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  1. Maybe they’re preparing for Gayle’s eventual defection to CNN?
  2. Based on promos airing today, KDKA is not rebranding.
  3. Ctfu at the suggestion the station group that is consistently #1 would follow suit of the perennial bottom-dweller. It’d be like Walmart following Kmart’s lead
  4. Looks like 5th hour of Today isn’t pulling the numbers Days did.
  5. I can’t imagine an ABC O&O rolling out a cluster like this. Imagine if Disney wasn’t forced to divest KCAL when it bought CapCities. Eyewitness News is a recognizable brand. Eyewitness News on ABC7 and Eyewitness News on KCAL9. What CBS is doing now isn’t that different than their attempt with the Newscentral branding. It’s just CBS never sticks with anything.
  6. KNTV never was able to settle on a number (3/11). WVIT is 30. It’s a bit different with KPIX 5.
  7. I don’t think shuttering the CNN Center in Atlanta helps much with WBD’s mission to change CNN’s perceived liberal bias. I think the better move would be to move dayside operations out of the east and west coast bubbles and back to Atlanta. Leave the evening talk shows in NY and LA, but the rest should return to Atlanta.
  8. I stand corrected. Still her departure seemed out of left field.
  9. Has anything more come to light about Monica’s abrupt departure? It was strange that there was no on-air send off considering her tenure with the station.
  10. How is this not 2/9 Newscentral all over again?
  11. I only caught the tail end of David Muir’s interview, but was taken back by the manipulative, melodramatic score playing under the interview.
  12. There’s no female at 11–it’s the old white man show. Taking KD back to its pre-Patti days.
  13. What a dumb move it was canning Susan Koeppen.
  14. Good Lord, bring back the Group W 2. is there anyone recognizable left at KD besides Ken Rice and Pompeani?
  15. KCAL ought to pick him up for their new morning show.
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