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  1. KCAL ought to pick him up for their new morning show.
  2. Didn’t ABC see erosion across the whole day part with the cancellation of AMC and OLTL? I think it’s a lot like NBC putting Megan Kelly on at 9. It pulled downed the the fourth hour’s numbers. Just like Jay Leno at 10 p.m.
  3. I doubt NBC affiliates are happy with the show coming in dead last in daytime. I doubt the producing two hours or news for three-quarters of a million less viewers is a cost effective as you think.
  4. Yeah, right—that’s when the Wendy Bell fiasco when down on 1020 no one called the tv station… oh wait…
  5. With a station like KCNC, that really hasn’t had a stable brand, there’s really nothing to lose with CBS’ latest branding scheme. But for a station with stability and a known local brand, it doesn’t. I know there some that think KDKA isn’t special, but there is a joke about the visitor to Pittsburgh who asks who “Katie Kaye” is because they keeping hearing Katie Kaye (KDKA) said…
  6. That’s peak PVI—Jim, Marc & Lisa, Gary, Dave, Cathy and Nora
  7. I’m not a fan of the black and gold graphics but when it comes to ratings—compared to WCBS, KCBS, and WBBM—KDKA is special.
  8. I think the real problem facing KDKA the talent exodus it’s suffered over the last few years. The few times I had KD on, it’s looked like an intern’s demo tape.
  9. It’s hard to have a talent open when you don’t have any stability. Things have stabilized at WCBS, but for time people were coming and going or being reshuffled every other book.
  10. I hope they open it up again—go back to open newsroom.
  11. I wondered if NBC News Daily was just a placeholder—like the window of opportunity to shift Days to streaming opened and they had to do it in that timeframe. The success of the Beyond Salem series had to contribute to the decision. The unfortunate thing for OLTL and AMC was streaming was really in its infancy when Prospect Park made their attempt.
  12. CBS oughta check in with the brain trust at Macy’s about how well standardization works.
  13. It blows my mind to think you’d want to take these legacy Group W stations—market leaders with recognizable brands—and fold them into a network news brand that has been the bottom dweller for probably close to 40 years.
  14. I’m pretty sure that none of the shows that replaced AMC, OLTL, or ATWT get the ratings of their predecessors. Meanwhile Days of Our Lives’ third Peacock spinoff drops this summer.
  15. Is there any reason to bring her back? Letting Sue go was a mistake.
  16. I think I’d be pissed if I were Matt O’Donnell or Brian Taft.
  17. They ought to bring back the italicized Group W font and make it fit the box KD KA That’s the recognized brand in Pittsburgh—not third placed CBS News.
  18. Why do they settle for such a cramped little set? They should go back to the 1989 open newsroom.
  19. Yeah, KDKA is competitive. Can the same be said of WCBS, KCBS, or WBBM?
  20. The irony here is KDKA is the dominate station in its market while most CBS O&Os are anything but.
  21. Does WPXI have complete editorial control of their newscasts on WPGH or are they subject to the same Sinclair propaganda must-runs. I would thing it would be a liability for WPXI to be associated with a Sinclair station.
  22. Oof. Seems wrong lumping Jane in with that crew.
  23. We got an answer on the 10 pm broadcast tonight. It’s Sharrie solo at 10 and Rick at 11.
  24. So was it Jim’s last 11 o’clock? Seems strange they’d just do fill-ins and not name a successor. Will they continue with a solo anchor at 6 and 11? My guess would be Brian Taft. Or maybe Brian and Sarah at 4 & 6 and Rick and Sharrie at 5 & 11?
  25. It’s time to bring Shep over from CNBC and take on the 11th Hour
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