC affiliates were under a contract that expired on December 31st. So there was a timespan of a week or two when the stations were not tied to a deal. Basically the same thing that happened with Nexstar and some of their CBS stations, except that NBC renewed with everyone, and there wasn't a WJMN-like defection that left a station without a network.
  2. I have to wonder if there was something egregious that WJMN (or Nexstar) did that killed the affiliation. Excessive pre-emptions? Co-branding violations? It seems that some of the Nexstar stations test to see how far they can go to "locally sponsor" things like college or NFL games. That right there could have triggered this, especially if it was done over and over again....and if CBS warned them of the consequences...
  3. I thought I saw somewhere where Gray renewed their FOX and NBC affiliations recently, but I could be mistaken. There's no telling where ABC stands with WBKP/WBUP. Maybe Nexstar could could call their bluff and move ABC to WJMN when that renewal happens.
  4. I wonder if VCBS kept this station all along as another contingency plan, because they may have seen problems with WISH long before WTTV swooped in to get CBS. Almost like the NBC debacle in Boston, wherever "NBC 10...aka NBC Boston" ended up.
  5. WJMN is still on YouTubeTV (still listed as a CBS affiliate), and so is a special CBS feed that fills in the non-network airtime with CBSN content. It's likely temporary until Lilly can get WZMQ's CBS feed uplinked. And seeing how Nexstar does not carry independent/CW/MNTV stations there (and how they dropped WMYT in Charlotte), I think WJMN's days on YTTV are numbered.
  6. Caught the end of WJMN's newscast on YouTubeTV. They mentioned the changes happening at midnight. Rather than going into The Late Show, they went to another program about Wisconsin Tourism. I'd say the CBS era on WJMN has ended. Now how long will it take for YTTV to take them down and put up WZMQ's CBS feed. When is their affiliation agreement up with ABC?
  7. For CBS to pull the plug on WJMN, it must have been an absolute trainwreck of a station. According to Nexstar's 2020 annual report, 13 of their CBS affiliation agreements expired at the end of 2021. WJMN must have been one of them, and the events that transpired today was likely the result of CBS scrambling to find a new home, and for WZMQ to make it happen. As for the other 12, there's really no way of telling. These agreements are likely holdovers from prior owners and they may be status quo unless there's a better option waiting in the wings to strike.
  8. I wonder if Nexstar has tried to change the call letters of WJZY. Looking around the call sign database, a lot of good possibilities are already taken (WQCN, WQCT, etc...) That should have happened, especially with all of the turmoil since FOX took over the station, and working those calls into branding would help forge the station ahead of it's past. Trying to de-brand a FOX affiliate is a tough order that's never really seemed to work. Look at "Boston 25". Unless a station had a prior strong brand or logo like KCPQ "Q13", WSVN or KTVU, it's an even tougher task at hand. Fox was so bullish on co-branding, it seems like there is no other way to brand a station.
  9. If Standard/Apollo wants to play the game Sinclair's been up to, then WATL is the perfect duopoly partner to "share" ownership with WSB. The non-license assets of WXIA can live on WATL and what's left of "WXIA" is simply divested to a third party. What I hope is something comes out of this positively for the Jacksonville market. You have two duopolies controlling all 4 major affiliations while WJXT is all by themselves with the CW on WCWJ.
  10. Should this deal happen and the divestitures be required, this is where Byron Allen could benefit....getting stations like WXIA/WATL, WCNC and WFOX/WJAX. What percentile of ownership is enough to trigger common ownership? While Sarkes Tarzan (with Gray involvement) can have KTVN in Reno alongside Gray's KOLO, WOAI in San Antonio had to be divested to a shell company (High Plains Television) because of then-owner Newport (Providence Equity's) investment in Univision, who had a top 4 station in the market. I don't think the deal is going to be clean at all and there will have to be divestitures even if the stakes are fractional.
  11. Here's the modified lowers that WKRN is using:
  12. Watching some storm coverage from WKRN, it looks like they've modified the lower thirds from the rectangles for each text field to a single two-line lower third. Large bold text on top and regular small text on the bottom. It's in red since it was a weather cut-in. I'm curious to see if the rest of the package has been modified. The similar lower thirds that Gray launched at some of their stations (like WBTV)...I wonder if Nexstar tweaked the package because of this? I also noticed that the time/temp bug looks VERY similar to the one implemented at WSMV and their other clones (the former Meredith stations). Who launched first, the original WSMV package that was hubbed or the KOIN/WKRN package?
  13. I wonder if their sister station KTVN over in Reno is due for a change as well.
  14. Clearly, many of these stations are in places where Gray is stuck on VHF, and they have acted on making these UHF repeaters for the benefit of their fringe or underserved viewers who had extreme trouble picking up their signal before. And seeing as how one of the stations is licensed in one market and the translator is located in another, it's entirely possible to see these stations pack up and move, and change their status accordingly with the FCC. With this Panama City pickup, it would serve the Destin-Fort Walton Beach area greatly as a repeater for WALA, since Okaloosa County is part of the Mobile-Pensacola-FWB market. The dual Fox affiliates both on Channel 9 from both Mobile and Panama City makes this area grossly underserved. Unless they want to move either "My 7" or the CW to this feed, they were fortunate enough to move off of VHF to a UHF signal post-transition.
  15. Seeing as how things have progressed, AT&T figured enough of their support was enough. Now it's up to the free market to decide.
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