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  1. Now for the big boys: Nominations for the 41st News and Documentary Emmys were announced this past week; PBS as usual leads with 48 nods followed by CNN (30) and HBO (27 + 107 for Primetime = 134 total). Among the broadcast networks, CBS has 17 nominations. Netflix picked up 15 nods; add those to their record 160 for the Primetime awards, that's a total of 175!! Hulu, by the way, has 28 total: 26 Primetime, 2 News and Doc, while Prime Video has ZERO nominations (but 31 on the Primetime side). I'm sure that next year, Apple TV+ will have had enough documentaries for Emmy consideration. In the two regional categories: Spot or Breaking News nods go to WJXT, KWEX, WLWT, WRAL, and WVLT; Investigative Report, WXIA, KSTP, KNXV, WBBM (the only O&O nominated), and WBFF. The News categories will be handed out on Monday, September 21 (one day after the Primetime Awards) with the Documentary categories to follow on September 22.
  2. Or even better: People TV at 10:30 on WPCH (eliminating Big Bang Theory); Inside Edition stays put at 10:00.
  3. Well, Regis already had two strikes against him in attempting to make a name for himself, but finally hit a home run when The Morning Show caught the attention of Disney executives, who wanted to take the show national through its then-syndication arm Buena Vista Television. The rest, as they say, is history.
  4. KTVA now independent after 66 years with CBS?! Maybe they could expand their news output, including the addition of a noon news and an hourlong 9:00 pm news (they would easily beat KTBY). In Fairbanks, I can see KTVF going back to CBS, KFXF taking NBC, and KXDF becoming MyNetwork TV.
  5. KNXT (KCBS) Channel 2 News brief with Pat O'Brien (before he wore glasses) from October 22, 1980:
  6. But a few years prior, he tried to beat Johnny himself with the syndicated "That Regis Philbin Show"; it lasted only four months in 1964. Reege's second attempt at a national show was "The Regis Philbin Show" on NBC daytime in 1981-82; it bombed as well (a handful of NBC affiliates didn't clear the show).
  7. The 700 Club goes out live at 9:00 am, and besides...WGCL started out as religious station WHAE almost 50 years ago (started up by Pat Robertson).
  8. Poor KNBC, picking up its only Emmy for Daytime Newscast; the other Investigative News Story nominee was KTTV's Bill Melugin's piece on two new sick puppy peddlers, both female (he already won last year and the previous peddler he tracked down four numerous times would finally be arrested)...though KCBS's David Goldstein could've submitted one or two stories this year. But if there were Overall Excellence and News Excellence categories, KCET and KMEX would've easily won those. As for KABC taking Evening Newscast? Well, their sister stations in New York, San Francisco, and Fresno have been dominating so far this year (WABC, Morning and Evening Newscast; KGO, Overall/News Excellence; KFSN, Daytime Newscast/Medium Markets); who knows if WPVI, WLS, KTRK, and/or WTVD will continue that trend.
  9. It’s been that way for years: No morning or 5:00 news, and they have Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy at 6:00 (opposite the hour-long news on KTUU and KTVA). But back in the early 1980’s (when they were KIMO), they couldn’t be touched. All that changed when Maria Downey headed off to Channel 2, who paired her with new young hire John Tracy; faster than you can say John Pruitt and Monica Kaufman Pearson...they never looked back.
  10. Right; Fritz joined as weekend weatherman before moving to weeknights (when News 4 LA became Channel 4 News). And oh yeah...O’Connell did that short-lived game show GO just a few stages down. Since 1995, yes (Wheel first taped at NBC in Burbank and later (CBS) Television City).
  11. It's not just Cox anymore; WGCL/WPCH has been getting in on this with "America's Steals and Deals" (telling by the graphics, both inserts happen to be produced by the same company)!
  12. Especially Fritz’s predecessor Pat Sajak (who left KNBC to do some show called Wheel Of Fortune across the lot)!
  13. This is usually the time of year when markets large and small get honored with television's biggest prize, the Emmy. But thanks to the coronavirus, many of this year's ceremonies are becoming virtual, with some of the winners posting their acceptance speeches on social media from their homes. We start with New York; WABC won Morning and Evening Newscasts while WNBC took four: The Northwest Emmys -- my home area -- saw KGW (Portland) taking Overall Excellence; they and sister stations KING and KTVB also dominated: KNTV and Univision cleaned up at the Northern California Emmys (which also covers Hawaii and even Guam!); Overall Excellence went to KGO: And here are the Southeast Emmy nominations; the awards, however, aren't until September 12! (hopefully they'll be livestreamed for the first time)
  14. Meanwhile, Jeff Hullinger was on the air for WXIA also on Saturday until 3:00 am! As for any offensive material...I would assume they, WAGA, and WGCL either turn the camera away or cut to other footage.
  15. 1998: KCOY anchor Don Strickland apparently had some problems with the stories not being cued up: (By the way...Strickland was lead anchor and news director at ABC Alaska in spring 1996; unfortunately, he failed to make any dent in the ratings against KTVA and of course the 800-pound gorilla that was (and still is) KTUU and by the fall, he was back in California)
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