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  1. Yeah, that actually doesn't sound like a bad idea! They good change the format altogether and make it a softer show like a localized version of GMA for New York only. "Good Morning New York", because quite frankly a hard newscast in the morning is a bit rough and it's kinda boring. I personally want to wake up to something more lighthearted and looser than the structured approach they've been doing for all these years. Maybe they can do that for the upcoming 2023-2024 season and November Sweeps..
  2. Yeah anyway, regardless of the personal issues aside, I'm pretty sure we will be hearing more and more details about this incident if Ken speaks out and we will likely hear his side of the story. Maybe he had his reasons for uttering that word, but still, doesn't matter whether you like the person or not, name-calling like that shouldn't be tolerated in any workplace regardless of the circumstances that lead to it. If it was allowed then it would send the wrong message out to staff and it's promoting bad behavior in the workplace. It's all about respect and kindness. Ken was indeed a class-act anchor, well-spoken, and a true professional, but that doesn't excuse him from insulting others. And even if Shirleen is not "liked" nobody has to "like" anyone as long as the job is getting done that is what matters. She does the job incredibly well too at the end of the day and that's what is important to the viewer they don't see what happens behind the scenes. There is always a story behind everyone's actions perhaps and I think it's always important to hear their side. But I'm glad that WABC has a zero-tolerance policy on disrespecting others, I hope this firing is a wake-up call for not only the employees at WABC, ABC, and Disney but really for all of us in the workplace that colleagues oughta be respected, despite their differences. It's still kinda hard to fathom this change though, so swift and unexpected...
  3. Wow if that PageSix allegation is true then that is really an utter shame. I'm sure he may have had his reasons for saying that and there are always two sides to every conflict he still handled it in a very horrible way and now this will probably cost him his entire career. Kinda sad too for someone at the height of their career to do such a lowball act like that, even if it is something personal they may have with each other, Ken should have never handled it like that. While conflicts amongst colleagues can be inevitable, they should always be approached with a respectful tone and manner. Now we all know that Page Six is known for their tabloid, inflated, and speculative stories so I hope it's not true but nonetheless, that is horrible and such a self-destructive act, even if it was a fleeting moment. If these allegations are true, then he probably won't be hired anywhere else anymore. Now recently, Ken and Shirleen did the Holiday Cookoff in December together, and it seemed like their chemistry was impeccable on the air. And now all of these promos that they just did have to be scrapped now, talent opens, graphics, etc, it must be a whirlwind right now to think of all of the things they gotta do, let alone find a new anchor to fill that seat. If the allegations are true, then WABC did the right thing and we should all stand by their swift action. That kind of disrespect should never be tolerated anywhere regardless of the career you are in. WABC has an integrity that is unmatched anywhere, so they have to uphold that. Anyway, I guess that's yet another lesson for all of us: Regardless of your career, where you are in life, or how high you are, one simple word or insult can tarnish it all. Respect in the workplace, especially during these times is super important, no one should be immune to the repercussions associated with any violation of integrity and respect of colleagues. WABC did right if the allegations are true.
  4. The station also just is an icon for the New York area, so just by habit people turn to the channel regardless of the on-air talent. Most of my family who grew up in the New York area tune to the channel because it's almost like a part of the city's DNA so they will be fine but it's still sad though to see such great talent go inexplicably like that. Kinda the same way Bill Evans left. Ken's replacement will have some tough shoes to fill.
  5. Who are they referring to? Ken Rosato? I would be truly sad if it were true.. True class act for the station and such a great talent for the station. https://abc7ny.com/about/newsteam/ken-rosato/ His news bio is still up on the site. Perhaps he's on vacation? Best, Vlad
  6. Yay! - its so nice to see them back together again! I noticed at KABC they are still kinda apart, but I guess they have the real estate for that since everything is so spread out in the Southland.
  7. Why did they do it at 10 this year? Was it because they wanted to show more of the countdowns?
  8. I think KABC's package is cleaner and I have always preferred their package better. I wish WABC adopted it but it seems all the west coast flagships adopted it. (KFSN and KGO adopted variations on these graphics as well). Is it the same company that designed WABC's current look or is it different? The Giant Octopus package they had (2012 to late 2016) will always be their best look in my opinion. Best, Vlad
  9. They look great! Hard to believe they've been doing this for I guess just over 10 years now? Great Duo!
  10. She could just be visiting too..
  11. This is Lori's last and final week on air. Still quite stunning that she is effectively done with Broadcast Journalism. It will be nice to see what kind of tribute will be given to her. I personally will miss her dearly, she really is a class act, honestly I always felt that WABC was the place for Lori she just was a better fit for that station but nonetheless at least she spread her wings a bit and tried something new at WNYW with Good Day New York and Rosanna and of course her ultimate wish, anchoring the primetime 6pm newscast which she achieved. I'm truly happy for Lori she deserves a beautiful retirement especially after all of the hardwork and dedication she has put for all the years she's been on TV. What a career! Good for her she will be missed dearly!
