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  1. Serious congratulations are in order for KDFW's senior anchor, Clarice Tinsley - today marks a whopping ***35 years*** - you heard right - 35 years at Channel 4! She has been a trusted voice in North Texas local news for decades, and is an all-around class-act! You go, girl!
  2. In the latest blurbs from the Dallas-Fort Worth market... >> Legal troubles continue to slowly but surely mount for WFAA-TV's Shon Gables. Gables, who has had a very ugly divorce and legal fight against her second ex-husband, Peter Klamka, has now had a second bench warrant issued for her arrest. This is the second bench warrant issued (this last Wednesday, June 20th) by a State of Michigan judge, and for the exact same charge as the first one, back on March 4th, 2011 - contempt of court for failure to appear. >> Former WVEC investigative reporter and WFAA general assignment reporter Craig Civale will leave WFAA. His WFAA co-workers are reluctant to see him go - Jonathan Betz is quoted by Uncle Barky as "bummed". Civale has accepted a corporate position with local Dallas-area hospital operator Baylor Health Care System. >> Local news ratings from the 20th...
  3. Well, Dallas-Fort Worth is getting another Spanish-language general entertainment station. Going back to its Hispanic roots >> Uncle Barky confirms that HIC Broadcasting-owned independant station KFWD Channel 52 will be an affiliate for the new MundoFOX network, launching later this summer. This essentially ends the partnership between KFWD and WFAA, where Channel 8 and Belo basically did everything for KFWD except own them outright. KFWD will discontinue airing the "Wayback Machine" fare it currently has (Twilight Zone, Perry Mason, The Original Star Trek, The Jeffersons), and Channel 52 will also stop the nightly 11pm replaying of The News 8 Update. But MundoFOX will supply a network newscast. No word yet if MundoFOX will have any of its affiliates do local news. KFWD first signed on back in 1988 as the Dallas-Fort Worth/North Texas DMA's Telemundo affiliate.
  4. Now, a few ramblings from the Dallas-Fort Worth DMA... According to Uncle Barky, KDFW is getting a new nightshift general assignment reporter. Calvert Collins, formerly of KLAS-TV Las Vegas, will begin her first day at 4 on June 18th. Also, on the 18th, another familiar face returns to Big D, albeit, not on any of the local stations. Former KDFW morning shift general assignment reporter Casey Stegal, who left Ch 4 to become the Los Angeles newsroom correspondent for the Fox News Channel will now serve in FNC's Dallas bureau. The lastest news ratings snapshot (June 7th)...
  5. The latest blurbs from the Dallas-Fort Worth DMA... >> Congratulations are in order for WFAA morning anchor Cynthia Izzaguirre. Izzy is now the proud mama of fraternal twins, Karina and Simon. Brother and sister were both born during the five o'clock/central hour this past Thursday evening, a month ahead of schedule. She will be out on maternity leave for the next 3 months, including the entirity of May sweeps. Traffic reporter Alexa Conomos will fill in during Izzy's absence. Here's to wishing Cynthia all the best as she and her husband start their new family. >> While Cynthia is out on maternity leave, WFAA has it's interim game plan in place for Daybreak. Weekend morning meteorologist Colleen Coyle will do traffic, while, as mentioned above, Alexa will fill in for Izzy. Also, I reported earlier in this thread that former KTVT weekday morning meteorologist Julie Bologna was looking to come back to DFW. She has. Julie now works in WFAA's weather center, and she will be Colleen's replacement on weekend mornings, while Colleen is moved to weekdays. >> At the beginning of this month, former Dallas Cowboys special teams coach Joe Avezzano, passed away. Avezzano was a close personal friend of WFAA sports director Dale Hansen, and was a regular fixture on "Dale Hansen's Sports Special". Here is Dale's tribute commentary to Coach Joe. Joe Avezzano, 1943-2012... >> I once said on this fine website, that the only thing that could possibly help KXAS with it's news product was if you took a wrecking ball to the building and yelled, "CLEAR!!!" and literally started over from scratch. Well, I just might have to eat those words. What was once seen as a lost-cause news operation has now won an award. Former KXAS morning anchor Scott Friedman, who now runs the station's investigative unit has now won the Texas Freedom Of Information Award for his story on triple-digit speeders. Some are calling KXAS winning this award 'a shot fired over WFAA's bow'... /munches on popcorn and stays tuned...
  6. According to Uncle Barky, KOCO-TV ABC OKC may be trying to sweet-talk WFAA's Shelly Slater into signing on with them. And KOCO's lead female anchor, Jessica Schambach, has expressed interest in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. Time to break out the popcorn, sit back and watch what happens... It may be a longshot, but prediction >> If Shelly does move to KOCO, WFAA may well trade for Jessica and make her the 5pm anchor. And, thus, Debbie Denmon, who unsuccessfully sued WFAA for discrimination after Shelly got the 5pm over her, may get stiffed again. Damn shame. Imho, Debbie deserves the 5pm. If and when Shelly leaves for KOCO, if Debbie puts in for it and does not get it, might she (Debbie) be tempted to leave WFAA and say "To hell with it, I'll go somewhere else..."?
