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  1. Here in Atlanta (and just speculating): WAGA will slot Sherri Shepherd at 11:00 am, and as I said on our Discord: Since they turned her down in favor of a local show with Portia Bruner at 1:00 pm, WXIA will likely take Jennifer Hudson at 3:00. Portia's show will be a half-hour, leaving 1:30 pm open; I can see Pictionary filling that slot while keeping You Bet Your Life at midnight. The other stations' statuses remain unknown for now.
  2. From their archives: How WABC covered the crash that killed Yankees manager Billy Martin in 1989 (the other major story that Christmas was of course the execution of Romania’s dictator Nicolai Ceausescu and his wife):
  3. Jovita Moore’s death from brain cancer this past fall really hit WSB in the gut (and Ross Cavitt left a couple years ago for a PR job at Cobb County Government), as more and more Atlantans are finally turning to WAGA, WGCL, and/or even fourth-place WXIA for their news.
  4. First, they signed the OG queen of Atlanta, Monica Kaufman Pearson; now, they’re dropping The 700 Club and Dr. Oz for news at 9:00 am and another half hour at 3:00 pm? Whatever it takes for WGCL to beat Good Day Atlanta/Kelly and Ryan and Judge Judy/Tamron Hall/Dr. Phil, I’m all for it!
  5. Fred Dinenage’s last newscast as ITV’s Meridian Reports anchor after 38 years (he was reporter and later anchor at predecessors Southern Television and TVS):
  6. Except for those already on YouTube, all of the other Regional Emmy ceremonies including New York (which saw WABC win the newly created News Excellence and Overall Excellence honors as well as Morning Newscast; WNBC took Evening Newscast) , Chicago/Midwest (WGN, WITI, WBBM, and WLS among the big winners), and Rocky Mountain among those handed out so far this year are on watch.theemmys.tv and the Emmys app; no need for me playing catch-up this time.
  7. Inside Edition's now on WPCH at 10:00 pm; and besides, WXIA and WSB already had it some years ago (as well as WAGA and WGCL).
  8. Gray's first order of business after acquiring WGCL/WPCH (among the other Meredith stations) was to get a legendary local name, and Monica Pearson was it. As for WSB? I think the recent death of their lead female anchor Jovita Moore (Don Farmer, Justin's dad who anchored alongside Monica in the '80s and '90s, died this past spring) in addition to the cost-cutting at Apollo is already hurting them, and that will be reflected in the ratings. Expect WAGA and WGCL to fight it out for #1, with WSB cutting their 6:00 news to a half-hour (so that Atlantans would be flipping between ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, and CBS Evening News at 6:30) and WSB Tonight becoming the Action News Nightbeat once again; in addition, I could see Richard Belcher finally hanging it up after nearly 50 years. If it already happened in New Orleans (with WWL relinquishing their longtime #1 status to WVUE, now WGCL's sister station), it could here.
  9. Regional winners from Night 1 of the News and Documentary Emmys tonight (9/28): (Brendan Keefe's first National Emmy! (and his 114th overall))
  10. ATLANTA: They just ran the promo, but WAGA found a time slot for Jay Leno’s You Bet Your Life: Midnight, bumping Extra to 12:30 and moving the TMZ repeat to 2:30 am after Access Hollywood (they previously had the 1980 version with Buddy Hackett; WXIA carried Bill Cosby’s in 1992). Other than that (besides WPCH picking up Young Sheldon and Nick Cannon’s talker), everything else remains status quo on ‘AGA, WSB, WXIA, and WGCL; dunno about WATL and WUPA.
  11. Meanwhile...Former lead anchor Joe Vigil is now at KVVU in Las Vegas; Melissa Frey also joined from KTVA and is now KTUU/KAUU Chief Meteorologist (Jackie Purcell is still the Senior Met, but has reduced her role), while Megan Mazurek is still on the GCI payroll, now as Contributions and Senior Events Manager. I think Byron Allen should step in and buy KTVA and make it a news-intensive independent.
  12. Winners of Sunday's (8/15) Ohio Valley Emmys, which saw WDRB taking Evening Newscast and News Excellence (among others, especially for their Breonna Taylor coverage) and WLKY, Morning/Daytime/Weekend Newscast and Overall Excellence: https://ohiovalleyemmy.org/files/2021/08/2021_Ohio-Valley-Chapter_Emmy-Recipient-List.pdf
  13. This may be a Regional Emmys thread, but let’s not forget about the big guns: As usual, PBS leads the News and Documentary Emmys with 52 nods followed by CNN (41) and CBS (30); HBO and Netflix got 13 apiece — the former narrowly reclaimed their lead in terms of Primetime nods — while newcomers Peacock and Disney+ received only one apiece (Prime Video, Hulu, and Apple TV+: zero). In Spot or Breaking News on the regional side: WKYC, WPLG, WTVF (two), KMGH, KFOR, and WCCO; Investigative Report: WBBM, KNXV, KXAS, WXIA, and WVUE. As in last year, it’ll be a two-night affair with the News awards presented September 28 and the Documentaries to follow on the 29th. https://theemmys.tv/news-42nd-nominations/
  14. The 73rd Los Angeles Emmys were last night (7/24), and for the fifth year in a row...it was all KCET, still the most-honored PBS station in the country taking nine awards followed by KVEA (Telemundo) and Spectrum SportsNet both with six. KABC picked up four among the English-language commercial stations, while KTLA's two wins were for Morning and Evening Newscasts and KNBC…bupkis. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/kcet-leads-2021-l-a-area-emmy-wins-while-ktla-lands-two-top-newscast-awards-1235026936/ And playing catch-up: 44th Boston/New England Emmys (14 belonging to WCVB): https://newenglandemmy.org/files/2021/06/2021-Winner-List.pdf Pacific Southwest Emmys (held June 4): https://nataspsw.org/2021-natas-psw-emmy-awards-recipient-and-student-recipients/ 2021 Capital Emmys (held June 26; WJLA took the most haul with 24, including Overall Excellence) https://www.capitalemmys.tv/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/63rd-Capital-Emmys-Nominations-and-Emmy-Recipients.pdf Same goes to Scripps.
