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  1. Right; Morning Rush and Up Late are simply "Morning News" and "News at 11" respectively. Now if WSB can drop that stupid "WSB Tonight" and call their late news the "Nightbeat" once again...
  2. It’s Emmys time once again, and this year like last year, the handouts are being done virtually. We start with the Northwest (my home region), which saw KGW repeating as Overall Excellence (while KTUU/KAUU (the latter formerly KYES) walks away empty handed on the Alaska side): https://static1.squarespace.com/static/589ccb1e15d5dbf1618a29c8/t/60c11905d5b9da134114c61c/1623267589878/Emmy+Award+Recipients_June+7.docx And the Lower Great Lakes Emmys (covering Indiana and Northern Ohio (including Cleveland and Toledo)) were last night (6/12); WEWS cleaned up, taking New
  3. Probably status quo as far as WABC and KABC are concerned in their respective markets (though in L.A., it’s been neck-and-neck between KTLA and KCAL at 10:00 pm), with WNBC/KNBC and WCBS/KCBS fighting for second. Who’s “we” (can’t be KSHB, as they’ve been #3 or #4)?
  4. Yes, it is legit alright according to Nielsen, as we have shot up three notches from #10: https://mediatracks.com/resources/nielsen-dma-rankings-2021 San Francisco…YOU’RE NEXT!!!!! (as more and more Californians have been leaving the state lately)
  5. Probably status quo, though Tampa-St. Petersburg is the larger market (#13 to Miami’s #18); there, I would say it was back and forth between WTVT and WFLA.
  6. Ooh, that poses to be bad news for KPRC. Here in Atlanta, which has now passed Houston, Washington, and Boston to become the #7 TV market in America…it’ll be the same old BS from WSB (though WAGA and WGCL have been on their tail the last couple of years).
  7. The endings of Ellen, Judge Judy, and possibly Maury are opening the door alright…for more and more 4:00 pm newscasts to fill the void.
  8. Fingers crossed that WXIA will join the other three Atlanta stations with a 4:00 news after Ellen hangs it up (since we moved up from the #10 market to #7!!!)...
  9. KTVF's Good Morning Fairbanks from mid-January 1989 (exact date unknown and opening missing): https://archive.org/details/tobacco_bky27a00
  10. When Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth visited Boston and Philadelphia in 1976 on the occasion of our Bicentennial, their stations wasted no time dipping into their vaults for brief flashbacks:
  11. Former ABC News correspondent and CNN and later WSB-TV anchor Don Farmer dies at age 82.
  12. WGCL is fine where they are (proof that WSB is slipping a bit); their sister stations in Phoenix, Kansas City, St. Louis, Hartford, etc. are also doing well.
  13. Nothing from Atlanta, though Portia Bruner said on her Instagram that WAGA is now #1 at noon (followed by WSB, WGCL, and WXIA). But other than that...WGCL remained a solid third, especially at 4:00 now that WAGA has joined the party. WXIA is still strong at the 7:00 hour, with Jeopardy! (and their slew of guest hosts carrying on Alex Trebek’s legacy) beating ET and The Big Bang Theory in the 18-49s.
  14. I can actually see the ABC O&Os getting People (since all others already have ET, Access Hollywood, and Extra), meaning the only open slot available would be after Nightline.
  15. Hate to bump this thread, but we do have one more race to go: The two runoff races here in Georgia that will decide control of the Senate. WAGA are the only ones locally with full-blown coverage at 8:00 pm (preempting "Gordon Ramsay's American Road Trip" to 1:00 am), while WXIA has an election special at 10:00 pm (simulcast of course on sister station WATL); WSB and WGCL, nothing, though their late news may be extended to an hour in case of any speeches. Nationally, Lester Holt, David Muir, and Norah O'Donnell will probably do their newscasts from Atlanta on Tuesday; an

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