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  1. Yeah and I think that’s where my issue lies with them it’s the transitions and the animations. The animations and transitions are already not that nice because the package looks pretty much sucks compared to their previous look as you’ll see below. This look is by far my all time favorite look they had from 2011 through Eary 2016. They were clean, shiny, and more appropriate. What’s was appealing about the current package that made WABC switch? Was it pricing? Their previous graphics were done by Giant Octopus.
  2. Yeah, idk. I guess it looks nice still but in motion and animation, I feel like the KABC graphics flows nicer better than WABC. Any thoughte? I don’t don't to turn this into a WABC vs KABC thread haha but just wanted to show what I meant with the way the two graphic packages flow and animate.
  3. I do agree that the graphics are minimalistic, but I feel like they are much much cleaner and more appealing. I just feel like the west coast stations (KFSN, KGO and KABC) iWABC's just seems a bit sloppy, rushed, amateurish, and have super poor attention to detail. They honestly should've stayed with what they had back in 2011 - 2016 with the Giant Octopus, why did they change something that was not broken? .
  4. Now, they just need to get new graphics and we are golden haha. Im thinking something along the lines of what KABC, KGO and KFSN in California use. Anyone know what company created those graphics for them?
  5. Are the screens on the front of the news desk adjacent to the the giant Circle ABC 7 logo still split up or are they now uniform as well? It looked like they were replaced as well.
  6. It was always Traffic and Weather 24/7. It used to be called Metro Traffic and Weather prior to its acquisition by News 12. Honestly they should’ve keep the traffic and weather overnights instead of boring informercials..
  7. Looks like they did a Mid-Cycle upgrade. Kinda like what they did when they were in the previous studio when they went from the Cockpit Styled Backdrop from the 90s to the Duratrans backdrop in the late 2000s up until when they moved to their current studio. The studio current studio is really nice, to me nothing is wrong with it and these upgrades add new life to whats already really nice. This is hands down their best studio they've ever had, and as with WABC long standing tradition, if it is not broken, no need to fix it terribly lol. The only thing that WABC has always struggled with is their graphics in my opinion.
  8. That is Mark Marza he's the newest anchor for WABC haha. Gonna have to get used to him as he will be there for a while! :D.
  9. He might as well ease his way into retirement this way. I mean he has come full circle literally haha.
  10. They are still on the newsroom set as of the 11pm broadcast. I guess they’ll be using it through Monday?
  11. Sam's got it good! Disney / ABC is really treating him right! Working for ABC 7 and GMA, and is off on Fridays? Wow, he can't go wrong with this job at all haha!
  12. I think Talent Opens while we wanted them so much in the past, they are kinda a thing of the past now. In this day and age where everything is fast paced, producers have shifted to just a quick news open sting. WABC seems to be the only station that does talent opens now in the New York market. Do the other stations do talent opens?
  13. I wish they would adopt the style that the ABC O&Os in California use. KABC, KGO and the KFSN styled package. Its much cleaner and a better look overall. Maybe someone can make a reimagined package with that look on the Graphics Forum? .
  14. Last night, during the 11pm broadcast, anyone notice that they did not use the Time and Temperature on the Lower Third section of the ABC 7 Bug? It was just the WABC 7 Circle Logo and the "Eyewitness News" Banner during the 11pm show. I still think that blue square behind the ABC 7 logo is ridiculously hideous... Still not a fan of this graphics package. Can't wait for them to change it.
  15. Aw, that’s nice to see him while Jeff gets some time off to spend with his son Jordan on Fathers Day. What a class act. . Is he the San Francisco / KGO ABC 7 News Chief Meteorologist?
  16. Didn't one of us mention that someone on WPVI does this very same thing? So its not uncommon.. Especially now that Sam is much older it would make sense that they do this so they don't stretch him thin.
  17. Whoops, guess I missed that! Thanks!
  18. Does anyone have the updated news open with Sam?
  19. Saw the first broadcast this morning, was great! Just like old times haha. Any idea on who will be doing the Noon Broadcast? Will it continue to be Sam?
  20. WOW. But i'm super excited to see him back! A class-act veteran is making a return back home! I grew up watching Sam on Channel 7 and quite frankly he's the reason why i have such a fascination with the weather and why I almost even went to school for Broadcast Meteorology. Sam really has come full circle especially with WABC starting in the number one market in the country as a 25 year old and working hard to get the experience he needed and soaring all the way to the top at The Weather Channel with his own show AMHQ, and also working at from time to time at GMA, and even ABC World News Tonight, as a weather reporter for one of the highest rated news programs in the country, he really deserves it, its kinda uncanny Sam didn't even cross our minds. I know some of us may think its a "fall in the ranks", but it really is absolutely not at all. Not in the very least. So I really disagree with you rkolsen on that statement. It really just means that WABC hires the best in the business. He started there, so it makes sense he ends there. Sam is a pioneer of sorts really with his style of delivery. A lot of stations took on his style. We all know Sam very well and what he's done in the past and we know what he's capable of. Can't wait to see how he interacts with the team in the mornings! Yay welcome back Sam!
  21. I could see him eventually taking the lead anchor spot when Bill leaves. Bill Ritter did say though, in a recent Instagram Post and Tweet that he plans on remaining with WABC for the foreseeable future and is not retiring anytime soon. (We could see Bill Ritter on the air for at least for another 5-7 years) So maybe he could do something along the lines of what David Novarro did prior to him joining the First at 4 team when it first launched back in 2011. Also with the impending maternity leave that Shirleen Allicot will inevitably go on, i'm sure they will shuffle the anchors around and have him fill in somehow.
  22. Yeah, so that means that they haven't found a replacement yet..
  23. When she did the show today, did anyone recall if she said she was filling in for anyone specific?
  24. Interesting, we'll have to see how it plays out.
  25. Would be nice to actually see this tried out on TV though it would certainly be re-inventive.
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