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  1. WABC NY aired Wheel on Localish, OTA 7.2 and on cable systems in the area.
  2. News 12 New Jersey will be out of their main studio for a couple of weeks as it gets "torn apart and put back together." I didn't think their set was that old.
  3. Maurice and Kristine are back in the main studio for the 5pm newscast; they are 6' apart across the desk. Lonnie is still in the barn with the weather. The listings indicate the noon newscast is back on Wednesday, so I wonder if that holds now that the main studio is up and running again.
  4. Former WABC anchor Robb Hanrahan has suffered a massive heart attack. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2020/06/cbs21-anchor-robb-hanrahans-wife-thankful-for-prayers-provides-update-that-hes-still-on-life-support.html
  5. News12 NJ is available on most, if not all Comcast systems in the northern part of the state (Ocean, Monmouth and north), which is why I think it's odd they do not want to add it to southern NJ systems; Burlington County on south. I think News12 NJ is carried on Mercer County systems of Comcast, but that's always a fuzzy area: NY vs. Philadelphia. I think News12 NJ is really trying to position themselves very uniquely and this is the first step. The northern part of NJ sees NY news, while the southern part of NJ sees Philadelphia news, but neither really sees what is h
  6. News 12 New Jersey's morning show is now available on WACP-Channel 4 throughout south Jersey and the Philadelphia region. Interesting that Comcast will not add News 12 through south Jersey.
  7. News12 NJ has been doing their newscasts from the newsroom and alternate desk locations; are they getting a facelift? Something's keeping them out of their main studio since about Friday.

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