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  1. WTMJ in Milwaukee broadcasts from what is referred to as "Radio City." It's a building that was one of the first purpose-built facilities for broadcasting both radio and television, and features some pretty cool vintage art deco design in the lobby. The center of the building used to hold a 350-seat auditorium, which was primarily used for live radio shows back in the day. The auditorium was split into multiple other rooms back in the 80s. (I think, but I'm not 100%, that one of the last shows to be broadcast from there on WTMJ-TV was a comedy variety show, hosted by WKTI-FM's morning show ho
  2. This is one of those times when they probably should have tried to come up with a new corporate name that doesn't integrate either of the two merging companies (for example, "Stellantis" for the FCA/PSA merger). Trying to combine "Discovery" and any form of "Warner," "Warner Brothers," or "Warner Media" just doesn't sound right.
  3. Looks to be mostly WarnerMedia. AT&T shareholders will own 71% of the company, while Discovery will own 29%. AT&T will appoint 7 board members, while Discovery will appoint 6. That said, Discovery CEO David Zaslav will run the new company.
  4. I understood the Discovery/Scripps Networks Interactive merger, because there was strong affinity between their families of networks. In contrast, there's really no affinity between WarnerMedia and Discovery, and as a result, I'm a little puzzled by this. The only reason I see that AT&T is approaching Discovery with this deal is because both Disney and Comcast would have anti-trust issues to deal with, and there really isn't too many other companies left, other than Discovery.
  5. Any bets that they try to get Brian Anderson to replace him? It seems he’s already their number two guy.
  6. Guess this is the best thread for it... unless I'm wrong, it looks like for the coverage of the Derek Chauvin verdict, Spectrum News 1 has a national feed going out on the regional news channels. First time I've seen them do live national coverage. Definitely a little unusual compared to the very soft news that they typically have on Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin.
  7. NewsNation snags Adrienne Bankert from ABC: https://deadline.com/2021/04/former-abc-news-correspondent-adrienne-bankert-joins-newsnation-1234740011/
  8. I still run into people that think FOX and/or FOX News are owned by Disney. They heard about Disney buying 20th Century, and didn't realize that the purchase excluded FOX and FOX News.
  9. I'm actually a little surprised that anyone will be doing anything from Japan. I figured with the pandemic and the restriction on foreign spectators that everyone would be remote, and leaning on OBS for the actual coverage of events. About the only benefit to having a local set is having athletes drop in for interviews, and I wonder if they'll even be able to do that under COVID protocols.
  10. It should be fairly easy for them to just program in a slight vertical squeeze, a vertical shift up, or a combination of both for the Bally Sports feeds to get them to fit in above the ticker. They'll fix it, they probably just didn't get a heads-up on the graphics redesign to know that they'd have to do that.
  11. Correct, this is the "Brewers Live" (pregame/postgame) team of Craig Coshun on the left, and Tim Dillard (new to the team) on the right.
  12. I turned on WMYX briefly on the way home, and heard a spot advertising their app. Except... here's the problem. The whole time, it sounded like they were saying "Download the Odyssey app." No one but industry people are going to know it's spelled Audacy, and as a result, no one is going to be able to find the friggin' app in the App Store. I get it, they probably figured that radio is a dated technology, and therefore "Radio.com" was a dated branding. Fine, even though I'd argue that they ARE a radio broadcaster and that Radio.com is a great brand for a radio broadcaster. In any ca
  13. Too much sound effects. That's all I hear, I barely hear any music. If that's what they use for all the regions for the NBA theme, it'll be a major downgrade from the FOX Sports NBA theme.
  14. Unless I'm misreading it, Bally Sports North Extra is not really a channel... it's just a way to brand the programming when they're being carried on broadcast TV.

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