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  1. Oof. Seems wrong lumping Jane in with that crew.
  2. We got an answer on the 10 pm broadcast tonight. It’s Sharrie solo at 10 and Rick at 11.
  3. So was it Jim’s last 11 o’clock? Seems strange they’d just do fill-ins and not name a successor. Will they continue with a solo anchor at 6 and 11? My guess would be Brian Taft. Or maybe Brian and Sarah at 4 & 6 and Rick and Sharrie at 5 & 11?
  4. It’s time to bring Shep over from CNBC and take on the 11th Hour
  5. I don’t think you need to look any further than their half-assed open and sound effects. It’s not a priority.
  6. It never seems to change with CBS—a new exec, “brand new” ideas, a new direction every couple of years. Does anything ever get a chance to work?
  7. I’d say the days of WNBC as the flagship is gone—they been replaced by WCAU. The perennial market leader continues with voiceovers and clear, recognizable, sonic branding.
  8. What do they have against having a v/o for the opening?
  9. I'm guessing there'll be less newsroom in its new configuration with everyone working remote.
  10. Well, I think we know how Chicago feels about Mark Giangreco getting the ax.
  11. The collateral impact to GMA if CBS snagged Stephanopoulos might make it worth it. I gotta disagree about Jane Pauley being better in mornings. She was Brokaw’s primary fill-in for years and led NBC’s first successful newsmagazine. I think Jane would definitely have the presence to fill the CBSEN chair, but why would she want it? She has the best gig going on broadcast news on Sunday Morning.
  12. Group W was always the stronger station group. They should be taking their cues from what works at those stations instead of making everything a pale imitation of WCBS.
  13. Could ABC have instigated the change from ABC 7 News? If I were ABC I’d want a clear distinction between ABC News and Sinclair.
  14. I don’t understand why they don’t use the modified Futura font like for NBC News?
  15. Wonder if Sharrie is just filling in or is looking to move on? I wondered if they were testing pairs in anticipation of Jim retiring—move Rick to 6 and 11, Brian and Sharrie at 5 etc
  16. I wonder if there is a stipulation in the agreement between stations that there must be two anchors for the 10:00 p.m. broadcast?
  17. CBS Corporate's heavy-handedness is ironic considering the market leader's success is a product of their astute awareness of and connection to the community they serve.
  18. Lol, right...WBBM would never do something expensive and stupid
  19. I think this looks too much like the CBS O&O package.
  20. This has to be a placeholder--such a step down from the CGI flyover of the statue to 30 Rock.
  21. Is PVI vulnerable in the mornings?
  22. A return to Nightbeat > WPXI Tonight
  23. Any mention on WNBC of the recent lightning strike near the Statue of Liberty and its similarity to News 4 New York’s iconic lightning strike open?
  24. I was talking about pre-1996 the 4 was black and gold.
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