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  1. Are all Cox stations running this? I haven’t seen it on WPXI.
  2. Here is another animation of the CBS logo https://cbsloc.al/3iI0R4P
  3. I hope if they are switching the weather graphics they use the graphics during all newscasts. To me, only using graphics during one half hour newscast seems silly.
  4. I watched last night. They’ve dropped the long standing 11@11 branding for “WPXI TONIGHT.” They are using new music and a lot of stand up shots instead of sitting at the desk. The weather graphics haven’t changed and it looks pretty dumb using two sets of graphics in one newscast.
  5. Why is Cox running special graphics just for their 11pm newscasts?
  6. I was just watching a video on WPXI.com which has a new big story FSG and new L3s. I watched WPXI on tv this morning but they are using the older graphics still. Could this just be an online look? Or maybe they’re testing new graphics online first? If these are going to be new on-air, they look better than the black/gold KDKA graphics. https://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/activists-say-actions-protesters-captured-viral-videos-does-not-represent-justice-movement/6T6FEZFZUVGKLDJ5ZV5Y6JLI24/
  7. Brenda Waters announced her retirement yesterday from KDKA. I wonder if she was given the option or if the timing was a coincidence.
  8. Well they have to further show off where Celina Pompeani is eating that day because apparently that’s what viewers care about.
  9. Here’s the first instance I’ve seen of KDKA advertising CBSN. This is from the Pittsburgh Auto Show https://twitter.com/kristinemery/status/1229472148496027648?s=21
  10. Sorry... my parents cancelled their subscription to the PG a few months back. And I have a feeling KD's HD launch is going to be disappointing.
  11. Where did you get this date from, if you don't mind me asking?
  12. KDKA should be HD soon, according to an article out of the PG a few months ago. Don't know where they stand on their progress, however.
  13. In general, the graphics are very nice. The open wasn't as impressive as I thought it'd be, and I'd like to see the animated big back.
  14. WPXI HD videos Courtesy of me...

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