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  1. Looks great. Waiting for KFMB to get a new set....
  2. They are. But unfortunately due to COVID on air protocol, still haven't seen the desk. Seems they are playing with new color schemes for the light panels though. They've been using a blue to yellow gradient during midday whenever they do the monitor over the anchor's shoulder shot, and a blue to turquoise gradient for the afternoon.
  3. Well, apparently they'll be back in the studio tomorrow. But also, he alluded to the fact that but everything is done. Hopefully it refers to the monitors. Hope they are upgrading the 5x1 window to one monitor and the same with the 3x3 array:
  4. There's a new desk! https://twitter.com/RicardoNBCSD/status/1480243195237658626?t=QjmD2oNSx5XbW35qRApvEQ&s=19
  5. https://twitter.com/RicardoNBCSD/status/1475891688799281153?t=n-wj8A1ANtxCbwqJQDdZ6w&s=09 Well, the floor is done.
  6. Yikes... Pretty much sums it up I think.
  7. I thought they had just moved the desk from the main set into the newsroom, but this is a different desk all together.
  8. Yeah, Catherine just mentioned on air that they are getting touchups done on their studio.
  9. Not sure what's going on at KNSD today, when I watched at 11a they only were only doing one up close single shot, but still in studio (Marianne was solo today). Now at 4p, they are anchoring from the newsroom, which they've never done since moving to this building. Taking a guess, they could be installing new monitors around the studio. I was noticing some of the monitors in the 3x3 array had some monitors with screen burn.
  10. Bob Hansen or "Consumer Bob" is retiring from KNSD this week.
  11. Barbara-Lee Edwards has officially left KFMB to continue recovering from the hemorrhage in her brain: https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/san-diego-anchor-leaves-to-focus-on-her-health/236086/ Here is the interview she did it with Marcella Lee: https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/local/news-8s-barbara-lee-edwards-talks-about-life-after-suffering-brain-bleed-in-2020/509-3cfed42f-7a4f-48a9-9f54-869de214d5f2
  12. It seems they really are only using that logo variant in the bug. Everywhere else the logo appears is the non notched 7.
  13. Any thoughts on when the remaining stations will switch over? I thought they would switch at the start of the new TV season, but that has now passed. Lol.
  14. Phil Blauer will be her co-anchor. Wow, that's a long evening block of news. Now 4p-8p.
  15. I think KNSD is close to debuting the new graphics. Now that they're weather anchors are back in studio, they started airing a new weather spot promoting weather from NBC and Univision and the peacock background from the new opens is there. Sorry I don't have a pic or video.
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