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  1. This has to be a placeholder--such a step down from the CGI flyover of the statue to 30 Rock.
  2. Is PVI vulnerable in the mornings?
  3. A return to Nightbeat > WPXI Tonight
  4. Any mention on WNBC of the recent lightning strike near the Statue of Liberty and its similarity to News 4 New York’s iconic lightning strike open?
  5. I was talking about pre-1996 the 4 was black and gold.
  6. WTAE’s 4 was black and gold for years.
  7. How does What You Need to Know compare ratings-wise. The Whoopi-Joy-Sunny-Sara-Jedidiah line up worked well. They had chemistry. Sara brings a light/balance to The View. It needs her to balance out McCain’s histrionics.
  8. It does make you wonder about Monica. Her departure was abrupt. It seems on the outside she was a team player and one of Jim’s primary subs. After Jim, she had to be one of if not the most tenured talent at the time she left. I’m curious.
  9. I would think WCBS would want to take advantage of TPIR’s lead-in. Is TPIR not dominating its timeslot the way it used to? Even in the darkest days for WCBS and CBS affiliates, wasn’t the noon broadcast the one they could count on to be competitive?
  10. Probably few of any. I was thinking less in terms of actual talent, rather on how the stations are run. It’s been said ABC and NBC won’t be without their own cuts. When/if it happens, I doubt it’s handled in the same maladroit manner. ABC (and I believe Group W, to a lesser extent in its heyday) understood viewers’ connection to the people they see on screen.
  11. Would you ever see/have you ever seen something like this go down at ABC? It’s no wonder CBS local stations are largely ratings losers. Now they’re bringing down Group W with them.
  12. I can’t understand why they’ve held on to Kristine Sorensen this long. She’s the one I would have cut loose. Looks like CBS is determined to take legacy Group W stations into the dumper with the CBS O&Os.
  13. I agree there are similarities, the Olympics is a grey area. The red carpet though?

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