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  1. I guess every station has their ups and downs. Despite it all they still manage to be the #1 Watched station in the nation. They've have been for a long time.
  2. Hopefully with the new leadership on the horizon we can see some new refreshing things happen to the station. Does anyone have any insight on was allegedly done to Lori Stokes prior to her departure? I don't recall hearing anything mentioned or I must've missed that discussion..
  3. Was wondering the same! Guess we’ll have to tune in to find out lol.
  4. Does anyone have any insight on when WABC will be updating their music or if there is talks in them getting a new package? They've been using this music since Fall of 1998 and we are in 2018. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it would be nice to see something refreshing for them. . I believe Fall of this year will mark it 20 years that they are on Series 4 of Eyewitness News from Frank Gari. The tune is very fitting and nice for New York so it will be interesting to see how Gari will top that if they even do decide to update their package. Unless they go the WPVI route and just never change it at all haha. Also is there a definitive replacement for Laura Benkhe or is Anthony Johnson assuming the role? I think he's actually a pretty good fit for role and his personality really matches position.
  5. I find her to be a real class act. Very classy and very professional in the work that she does. I've met her in person and I must say she is just as nice in person as she is on television. So personally I'm a fan. I think she could be along the lines of being the lead female anchor for the station. I don't think there's anyone else that is at her level. Diana Williams of course one can argue can be the lead female anchor as well especially with her veteran status and the amount of time she's been there.
  6. Yep she’s finally back. What a trooper she is. She’s gone through so much in her career. Godspeed to her and glad she’s back!
  7. Oh wow, has it already been 6 years? I could've sworn I remember him doing it in recent times, I guess time really does fly. Didn't he anchor the 2015 broadcast?
  8. Yeah its a bit surprising that she will not be home with her newborn baby for Christmas, but maybe she can go home right after the broadcast? Usually on Christmas Day the New York stations air basketball games all day, but it looks like GMA will be airing so she may be needed to do cut ins, unless she goes home right after the broadcast and Lauren does all of the cut ins and leaves for the day.
  9. Honestly they just need to find a way to relieve Camille Edwards of her duties if she's not treating the employees fairly, and these allegations are true. Nobody should be "afraid of going to work" because of a tyrant boss. People need to be in the right state of mind and at ease and should not be "on edge" when working, its not fair and it really affects the quality of work being put out there. Instilling "fear" in the work place is very unhealthy. Especially in this day and age where we live in a society that is more open than before. If she hired Ryan Field over Laura because of her looks then that is just terrible. Obviously we all don't work there so we can't vouch for them, but what we can all vouch for is expectation of fair and equal treatment for all employees regardless of the workplace and environment we are in. If these allegations are true then its not fair. Thats very appalling to hear especially from the top station in the nation in terms of viewers. As for Laura Benhke I honestly did not like her as well either, I think Ryan Field was a better fit for the position, only because Laura Benkhe just doesn't have the chemistry that Ryan has. But it is not fair to be denied a position because of race, gender, and etc which goes against so many laws. They can be honest and say that she wasn't the "right fit", but don't say that its because she is blonde, she's not fit to deliver sports, totally unfair.. I mean, lets face it there are better sportscasters out there, for example, Robin Roberts, she was a legend at ESPN before GMA.
  10. It’s definitely rare today but it has been done, remember Roger Grimsby and Bill Beutel? They were quite revered back in those old days from WABC.
  11. Thats how it works! Not just on Television but with any job. They don't compensate, you go where they do compensate you more. Especially in this day and age lol.
  12. Darla was reporting just today. She was back on the air doing a report for the 4pm show.
  13. Wow thats unfortunate.. . Sade already had a major injury which she pretty much almost died from as well and now this. She's endured a lot of pain and tragedy throughout her life, so I hope this doesn't bring down her morale. She's a strong class act woman though so I'm pretty confident she will recovery. But this time it seems like its not job related so thats really unfortunately. Hopefully she makes a speedy recovery.
  14. Yeah that was interesting to see them down there apparently there are a lot of reporters from different ABC O&O stations lending KTRK a hand. That was nice to see.
  15. Yeah and they did this when Lori was alone too when Steve Bartelstein left. So they'll keep trying different ones until they find the right fit. Who knows, maybe it could be Michelle? Or maybe even Lauren Glassberg, I hope she gets it. Personally, I think Lauren Glassberg is similar in style to Lori with the way she delivers the news and she just has this grace about how its delivered that really suits her and the station well. Very similar to Lori's style of delivery.
  16. Dray Clark is freelance? I thought he was permanent.
  17. I agree, its kinda lackluster at this point haha. Especially when they are serving the most populated and most expensive city and Metropolitan area in the nation. If they are serving the most densely populated and most expensive city in the nation, they will naturally be the most watched station in the nation.
  18. Ah, I see haha. Well so far so good this week, they've been in their studio all throughout so it seems like they are getting themselves back on track.
  19. Why are they back and forth in the newsroom and studio is there a reason behind that?
  20. They're back in the set again lol.
  21. If you're referring to their old studio that they had from 1993 to 2011, "The Live w/ Kelly Studio" has been expanded. The old set (TV13B), has been gone for a while since 2011 I recall, as they've combined both studios together to create one large studio for the Live with Kelly show. Though I believe they did utilize the Live with Kelly space once for a special election night coverage but that was way back in 2008, but they haven't used it since.
  22. Yep, that's correct, that's why the shot puts the anchors so close together, Because that desk is normally used for one anchor during quick news updates or for reports from the newsroom. It wasn't intended to be used for a full fledged broadcast so that's why its only one camera and prompter.
  23. Here is the definition of an Troll, that I found from Wikipedia, in which you had mentioned someone in one of your other posts to look for work in, I think you fit the definition quite well! . In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll's amusement. And yes, I'm probably going to get a really "nice" message from you. . But that's to be expected, and thats just what you like to do, hence why you fit the bill of that definition really well. Now, in your response you stated that I have 1400 messages and 48 likes, and that we are all trolls. If we were trolls, we probably wouldn't have been able to posts this many messages and still be allowed to be on here. Secondly, you also claim that WPIX is a "Fake News" Organization. Do you have information and facts to back that up? Do you have an example of a fake news story that they produced? So I'm not sure how any of your comments really make sense or if they are even credible. Now if you want to take the time out of your busy schedule, in which you claim that we do not have, you can scroll through the majority of our comments and posts over the last 10 years in which this forum has been in existence. You'll see that they are quite constructive to the conversation. Unlike your 26 or so, comments of which the majority have overwhelmingly disrupted the conversation and created tension as the definition above states.
  24. Its been a long time since we've had trolls on these forums, looks like we've got ourselves a new one. .
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