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  1. I just hope under this change, the O&O stations continue to keep their individuality and local news branding instead of making them all look alike. There is a charm to that indivualistic aspect of a news station versus them all looking alike and sounding the same.
  2. From The ABC Owned Television Website: WLS TV (ABC 7 Chicago): ----------------- WABC TV (ABC 7 New York): These are the official logos from the ABC O&O website. WLS on top, WABC on bottom. There are some differences. But largely they are identical.
  3. Yeah I believe its some sort of red shelving for documents and papers, it is a bit tacky for sure, but, in a way, it does match with the red elements associated with their package haha. Also if you notice, it took me a while to realize this, but if you carefully pay attention, the "bars" that overlay the skyline that look off-centered and asymmetrical during the mornings at ten backdrops, are zoomed in cropped pieces of WABC's iteration of the Italicized "EYEWITNESS NEWS" wordmark. It's just "EYEWITN" or "WITN" haha. One thing I didn't care to pay attention to enough though is if the the elements move. I think it Is stationary. But all in all, it seems like they could put whatever they want behind that desk, kinda like what their sister station, KABC does in LA. The new bug is so much more refreshing, miles away than the box they had before. Still rather amazed at their new look. Hope they keep it for a while! Much cleaner and sleek.
  4. Bill is also probably nearing retirement so I noticed he's scaling back on the duties, slowly. But he also still anchors the 5, 6 and 11 so thats still a lot of air time. So its a good strategy to have Bill, the lead anchor still maintain a solid on-air presence while allowing potential successors to groom them out on that Friday evening slot. I can even see the new guy, Pedro Rivera potentially later on down the line, landing the weekday evenings which would be a nice success for him. A lot of anchors who do the morning show on weekend mornings always end up landing somewhere bigger after, seems to be the show with most turnover.
  5. WLS-TV's New ABC Circle 7 (Above) WABC's New ABC 7 Circle 7 (Above) Is there a visual difference between the two now at this point? They look so incredibly identical, before the WLS ABC Ball was slightly off-centered and higher in the earlier days and now it closely resembles if not identical to WABC. What do you guys think?
  6. Yay this is amazing! Wow this group package is making all of the O&Os shine. Wild how the two major CA (KGO vs KABC) stations are completely different looking now with their new look. KABC doesn't have any hint of the new package, at least we haven't seen it yet in the weather department. And the pre-covid original theme is so nice to hear again! Finally! I'm also glad the stations are keeping their music. The three stations look really uniquely stunning, though I still like WABC's color scheme a tad better but excellent update to KGO, and wow just yesterday I had mentioned that they would be the first to get the new look, and low and behold just hours later they did just that. Bravo, KGO! So another question I have for those who are in the know about broadcast graphic design rollouts, why was this package rolled out in two phases for each station? They all started with the updated weather graphics first, then the news graphics after, was their a technicality behind that or does it have to do with the AccuWeather branding, etc? Or is the weather package a sub package? Thoughts? Now we wait for KABC's take on it, I hope KABC keeps their music as well their theme is perfect!
  7. I agree, this is their current package, and there is no hint of anything new yet at KABC. If anything their sister up north, KGO I can see being the first to unveil their package and then moving down to KABC perhaps later in the year.
  8. Thats pretty cool! At least he'll still be with WABC but in a different capacity!
  9. Yeah she's a class act, we barely saw her this year with her other illnesses, just goes to show the fragility of life. Hope she gets a speedy recovery, knee surgery is no joke, depending on the type of surgery she's having..
  10. Yeah, I remember how ecstatic we were when this graphics package debuted in 2008. It wasn't their best and there were other stations that had better graphics, but that was also the year when many TV station productions have "gone HD" What an era haha. That was their Giant Octopus package, which was very "Shiny" in that era when we were transitioning from SD 4:3 to HD 16:9. I remember the bugs would always be further centered in the screen to accommodate the 4:3 video feed but now that most people do not have 4:3 the trend seems to be to move the bug further to the right.
