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  1. Oh wow thats Major. He was such a great reporter! Class act. They have some tough shoes to fill!
  2. How do you know that this is the standardized graphics? This could have easily been something just created for KABC.
  3. Vlad

    Amy Freeze

    Aw, Amy was great! I’m gonna miss her, I guess Brittany Bell is her direct replacement.
  4. Yeah honestly, I think its a bit basic, but it has grown on me. I hope the Circle 7s still get to keep their identities. We’ll have to see what happens, maybe in November, when the sweeps occurs, we will see an update in the graphics rollout for the stations? All of the O&O stations have been with their current graphics for over 5 years now. I hope WABC really changes their graphics, its always been subpar in my opinion from when they had rolled it out in 2016.
  5. Yeah terrible, im sorry. I prefer the shiny more forward look that they had in the mid 2010s. This flat look is too bland and is a step backwards for me.
  6. Honestly I think WABC like his personality and it adds an extra element to the broadcasts. Maybe the producers like that. He's always been this way since he started working there so its probably working quite well. It's also way to connect with the audience instead of being monotone all the time. It adds a heartwarming human and personal touch to the story as well so they don't sound as cold. A lot of the news today is very robotic, monotone and often heartless. So I appreciate his comments. I know it may not be as professional, but I think there is something to be added of value when the anchor adds their personality to the broadcast. He's kinda like the new Bill Beutel, or the venerable Roger Grimsby. The station is most remembered by him so I think thats how we have to see it as. It's WABC's way of putting someone as the face of the Eyewitness News Brand and Bill Ritter is definitely that now for all the right reasons. Mark Marza on the other hand needs more help with that front, he always adds his two cents a lot of the times too especially on the weekend morning broadcasts haha. But idk, they are still feel like they are very forced.
  7. Yeah its understandable that they continue to remain socially distanced. BTW isn't WABC supposed to move into a new building in the village? What is the update on that? Also, any idea on if they are upgrading their on-air look? They've had their current "meh and blah" graphics package since 2016 now haha. I think we are going on 5 years now right with the package. Well, nothing a little Google search can't help with these days haha. Looks like the new building is well underway! https://newyorkyimby.com/2021/03/foundation-work-underway-for-disneys-headquarters-at-four-hudson-square-in-hudson-square-manhattan.html
  8. Yeah her tweets are kinda annoying, tbh haha. But maybe thats because there is so much in the post! Haha. But nonetheless looking forward to see what she throws into the mix. :). Why is WABC still social distancing btw?
  9. Yeah the WABC anchors are really humble and have always been class acts. The people of Eyewitness News have always been amazing. I really am starting to also like Josh Eineger's reporting style. Would be interesting to see how he is in the studio. Today is the day Social Distancing and Masking does not have to be done in New York City for vaccinated people, I wonder if they are following suit with that rule or if its still the 6ft rule etc.. Did anyone catch a broadcast today?
  10. Aw congrats to him. He looks great! He definitely seems ready to take on the market! Let's see what happens in the coming months. Slightly off topic, question is the social distancing format that we've been seeing on all of television a permanent thing now or are people going to start sitting closer together again now that the vaccinations are increasing? I would hope they return back to the normal format from pre-covid.
  11. Yeah that was nice to see her on the program again. Yeah Shirleen is going to be huge. I honestly don't see her staying at WABC I can see her going bigger than that too. She's such a class act at what she does, kinda like how Sade is.
  12. Yeah, I wonder if its because the Olympics are happening this year.
  13. I think the problem a lot of viewers are having with Mike Marza, including myself is that he tries too hard to be funny and relevant and the 'trying' is more apparent than the relevance or the context of whatever he's saying. It feels like the chemistry is "forced" and it comes across as inauthentic and fake. He is an awesome reporter and anchor, but maybe not the right choice for a lighthearted morning broadcast. I think they need a more "bubbly" chemistry and personality for their weekend morning shows. Or maybe they oughta change the format a bit, maybe remove some of the hard news in the 9AM hour? Or, calibrate the stories with more words of empathy.
  14. Wow, thats awful. I hope he gets better soon! I remember that was the very newscast that groomed me into my interest into WABC and the news in general. Especially after school during my childhood. My thoughts and prayers are with him.
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