  12. Wow thats wild, has he ever done that before? Don't think i've ever seen him work weekends even as a reporter haha. Good for him!
  13. Looks more like a podcast to me rather than a sports show. It would've been nice though to see a sport spinoff of the newscast from WABC. Like their sister KABC in LA produces after their weekend broadcasts. Rob Fukuzaki and some of the other sportscasters over there produce the show.. But I guess to WABC's credit they produce Live which is a bigger production..
  14. Hmm.. Could they be trying something? Haha. Perhaps maybe lightening Bill's workload so he's only on the 6 and 11 and Mike Marza taking over the 5?...
  15. I feel like Talent opens are a thing of the past though now. If i'm not mistaking, I think only WABC does talent opens the rest of the stations don't have them.
  16. Plus, given that Lee Goldberg has been with the station for over 20 years he may want to lighten his workload. Looking forward to seeing her forecast.
  17. Any plans on the station returning to the older format with the anchors sitting closer together or is this a COVID's legacy? Bill looked great!
  18. Nice! So cool to see a radio personality on TV. Sonia Rincon is amazing, always love hearing her voice when she would anchor and or report on the 1010 WINS broadcasts. Nice to see a face to that. I wish her the best at WABC.
  19. This board has been around for a while so Im sure a lot of talent reads them. Best, Vlad
  20. Yeah it just alludes to the direction Local TV News and WABC is going, from the complaints about Sam Champion not wearing a suit, to Bill's emotional rants, to not breaking in when warranted, it just goes to show that the standard that WABC has set is starting to decline or perhaps in alignment with the today's generation of viewers. They indeed seemed to be more relaxed as attitudes and expectations shift with new generation of viewers. It is 2022. I'm sure Sam's on air look is intentional. Maybe him not wearing a suit and tie is appealing to a certain audience. The requirement of needing to be polished, have a suit and tie seems to not be prioritized as much anymore. Lets not forget, that nowadays people dont even have TVs anymore they go online or stream online, so maybe they felt like the efficiency of being in air broadcasting a news story that was developing wasn't warranted at the time especially when most people have internet access and can go on the web and get more information much faster than the news can deliver it on TV.
  21. I agree! KABC has always been superior and just cleaner with their on-air look and presentation, graphics, music and etc. (All the California O&Os KGO ABC 7 in SF and KFSN ABC 30 in Fresno have a variation of the KABC graphics package.) KABC out of all the O&Os has arguably the best set, backdrop, on-air look (simple and clean but still elegant) and consistency in their music package which is also great. Honestly to me, KABC's package still works though they've adopted it in 2015. WABC is really just boring, overall with their overall on-air look. They adopted these subpar flat basic graphics which look like they were designed in house or something or by a cheaper company which in my opinion is worthy of a medium to small market. Complete step behind their previous package from the Giant Octopus update they had from 2011-2015. Their current street side set is nice, but their backdrop is just pretty awful. Its 2022 and yet they still are using a static backdrop and the music while iconic, should be replaced at this point. Over 20+ years with the same music package and theme, maybe they are holding off on updates till they move into the new studio and building in the West Village, and by then we'll see a complete overhaul. Maybe in May we'll see something new from that department? Since the sweeps are coming up? Fingers Crossed, I feel like its due time for them to change or update their appearance. Or perhaps we'll have to wait till they move to their new studio in the West Village later in the decade. https://abc7ny.com/wabc-west-village-disney-upper-side/3733784/
  22. He's earned it. The man has worked very hard throughout his life. Starting at WABC and probably retiring at WABC. He's come full circle.
  23. Oh wow thats Major. He was such a great reporter! Class act. They have some tough shoes to fill!
  24. How do you know that this is the standardized graphics? This could have easily been something just created for KABC.
  25. Vlad

    Amy Freeze

    Aw, Amy was great! I’m gonna miss her, I guess Brittany Bell is her direct replacement.
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