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  1. KTLA has been producing podcasts for the past couple years. Right now they have 9 different podcasts- https://ktla.com/category/podcasts/
  2. Schedule change for KTLA. The Mel Robbins Show and Daily Mail TV have switched timeslots. Mel Robbins is now on at 4 PM and Daily Mail TV is on at 3 AM. Huge upgrade slot for Mel Robbins. This huge upgrade in market 2 alone could help Mel Robbins overall national numbers which have been soft even though its expected that she will get a second season.
  3. What I gather from the article is that their back of office/management is probably sloppy compared to how Nexstar runs things. I think KTLA had a lot of autonomy in how management ran the station and probably that was the case at most Tribune stations. Nexstar appears to run a much tighter ship with many corporate policies. My assumption is that KTLA probably has lax policies that Nexstar thinks need to be tightened. KTLA's on-air product isn't the issue as they have solid #1 ratings in almost all of their timeslots. I wouldn't expect a shakeup in talent as its currently stable and is working. The shakeup will come in the form of management.
  4. Well...KTLA and WGN both produce 12.5 hours of newscasts per weekday. Looks like WJW produces 11.5 hours, if you do count New Day Cleveland as news, then 12.5 hours. But KTLA produces 8.5/9.5 hours on Sat/Sun, more than WGN and WJW. As of now, KTLA holds the distinction of producing more local news than any other station in the country with 80.5 hours per week.
  5. I think the shift to a Sunday-Thursday rotation is more about higher viewing levels in general than getting higher ratings. Friday and Saturday nights are the lowest rated nights. So why put your main anchors on Fridays when tv viewership is overall lower.
  6. Yes they are. I thought that they would try to downgrade the timeslot for Jerry.
  7. Not good for The Mel Robbins Show. KTLA has scheduled the program at 3:05 AM. Interesting that KTLA has kept old Jerry Springer reruns at 2 PM.
  8. Just curious where you found the information because I have not been able to find any stating that Judge Jerry will be airing on KNBC or KCOP. Only thing I've seen is a press release from NBC Universal in November 2018 that Judge Jerry was picked up by Tribune Stations which included KTLA in Los Angeles.
  9. Where did you find that Judge Jerry will be on KNBC and KCOP? There was a few internet sources from November 2018 that said KTLA had picked up the show.
  10. I think Spanish stations make this claim because most #1 English speaking stations claim they are #1 in the market but in reality its the Spanish station that is #1.
  11. The coroner officially released the cause of Chris Burrous's death. It was methamphetamine toxicity.
  12. Instead of creating a new thread, I'll just add to this one. KTLA has extended their weekend 11 PM newscast by 30 minutes now going to 12:05 am.
  13. KTLA will have an election special from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. which is sandwiched between their regular newscasts giving them on-air coverage from 6 p.m. to 11:35 p.m.
  14. I know this is a very small change but have noticed over the past few weeks that KTLA's 11 PM newscast now runs 35 minutes to mirror the O&O newscasts. Just wondering if their was any talk of this on air or why? I wonder if they've noticed significant tune-out as soon as 11:30 hits and this move will help people stay on the channel longer?
  15. With The CW programming Sundays once again, KTLA News Sunday Edition at 9 p.m. was going to have to be cut or moved. Appears they are moving the newscast. Starting Sunday, October 7, KTLA's guide on their website shows KTLA News @ 7.
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