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  1. I think this began on Monday, however the News at 9 is now back to using the WCBS graphics/production style with the WLNY 10/55 bug instead of the CBSN New York look. It's still odd there is no time and temperature and just a black bar under the bug. The actual newscast is 30 minutes with a repeat from 9:30-10. The open is just the CBS eye, general open.
  2. I guess it's a strange question, but with the way everyone on social media is asking, is Betty well loved/liked? Forgive me for saying, but I always found her dull for morning news and she did not compliment Dan very well, nor does she have a quick, wit type sense of humor during the lighter segments after 9am. If Dan is going to be the "face" of PIX11, he needs someone to better suit his personality. I would have liked to have seen Vanessa or Kirstin with him, but that's just me.
  3. Dan's IG states that Betty is going to be with John, 4:30-7am.
  4. Interesting that WNBC is picking up Thursday Night Football, tomorrow night's NFL Network telecast. Is the production still being produced by FOX? If so, odd that WNYW or WWOR did not take it. Also, they are airing the Brooklyn Nine Nine finale at 7, ahead of anyone else and moving Law & Order reruns to COZI, which is listed as being in HD, but lately the picture has been really grainy and fuzzy.
  5. As is done each year, WCBS, WNBC, WNYW, WABC, and WPIX always carry the ceremony live. WNYW came on at 8:30 and WPIX came on at 8am. WCBS aired the CBS network programming starting with the 8am hour of CBS Mornings on WLNY WABC aired the network coverage with David Muir on digital channel Localish 7.2 WNYW aired Big Noon Kickoff and both college football games on WWOR/MY9, even after WNYW joined the noon game in progress. I know WCBS had a special one hour program from 7-8pm Friday night to commemorate the 20 years. WABC has a digital piece, "Behind the Lens."
  6. I totally agree, given the first ever flash flood emergency, and deemed catastrophic and life threatening, I'm really appalled at the decisions last night. I think WCBS ended up having the most coverage last night by going with a live hour at 9 on WLNY and a full hour at 11. The Late Show was a repeat anyway, being on summer hiatus. I don't typically watch, but I thought their coverage was actually really well done last night. On the flip side, I am surprised they did not have any extended coverage this morning, and opted to show repeats of Drew Barrymore and Let's Make a Deal and let WABC go full during that time. It was smart of WABC to go live after GMA from 9am until after 11am.
  7. Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to the Spanish networks as I was watching for coverage. NYC networks are always very hesitant to interrupt primetime or the network morning shows: biggest market, all those ad dollars and sponsors. Unless it is a pre-planned event, such as the handful of preseason football games where primetime is planned to be on a sister network or digital channel, they try to avoid it, despite what turned into a catastrophic event. There was definitely more coverage today during the regular newscasts. WNBC stayed on for a full hour at 11, and joined Days in progress after 12noon, while WABC was on from 9am until after 11am. Aside from the usual crawls and tickers during the local morning programs, WCBS was the only one to use a crawl last night and today. WNYW even cut Good Day at 9:30 to show a pre-taped program, as opposed to continuing with Good Day New York.
  8. WCBS: they had a full hour of news on their sister station, WLNY from 9-10pm. They also had a full hour from 11pm - midnight, which they seem most prepared of all the networks. They did not have many commercial interruptions or do a sports report. Mobile 2 was out and about surveying the streets. WNBC: they cut into primetime for a few times, but the regular schedule continued. The 11pm was normal. WNYW FOX5: the standard 10pm news, nothing additional I noticed. I don't even think they had a crawl regarding anything. WABC: had similar coverage to WNBC where they broke into primetime several times and at the top of each hour for a few minutes. They also had live coverage from 9am until after 11, then went to The View, in progress, presumably to take a break and return with their noon newscast. WPIX: did have one special report for the tornado warning, but returned to regular programming, had their normal 10pm news and was done. It was a bit dis-appointing last night. I found more coverage via News12 (live all evening until about midnight) and The Weather Channel.
  9. WABC NY aired Wheel on Localish, OTA 7.2 and on cable systems in the area.
  10. News 12 New Jersey will be out of their main studio for a couple of weeks as it gets "torn apart and put back together." I didn't think their set was that old.
  11. Maurice and Kristine are back in the main studio for the 5pm newscast; they are 6' apart across the desk. Lonnie is still in the barn with the weather. The listings indicate the noon newscast is back on Wednesday, so I wonder if that holds now that the main studio is up and running again.
  12. Former WABC anchor Robb Hanrahan has suffered a massive heart attack. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2020/06/cbs21-anchor-robb-hanrahans-wife-thankful-for-prayers-provides-update-that-hes-still-on-life-support.html
  13. News12 NJ is available on most, if not all Comcast systems in the northern part of the state (Ocean, Monmouth and north), which is why I think it's odd they do not want to add it to southern NJ systems; Burlington County on south. I think News12 NJ is carried on Mercer County systems of Comcast, but that's always a fuzzy area: NY vs. Philadelphia. I think News12 NJ is really trying to position themselves very uniquely and this is the first step. The northern part of NJ sees NY news, while the southern part of NJ sees Philadelphia news, but neither really sees what is happening in NJ as a bigger picture. Yes, I'm really not sure how News12 can say exclusively on Optimum, just as NY1 says exclusively on Spectrum; neither of which is true anymore.
  14. News 12 New Jersey's morning show is now available on WACP-Channel 4 throughout south Jersey and the Philadelphia region. Interesting that Comcast will not add News 12 through south Jersey.
  15. News12 NJ has been doing their newscasts from the newsroom and alternate desk locations; are they getting a facelift? Something's keeping them out of their main studio since about Friday.
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