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  1. And since Fair Game was canceled, Leahy stayed busy somewhat on YouTube; maybe Silverstein has been watching and taking notice, hoping the People show would mold her into the next Menounos (who worked all four entertainment news shows -- ET, Access, Extra, and E! News -- over 15 years until the brain tumor). Oh. and I remember Pat O'Brien moonlighting at ET while at CBS Sports.
  2. Pam Zekman let go after 40 years at WBBM? Maybe she could join Carol Marin at WTTW's Chicago Tonight (which is now seen around the world on YouTube), but at her age, 75 is enough to call it a career. Let's hope the layoffs don't reach KCBS/KCAL; their loyal viewers would hate losing David Goldstein, who doesn't mind being on his own without landing at another station.
  3. And Celebrity Page is DEAD LAST among the syndie magazine shows (Inside Edition has been dominating that genre lately thanks to the Coronavirus coverage); it was on WUPA here in Atlanta in the wee hours, but not anymore.
  4. Please, she's almost 70 (and she and former co-host John Tesh reunited at ET for one night only a few months ago)!
  5. If not O'Dell -- who worked with Silverstein on AH longer than ET -- or Sadler (they sure as hell won't get Maria Menounos; she quit daily television after her brain tumor a few years ago and is focusing on her podcast empire)...Kristine Leahy, perhaps???? Just like Pat O'Brien (when he jumped from CBS Sports to Access Hollywood/The Insider), she'll have no problem transitioning from sports to entertainment; her FS1 interview show "Fair Game" was canceled not too long ago. But no matter who it is, I know Jeremy Parsons will be part of the daily People TV show.
  6. Here in Atlanta...I'll let this article speak for itself: https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/local-news-game-show-ratings-jump-since-pandemic-started/r70VoQoATAY2WiEe4LQl9I/ In primetime, WAGA saw a 30% increase, while its NewsEdge is beating Jimmy Kimmel and Nightline on WSB!
  7. And in addition to ET and A Current Affair (O'Dell was on the latter for its final few months in 1995-96; I never cared for the brief 2005 reboot), when 1989 hit, USA Today had to compete against newbies Inside Edition (still on the air after 31 years) and Hard Copy (left the air in 1999)! People will do just fine.
  8. KTVF in Fairbanks being among them, airing late nights right after A Current Affair. But given Silverstein's track record at Access Hollywood, and with alum O'Dell as potential host, I'm certain they won't fail with the People TV show unlike USA Today, gradually expanding to non-Meredith markets (especially the big four: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia) in time for awards season.
  9. Um, Gannett had an even bigger disaster over 30 years ago with that USA Today TV show!
  10. Update on the upcoming People Magazine TV show, and yes...I was right about Rob Silverstein coming on board to front it: https://deadline.com/2020/05/access-hollywood-rob-silverstein-showrunner-merediths-people-magazine-syndicated-series-1202937397/ No host is named yet; hope Rob still has Nancy O'Dell on speed dial (if not, Catt Sadler).
  11. As well as portions of ABC's and NBC's coverage.
  12. Back to Anchorage: Jackie Purcell (KTUU) and Melissa Fry (KTVA) have been doing weather from their homes lately. Here in Atlanta...Sunday's severe weather coverage had ALL of the stations' main weather folks in the studio; Chris Holcomb, David Chandley, Jennifer Valdez, Brad Nitz and Jeff Hill were dragged out of their homes.
  13. ATLANTA UPDATE #3: On WXIA, Jeff Hullinger and Ron Jones are now anchoring from home with Cheryl Preheim in the studio; ditto for Ken Rodriguez and his sports segments on WAGA (Jeff Hill, Ryan Beesley, and I think Joanne Feldman are doing weather from their homes along with David Chandley). Meanwhile, at my former longtime home/joke of a market that is Fairbanks, Alaska: KTVF's Sarah Hollister is now anchoring from her house while Mike Shultz is in the studio...and that's it. And in Anchorage: No one does social distancing better than KTUU, with Mike Ross and Jackie Purcell staying put at the anchor and weather desks respectively (no Rebecca Palsha in the newsroom or at home). KTVA is probably doing the same; unsure about KYUR/KTBY. BUT...what about the rest of the world, especially Australia, the rest of Canada (local CTV/Global news), and the local BBC/ITV newscasts in Britain???
  14. After a few clips being posted over the years...finally, a full episode of CBS’ 30 Minutes (the Saturday morning spinoff of 60 Minutes which a few of us may remember) from March 21, 1981:
  15. UPDATE: On WSB, Justin Farmer and Jorge Estevez have been anchoring at the Bulldogs Gameday studio rather than the newsroom with Zach Klein outside the building; WAGA had Cody Chaffins doing his sports segments at home but he and Justin Felder are for right now doing general assignment reporting while David Chandley is doing weather from home (still no sign of Ken Rodriguez); WXIA/WATL, Chris Holcomb now doing his weather from home with Jeff Hullinger the only in-studio anchor now; on WGCL/WPCH, Shon Gables is anchoring from home.
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