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  1. I would argue that an evening news program is best suited in DC versus NYC.
  2. The Valleys Watchdog? That looks like a security system logo.
  3. No new graphics in Denver this morning.
  4. Not a fan of the opening graphic or music. They’re both kind of a departure from the CBS streaming look debuted earlier in the year. As for the show itself. Not sure why CBS executives thought this was a good move. The show is as dry as his personality. Bring back News Hour and give me Jericka Duncan.
  5. Re KDKA; That joke was relevant 25 years ago. In modern times, no one is out on the streets saying call letters. Or channel numbers.
  6. Yeah, I wasn’t being snarky. Apologies if it came off that way. I was trying to prove that things like that need not be overlooked. Why complicate branding outside of a newscast when you can just say “CBS.”
  7. Here me out: ”CBS.”
  8. Absolutely not. Not a f’ing chance.
  9. Color me impressed. Well done, CBS News.
  10. I agree. Most don’t seem to like the move to DC but I’m on board with it.
  11. Saw a new KDKA sports promo. Don’t have video of it but it uses the deconstructed eye and blue color scheme that matches the CBS network look. It was sharp looking.
  12. Because the NOW brand wasn’t meant to replace existing newscasts. As if those black and gold graphics weren’t ugly enough on their own. Paired with that green CW logo
  13. John Q Public has no clue that KDKA TV and KDKA radio aren’t related. The average viewer has no reason to know they aren’t related. I don’t think that even with solid ratings and historical call letters that stations like KDKA will not get the new branding. CBS wants consistency. And when you let a handful of stations go rogue, you end up with things like hideous black and gold graphics. CBS is looking to the future, and the future doesn’t include call letters or station numbers.
  14. I absolutely love this. The local media needs to be called out more often. They report things in one community and then not in others, when it suits their narrative. Props to Dewan and DK Sports for not just calling WPXI out, but actually doing something about it.
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