  15. More about APT's Overall Excellence Emmy: https://aptv.org/apt-news/apt-wins-emmy-for-pandemic-response/ Meanwhile...at the 43rd Michigan Emmys, WXYZ took the big prizes for Newscast (Morning, Daytime, or Evening) and News Excellence; Overall Excellence went to Fox/Bally Sports Detroit: https://natasmichigan.org/files/2021/06/The-43rd-Annual-Michigan-Emmy-Winners-Official-Final.pdf Here are the nominees for the 73rd Los Angeles Emmys on July 24; KCET of course leads with 23 nods (21 for KVEA (Telemundo)) while KABC led the English-language commercial stations with 12: https://www.emmys.com/news/awards-news/la-210608 And last Wednesday, the 64th New York Emmy nominations were announced (awards to be held in late September, probably after the Primetime Awards); WNJU (Telemundo) leads with 52 followed by WABC (50): https://www.nyemmys.org/media/files/files/f1f1ef99/2021-nominees-press-release-6-30-2021-updated-6-30-4pm.pdf
  16. Oh, and the San Francisco Emmys were a couple weeks ago as well; KNTV took home 16 awards among the English-language stations while KUVS dominated the Spanish-language field with 12 (both took Overall Excellence; there were a few wins for Hawaii as well). https://emmysf.tv/files/2021/06/Emmy-21-Recipient-Press-Release.pdf
  17. From WSB’s Mike Petchenik:
  18. The Southeast Emmys were last night (6/19); WXIA took the most haul with 21 (Brendan Keefe now has 113 overall!) followed by WGCL with nine (including Morning Newscast). News Excellence and Daily Newscast belonged to WSB and in an upset, it was Alabama Public Television for Overall Excellence. WAGA managed to collect a couple, so it was not a complete shut-out (WYFF dominated the mid-markets). On the Spanish-language front: Univision shared Overall and News Excellence with APT and WSB respectively (among many awards), Telemundo Atlanta co-won Daily Newscast with WSB, and MundoHispanico picked up several. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EnBKoDArSNA6J9vG8Tj_TuYgTiVY23Bu/view
  19. Right; Morning Rush and Up Late are simply "Morning News" and "News at 11" respectively. Now if WSB can drop that stupid "WSB Tonight" and call their late news the "Nightbeat" once again...
  20. It’s Emmys time once again, and this year like last year, the handouts are being done virtually. We start with the Northwest (my home region), which saw KGW repeating as Overall Excellence (while KTUU/KAUU (the latter formerly KYES) walks away empty handed on the Alaska side): https://static1.squarespace.com/static/589ccb1e15d5dbf1618a29c8/t/60c11905d5b9da134114c61c/1623267589878/Emmy+Award+Recipients_June+7.docx And the Lower Great Lakes Emmys (covering Indiana and Northern Ohio (including Cleveland and Toledo)) were last night (6/12); WEWS cleaned up, taking News and Overall Excellence: https://nataslgl.org/nataswp/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/52nd-Winner-List.pdf The Southeast Emmys are coming up this Saturday; WXIA as always lead the pack nominations-wise with WGCL not far behind (on the Spanish-language side, it’s MundoHispanico followed by Univision): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hul2A5oMHKJqeMRNdCqT6-Vg-r2f2-lG/view More of these yet to come, including New York, Los Angeles (aka the flagship; the Television Academy also hands out the Primetime awards), New England, etc., so feel free to contribute to this thread.
  21. KTVF's Good Morning Fairbanks from mid-January 1989 (exact date unknown and opening missing): https://archive.org/details/tobacco_bky27a00
  22. Former ABC News correspondent and CNN and later WSB-TV anchor Don Farmer dies at age 82.
  23. And now that three of the four Atlanta stations will have news at 4:00, it’s safe to say that WXIA won’t be sacrificing Ellen DeGeneres ever (or even moving her to WATL), as she’s been doing very well despite the recent troubles. The expansion also means Judge Judy now at 3:00 and 3:30, with Divorce Court now at 2:30 am (after Access Hollywood).
  24. Guess I was right all along about WAGA joining WSB and WGCL with news from 4:00 to 7:00 (now that Judge Judy will be ending after this season): https://www.nexttv.com/news/waga-atlanta-expands-430-pm-news
  25. CityTV and the independents (CHCH, CHEK, etc.) will probably have regular programming (on CHCH, it’s the movie The Ides of March), though I’m sure they’ll have updates throughout the night followed by their local news, which may be extended to an hour for additional election coverage.
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