  7. http://unclebarky.com/dfw_files/c220219a81b6b9f86824934b1652c0b6-2298.html It's official >> Former KRIV-TV Houston assistant ND Carolyn Mungo named the new ND at WFAA-TV in Dallas.
  8. A face familiar to North Texans may be on her way back. Uncle Barky reports that former KTVT weekday morning meteorologist Julie Bologna, who served as former chief met at WPXI Pittsburgh, is now in talks with KDFW in Dallas. Due to Fiona Gorostiza's new contract with Channel 4 NOT including weathercasting duties (instead, she will instead be a full-time general assignment reporter), KDFW is looking for Fiona's early morning replacement.
  9. ...And the follow-up commentary, a couple of weeks later to the video above...
  10. WFAA Ramblings... - Longtime, much beloved, and very outspoken sports director Dale Hansen, who has been with Belo’s flagship ever since cross-town rival KDFW fired him in 1982, has resigned for 3 more years with Channel 8. That would move his 2013 contract expiration back to 2016, at which time, Hansen would be age 68. Fans of Hansen - myself included - can rest easier knowing the annual “Thank God For Kids” segments - half video Christmas Card, half very poignant and personal op-ed, will be around for another four Christmases. Btw, this last year’s one was the absolute best ever. - And the dynamic duo of Gloria Campos and John McCaa are hopeful to resign with Channel 8. Both John and Gloria, who are due for contract expirations later this year, have been employed with the powerhouse Dallas ABC station since 1984. They have been the permanent anchors of The News 8 Update, 8’s late-night news, since 2002. In recent years, Channel 8 has had knock-down/drag-out fights in the 10pm ratings race for 1st place with KTVT. Imho, 8 would be mucho smart to keep John and Gloria around. They’re too good at what they do, and too respected in the Dallas-Fort Worth/North Texas market for another station in town not to snap them up the day after their no-compete clauses expired. Plus, as stated above, both have been with Channel 8 quite literally since I was in diapers. I can’t imagine turning on Channel 8 at Ten O’clock and seeing anyone else behind that glass desk. I can’t; and frankly, I don’t want to. And plus, both are of the old-school brand of journalism that has made Channel 8 the bastion of hardcore, serious news reporting that it is. John and Gloria belong there. And hopefully, they will stay there.
  11. ^^ To quote Belkys, "Don't make me turn this newscast around!..." :awesome:
  12. Congrats and warm wishes go out to WFAA-TV's Cynthia Izzaguirre, who announced just moments ago (I'm currently watching News 8 Midday) that she is a mom-to-be. While doing a story promoing that on an upcoming Dr Oz show, people's most embarrassing health questions will be answered, Izzy said, regarding the Dr Oz Show's request that viewers email in question, that when it comes to one's health there is no question so embarrassing that it can't be asked. Izzy remarked that she's had to learn that herself, being that she is pregnant. Here's to wishing her the best as she starts her family.
  13. Items >> WFAA's Chris Flanagan leaving for WEWS in Cleveland - possibly as a weeknight anchor. And TXA 21 News: First In Prime will be no more after sometime next month. Details at Uncle Barky. A] I wish Chris well in Cleveland. And B] Although I understand why they're canning the newscast (ratings are what pays the rent and, well, we've just lost that lovin' feeling...), I still don't have to like it. During times where the situation demanded that news take precedence over entertainment programming - such as times of severe weather in the area (the tornados that have seemed to plague the area right during the prime-time hours in recent years) or breaking news (the Fort Hood shooting, etc.), it was nice to turn on something that wasn't American Idol, or Two And A Half Men, or Dancing With The Stars. And I will miss that about First In Prime.
  14. jdcnow

    In Memoriam

    Sad news to pass along from the North Texas market >> Former WFAA-TV personality Jerry Haynes passed away this morning at 84. For 35 years and over 6,000 episodes, Haynes was the host of WFAA-TV's long-running locally-produced weekend morning children's program, "Peppermint Place". Also during his tenure at WFAA, he was also one of the people present at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas at the very moment that JFK was assasinated. But he will always be remembered as the cheery man in the peppermint-colored suit, tophat, and cane. I myself grew up watching Peppermint Place as a child, and for my part, he will be very sorely missed. Rest In Peace, Mr. Peppermint. More from WFAA-TV's Jonathan Betz...
  15. WFAA-TV longtimer Debbie Denmon files a lawsuit against her station. Ms Denmon, who is currently a weekend PM anchor, claims that Belo's flagship station passed her up for a weeknight anchor position in favor of a much skinner Shelly Slater.
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