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  1. In DC, WRC-TV's Sunday morning broadcast started social distancing anchors again.
  2. Here is the link: FOX 5 DC debuts new headquarters in Bethesda
  3. If you look close at :19 you can see a little part of the former set.
  4. WGN is my go to station.
  5. A really big loss for NY1. I hope the ladies land somewhere.
  6. it's been driving me crazy. what's is the font they use for those graphics?
  7. I believe the L3s are also used on WTVD, Raleigh (abc 11)
  8. This is just me, but I know what I like and I know what I don't and I like NewsNation and I will keep watching it and I know in time people may possibly see the benefit from it and realize on those other cable shows in primetime that the news matters first not for their name to be in the title. And personally I don't care about the ratings as should a lot of people. News matters first.
  9. Watched all 3 hours last and watching again tonight though missed the first half hour. Definitely reminiscent of headline news in its heyday. Will definitely be watching more and hope they are successful.
  10. To bump an old thread. I found that the new graphics came from Chicago. https://www.sarahurk-art.com/weather-redesign
  11. He retired from 20/20 in 1999 and passed at 99 in 2020.
  12. I guess the desk was never built for social distancing.
  13. Wow. Good luck on his recovery.
  14. The version of this theme just screams Eyewitness News.

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