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  1. Continuing with the weather musical chairs, I saw Greg Bledsoe doing the weather this morning.
  2. Well, I didn't see this coming. Christina Pascucci is running for US Senate: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CyjHmcxJ0jk/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  3. I'm still curious as to who is filling that spot. I thought they were going with Sheena since she was working that shift for weeks, but now this week she is back to mornings. I'm thinking it'll be Francella, though Brooke is on today.
  4. Update: Dagmar is no longer with KNSD. They aired her goodbye message during the 4p news: https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/nbc-7s-dagmar-midcap-says-goodbye/3319537/ All this week, KNSD will be airing the latest Down to Earth with Dagmar trip to Madagascar. Jinx
  5. I hope KGTV is close to the front of the line for a new set. If they could at least do something about that black curtain that's to the left of the 3x3 array
  6. I didn't realize, if you go to the quick links on their website and select 7Oth anniversary, there's actually a lot of interviews with former personalities. Most seem to be short blurbs. Hopefully the full interviews are available somewhere.
  7. What a time to be alive!
  8. KGTV celebrating 70 years with a half hour special that includes interviews with former anchors Bree Walker and Carol Lebeau. https://www.10news.com/70th-anniversary/celebrating-70-years-san-diegos-kgtv-celebrates-milestone-anniversary
  9. I wonder where Dagmar Midcap over at KNSD has been. She hasn't been on air in over a month and they've literally had every weather personality at the station filling in. This week and last week it's been Sheena Parveen from mornings.
  10. This article says Cohen has already been relieved of his duties. https://timesofsandiego.com/business/2023/09/04/marketink-nexstar-now-controls-san-diegos-kusi-news-director-steve-cohen-is-out/
  11. Apparently it is Virginia Cha's week at KGTV. They are airing stories about all she's covered all week.
  12. I probably would venture away from "without a strategy" being that a set refresh is something that is planned will in advance as we always point out in these threads. We need to remember that delays always happen, and there are still supplies that have long lead lead times and sometimes permitting takes long as well. I work at theme park, and no matter how much you plan something, things still can put well off your plan. They very well may have had a plan to do it all at once, but something threw that off.
  13. https://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/pga-liv-golf-merger-rcna87914 Just thought I would start a new thread. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out for broadcasters given the strain LIV was having on the Tegna/Nexstar relationship.
  14. Just spotted former KUSI evening weather anchor Francella Perez on KNSD filling in. She may be a permanent hire vs. freelance because the her lower third had an NBC 7 Twitter handle (though it isn't live on Twitter yet). Maybe she's the permanent weekend weather anchor.
  15. I think they could eliminate the 7p on KSWB, and basically shift Good Evening San Diego on KUSI from 4p-6p to 7p-9p. Not sure if they keep 10p/11p on KUSI. Maybe simulcast? And also maybe add midday/early afternoon (12p, 2p, or 3p) to KUSI. What I'll be excited to see is new graphics for KSWB/KUSI. Get rid of those clunky KUSI graphics and finally get ONE cohesive graphics package for KSWB instead of that hodgepodge they went with.
  16. After watching the tour, I like the set except 2 things: 1. The monitor behind the desk should have taken up the whole wall instead of being surrounded by the lighting. 2. The desk... Why is there just a small TV on the front instead of a larger display? Hopefully it's just temporary like when KNSD got their new desk.
  17. It'll probably be a gaggle of personalities covering sports. At least that's been then trend down here in SD. KNSD, KFMB and KSWB each have 3-4 people covering sports thought the week since longtime personalities left.
  18. Right. Telemundo and CW are even further down and they are subchannels.
  19. I agree. I use YouTube TV and regardless of the channel number, the first channels that appear are CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox. I'm in San Diego, so the order isn't even in number order... 8, 10, 7, 5... I'll also add, that's the default, but you can customize the order of the channel listings by putting your most watched at the top. So in the end, that channel number really doesn't matter
  20. Yeah, I agree. Being a San Diego native, it's giving me KFMB circa 1998, between the italicized 8 in a red box and the yellow accents.
  21. I feel like the anchors need to sit a bit higher at this desk. They look like little in kids sitting at the grown ups table.
  22. Well 2 things: 1. KTLA didn't change graphics 2. They did have issues with navigating that weather wall without chroma. It looked uncomfortable and they had to do some tweaking. Overall, as others have said, hiccups are expected when new things are introduced. This isn't the first new set/graphics/branding we've been through...
  23. I agree! I love these graphics, but that is literally the only thing I would change is to just use the KCAL square for the bug.
  24. No, it's looking like all broadcasts are branded as KCAL News, regardless of what station it's on:
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