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  1. I see that they migrated WITI over to the Fox web publishing platform. Looks like according to archive.org, it seems to have happened on July 30. (Still using the "Fox6Now.com" domain.)
  2. A little surprised at how heavily the WGN America brand is being featured. I would have previously guessed that they would have treated this more as a channel-sharing arrangement, with NewsNation being it's own "channel."
  3. There was an article in the New York Times, suggesting that Iger is a very active chairman, possibly to the point that he's exerting more control of Disney than Chapek is: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/12/business/media/disney-ceo-coronavirus.html
  4. Stumbled upon Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin by accident, and it looks like at some point, they got themselves a new set. The main set looks (to me, at least) to be inspired at least in part by the architecture of the US Bank Building, one of the tallest buildings in Milwaukee. They also now have an actual weather center. Until this set, all they had was just a green screen.
  5. ABC does seem to love the LED lit doorways...
  6. I personally think that Fox should continue an affiliate agreement with Sinclair, allowing them to continue operating the RSNs as Fox Sports <region>. It gives Fox best of both worlds; they don't have to keep the RSNs on the books, but they get the advantages of still having the RSNs operated as if they were. Sinclair continues to get the benefit of affiliating with a strong sports brand in Fox Sports. For the average sports watcher, I doubt anyone knows or cares that the RSNs are owned by Sinclair; to them, it still looks like Fox Sports. Why not keep it that way?
  7. I suspect that just means that the content that was linked to was only temporary content, not static content. Edit: for example, here's the "Assignment of License" for WITI from WITI License, LLC to Fox Television Stations, LLC: https://licensing.fcc.gov/cgi-bin/ws.exe/prod/cdbs/pubacc/prod/app_det.pl?Application_id=1814466 (I think that link won't expire, but I can't be 100%) It shows that it was granted on 1/21, but not yet consummated.
  8. So far, FOX broadcasts wildly outclass ESPN (including ABC) broadcasts. FOX broadcasts feel like everything you expect of a professional football broadcast. By comparison, it almost seems like ESPN has forgotten everything about how to do this. (Either that, or they've decided that "meh, this is XFL, we don't give a..." and they just decided to wing it.)
  9. So, a year plus since the launch of Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin. I dropped back in on it a couple of times over the last couple of days, and I'm still struggling to figure out why Spectrum is, to be honest, wasting their money on this. In terms of news - little if any actual hard news. Of the actual packages I saw, a were all very light news: - a story on the testing the voting machines in Madison (which happens literally every time there's an election) - a story on the PBA's commissioner and how he originates from the area - a story on an organization assisting minority entrepreneurs - what to buy in February - a winter trip to Door County - a person whose collection of pinball machines turned into a business The hardest news package was something on vaping, which isn't exactly news anymore, or local. They also repeat stuff way too much. Part of that is the "headline news" format, but even still, I noticed the voting machine package repeated as the top story every half hour. The list of stories above is misleading - that was over two separate viewings on two separate days. If you watch continuously, you might only see about 4 packages total, repeated over and over. In fact, the station repeats itself so much, I couldn't quite tell if the entire station was pre-taped or not. Also, their weather segments are clearly and obviously taped; the :01, :11, and :21 segments replay at :31, :41, and :51, and then recycle themselves continuously. Still no sports segment at all; not even a brief score rundown. Don't get how you can have news without even a brief mention of sports headlines or a sports scoreboard, particularly in a heavily sports focused state like Wisconsin. The station is, frankly, a waste. Are all Spectrum News 1 stations like this?
  10. Hey now. That's crazy talk.
  11. To me, the AAF felt like a brokered program produced by the AAF, rather than something legitimately being covered by their broadcast partners. There was an infomercial "sheen" to everything with the AAF. In contrast, the XFL feels like a typical FOX Sports or (to a somewhat lesser degree) ESPN broadcast.
  12. Wow. That's almost WJZ level of ugly.
  13. The only problem I had with any of the graphics was the attempt to use a typeface that approximates the team logo, especially when one was incredibly bland (Chiefs) and one was garishly ugly (49ers). (That's not a statement on the teams, just their logo typeface.) Other than that, I didn't really have a problem with anything else. I was actually amused by the video game like animation when there was a score increase - I liked that. I didn't even have a problem with the large touchdown graphic. Everything seemed clean and well integrated, other than the team logo typeface thing as mentioned before. It also had more visual interest than the clean but somewhat boring flat look FOX Sports graphics they normally use.
  14. Not completely outlandish, no. Only ALMOST completely outlandish.
  15. It's always been a 6:30 pm CT show here on WTMJ, ever since it replaced Wisconsin Tonight. And yes, it continues to be broadcast in Milwaukee.
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