  11. Yeah, I can confidently say, (in my humble slightly biased opinion, of course) that WABC for the first time in pretty much forever, is the clear winner with the graphics in the O&O group (and arguably in all of NYC at this point.) WNBC comes close but I think WABC has the edge with their new graphics. Finally, and major props to WABC! It's so crazy how it took them a very long time to "perfect" their graphics. When I reflect on my time here on this great forum, some of us TVNewsTalk veterans talking about WABC's on-air presentation in the local New York Forum way back when TVNT was not even born yet (Local News Discussion) those who have been here long enough remember that forum haha, the graphics were always WABC's biggest gripe and chief complaint from the astute viewers of Channel 7, and we just felt that it just wasn't fair for "the top station in the nation" to have a lackluster boring, and pretty much subpar look. We collectively felt that WABC deserved to have a graphic package that is representative of a top local news station. And I gotta say, they sure as hell nailed it now with this new group O&O package! Above and beyond really, sure its flashy here and there but it's smooth and it works for them. Finally, after all these years of complaining about how WABC has had a lack of luster on-air presentation with their graphics, most people can probably put that to rest. Their news set while starting to show its age, (debut back in 2012 and over 10 years old now) to me still works, considering what they had prior which was pretty awful. The set still looks great and it still works to this day, as we've discussed on the New York forum for the WABC thread, the accompanying studio can be very versatile and just needs to be used more creatively and if they use it more they can squeeze more life out of it before the big move to Hudson Square. I think WABC is pretty much perfect right now and is finally looking like the #1 Station in the nation. I hope they continue with this package even through their move to Hudson Square. The graphics are so incredibly refreshing overall. Great Job!!
  12. Yeah, I'm very interested in seeing WPVI's integration with the package. I can envision them using just the last few seconds of the cut, which has the signature portion being used for the beginning, and then, maybe they can do a full open during the broadcast that has the theme. "You're Watching 6ABC Action News... With... (while Move Closer To Your World Plays in the background)." I have to constructively disagree with you MediaZone about WABC's current set being abysmal. I honestly don't think their set is "abysmal" not at the very least, astute time viewers of WABC remember vividly how terrible their set used to be before they moved to the street studio, remember back when they were sharing the space with Live with Regis and Kelly? (Early 90s through 2011) when they had the cramped space now that was "abysmal" at the time, their current studio is pretty good, but when they move to the new headquarters sometime next year, i'm sure they'll get a well deserved update, hopefully more spacious and perhaps by the street again? One can hope!
  13. Yeah overall its crazy how it took WABC this long to finally look like the top station in the nation. These graphics are finally on par with their identity as the #1 Station in the nation. The look of WABC is elevated by far, and they quite frankly are the best-looking station now. So I echo the same sentiment with everyone on here since I started writing on these forums nearly 20 years ago the chief complaint has always been how lackluster WABC's graphics always were compared to the rest of the local stations, but now finally we can say they are up on top now. The news theme is old but it still works and sounds modern enough, way better than what their sister, WLS in Chicago did for their new opening which sounds like a mess. WLS should've kept their old News Series 2000+ themes that were iconic for them, hopefully, they'll revise it in the future, but I highly doubt it haha. Seems like news stations are holding on to their themes longer now and changing themes isn't as a big thing anymore as it was back in the day. The Eyewitness News intro sounds a bit different, with the removal of the "news ticker" sound as someone mentioned, also the opening tease cut is a bit different too more of a beat to it now and less melody you hear the drums and bass more I guess haha for lack of better words. Here's an Evolution of WABC's Graphics from the early 2010s to Today for comparison. Giant Octopus Graphics Package (2012 - 2016) Previous Package "Downgraded Look" (September 2016 - January 2024) Current Package "Best Overall" (January 2024 - Present)
  14. Im curious as to what open did they use for Mornings@10 and also is it the same cut? Hasn't been posted to YouTube yet and when I watch it on the streaming platforms (YouTube TV), seems to be cut out. Still in awe that these are the graphics that WABC is using, so incredibly refreshing.
  15. Overall, this is a great package and super refreshing for WABC. What a fantastic improvement from the downgraded package they launched in 2016 and it's finally put to bed today after nearly 8 years. So it's really exciting to see this new look for them! They still kept the Eyewitness News Signature music package though (It dates back to September 1999) Kept it simple with the music. Same cuts they've been using since 1999. The intro's bumper has a bit of an altered sound for the opening teases. The open music sequence is much better than WLS. Let's see how the West Coast will follow suit. Overall I think WABC is a contender and I think they take the crown for the best overall O&O Graphics. The set looks gorgeous as well. The change in the backdrop is refreshing. Makes the set look new again! Anyway, this upgrade will be sufficient till they move to their new locations in Hudson Square Downtown in 2025.
  16. A bit off-topic, but in regards to Times Square, people actually wear diapers to stand there for all those hours haha. The convenience stores like CVS and Rite Aid, etc. put diapers on display to provide for the revelers to stand there for the entire day, its pretty wild. But in regards to ABC, it will be the end of an era, when ABC leaves the area to head to their new location downtown. I believe it is slated to happen in 2025?
