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  1. What's the history on the outro music WJZ uses?
  2. newscopter7

    ABC World News Tonight

    I agree there are similarities, the Olympics is a grey area. The red carpet though?
  3. newscopter7

    ABC World News Tonight

    World News Tonight anchored live from the red carpet. I have no words. Far cry from the days of What would Peter say?
  4. newscopter7

    Rock Studio 1A and Cocktail Hour Studio

    So the couch is gone?
  5. newscopter7

    Today Show

    WISH LIST: a return to "The Mission" and the return of a one-on-one interview area. I was thought this was iconic Today.
  6. If KDKA would only bring back the real 2.
  7. newscopter7

    TODAY theme for Harvey

    Talk about meh. Bring back The Mission.
  8. newscopter7

    Lori Stokes leaves WABC.

    Lori Stokes, Shiba Russell, Sibila Vargas, Natalie Pas....., Stacey Bell. Who can come close to having the same cache as Sue Simmons?
  9. newscopter7

    Pelley out at CBS Evening News

    Interesting because the thought of Dan returning crossed my mind. He's doing some great work right now.
  10. newscopter7

    Today Show

    Time to return to "The Mission" theme.
  11. newscopter7

    New WPVI Set and Graphics

    Who cares if it would work in NYC or Chicago or suits some random critics on an internet message board? For the Delaware valley, they continue to be viewers' choice--usually overwhelmingly.
  12. newscopter7

    Chuck Scarborough Stepping away from 11pm newscast

    Wild dream: Reunite Chuck with Sue at 6. She more than proved during her eulogy/report on Gabe Pressman that she's still got it.
  13. newscopter7

    Longtime WNBC reporter Gabe Pressman passes away

    I thought Sue's eulogy was interesting in that much more than a her being interviewed, it seemed like Sue wrote the story herself and presented it as if a current employee of WNBC.
  14. newscopter7

    Today Show

    I'm surprised there's not more talk of Katie's return to Today. I've only seen bits and pieces, but from what I've seen she hasn't missed a beat. Anyone have access to the overnights?
  15. newscopter7

    ABC The View

    I like the panel of Whoopi, Sunny, Joy, Sarah, and Jedediah. I like Raven too. If Whooping decides to no renew her contract, It'd be great to have Meredith back. And I'd LOVE Rosie O back. After all the controversy and hoopla, it's gotta be somewhat satisfying to her that Trump has proven her comments right.

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