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  1. tyrannical bastard

    Disney Execs reported to be visiting Cox stations

    Well, since Disney is buying much of the 20th century Fox entertainment assets... Why not add a few well run ABC affiliates on the market?
  2. tyrannical bastard

    Out and About

    Looks like WEWS (and the other Scripps stations) underwent a website revamp, so that could have been how Mark's bio disappeared (it's back now, but empty) I'm sure the Gibber is happy to see Don again... And some very famous bloopers came from Don on the weather wall... And maybe he'll make up with Dorothy Fuldheim over this.... Godspeed.
  3. tyrannical bastard

    Out and About

    Very sad news indeed. Next to Dick Goddard, Don Webster was a fixture of WEWS, from hosting Upbeat, and even serving as the stations' general manager in the 1980s (when he ceded weather duties to Tom Tasslemyer). He returned to weather in 1989 and was the chief meteorologist for the next decade until his retirement. It's good to hear that Mark didn't disappear either...could he be going back to mornings?
  4. tyrannical bastard

    Out and About

    Trent Magill is leaving WATE in Knoxville and returning to WEWS in Cleveland. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/12/13/back-to-the-land He's rumored to be replacing Mark Johnson..any idea what happened to him? It seemed that Mark moved up to the spot after his predecessor Brad Sussman disappeared in the 2000s....only a few years after replacing longtime chief Don Webster.
  5. tyrannical bastard

    Sinclair Broadcast Group - General Discussion

    I'll give Sinclair a pass for how they went out of their way to offer condolences for Chris Bradley. Remember, he was WSYX's chief before he went over to WBNS. Even better is how the entire market came together (including WCMH) to honor him and encourage others to support the fight against cancer. It's an issue that affects millions and anyone can be impacted by it. On the other hand, there is no excuse for what they did in Chattanooga. Bravo to their GM for leaving them. If she was subjected to a non-compete, it should be declared null and void and she should be free to work wherever she chooses when she is able to. There needs to be some kind of federal law to protect people from stuff like this. Since TV markets often cross state lines, it is an interstate matter that warrants federal protection. Sadly, under the current climate, it will probably never happen. Hopefully, Sinclair gets sued over this one....
  6. tyrannical bastard

    Question about Market/Network Dominance

    I apologize for my remarks. You are correct about people just trying to make a living and doing what they are told. It is the new norm as station groups have become more standardized and decisions are made far above the local level. And for the stations (and their employees) that actually have a say in their local operations , more power to them. As long as they're in touch with their viewers, that's the most important thing. Had the documented string of events not happened, I think the perception would be much different, and it's the current staff that gets the blame. Much of the people existed before the change and have been thrown into the fire as a result of the changes. Upper management and those above them are to blame. Their actions created a firestorm and their reactions are directly affected by it. Now it these were clearly affected by the bottom line, then these were very difficult decisions that had to be made and the effects would have had to been realized eventually. We are all humans, and humans make mistakes.
  7. tyrannical bastard

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Another future implication is Nexstar's relationship with Nielsen... Or soon-to-be lack thereof... The positive about this is the known issues with Nielsen's audience measurement as opposed to something that has a larger sample size like ComScore... The only reason Nielsen decide to re-up with Sinclair and Tribune is when Nielsen made them an offer they couldn't refuse.... But if the measurement still has problems Nexstar may still drop them and a large number of their legacy stations haven't had Nielsen for a while...
  8. tyrannical bastard

    Question about Market/Network Dominance

    Management has trashed that station inside and out over the past year or two. They went from having a good, solid, straightforward presentation to one that tries too hard to be flashy and edgy. The graphics overhaul is comical, even worse then their "lime green" look a decade ago. And this is even before I mention all of the personnel moves that have clearly made the viewers flip away. I tried to watch their show last night. It wad sad to see what has become of them. I'll give WKRN a try tonight and see if it's any better.
  9. tyrannical bastard

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Lakana is essentially a merger of Internet Broadcasting Systems and Inergize. So really it's just a bunch of old ideas merging into one company, while other more modern platforms like WordPress and Blox have taken over in recent years. inside of nexstar innovating with a content management provider they just happened to buy up a provider of their internet sites and another company that pioneered them about 20 years ago. It's like comparing the merger of Sears and Kmart to Amazon...
  10. tyrannical bastard

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    I do have to say that Media General did have a positive influence on the Nexstar group, and vice versa where some TLC was long needed. Case in point WKRG. Without angering the TVNewsTalk gods, they corrected a long-standing wrong that has graced the station since the great SESAC purge of 2006. They also freshened up their set and made it more versatile. Other factors were in the works before the sale closed. The newscasts were expanded and extended over to their sister station WFNA. The general manager and news director both left the station before the sale closed as well. One of the last major hires was a very experienced marketing director who is really ramped up their promotional presence. However, since the sale has closed there's been a noticeable change in their content both on-air and online. There's lots of crossover and recycling of stations from sister stations, and unfortunately their Facebook feed has become a repository of clickbait instead of local content. There's also been quite a bit of turnover in the reporting ranks, including a meteorologist who lasted less than 6 months. In this day and age, a lot of the complaints levied against Nexstar can be said for many companies...low pay, slashing budgets and top-heavy management imposing their will. Obviously, a certain company from Hunt valley set the standard for this with their political content, while other companies do this in ways which are more related to the bottom line and their paying clients. A future problem that could be brewing is the discontinuation of livestream as as a streaming provider. Nexstar has replaced all the Media General stations that previously used livestream, with their own streaming. This, coupled with the removal of their stations from NewsOn, makes a large number of their stations virtually invisible on Roku. Since Tribune is a major livestream client, this could eliminate another slew of stations unless Nexstar has something else in the cards... Tribune has been more instrumental in developing Roku apps but some stations don't have them while some that do don't have live streaming on them.
  11. tyrannical bastard

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Scranton/Wilkes-Barre is sort of ground zero for this merger. It shows that Nexstar has traded up before. Their first station was WYOU. They got spun off to Mission when they acquired WBRE. Could they dump the duo for the chance to own the 800 ton gorilla in the market WNEP? Lots of damage could be done simply by Nexstar trading up to the better station, especially if they have been run (into the ground) under their ownership. Of course, this all depends on how much of Tribune lives on post-merger. There's glimmers of hope when Gray takes over Raycom, but it could be like Heathens of Hunt Valley lighting a match on whatever they acquire just because its theirs now....
  12. tyrannical bastard

    Out and About

    Yet Scripps yanked them a few years back in favor of their own inbred syndication efforts. Stations like WEWS have never recovered...and helped stations like WBFF rise out of the ratings basement.
  13. tyrannical bastard

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    Ah yes...the rotator spot. "But your spot will be seen from 9am - 5pm in various time periods!" Frequency......and MAYBE some reach... And after an election, the flood of make-goods....especially if they paid higher rates (since political candidates have to be sold the lowest unit rate).....
  14. tyrannical bastard

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    Local ad sales. If it's a local show, they can sell all the airtime they want to. Syndicated programming is tied down by their spots and/or barter spots that have to air in exchange for getting the show for free or at a low cost. Also, with some shows, they are called cash syndication, which means all of the ad time can be sold however they please...
  15. tyrannical bastard

    Sinclair Broadcast Group - General Discussion

    More like Sinclair has gone from the Washington Times to Breitbart and Infowars.... Probably being phased in when either software or hardware changes are made with the WX Central or Baron systems. These systems are much more standardized than the various CG systems throughout the company, and the base graphics are often pre-loaded.

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