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  1. johnnya2k6

    2019-20 Syndication News

    Speaking of Wendy Williams...the expansion of Good Day Atlanta to 10:00 am on WAGA also means Wendy now at 11:00, opposite The Price Is Right (WGCL), The View (WSB), and Atlanta & Company (WXIA). The Real and TMZ Live are now at 1:00 and 2:00 pm respectively, while Access is back at 2:00 am.
  2. johnnya2k6

    Out & About

    Could Karen Minton come out or early retirement and join WGCL, or are we ready for new chief meteorologist Ella Dorsey?
  3. johnnya2k6

    Natalie Morales Fired from Access Hollywood

    It’ll probably be a little different from the People Now inserts, and besides, the People magazine name is more well-known and trusted than, say, Daily Mail (why they were given a TV show, I don't know). My guess is it’ll be a throwback to what Entertainment Tonight used to be back in the Mary Hart-John Tesh/Bob Goen/Mark Steines era (or the early years of "Extra" with Dave Nemeth and Arthel Neville). And your grandparents may remember them, but People’s sister publication Time brought us "The March of Time" radio/newsreel series in the '30s and '40s. Oh, and Life helped out with NBC’s 1948 election coverage.
  4. johnnya2k6

    Natalie Morales Fired from Access Hollywood

    At that same time, Access' executive producer Rob Silverstein is stepping down after 20-plus years; maybe he could helm the upcoming "People" magazine daily TV show that's slated to launch next fall: https://deadline.com/2019/03/people-magazine-enters-daily-tv-syndication-with-fall-2020-launch-meredith-stations-1202570483/ Hopefully, it won't fail unlike USA Today's lame attempt at a TV show (if you were among the nine people who remember it).
  5. johnnya2k6

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    Yay for WGCL (though I’m sure being the host station for Super Bowl LIII had something to do with it)!!! Meanwhile, WAGA (who turns 70 today (3/8)) recently boasted they’re "North Georgia's Most-Watched Station." I guess that got the folks over at that "Coverage You Can Count On" station into a hissy fit (maybe it was The Masked Singer being a monster hit (no pun intended)).
  6. johnnya2k6

    Non-News Classic Video

    In memory of David Horowitz, who died earlier this week at age 81: Here’s a full episode of his show “Fight Back!” from 1992 (near the end of its run); it started as a local show called “California Buyline” on KNBC in 1976 and then “Consumer Buyline” before going national in 1980.
  7. johnnya2k6

    Non-News Classic Video

    A compilation of slates and countdowns from PBS stations going back to the ‘70s, including a 1977 one from Mississippi Public Broadcasting (when they were Mississippi ETV):
  8. johnnya2k6

    2018-19 Syndication News

    My guesses on who will get what in Atlanta (besides Kelly Clarkson's talker on WAGA): Judge Jerry--Either WATL or WPCH Tamron Hall--WSB (hopefully at the graveyard 2:00 am slot, replacing Face The Truth) 25 Words or Less--WAGA (replacing the Page Six TV repeat at 2:00 pm) or WUPA WXIA is expected to remain status quo; as for Top 30? After WAGA tested it in summer 2016, no one else picked it up for the long haul.
  9. johnnya2k6

    NBC News For Kids

    And from 1978-82, CBS had a kiddie version of 60 Minutes on Saturday mornings called “30 Minutes.”
  10. johnnya2k6

    NBC Sports/NBCSN/Golf Channel/NBC RSNs Thread

    Bob Costas leaving NBC Sports (and the network in general) after nearly 40 years, though we'll still see him on MLB Network. It is perhaps the end of an era; some of us were just babies when Bob joined in 1979. But let's just say that his departure wasn't messy unlike Megyn Kelly's.
  11. johnnya2k6

    CBS News Head David Rhodes Out.

    Pelley’s much better doing just 60 Minutes, so no.
  12. johnnya2k6

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    My guess is WPIX.
  13. johnnya2k6

    Question about Market/Network Dominance

    WTVJ was #1 all throughout the Ralph Renick era, then after Ralph stepped down and (unsuccessfully) ran for Florida governor, WPLG with the late Ann Bishop and Dwight Lauderdale overtook them. WTVJ becoming an NBC O&O would open the floodgates for WSVN. We thought WWL in New Orleans would be immune to TEGNAitis (they've been a powerhouse since the days of Garland Robinette, Angela Hill, and the late Bill Elder), but not anymore. The TEGNAitis bug hasn't hit KARE yet, but for right now, they've been battling for #2 with KMSP. KSTP, whose newscasts even beat out the primetime network shows at one point (including 60 Minutes, which became #1 in 1979-80), has long been a joke in the Twin Cities. But despite WSB's dominance, the other three stations have been making serious gains against them, and it's showing. WAGA has a new news director in Scott Stucky (Mike McClain has moved on to Charlotte); WGCL, as the host station of Super Bowl LIII, has shown some growth in viewership; and TEGNAitis has done very little to WXIA.
  14. I've known about this for dozens of years; even America's Most Wanted got involved in it at one point (but not Unsolved Mysteries).
  15. johnnya2k6

    KTVA newsroom sustains major earthquake damage

    They’re still picking up the pieces and have already went back on the air, but because of the way they handled the earthquake coverage on social media, I have a feeling KTVA will earn Emmys (regional and maybe a national) and possibly a Peabody; the latter a first for Alaska.

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