  17. Wild how even then the energy was just the same. What an iconic thing to do there yearly.
  18. WABC has always done it right with the weather and also fellow NY station WNBC as well. These two stations are weather powerhouses. NBC is the only station with an exclusive 10 day forecast superceding WABC's 7 Day. WABC is prudent and wise to continue to invest and build in the weather department because most people tune in, just for that. Why? Because the weather directly affects the viewer. Decisions are made because of the weather so its a crucial element for any broadcast if not the most important segment of the broadcast in my opinion. Also it helps to know that, viewing habits are changing. The era of Live Television has steadily been declining. As millenials and Gen-Zrs get older and are coming of age, we rely on our mobile devices to fast track to the content we are looking for. We are not sitting down on a couch watching TV (unless its a sports event). So this also allows WABC to continue to build and solidify their online presence and produce quality content for ABC7NY and their social media platforms. So really kudos to WABC for expanding, lets see what 2024 brings!
  19. Yeah thats horrible. Hope they can identify the cause quickly so that way if there is an inherent risk with these choppers they can resolve it on all of the helicopters that are up in the air right now. It doesn't bring the lives lost sadly. Very tough situation and such horrible timing being the holiday season.
  20. Maybe they simply just don't want to. I remember, Liz specifically left the 11pm because she no longer wanted to work that late anymore which is why Sade has taken over that role back in 2011. I can easilly see mike being Ritter's successor.
  21. Even though they didn't use the little Circle 7 desk, they managed to keep the backdrop in place and changed the graphic a bit, which was nice. Still a great show nonetheless. Overall it's just the right type of show for this hour, and I am so glad they brought back the neighborhood eats segment! Such an amazing production by that team. Now, the one and only criticism, I have at this point with the show is the music. It pretty much sucks. The intro has that nice authoritative sound which is great. But the cut to break and closing bumper just seems out of place and sounds like a broken record haha. They gotta do better in that department and use more of their package. Anyway, I hope with the new graphics package they get better music cuts. Is that even an Eyewitness News cut?
  22. KABC did change their on-air "bug" though it now just says "abc.7.com" and they updated to the new smaller ABC ball.
  23. The talent shuffle and experimenting continus as they had Britney Bell on the 10am show today for the first time, instead of Dani or Sam, was nice to see her try it out, she did a great job!
  24. Yeah, in my opinion, it's probably WABC's hottest new show (by far more interesting than the First at 4 launch back in 2011) I personally am really becoming a big fan of this show! It's not a snoozer by any means. The new show is literally everything that I had hoped for and in some cases even better. The new laidback "down to earth" or "watercooler" format is just so refreshing to see and such a nice departure from the hard news. And what's nice is how dynamic the show can be in terms of the presentation and the adaptability of how they can always switch from the chill vibes and get serious when need be which really goes to show how they are really are professionals. The show has been on for about 3 weeks now. It's already almost a month in and it's such a solid show. I loved yesterday's segment with Jon DelGiorno flying NewsCopter 7 to discuss the story about the crane that collapsed back in July, over the city and just how he took the extra time to explain everything, as I was saying before, we now get to access more of the perspective of the reporter and presenters on this show which is so very refreshing, the viewer simply does not get that access during the other shows which is why this show is so refreshing and quite frankly the best thing I've seen WABC do in recent times because First at 4 honestly is just another newscast, I expected First at 4 to be like that, but Mornings at 10, really good. I hope it continues to evolve! The topics are solid not just boring trying too hard topics they are all compelling interesting stories and also the interviews they get to do with the local officials and talent and doctors, it really is almost like must-see TV. And because the talent are veterans and locals and WABC only hires the top-notch, you really get to hear their shared experiences, see their personalities, and get to know them on a bit more personable level, which is so cool. I also love how the producers purposely full-screen the camera on the presenters when they provide their perspective because it just again differentiates it from their ordinary newscast. Solid Job WABC with this show! Not to veer ofcourse here, but how are the sister stations doing? I believe there are two other O&Os that were gonna do this too. WPVI (6ABC in Philly) and WTVD (ABC 11 in Raleigh) how are they doing with their 10am shows? Do we know if they are following the same approach?
  25. So sad to see Derrick Go! Definitely a class act and he was just extraordinary at delivering the news. He's gonna be missed, hope he gets to anchor chair in New York some day. Something I noticed today during the 10AM show commercial break: Noticed this new wordmark for an Eyewitness News promotion for Climate Change during the 10AM show. Could this be a glimpse of their upcoming new look? At first I thought it was KABC because they have the same wordmark, but then I noticed the ABC 7 logo is WABC's. But in the promotion it looks like the locations in the video are in California, so it to me looks like it could either be something that KABC is producing for WABC but slapping WABC's ABC 7 logo, or is it an element from the upcoming new graphics?
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