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  1. Just spotted former KUSI evening weather anchor Francella Perez on KNSD filling in. She may be a permanent hire vs. freelance because the her lower third had an NBC 7 Twitter handle (though it isn't live on Twitter yet). Maybe she's the permanent weekend weather anchor.
  2. I think they could eliminate the 7p on KSWB, and basically shift Good Evening San Diego on KUSI from 4p-6p to 7p-9p. Not sure if they keep 10p/11p on KUSI. Maybe simulcast? And also maybe add midday/early afternoon (12p, 2p, or 3p) to KUSI. What I'll be excited to see is new graphics for KSWB/KUSI. Get rid of those clunky KUSI graphics and finally get ONE cohesive graphics package for KSWB instead of that hodgepodge they went with.
  3. After watching the tour, I like the set except 2 things: 1. The monitor behind the desk should have taken up the whole wall instead of being surrounded by the lighting. 2. The desk... Why is there just a small TV on the front instead of a larger display? Hopefully it's just temporary like when KNSD got their new desk.
  4. It'll probably be a gaggle of personalities covering sports. At least that's been then trend down here in SD. KNSD, KFMB and KSWB each have 3-4 people covering sports thought the week since longtime personalities left.
  5. Right. Telemundo and CW are even further down and they are subchannels.
  6. I agree. I use YouTube TV and regardless of the channel number, the first channels that appear are CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox. I'm in San Diego, so the order isn't even in number order... 8, 10, 7, 5... I'll also add, that's the default, but you can customize the order of the channel listings by putting your most watched at the top. So in the end, that channel number really doesn't matter
  7. Yeah, I agree. Being a San Diego native, it's giving me KFMB circa 1998, between the italicized 8 in a red box and the yellow accents.
  8. I feel like the anchors need to sit a bit higher at this desk. They look like little in kids sitting at the grown ups table.
  9. Well 2 things: 1. KTLA didn't change graphics 2. They did have issues with navigating that weather wall without chroma. It looked uncomfortable and they had to do some tweaking. Overall, as others have said, hiccups are expected when new things are introduced. This isn't the first new set/graphics/branding we've been through...
  10. I agree! I love these graphics, but that is literally the only thing I would change is to just use the KCAL square for the bug.
  11. No, it's looking like all broadcasts are branded as KCAL News, regardless of what station it's on:
  12. So my question is, how will the sets be utilized? Will everything originate from the new set only. Is the new set for mornings and the KCBS set for evenings. Or will it continue as the new set for KCAL only and KCBS continues with their current set?
  13. Now if we could get a good update to The Hammer...
  14. Also, I don't get all the disappointment. All the signs of what this package was going to be have been laying around since the start of this thread, and should have become clearer when CBSN was launched and the overhaul of the network package. If you thought it was going to be anything else, you weren't paying attention.
  15. I think they are going for her walking in from the street after getting the story, since in the opening she walking around. I think it's creative, and a much needed breathe of fresh air. I honestly like the approach KPIX is taking with this rebrand. The nod to the past with the naming of all the evening broadcasts to include the anchor's name and blending it with different presentation styles that aren't just having someone glued to the desk. Stations spend all this money to add all this technology and promise that it's going to revolutionize how they tell stories, only to continue with the same approach. I'd like to see more stations step a bit further outside of box, like this, and use all those AI tools, use the set to it's full potential and not hang around the desk so much. Yes, it's a bit rough around the edges right now, but this could really be good once refined.
  16. They've already announced he took a buyout with four other on air personalities at KNBC.
  17. I'm pretty sure it was the fact that Jenny was probably pretty low on the totem pole a KFMB as far as getting in the anchor chair. At that time they had Stella in the chair, with Neda and Heather (though she was doing weather) on the side lines. And they already had Marcella behind Barbara Lee. Everyone is young enough to be in their roles for a while if that's what that want.
  18. They've also adjusted the weather shot again, to be tight on the monitor to give the appearance of a green screen. Not sure if they are rethinking how weather is being presented, possibly going back to green screen. Also, not sure if this is done on all broadcasts as I only watch the morning news.
  19. It seems they have a problem with lower thirds, cuz these are also horrible... Too big. I'm glad KSWB doesn't have those. I do agree with the dislike of the hodgepodge. They should complete the WJW current look.
  20. I don't think it's a dumb move at all. Comparing CBS 2's and KCAL's brands, KCAL is the more recognizable and more local brand and really they should've always been making KCAL the more dominant brand since the merge. I'd say that when there was a period when broadcast news in general was in a slump, that KCAL seemed to be an after thought, with much of the talent there laid off and also many of the daytime broadcasts eliminated (2pm, 3p and a half hour of the 4p).
  21. Yeah, they definitely still have some kinks to work out with weather. It seems they switch to full screen a lot which leaves the weather person out a lot of the shot half the time.
  22. That just made me literally LOL. The chair may as well had be spinning like they just got up and left when they panned to the empty weather center.
  23. Very interesting and very different from 2. Can't wait to see it on air.
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