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  1. It should be fairly easy for them to just program in a slight vertical squeeze, a vertical shift up, or a combination of both for the Bally Sports feeds to get them to fit in above the ticker. They'll fix it, they probably just didn't get a heads-up on the graphics redesign to know that they'd have to do that.
  2. Correct, this is the "Brewers Live" (pregame/postgame) team of Craig Coshun on the left, and Tim Dillard (new to the team) on the right.
  3. I turned on WMYX briefly on the way home, and heard a spot advertising their app. Except... here's the problem. The whole time, it sounded like they were saying "Download the Odyssey app." No one but industry people are going to know it's spelled Audacy, and as a result, no one is going to be able to find the friggin' app in the App Store. I get it, they probably figured that radio is a dated technology, and therefore "Radio.com" was a dated branding. Fine, even though I'd argue that they ARE a radio broadcaster and that Radio.com is a great brand for a radio broadcaster. In any ca
  4. Too much sound effects. That's all I hear, I barely hear any music. If that's what they use for all the regions for the NBA theme, it'll be a major downgrade from the FOX Sports NBA theme.
  5. Unless I'm misreading it, Bally Sports North Extra is not really a channel... it's just a way to brand the programming when they're being carried on broadcast TV.
  6. I think it's a very young product. Like many things, it's not only going to need quite a bit of time to develop, but also to develop an audience. Regarding the ratings: As I've said before, I'm pretty sure that WGN-A before NewsNation wasn't exactly lighting things up when it came to ratings. It was an identity-less, rudder-less mediocre cable channel playing mundane reruns. I'd argue most people you talk to probably didn't even know the channel existed - it was one of those random cable channels that you kind of skim over in your channel guide. NewsNation wasn't going to turn
  7. It could also be contractual; HSN and QVC could possibly have long-term carriage contracts with less than favorable termination clauses. (But more than likely, you're probably right, it was a financial decision.)
  8. It goes back to that earlier comment I made, about this board sometimes feeling like a stock trading website with a bunch of people shorting stock. It sometimes feels like a small number of people have less than rational (or less than rationally expressed) dislike for NewsNation, as if there were some ulterior reason they dislike it other than the actual product they put on the air.
  9. Aren't there a ton of spaces at Radio City that have been barely (if at all) renovated, some since the building was built? I've seen pictures that look like early era radio studios that have been just repurposed to hold equipment or serve as storage rooms. It's a shame that Radio City is losing the radio folks, but it does seem like an opportunity for a major renovation/revitalization (if Scripps wants to spend the money on it).
  10. Did the Brewers really have a viable option other than Sinclair/Bally Sports? The only OTA broadcaster who I think might have been interested would have been Weigel (they probably would have been thrilled to put the Brewers on WMLW), but I don't think they had the money to outbid Sinclair, nor the resources to actually produce Brewers games on an ongoing basis. As far as cable channels, there isn't really an alternative to the RSNs, and Bally Sports is the only one in this area.
  11. While watching NFL on FOX (on WITI Milwaukee), I have noticed *way* more promos for FOX News Channel than I ever remember seeing before. I don't know if it's just that they've started placing national ad spots when they haven't before... if these are local ad inserts that FNC is doing now that WITI is an O&O... or if they always did ad spots, but the ads had been previously "overridden" by some other local ad insert prior to WITI becoming an O&O. I don't really watch WITI much for news, but between the simulcast of FNC mentioned above and the increase in advertising from FN
  12. Yeah, because a typo on a graphic is the deciding factor why someone might or might not watch a news program.
  13. Going back to the premature death announcements for NewsNation, here's my rebuttal: if cable operator Spectrum can run 10 different 24-hour news stations, some of which I guarantee get almost no viewers at all (Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin, for example)... I think that Nexstar can afford to run *one* news program on *one* cable channel for quite a while longer.
  14. I have thoughts about what Dan O'Donnell and the rest of the WISN lineup can do... I'll let you use your imagination as to what. IMO, they're all repugnant.
  15. My opinion: putting NewsNation on WGN America does no favors to either WGN America *or* NewsNation. WGN America was barely a thing *before* they launched NewsNation, so it's unsurprising that they're not getting much attention *after* launching NewsNation. Additionally, no one thinks of WGN America as a news channel (they barely think of it as a channel at all), so of course, people are going to gravitate to CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. when they want news. I think Nexstar needs to be all in or all out. This primetime only news isn't going to work. They either need to flip to 24/7 n

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