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  1. It's always been a 6:30 pm CT show here on WTMJ, ever since it replaced Wisconsin Tonight. And yes, it continues to be broadcast in Milwaukee.
  2. Yes, my apologies at leaving that out. I thought context in the thread (and the thread topic) would have clarified that.
  3. I know the news reports said "first half of 2020," - any update on when they expect to close the sale?
  4. WISN had a ticker notice on last night's 5:30 news. Annoyingly, they used the beep alerts that usually signify severe weather. Granted, this isn't severe weather season, but it still grabbed my attention. I sort of think the beeping should be reserved for severe weather, sort of like how the EAS alert tones can't be used for anything else but EAS.
  5. I don't think I would describe 620 as a conservative talk radio station. I mean, I get it, their two daytime hosts are talkers that lean conservative, but mornings and afternoons are news, and evenings were sports. (Now? I don't know what "WTMJ Nights" is even supposed to be. I don't know that they do either. But that's a change that happened after being bought from Scripps.)
  6. I actually like the package WITI has currently, but it looks like if they wanted, they could slot in the O&O package pretty easily once the sale is finalized.
  7. Not related to the graphics at all... but I just have to laugh at the idea of temps in the 50s and 60s requiring "boots and heavier coats," not to mention space heaters "to stay warm." Sorry for the slight tangent.
  8. Not much of a scandal, IMO. "News organization declines to move ahead with story until properly sourced." Not exactly a headline that will rock anyone's world.
  9. LOL! I was pretty much dead-on with my guesses! Looks like they refinished the floor and replaced the duratrans in the backdrop to match the new graphics package. The only really new piece is the curved display at home base.
  10. Just to be clear, my post about the graphics was also speculation. It could be something entirely boring like refinishing the floor or just getting new light instruments.
  11. I kind of doubt it would be a full new set. If it is anything at all, it could be an adjustment to lighting and duratrans to match a new graphics package. But, just a total guess. (The morning news set is even older, because they were in that set when they were building studio A.)
  12. If I might be so bold as to suggest that all the Tribune stations have had their IDs and/or website copyright changed, or will do so imminently. Further, the IDs and/or copyrights aren't going to vary terribly much. I'm not sure it's necessary to check in with every station that changes it. Just my $0.02.
  13. Just call it The Crew... they could even just photoshop some old The Chew promo material then.
  14. I suspect, lacking any concrete information one way or another, that they'll continue to operate as if they were owned by Fox for the immediate future. There's just too much integration between the RSNs and Fox Sports. Obviously secondary programming is a big one, but internet services are another. The RSNs have no standalone apps and no separate website. All of that would have to be built out from scratch. Didn't the RSNs periodically provide production services for Fox Sports, if all the Fox Sports trucks were tied up, or involved in something that prevented them from reaching a site on time?
  15. Never mind. I was going to keep this going, but it's pointless.
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