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  1. Bsean

    Out & About

    Crystal Egger popped up doing weather on KNSD when I tuned in at 4. I know they are down a weekend weather anchor and looking into it, she's been on air at least since March. Not sure if she's permanent for the weekend or freelance as she has no bio on their site.
  2. KNSD is also using those graphics for it's Corona coverage. Might just be from the hub.
  3. Tribune stations haven't been on Livestream for a bit now... At least KTLA and KSWB haven't been.
  4. No it doesn't. The article that was posted on this thread a few months back said the sale of KSWB and KTXL was in addition to selling KCPQ. The idea was being explored pending valuation of the stations.
  5. No update to the weather graphics though... Just watched at 11p. And where is Aloha still???
  6. Bsean

    Out & About

    KSWB sent Heather Lake on a cross country trip to Miami. But also, there were reporters there with their mic flag. That pic probably wasn't all of them.
  7. Bsean

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    I LOVE IT! BEST OPEN OUT OF THE PACK! Though they were bold by putting the phrase "Better Journalism" on there. Maybe they are wishing that into existence... Kind of makes me look forward to KSWB becoming an O&O and getting this package. Would definitely mesh well with the set (being that KMSP has the same set).
  8. Bsean

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    I think that was my favorite open so far, graphically. I still prefer the cut of Beyond that KTTV is using. In this cut that most have been using, the signature kinda drags too slowly for my liking.
  9. I do agree. I think this package does have great potential if executed better. Also, it's their first day and there are graphical elements they haven't even used yet based on the screencaps posted earlier in this thread. I do like the direction it's going though; much more modern than what they currently have. The current package grew stale to me after the first year. I also really wasn't a fan of Inergy. KGTV didn't really use too many different cuts so that got old quickly as well for me.
  10. Bsean

    Out & About

    Apparently KSWB now has a half hour 7pm show. Also, I noticed at 4am there's a show called Fox 5 Behind the Scenes, on right before the 4:30am news... Not sure what that is. Has anyone else seen it?
  11. Bsean

    Out & About

    Missed this, it was Jenn Karlman's (of KSWB) last day on Aug 9. Just saw a post on Instagram that Maria Arcega-Dunn is taking her place starting 9/9.
  12. Bsean

    KMGH's Circle 7

    I'm late to this, but what package are those L3s from? I like them for Scripps. Wish KGTV were using them.
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