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  1. If so, it would probably be on WGN America’s NewsNation block. And Barack Obama bought a half-hour of primetime on CBS, NBC, Fox, BET, MSNBC, and even Univision in 2008 (ABC thought Pushing Daisies was more important) convincing us to vote for him instead of John McCain...and it worked in the end.
  2. CBS declared Reagan the winner right at 8:00 pm Eastern in 1984, and they were also the first to call it for George H.W. Bush (Missouri put him over the top) at 9:18 Eastern, beating ABC by two minutes! 1996 was of course a cakewalk for Bill Clinton; all the networks -- and the Associated Press -- called it as soon at 9:00 pm hit.
  3. Texas and Florida may be the states to watch this time; in 2012, Florida was the last state called the Saturday after the election and it went to Obama, even though it didn't matter anyway (Ohio already gave him the win on election night at 11:15 pm Eastern).
  4. In all seriousness...the networks will probably put out press releases detailing their election night coverage plans across all platforms (including radio, since it'll be a century since KDKA's 1920 election started it all) within a week or two.
  5. With less than three weeks to go, this is when the networks' news divisions initially start laying out their plans for their biggest event every four years: Election Night! But in the age of COVID-19, things are going to be a whole lot different this year with the most socially distant coverage ever. Based on what we saw during their convention coverage, ABC and NBC will likely use their election studios; CBS's coverage with Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King will originate from Washington for the first time, though everything else (including the projections) will be handled back in New York. Tom Brokaw of course will no doubt be involved, except that he'll probably be from home rather than with Lester Holt and company in the studio (he's 80, you know). Augmented reality graphics will of course play a part as well, especially the electoral map that will decide the presidency and House/Senate seats that will decide control of power on Capitol Hill. The local stations will go all out as well for the big night with their updates in between the network coverage, but rather minimally. Of course, there's no telling what happens when 11:00 pm hits in the East (when polls close in the West and Hawaii) and a winner may or may not be declared during the hour, depending on how fast the results come in. Remember...it wasn't until 3:00 am in 2016 when Pennsylvania -- and the election -- was called for Donald Trump, and if it's really too close to call this time around...we could be waking up to an increasingly tired Holt, David Muir, and O'Donnell on Today, GMA, and CBS This Morning respectively!!!
  6. And while we’re sticking with WGCL: Chief Meteorologist Jennifer Valdez announced live on her Facebook Monday that she’s going to be working evenings and nights (4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 9:00 (WPCH), and 11:00) effective immediately rather than days and evenings. Burns, Chandley, and Holcomb better brace themselves!
  7. Yay for WHIO, becoming the second Cox station (after flagship WSB) taking Overall Excellence!
  8. The rival Xploration Station block, meanwhile, has one new show: Life 2.0; Xploration Outer Space probably made enough episodes to last a little longer in reruns — dunno if it’s enough for daily stripping — because Emily Calandrelli now has a second show (Emily’s Wonder Lab on Netflix, which she filmed during her pregnancy last year).
  9. I was hoping they would get Catt Sadler (formerly of E! News, which ended its 30-year run a few months ago).
  10. Longtime WSB-TV reporter Don McClellan dies from Parkinson’s Disease at age 88: https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/longtime-wsb-reporter-don-mcclellan-dies-88-after-parkinsons-disease-battle
  11. Winners from this year's News & Documentary Emmys: https://theemmys.tv/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/news-41st-news-programming-winners-09-21-20.pdf https://theemmys.tv/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/news-41st-documentary-programming-winners-09-22-20.pdf PBS as usual dominated those two nights, picking up 10 total (five news, five documentary), followed by CNN with eight (seven news, one documentary) and HBO, seven (four news, three docs; add those to their 30 Primetime Emmys, that's a grand total this year of 37!); Netflix collected three. CBS won four among the Big Three networks while NBC collected only one and ABC...zero. But like I said before...Prime Video and Apple TV+ should give the others a run for their money next year.
  12. Regional winners from Night 1 of the News & Documentary Emmys on Monday (9/21):
  13. Yes, replacing Andy Griffith. And if anyone cares less about Fairbanks, Alaska: KTVF now has Dr. Phil at 4:00 pm with sister station KXDF taking Drew Barrymore at 3:00...and that's it (all other schedules remain status quo).
  14. It isn't on WAGA...or anywhere else here in Atlanta, either.
  15. The 2020 Southeast Emmys were last night (9/12); WXIA/WATL remained the big winners taking Morning Newscast and News Excellence yet again among others with chief investigative reporter Brendan Keefe now upping his total Emmy haul to 105 (and maybe 106 after the national awards next week), while Overall Excellence and Daily Newscast belonged to WSB (the latter shared with Univision Atlanta on the Spanish-language side).
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