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  1. Oh no, he was so young.. :(. Cancer is really a nasty, selfish disease. That's rough news to hear.. Not sure if this has ever happened to anyone in this market before at least at such a young age...
  2. My guess is when Shirleen returns in the fall or next year from Maternity leave she will probably do only mornings to have more time with her newborn child, and the new team with the upcoming new meteorologist will take over the Noon gig. There is a posting now for a new meteorologist as well. Weather Anchor: WABC-TV is looking for a dynamic meteorologist to join our Eyewitness News weather team. Successful candidates will know how to cover and win breaking weather on-air and on our digital platforms. You must understand forecasting, know the technology and be able to deliver your forecasts in a conversational and engaging style. Responsibilities: Preparing and executing compelling, energetic and informative weather reports Update forecast/conditions and interact with viewers on social media Provide extensive coverage during severe/extreme weather events Basic Qualifications: Dynamic presentation skills Knowledge of WSI & Baron graphics systems and ability to build a show independently 5 years or more experience as an on-air meteorologist Ability to work a flexible schedule Required Education College Degree in Meteorology required CBM and/or NWA Seals of Approval preferred Additional Information: This is an AFTRA-represented position. To apply, please log on to www.disneycareers.com and search for requisition #639294BR. No telephone calls, please. WABC-TV, an owned station of ABC, Inc., is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Female/Minority/Veteran/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity
  3. Yeah, still quite bizarre how he left without any notice. I guess this is will go down to be one of the biggest TV mysteries of our recent time.
  4. Yeah, I like the idea of offering Jeff the morning show and Amy the Noon and 4 sounds brilliant. Though the weekend evenings are probably more desirable from a "working hours" standpoint than waking up at the crack of dawn. Personally, I feel like Jeff is more of an evening kinda guy haha. But only Jeff knows himself more .
  5. Certainly an end of an Era for WABC's Eyewitness News This Morning. But this happens. Life happens and nothing in life lasts forever. :(. I do wish him the best, it's just sad that a proper send-off wasn't done for him. He has really worked so hard in that and devoted 3 decades of his life for the morning show putting himself out there in the elements, doing on-location live shots. Bill was really passionate about his job and it is really such a major shame that he's just gone. But at the end of the day, one must follow their heart and if this is clearly what he wanted. As for Eyewitness News This Morning, there will be a lot of inconsistency in the coming months and year. Especially with Shirleen expecting her second child, (she's so amazing at what she does). So I can see WABC trying to "re-invent" the show again. Honestly, to me, the show seems particularly lackluster and kinda dull and predictable. It needs some more "spicing up". So maybe these major talent changes will allow WABC to explore new options to really re-invent the show and themselves. Bill's personality really fixed that lacklusterness of the morning show.
  6. I personally asked Jeff Smith today during Jeff Smith's Facebook Live Q&A, "Where is Bill Evans." He said firmly that he is no longer with WABC-TV.
  7. Yeah very bizarre, he's such an awesome meteorologist and has been there longer than all of them. Bill is usually transparent during these situations too. Hopefully it's nothing too drastic. The last time I remembered he was gone this long was when he had surgery in his shoulder. I wonder if this topic of Bill Evans leaving, warrants a seperate thread on the New York News Forum since it's pretty major..
  8. Its reality, not really imagining at this point, as it is reality. Wow that’s very surprising, incredibly shocking. But he’s doing what his heart desires and at the end of the day he has to be happy. Bill really brought a good dynamic to the morning team. I don’t know who could replace him. While Jeff and Amy are incredible, Bill was unique and one of a kind. He had a quirkiness that really made that broadcast so fun to watch. Such a shame they did not do a proper send off or anything for him considering how long he’s been at WABC. Maybe Ken will mention it tomorrow morning. Ugh still stunned. The Eyewitness News This Morning will never be the same without him..
  9. Yeah very bizarre, he's such an awesome meteorologist and has been there for a very long time. If I read it correctly, Bill Evans started at WABC in December 1989. By the end of the year, Bill will have been with ABC & WABC-TV for exactly 30 years. Bill is usually transparent and open during these situations too because he knows he has a lot of loyal viewers and fans. Personally, I hope it's nothing too drastic. My optimistic guess is, he's taking an extended time off to help the staff adjust to he and his wife's take over of the radio station, out on the east end of Long Island and then will return once the transition has been completed. According to this NorthEast Radio article, he is full time there now, they were not clear is to what that means for his current job at WABC... https://www.fybush.com/nerw-20190108/#NY As for the future, maybe, (in speculation) Bill will start to slowly lower his responsibilities at WABC, he has been there for nearly 30 years at this point. So I can see him either retiring to a simpler job, or reducing his role responsibilities there to some extent. Or, maybe he's just there temporarily overseeing the operation at his newly owned radio station, and then he'll return back to WABC once he feels like the transition is good. These are my educated guesses. From a geographical standpoint, Sag Harbor is at the Eastern end of Long Island and WABC is in the Upper West Side in NYC. Completely understandable that he took time off as the commute would be rather insane from the east end to the city every morning!
