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  1. And speaking of Global, they were the only ones with results in both raw votes and percentage. On CBC, that one empty chair was reserved for the one and only Peter Mansbridge, who joined in after polls in most of Canada closed; CTV brought in Lloyd Robertson, though I thought their desk resembled a corporate boardroom. Once again, advantage: CBC.
  2. French-language debate (with English translation, of course):
  3. Anchorage and Fairbanks dropped to 151 and 203 respectively?! And it looks like Atlanta will remain in the top 10 for quite a while.
  4. And, to the best of my knowledge, KTVA is also the first station in Alaska with a time/temp bug for all of their newscasts (not just mornings anymore).
  5. ONE MORE ATLANTA UPDATE: Even though it was tested on WAGA last year (among other Fox O&Os), it's WPCH who has 25 Words Or Less at 4:00 pm; in addition, they also took DailyMailTV from WSB and slotted it at 3:00 am, replacing the Inside Edition repeat. Over at WSB-land, the Entertainment Tonight repeat returns to 1:05 am after Nightline, meaning insomniacs can catch that in between Access Hollywood at 12:30 on WAGA and Extra at 2:07 on WXIA.
  6. Boy, Tracye Hutchins has witnessed every coming and going at CBS 46 since 2007 and they’ll never let go of her (at her age, she may outlast Monica Pearson).
  7. And after further confirmation...despite it moving to a few key Fox O&Os, Extra will remain on WXIA at 2:00 am while Access Hollywood stays on WAGA's schedule at 12:30 am; the latter may have picked up 25 Words Or Less, but is saving it for 2:00 am after Page Six TV leaves. As far as Anchorage, Alaska is concerned (I'm leaving my longtime home -- and now joke of a TV market -- Fairbanks alone): KTUU: Kelly and Ryan moves to 11:00 am (so they can run all four hours of Today) while Tamron Hall and Kelly Clarkson take 2:00 and 3:00 pm respectively KTVA: "To Be Announced" for 2:00 pm KTBY, KYES, and KYUR: No change.
  8. Oh, so Divorce Court is coming back to WAGA (they have aired it before and the '60s and '80s versions prior to that) after a few years on WPCH...and as a lead-in to Judge Judy?! There goes all those plans about a 4:00 news! 25 Words or Less will occupy 12:30 am, and Mario Lopez will still be seen here at 2:00 am...as the new host of Access Hollywood still on WAGA. WXIA remains unchanged, and I’m leaving my home state of Alaska alone (though if I can guess, KTUU will have Kelly Clarkson).
  9. Yeah, what were they thinking?! This is the same WSB who five years ago slotted Meredith Vieira at that very same 2:00 am before she moved to WUPA, and the same WSB who, according to old listings from the Journal-Constitution, carried the ill-fated 1990 Tic Tac Dough reboot...also at 2:00 am (while WAGA had The Joker’s Wild and Trump Card and WXIA, The Challengers all at the 9:00 am hour)!!! No wonder why I call them The Notorious WSB because they are notorious for scheduling promising shows in shitty timeslots...in addition to their unneeded preemptions once a month! And yes, 25 Words or Less tested very well to be given 3:00 pm on WAGA though for right now, they’re testing Punch Line at 12:30 am in the hopes of following suit. But after it’s all said and done, WGCL will have the last laugh as the new Atlanta home for Dr. Oz.
  10. Well...after all this talk, I was DEAD WRONG about Kelly Clarkson on WAGA; it’s WSB who’ll have her...at 2:00 AM!!! That means 3:00 pm is now open for WAGA; they could move Judge Judy to that slot and launch a 4:00 pm news opposite WSB and WGCL (I can see Russ Spencer and Portia Bruner anchoring), but for right now, their lips are sealed.
  11. I have yet to see any promos for confirmation of Tamron Hall and Kelly Clarkson on WSB and WAGA respectively, though we already know about Judge Jerry on WATL. Nancy O'Dell leaving Entertainment Tonight comes as a surprise; like I said before; the show has never been the same since Mary Hart retired, which reminds me...do they have Maria Sansone's number on speed-dial somewhere (she's been doing mostly local TV for a few years now)???
  12. And back to the L.A. Emmys: There are also no individual honors; Investigative Reporter, for example, would've went to David Goldstein (KCBS). And here's who's up for the News and Documentary Emmys on September 24 (yes, 48 hours after the Primetime Emmys!); PBS as usual leads with 47 nominations followed by CBS (33) and HBO (32). For the two regional categories, Tegna has four nods (WXIA, KING, WTSP, KPNX) while WNBC, KXAS, and KNTV have one apiece for the NBC O&Os.
  13. The 71st Los Angeles Emmys (aka the flagship regional Emmys, since the Television Academy is headquartered in L.A.) were held Saturday night (7/27); KCET was the big winner with six followed by KMEX, KTLA, and KVEA with five apiece. The Big Four affiliates saw KNBC and KTTV picking up two Emmys each; KABC and KCBS, both with one. But if there were News or Overall Excellence honors, KMEX and KCET would've easily won those respectively.
  14. Simply because ABC primetime on WSB is getting stale, as next season’s will be Modern Family’s last and Grey’s Anatomy is way past it’s used-by date. But as the host station, Super Bowl LIII definitely helped WGCL, so they could settle for #3 among households with WAGA dominating the 18-49s over WSB.
  15. And Jennifer Valdez (who succeeded Ossmann) has proved herself to be a break from Burns, Chandley , and Holcomb. My hunch is come November sweeps, WGCL will be battling with WAGA for #2, thanks to a strong CBS primetime.
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