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  1. Meet WAGA's new weeknight anchor Courtney Bryant (replacing Cynne Simpson; they've been going back and forth between Portia Bruner and Marissa Mitchell alongside Russ Spencer for months)
  2. Boy, Tracye Hutchins has witnessed every coming and going at CBS 46 since 2007 and they’ll never let go of her (at her age, she may outlast Monica Pearson).
  3. Simply because ABC primetime on WSB is getting stale, as next season’s will be Modern Family’s last and Grey’s Anatomy is way past it’s used-by date. But as the host station, Super Bowl LIII definitely helped WGCL, so they could settle for #3 among households with WAGA dominating the 18-49s over WSB.
  4. And Jennifer Valdez (who succeeded Ossmann) has proved herself to be a break from Burns, Chandley , and Holcomb. My hunch is come November sweeps, WGCL will be battling with WAGA for #2, thanks to a strong CBS primetime.
  5. Actually, seven years; the crash to #3 came after Dan exchanged verbal fisticuffs with George H.W. Bush in 1988.
  6. WJAR investigative reporter Jim Taricini dies at age 69
  7. Meanwhile, just a few miles across town... WAGA wins a 2018 Peabody Award -- their third after Paradise Saved (1982) and Singled Out (1999) -- for $2 Tests: Bad Arrests UPDATE: Fox 5 will air the $2 Tests stories as a half-hour special this Thursday at 7:00 pm; why didn't WWL do the same for their multi-part "Facing Reality" with Bill Elder (which won that very same Peabody in 1993)?
  8. Could Karen Minton come out or early retirement and join WGCL, or are we ready for new chief meteorologist Ella Dorsey?
  9. In memory of David Horowitz, who died earlier this week at age 81: Here’s a full episode of his show “Fight Back!” from 1992 (near the end of its run); it started as a local show called “California Buyline” on KNBC in 1976 and then “Consumer Buyline” before going national in 1980.
  10. A compilation of slates and countdowns from PBS stations going back to the ‘70s, including a 1977 one from Mississippi Public Broadcasting (when they were Mississippi ETV):
  11. Bob Costas leaving NBC Sports (and the network in general) after nearly 40 years, though we'll still see him on MLB Network. It is perhaps the end of an era; some of us were just babies when Bob joined in 1979. But let's just say that his departure wasn't messy unlike Megyn Kelly's.
  12. Remember when I said a couple years back that Lisa Rayam may be headed to public radio (she had been a part-timer at Georgia Public Broadcasting and freelancer at WSB-AM — dunno if she ran into Monica Pearson numerous times — since leaving WAGA)? Well...I WAS RIGHT!!!
  13. And quite fitting; the first voice (and later face) of BBC TV News died last Saturday at age 93.
  14. Former KTUU reporter/anchor Jason Moore died over the weekend; he was 51.
  15. A 1981 Viacom syndication sales tape for (the original) Hawaii Five-O: WBBM-TV sales tape from 1975 (featuring Dinah Shore), four years before they would become #1: And in honor of their 70th anniversary...WBZ’s sales tapes from 1984, 1985, and 1993:
  16. The early beginnings of two popular cable channels; first, Daytime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-PmHnQn8kg Of course, Daytime would merge with Cable Health Network in 1984, and Lifetime was born. Hearst/ABC also brought us ARTS (Alpha Repretory Television Service), which once upon a time shared channel space with Nickelodeon: (no need to explain A&E’s history even further)
  17. Lorimar, in between producing Dallas, Knots Landing, and Falcon Crest in the '80s -- and before they were absorbed into Warner Bros. Television -- also brought us college basketball under the ad-hoc "Lorimar Sports Network" (typeface was the same as CBS Sports' at the time): (I wonder if there was a DC Sports Network as well... (DC being Dick Clark [Productions]))
  18. I dunno; from what I've been seeing, viewers have been warming up to Sharon Reed and Tracye Hutchins (who survived many comings and goings herself at CBS 46, from Scott Light (now on WBNS) to Stephany Fisher (who, despite all the talk of her coming to Fox 5, became a freelancer at the Washington Post and now does PR for MARTA) to now Swann). Oh, and didn't I read something that CBS 46 even beat WSB (and probably Fox 5) at noon? Good luck on Channel 2 trying to spin that!
  19. [MEDIA=twitter]916113811349917696[/MEDIA]
  20. Fox 2 Detroit's (WJBK) Rob Wolchek's 10th anniversary "Hall of Shame" special from 2007:
  21. "THE News Edge at 10?" Is KRIV trying to pull a WBBM or sister station KDFW (when they called their late newscasts "THE 10 O'Clock News")?
  22. Like hell it'll happen. Meanwhile, over at 1611 West Peachtree... http://www.tvnewscheck.com/marketshare/2017/07/24/wsb-first-tv-station-to-get-million-twitter-followers/ (WAGA is not that far behind with 509,000 followers, followed by 11Alive (341,000) and CBS46 (a paltry 72,000); by comparison, KABC has 943,000 Twitter followers)
  23. This could mean Paul Ossmann may finally be chief meteorologist at CBS 46 (and in great company with Burns, Chandley, and Holcomb)!
  24. Don't forget WUSA and WFMY; both have remained third in Washington (behind WRC and WJLA) and Greensboro (WXII and WGHP) respectively for God knows how long.
  25. What about this one (I'm certain he does some local stations on the side, and since he's probably Atlanta-based, would be perfect for WSB (replacing Scott Chapin)):
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