  10. Looks very modern, urban, and very characteristic of New York especially with the exposed brick theme. About time they upgraded their set.
  11. Yeah, I recorded it, still have to re-watch it. A very fitting way for them to end 2018.
  12. Aw, it was so amazing seeing this video! Glad they honored their past and honestly Bill Beutel will always be a legend and an icon for not only WABC but for many other organizations around the world. It was so awesome to see Roz again! Roz could've been sitting right there next to Diana today had she not left WABC for WCBS. But, a new era is about to begin for them when they eventually relocate to the Hudson Yards area? I forget where the other member had mentioned where they are moving to. Best, Vlad
  13. Yep, she replaced Laura Behnke. I believe it was mentioned before in an earlier posting.
  14. Here's NJ Burkett interviewing Sade: Turns out the very job she does made her symptoms worse, hence why its been such a long recovery process for her..
  15. Is this a new permanent backdrop? I don't recall what they used for the 11pm broadcast, but it looked like they may have used the new skyline of Lower Manhattan it for the morning show as well. I wish they used a live video feed though of different areas of the city kinda like what KABC and KGO does in the west, would be a bit better.
  16. Very nice background. They are finally making use of the tech they have! . But I guess not for long as they are moving buildings soon... Why did she not stay for the full broadcast? I guess they are slowly getting her back in the groove.
  17. Happy Belated Birthday WABC!
  18. That video couldn't have been WABC's situation haha. Thanks for sharing that Brian! Looks like things are escalating between Edwards and Benhke https://pagesix.com/2018/05/31/former-wabc-sports-reporter-takes-discrimination-case-to-federal-court/?_ga=2.26759550.259022365.1527861817-376108794.1526587144
  19. Well, after all they technically work for ABC. The stations mentioned above are all Owned and Operated by ABC Television so I take it is very easy for them to pool their resources together.
  20. I'm sure those in Philly will be happy to see her. Any word on when Sade is returning back to the 5PM? Is she still not clear yet?
  21. Yeah, Sade Baderinwa has not been on the 5pm broadcast for months since the injury. The 5pm is where Sade had originally started back in 2003 when she replaced Roz Abrams who left for WCBS. When the substitute anchors introduce themselves, out of curiosity, do they say the following; "I'm Diana Williams, and I'm <First Name> <Last Name>, In for Sade Baderinwa" . The reason I ask this question, because if they say "In for Sade Baderinwa" that means that she still is officially the anchor for that broadcast, however if they no longer say that, then that means she is no longer the anchor and they are looking for someone else. I haven't seen a 5pm broadcast in a while so I can't confirm or say for sure if the sub-anchors say this key phrase.
  22. Yeah, I understand now why they kept it, because when watching some of the older opens, that news-ticker jingle that begins in the start of the theme, is super catchy and sounds just like the original Cool Hand Luke theme from the 70s and 80s and early 90s. So I get it now, but they can do a newer rendition of it no? But I guess it might be a theme to stay for the forseable future. I'm assuming WABC has access to the entire Eyewitness News Package. The theme that they use for the "Protect Our Children" is KABC's Morning Theme. WABC-TV "Protect our Children" Theme (Eyewitness News NG4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=gVrypA0hlfs;t=20 KABC-TV "Morning' Theme (Eyewitness News NG4) So since these are the same themes, I would assume that WABC has the rights to the entirety of the ABC O&O Eyewitness News Package. So WABC could easilly change up their themes and experiment with the package if they wanted to, which is something I hope they do. WABC Opens from the 1970s to the Mid 2010s. And I think the reason now, the "a-ha" moment behind them keeping the current theme and jingle for all of these years, since 1999 is because of the reminiscence it brings to the classic themes. The catchy news-ticker sound at the start of the opening sequence. So I get it now, it pays homage to their early days.
  23. Honestly I know the graphics were just changed, but they have to go. I'd like to see something more on the like of the package that KABC and KGO use. The music needs to change too. They've been using it for too long. They've been too complacent over the years.
  24. I'm sure a lot of these behind the scenes shuffles at WABC will lead to on-air changes too. Hopefully we can see some refreshing ideas from new talent make it on the air.
  25. That is true, they are number one because they are in the number one city, which happens to like ABC programming. So they do have that advantage. I do agree, I don't think they'd be on the same boat if it were a different market. They just need to be refreshed. I feel like the broadcasts have been stale and the on-air presentation is kinda lazy if you will. I'm hoping with the new leadership things will change.
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