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  1. I'd say there are several others that would be ahead of Sam Champion. Sam's predecessor, Spencer Christian, would be one... and Spencer's predecessor, John Coleman (who went on to start a little channel called The Weather Channel.) I'd add Tom Skilling to the list, despite being only a local meteorologist. But I'll stop there to avoid this turning into a list thread.
  2. There wasn't anything "fake" about the XFL. It was a real football league, with real football games. The XFL was just a case of style over substance. It had too much of WWE's "style" surrounding what was rather mediocre (at best) football. Supposedly, the new XFL won't have the WWE trappings surrounding it, but I don't know if they'll be able to address the mediocre football. The AAF sure couldn't.
  3. Fox Business reports that at the close of the auction, at least for now, Sinclair appears to be the top bidder for the Fox Regional Sports Channels: https://www.foxbusiness.com/media/sinclair-broadcasting-nears-10-billion-deal-for-21st-century-foxs-regional-sports-networks
  4. It doesn't matter what kind of citation it is; whether "Scott" linked to the original or not. Citing your source does not give you permission to copy and paste almost the entire source article into yours verbatim. That's called plagiarism.
  5. That's not how it works. You can't just regurgitate almost their entire article word-for-word, just because you happened to credit them. You can quote specific portions of the original article... you can cite the article then paraphrase their basic idea... but you can't just copy and paste their article into yours, regardless of whether you give them credit for it.
  6. It is still weird to me to see other areas with stations using "The Brew" tagline. That was a tagline they created originally and uniquely for Milwaukee. Not saying that other cities don't have a brewing industry, but Milwaukee is known as "the brew city," and we've got the Milwaukee Brewers. "The Brew" seems to be something that would be distinctly Milwaukee. (That said, the station that was "The Brew" in Milwaukee became Radio Now, then just Now, and now 97.3 "The Game.")
  7. I was going to say that most of that set looks to be straight out of the current Hearst set toolbox, particularly the light bar that circles the set and the circular wood inset in the floor. Add in a few 45 degree angle set design pieces and it'd be indistinguishable from a Hearst set.
  8. I've noticed something odd from time to time with the installation of Invision that this site uses. The "unread content" doesn't always show all unread content. For example, on the front page of the site, within the "posts" box, I see right now that the thread "Nexstar-Tribune: Repercussions, rumors" contains a new post as of 30 minutes ago. However, that thread does not show up at all when I click on "unread content," and I know I haven't read that thread within the last 30 minutes. (To be honest, I don't know if I've ever read that thread.) I've noticed this a few times now, where I've looked over and noticed a thread I didn't even know existed (since I primarily browse the "unread content" rather than diving into each section of the site) has new posts that I clearly haven't read. Edit: best as I can tell, it appears that nothing under the Breakroom section seems to be showing up under the Unread Content. Not sure if any other sections of the site are similarly affected.
  9. I wonder, would the DoJ allow said potential spinoff company to maintain a marketing agreement with New Fox, allowing them to retain the Fox Sports branding and close ties with the rest of the Fox Sports entities? (I'm not sure if they'd *want* to do so, but that's what I'd prefer to see.)
  10. Nope, they definitely have been doing crawls. I saw one just the other day. I don't watch WITI all that much, so I'm not sure how often they run.
  11. The article in the Business Journal about the station had a section that seemed to touch on this: This to me sounds like there's only two newscasts a day, a morning and an evening one, and they're just repeated all day and all night. I can't say if this is true or not.
  12. We now have two separate threads talking about the same thing, it seems to me. Should one get locked, perhaps?
  13. I've been continuing to watch News 1 Wisconsin. My thoughts as of right now, in no particular order: The channel leans very heavily on anchors reading newswire content over B-Roll. It fills the time, but you could get the same content pretty much anywhere else. If they have different feeds for the different sections of the state, I can't really tell... it's all very generic statewide or national news. While this avoids the "are people in Madison going to care about news from Milwaukee" issue, it replaces it with an "are people going to care about this at all" issue. The "Weather on the 1s" is an interesting hook, but with all the repeated weather segments, it feels like they have precious little time for the other news segments. Sports reporting feels almost nonexistent. Surprising, since they have veteran sports anchor Dennis Krause on staff, as well as anyone else who worked over on Spectrum Sports that is remaining with the organization after that channel goes away. The 2 or 3 reporters they have are all pretty much doing human interest pieces. No actual reporting that I've seen. Most importantly: far too much repetition. I get it, this is a headline news format station, so some repetition is to be expected, but it still feels like they could alternate between packages each hour so that it doesn't feel like the exact same thing over and over again. Right now, I feel like this is at best something to have on in a lobby or waiting room, as I mentioned before. Definitely not anything at this time that anyone would deliberately want to watch to be better informed. Things may improve if they expand their reporting roster, but right now, the 3 or so reporters they have just aren't enough. I see they have job openings, so I'm hoping they do plan to expand.
  14. Seems like a competent start, but this does not strike me as any sort of a significant news operation. Most of the time, the channel is just the anchor reading news wire stories over B-roll. That is supplemented by their very small number of reporters doing 2 minute or so packaged pieces. I don't get the impression at this time that they're capable or even interested in covering any sort of breaking news. This seems like a good channel to keep on TVs in waiting rooms or on digital signage in building lobbies. ETA: Curiously, I've been watching for about 45 minutes, from 6:45 to 7:30 am, and they haven't had a single sports report. It's a physical set with a large display as a backdrop. It appears to be the identical set to Spectrum News 1 Ohio (as seen upthread). That said, since 95% of time, they use a tight shot of the anchor, there's really no practical difference between that and a green-screen backdrop.
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