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  1. 4 hours ago, MediaZone4K said:

     Vlad seems like a nice guy, good for him. 


    This reminds me of when CTM tried to add a fourth person with Bianna Golodryga. This might work as Vlad would be heavily involved in the program doing features more so than the actual fourth host. It does seem like CBS Mornings/CTM is rather unsettled however.

    Maybe they’re preparing for Gayle’s eventual defection to CNN?

  2. 45 minutes ago, Mrtraveler01 said:


    I dunno. WPVI tried to replace MCTYW with a modernized version of it and we saw how that turned out.


    Both WPVI and WABC are number 1 in their markets respectively. They have less of an incentive to rebrand like the struggling CBS O&Os do.



    Ctfu at the suggestion the station group that is consistently #1 would follow suit of the perennial bottom-dweller. 

    It’d be like Walmart following Kmart’s lead 🤣

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  3. 8 hours ago, Superdude said:

    Looks like WPXI reshuffled things around with jeopardy second run at 1 instead of 3:30 then dish nation instead of 3pm.  NBC News Daily now airs at 3 instead of 1  (where they aired days for many years) leading into the news at 4.

    Looks like 5th hour of Today isn’t pulling the numbers Days did. 

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  4. 33 minutes ago, TSSZNews said:


    Wait until the ABC O&O graphics launch.

    I can’t imagine an ABC O&O rolling out a cluster like this. 

    Imagine if Disney wasn’t forced to divest KCAL when it bought CapCities. Eyewitness News is a recognizable brand. Eyewitness News on ABC7 and Eyewitness News on KCAL9. 

    What CBS is doing now isn’t that different than their attempt with the Newscentral branding. It’s just CBS never sticks with anything. 

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  5. 44 minutes ago, SFTV said:

    That part!


    NBC was ahead of its time look at NBC Bay Area, and NBC Connecticut. They have been doing well without the channel reference.


    Boston and San Diego had a short lived branding until it decided to bring back the channel numbers.

    KNTV never was able to settle on a number (3/11). WVIT is 30. 

    It’s a bit different with KPIX 5.

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  6. I don’t think shuttering the CNN Center in Atlanta helps much with WBD’s mission to change CNN’s perceived liberal bias. 

    I think the better move would be to move dayside operations out of the east and west coast bubbles and back to Atlanta. Leave the evening talk shows in NY and LA, but the rest should return to Atlanta. 

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  7. 36 minutes ago, TexasTVNews said:

    I don't like the changes on KCBS & KCAL not one bit. The expansion, I'm alright with it (if the ratings are good). But KCAL CBS News Los Angeles... NO WAY! I wish the CBS (Television) News & Stations leaves the names as it is like CBS 2 News and KCAL 9 News. I would be alright for CBS 2 Morning News and KCAL 9 Morning News as well.

    How is this not 2/9 Newscentral all over again? 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Daybreak said:

    Susan Koeppen and Kimberly Gill were excellent hires when they came on board back in 2011ish? So is Kim Gable and Kristen the lead female anchors in the evening now? 

    There’s no female at 11–it’s the old

    white man show. Taking KD back to its pre-Patti days. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, Tyler said:

    Forgot about Shumway now that he’s in the morning. As for Highfield, he’s good, but he doesn’t fall in the same category as Rice, Stacy Smith, or Patrice King Brown. 

    What a dumb move it was canning Susan Koeppen. 

  10. 4 minutes ago, lanman said:

    Check out the old branding still up on the walls.  That's been covered up since the late 90s.


    Good Lord, bring back the Group W 2. 

    is there anyone recognizable left at KD besides Ken Rice and Pompeani?

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  11. Didn’t ABC see erosion across the whole day part with the cancellation of AMC and OLTL? I think it’s a lot like NBC putting Megan Kelly on at 9. It pulled downed the the fourth hour’s numbers. Just like Jay Leno at 10 p.m. 

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  12. I doubt NBC affiliates are happy with the show coming in dead last in daytime. 

    I doubt the producing two hours or news for three-quarters of a million less viewers is a cost effective as you think. 

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  13. 42 minutes ago, nycnewsjunkie said:

    Not surprisingly, they’re basically the CBS News/Evening News graphics. For the most part, they look slick as hell, and it’s good to see the local stations getting the same look.


    The cut of music they use in the demo is refreshing, but as others have mentioned, it feels a bit too light for some markets (including New York). I was hoping they’d go with a variant of the CBS News streaming theme. Then again, the demo cut gives off a WCCO/WJZ vibe, and will work well on those stations.

    Unless they’re referring to the radio station, but of course, it no longer has anything to do with the TV station.

    Yeah, right—that’s when the Wendy Bell fiasco when down on 1020 no one called the tv station…



    oh wait…

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  14. With a station like KCNC, that really hasn’t had a stable brand, there’s really nothing to lose with CBS’ latest branding scheme. But for a station with stability and a known local brand, it doesn’t. I know there some that think KDKA isn’t special, but there is a joke about the visitor to Pittsburgh who asks who “Katie Kaye” is because they keeping hearing Katie Kaye (KDKA) said…

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  15. 3 hours ago, 24994J said:


    KDKA. Is. Not. Special.


    I’m not a fan of the black and gold graphics but when it comes to ratings—compared to WCBS, KCBS, and WBBM—KDKA is special.

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  16. 42 minutes ago, NYTV said:

    Yeah, most of the NYC stations had retired the talent opens by the mid 2000s, WNBC retired theirs when they returned to the News 4 New York name in 2007.

    It’s hard to have a talent open when you don’t have any stability. Things have stabilized at WCBS, but for time people were coming and going or being reshuffled every other book. 

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  17. 17 hours ago, iron_lion said:

    Do we see NBC News Daily lasting? ABC's The Chew and The Revolution are both gone. Surpisingly CBS has held down the Talk and Lets Make a Deal (replacements for As the World Turns & Guiding Light) for over a decade now.

    Yet another hour of news covering assuredly the same topics, or another celebrity guest talk show isn't really needed either, but we still have it. 🤷


    The only way I could see soaps surviving is if they're truncated to 30 minutes two or three days a week with cast trimmings, rather than a hard five day a week one hour model. 



    I wondered if NBC News Daily was just a placeholder—like the window of opportunity to shift Days to streaming opened and they had to do it in that timeframe. 

    The success of the Beyond Salem series had to contribute to the decision. The unfortunate thing for OLTL and AMC was streaming was really in its infancy when Prospect Park made their attempt. 

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