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  1. While watching NFL on FOX (on WITI Milwaukee), I have noticed *way* more promos for FOX News Channel than I ever remember seeing before. I don't know if it's just that they've started placing national ad spots when they haven't before... if these are local ad inserts that FNC is doing now that WITI is an O&O... or if they always did ad spots, but the ads had been previously "overridden" by some other local ad insert prior to WITI becoming an O&O. I don't really watch WITI much for news, but between the simulcast of FNC mentioned above and the increase in advertising from FN
  2. Yeah, because a typo on a graphic is the deciding factor why someone might or might not watch a news program.
  3. Going back to the premature death announcements for NewsNation, here's my rebuttal: if cable operator Spectrum can run 10 different 24-hour news stations, some of which I guarantee get almost no viewers at all (Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin, for example)... I think that Nexstar can afford to run *one* news program on *one* cable channel for quite a while longer.
  4. I have thoughts about what Dan O'Donnell and the rest of the WISN lineup can do... I'll let you use your imagination as to what. IMO, they're all repugnant.
  5. My opinion: putting NewsNation on WGN America does no favors to either WGN America *or* NewsNation. WGN America was barely a thing *before* they launched NewsNation, so it's unsurprising that they're not getting much attention *after* launching NewsNation. Additionally, no one thinks of WGN America as a news channel (they barely think of it as a channel at all), so of course, people are going to gravitate to CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. when they want news. I think Nexstar needs to be all in or all out. This primetime only news isn't going to work. They either need to flip to 24/7 n
  6. Most likely. Television providers like Dish Network, Spectrum, Comcast, etc. have the ability to insert ads into cable channels.
  7. I swear, some of these posts make me feel like I'm on a stock trading site and people are shorting stocks...
  8. That was it! (BTW: don't go to that domain now, it's an ad farm)
  9. I vividly remember an almost identical concept much earlier, specifically an on-air presenter that functioned almost as a "disk jockey" jumping back and forth between different video sources... e.g. "I see we have something going on in Milwaukee, let's jump over to that now..." I'm almost positive that it wasn't NewsNow. It was something like "onlinenewsstreams" or "livenewsstreams" or something like that. I think it was around the era that WITI was previously a FOX O&O, which would put it prior to 2007. Am I imagining this?
  10. Not quite as jarring of a transition as previous ones, since the music was already Stephen Arnold's Beyond. Also, the majority of the visual "quirkiness" of WITI was excised when they implemented the Tribune/WDAF graphics package.
  11. It's interesting; many of the stories on this that I saw are ones you'd see on your local news if they would have occurred in your area, but few would have "bubbled up" to the national news level, until now. This "local news on a national scale" allows those local news stories to reach the national stage. To me, this is really not produced anything like a national network newscast *or* a cable news channel would be produced these days. It really feels like they're producing it exactly how they'd produce a local newscast, except "the United States" is the market they're doing it for
  12. Honestly, it felt a little self-indulgent to do a half-hour documentary all about themselves. I suspect no one other than news junkies will care enough to watch something like this.
  13. The stairs look weird because they are highly unlikely to be used on-air.. so why *have* them on-air. They are a "Chekhov's Gun" that doesn't go off.
  14. I see that they migrated WITI over to the Fox web publishing platform. Looks like according to archive.org, it seems to have happened on July 30. (Still using the "Fox6Now.com" domain.)
  15. A little surprised at how heavily the WGN America brand is being featured. I would have previously guessed that they would have treated this more as a channel-sharing arrangement, with NewsNation being it's own "channel."

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