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  1. i actually prefer them in the former 'New Day' studio.
  2. Maybe they need to prepare it for the 11am newscast.
  3. WGN has a similar situation with one meteorologist doing 4-6 am and another from 6-10 am
  4. Is it just me or is the use of the icons just tacky and unnecessary.
  5. The set they are using is from another Fox First Run show Person, Place or Thing starring Melissa Peterman from that is premiering this fall.
  6. I figured this would be happening given what happened with Hurricane Ian last year that flooded their studios and knocked them off the air. Pulling a KHOU.
  7. Would Washington D.C. and Richmond be deemed as adjacent to each other? Meaning if hypothetically a station has a virtual channel 12 in D.C., would it conflict with the same virtual channel in Richmond?
  8. I have a question that's been bugging me lately. Can a tv station use their physical digital channel number in their branding rather than their virtual channel?
  9. Since we are approaching the 6-month mark, have you been or still watching CBS News Detroit? Truthfully I have.
  10. To quote Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons: "Worst idea ever." That's why I either watch FOX Weather or AccuWeather.
  11. Actually, WJZ does have a news helicopter. They were the first one in Baltimore to have one in the late 90s. WJZ-CBS Baltimore receives new R66 Newscopter - AviTrader Aviation News
  12. http://www.broadcastdesign.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/05_WJZ13-Studio-4.jpg Here is the WJZ Cube from 2018.
  13. I believe only WJZ uses a live shot of the Inner Harbor for their 7-day which is considerably better than the plain white background.
  14. They are now using the new 7-day. Go to 2:57
  15. I have been watching since the beginning in January and I have been very impressed. Despite a few errors here and there. I hope viewers in Detroit are starting to take notice.
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