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  1. I like it...seems to translate well to the market, IMHO: https://www.woodtv.com/about-us/next-generation-studio-unveiled-at-wood-tv8/1995058060
  2. I like the flat look...I was referring more to the look of the logo and the fonts used. Not very attractive to me, kind of like some of Tegna's recent work. A "digital logo" can still look attractive, and not look like something somebody would throw together in 5 minutes on Microsoft Paint.
  3. I like the new set, and the music is good too. The new logo, fonts, and overall look is way too "Tegna" for my liking though.
  4. Looks like everything went live tonight: https://www.wdio.com/article/12864/
  5. The new logo is also on their website and YouTube pages:
  6. I was watching the coverage of the polar vortex on WDIO via NewsON this morning, and there was a quick 2 second accidental flash to the following, which seems to show a new set along with a new logo. I guess it's safe to finally say RIP to the classic 10/13 logo.
  7. I'm guessing the link was to archive.org's WaybackMachine: https://archive.org/ For instance, here is WCCO's website from 20 years ago in 1998: https://web.archive.org/web/19980508014057/http://www.channel4000.com:80/
  8. Wonders never cease, WLUC off all channels is upgrading their equipment to go HD later this year. They already went 16:9 and rolled out a new graphics package about a month ago.
  9. I'm somewhat impressed with KARK's new HD open - especially given it's a Nexstar station:
  10. I'm guessing the applause is not truly part of the opening...this clip is possibly part of a Craig Kilbourn skit during his time on The Late Late Show or even The Daily Show.
  11. KSTP officially went HD this evening. Although the new graphics and set aren't exactly groundbreaking, they are much better than before. All of the Twin Cities' news outlets are now HD.
  12. My bad, WCCO is now 16:9 SD, and they will be HD this fall. But you can add KMSP to the HD list now.
  13. Looks like WCCO has gone HD tonight.
  14. They had good reason to boast...that's an amazing opening for 1975!
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