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  1. Wow what a moving video, an incredible send off that I quite frankly never seen any station do. WABC did it right. This send off made me tear up a bit. I try not to cry when I see these things, but I honestly did because it was so moving to see how much she was so caring to others and how connected her colleagues, and viewers are with her. I will always remember her. Seeing all of these kind words from her colleagues, friends and family is a testament and a reflection of how she shared her heart and grace with those she touched. Wow, what incredible human. It is not too often we come across incredible people like her, and I am so proud that I have been able to watch her for all of these years. She will be missed and I love you Diana Williams and keep sharing your heart and spreading your kindness forever.
  2. I’m recording the final broadcast. Hope they do something special for her.
  3. Well the time has come and we are nearing the end of our friend, the great Diana Williams' tenure at WABC. Tomorrow is her final day as an anchor at WABC. I wonder what special coverage they will have for her to honor her. And what a true class act she was. Diana delivered the news to us with such poise and grace . Really her motherly qualities and her innate kindness cultivated in her delivery of the news and she did not let her troubles and problems get to her when she was tested emotionallywith her husband and her son's health struggles. It will be fitting to see her final moments on WABC anchor with Bill as they were the model team in the late 90s and early 2000s in the wake of Bill Beutel. They followed some big shoes to fill and they did it with such grace. When I think of WABC I always think of Diana Williams and Bill Ritter especially after 9/11 when I was in the 8th grade watching that broadcast, and one can't forget how she covered Hurricane Sandy in Road Cam 7. I think that was one of the highlights of her career because when I watched her report she had an effect of making me feel calm like everything is going to be okay. What an incredible woman she is and the reason why her family is doing so well is because they are survived by her grace. I will miss her dearly.
  4. I have a feeling they will continue to use this music until they switch to the new building. The music is good, just wish they could use more of their package. I’ve always preferred the “ABC 7” branding better than the “Channel 7” but I doubt that ever change lol. I think they should rebrand themselves as ABC 7 for consistency especially since their website is called “ABC 7 NY”. I feel like saying “Channel Seven” in 2020 is like so dated. They switched back to the “Channel 7” branding in 2004. I remember we had a big discussion on that back then on this site haha. I remembered one of the arguments was that the word “Chan-nel” was easier to say than “A-B-C”. Flows better, less syllables. Another argument was the audience, older folks especially the baby boomers and native New Yorkers whom watch the broadcast call it “Channel 7”. Where in conversation they would say; “Yo, did you see that story on Channel Seven? That was Crazy!” Lol. With that New Yawk accent haha. Out of curiosity, I’ve always wondered, does anyone know if they include Sam Champion for the Friday talent Morning and Noon opens since Sam does not work on Fridays?
  5. This is a nice refreshing change for 2019. Do they have a new music package as well to accompany the changes?
  6. Yeah and I think that’s where my issue lies with them it’s the transitions and the animations. The animations and transitions are already not that nice because the package looks pretty much sucks compared to their previous look as you’ll see below. This look is by far my all time favorite look they had from 2011 through Eary 2016. They were clean, shiny, and more appropriate. What’s was appealing about the current package that made WABC switch? Was it pricing? Their previous graphics were done by Giant Octopus.
  7. Yeah, idk. I guess it looks nice still but in motion and animation, I feel like the KABC graphics flows nicer better than WABC. Any thoughte? I don’t don't to turn this into a WABC vs KABC thread haha but just wanted to show what I meant with the way the two graphic packages flow and animate.
  8. I do agree that the graphics are minimalistic, but I feel like they are much much cleaner and more appealing. I just feel like the west coast stations (KFSN, KGO and KABC) iWABC's just seems a bit sloppy, rushed, amateurish, and have super poor attention to detail. They honestly should've stayed with what they had back in 2011 - 2016 with the Giant Octopus, why did they change something that was not broken? .
  9. Now, they just need to get new graphics and we are golden haha. Im thinking something along the lines of what KABC, KGO and KFSN in California use. Anyone know what company created those graphics for them?
  10. Are the screens on the front of the news desk adjacent to the the giant Circle ABC 7 logo still split up or are they now uniform as well? It looked like they were replaced as well.
  11. It was always Traffic and Weather 24/7. It used to be called Metro Traffic and Weather prior to its acquisition by News 12. Honestly they should’ve keep the traffic and weather overnights instead of boring informercials..
  12. Looks like they did a Mid-Cycle upgrade. Kinda like what they did when they were in the previous studio when they went from the Cockpit Styled Backdrop from the 90s to the Duratrans backdrop in the late 2000s up until when they moved to their current studio. The studio current studio is really nice, to me nothing is wrong with it and these upgrades add new life to whats already really nice. This is hands down their best studio they've ever had, and as with WABC long standing tradition, if it is not broken, no need to fix it terribly lol. The only thing that WABC has always struggled with is their graphics in my opinion.
  13. That is Mark Marza he's the newest anchor for WABC haha. Gonna have to get used to him as he will be there for a while! :D.
  14. He might as well ease his way into retirement this way. I mean he has come full circle literally haha.
  15. They are still on the newsroom set as of the 11pm broadcast. I guess they’ll be using it through Monday?
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