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  1. Here in Atlanta (and based on old schedules from the Journal-Constitution), Jeopardy has always aired at 7:30 and has long been #2 behind the venerable Entertainment Tonight (which has been on WSB since DAY ONE!)...though I think they finally beat them - and TMZ on WAGA - thanks to that James Holzhauer guy last year.
  2. Fixed it for you. Yes, and when I talked with a German TV crew last year at the Super Bowl Experience when the big game was right here in Atlanta, they said their network broadcast only the game with probably a news update in lieu of the halftime show (which somebody else had the rights to).
  3. Which means WTSP will once again be the host station, not WFLA. By the way...the halftime show used a different production truck from Denali (a division of NEP whose fleet handles all the major entertainment shows, including the Oscars on Sunday) and with their own crew/cameras.
  4. Since it'll be quite a while, I can expect ratings for all five major syndicated magazine shows (Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, TMZ (who of course broke the story first), and Extra) to surge thanks to the Kobe coverage.
  5. And of course, the Watergate hearings preempted ALL daytime TV, including cartoons, the PBS kids shows, and Andy Griffith/Beverly Hillbillies/Gilligan's Island/I Love Lucy/Batman/I Dream of Jeannie/Bewitched/Gomer Pyle reruns.
  6. Among them: Last Call (not the one with Carson Daly), Susan Powter, Marilu Henner, Family Feud (with the return of OG host Richard Dawson), three Aaron Spelling shows, and of course...the nighttime Price Is Right with Doug Davidson.
  7. Meet WAGA's new weeknight anchor Courtney Bryant (replacing Cynne Simpson; they've been going back and forth between Portia Bruner and Marissa Mitchell alongside Russ Spencer for months)
  8. The big question: When will WNYW, KTTV, and/or WFLD follow suit?
  9. Nothing from Atlanta (yet), but my guess is that WGCL continued to make gains against WSB (especially at 4:00 thanks to Dr. Oz now as their lead-in) and WAGA. As for primetime? I think WAGA (with The Masked Singer, Thursday Night Football, and WWE Smackdown) cleaned WSB’s clock in both 18-49s and 25-54s; The Voice on WXIA probably beat Dancing With The Stars (which was also, love him or hate him, The Sean Spicer Show) on Monday nights. Of course, I could be dead wrong.
  10. Bumping this because the Lonestar Emmys (which cover the whole state of Texas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio; Tegna of course has a station in every one of those markets) were this past weekend:
  11. And speaking of Global, they were the only ones with results in both raw votes and percentage. On CBC, that one empty chair was reserved for the one and only Peter Mansbridge, who joined in after polls in most of Canada closed; CTV brought in Lloyd Robertson, though I thought their desk resembled a corporate boardroom. Once again, advantage: CBC.
  12. French-language debate (with English translation, of course):
  13. Anchorage and Fairbanks dropped to 151 and 203 respectively?! And it looks like Atlanta will remain in the top 10 for quite a while.
  14. And, to the best of my knowledge, KTVA is also the first station in Alaska with a time/temp bug for all of their newscasts (not just mornings anymore).
  15. ONE MORE ATLANTA UPDATE: Even though it was tested on WAGA last year (among other Fox O&Os), it's WPCH who has 25 Words Or Less at 4:00 pm; in addition, they also took DailyMailTV from WSB and slotted it at 3:00 am, replacing the Inside Edition repeat. Over at WSB-land, the Entertainment Tonight repeat returns to 1:05 am after Nightline, meaning insomniacs can catch that in between Access Hollywood at 12:30 on WAGA and Extra at 2:07 on WXIA.
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